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First let me say that I’m happy you’ve chosen to read my story. That being said this is the first time in my life I’ve ever written anything. This is what classifies as a ‘slow burn’ so if you want something that gets to the point, this ain’t it. I like telling this story and getting convoluted. It’s been in my head for a few years now as I’ve read stories from some of the authors on the site. That being said for all the anonymous critics who’re going to hate this and want to throw shade, go write something yourself prick.

Last but not least, all sexual encounters are between those 18 and older

Thanks to my editor, she’s the best a man can get plus I can touch her boobies!


I’m sitting here trying to wrap my mind around this. Just 24 hours ago I was happy. Content. Unaware. I guess they really mean it when they say, ‘ignorance is bliss’!

Who am I you ask? Just your average everyday guy, dad and husband. First things first, why the melodrama – well I just found out my wife of 5 years has been sleeping with her brother. So, with all I’ve had to deal with in life, now I gotta deal with this shit too.

Makes me ask myself ‘have I always been this unlucky with women? I mean what is it about me that makes the universe want to keep fucking with me?’


My name is Orion Xavier Simms. Yeah, you want to, so go ahead and get it all out, nothing I haven’t heard before. What can I say, my mom picked my first name because it was her favorite constellation. My dad picked my middle cause he liked the X-men. So that’s why I only answer to Rion (pronounced just like Ryan) and once after hearing how my name was picked, I even threatened to sue for mental anguish.

I can’t really say anything significant happened to me during my childhood. Thankfully, I grew up wonderfully normal. Well as normal as you could be growing up in a small town in east Arkansas. Right out of high school I started working for a local builder (Dad’s hunting buddy) as fetch and carry (general laborer). When things got busy, he handed me some spare tools and told me to get to building. Funny thing is I found out I didn’t like it; I loved it.

It totally blew my Dad’s mind since he was certain I could only push buttons on a game controller (they’re the ones that bought me the Nintendo). When he came by the job site one day to talk to Mr. Fisher. He was also watching me work. If at the time I’d have seen him I would’ve felt self-conscious but, as it was, when I work I just ‘get in the zone’ and didn’t notice.

That night at dinner as we all ambled to the kitchen to fix a plate and sit to eat. I walked in on him talking to Momma. “You should ‘a seen him tote’n a big armful of 2x4s and then he grabs his nail gun and ‘bang, bang, bang’ he’s standing up a wall for that side of the house!” Dad said. Momma is just listening intently with a look of befuddlement. See even though I got decent grades and graduated with a 3.2 GPA I was still ‘finding myself’. I started getting embarrassed hearing Dad talking about me like that and just lowered my head to quickly finish dinner. Being a newly minted adult doesn’t change the fact I’m only 18, and still used to trying to please my parents, so yeah hearing my Dad’s praise bumped up my ego.

Momma on the other hand was still trying to process the revelation of me being a competent carpenter. See the thing is I’m what you’d call ‘laidback’, Momma on the other hand would say ‘apathetic’. Meaning she had yet to see me really give a damn about anything.

Turning to me she says, “So Rion is this something you like or is just something to pass the time?”

“Both I think, but not like Mr. Fisher has that much full-time work. Besides I’m the new guy, last one in first one out, ya know.”

“Well do you think it might be something you might like to do for a living? If so, you can always move to either Memphis or Little Rock.”

“What about Sara? If I move it’s not like I’d still be able to just go out with her anytime I want.”

“Well, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, not like you wouldn’t have a chance to trade up if you just gave yourself a chance.” She said with a cocked eyebrow.

Ok here we go. With a look of indignation, I start to reply but it’s cut short. Dad catches my eye and with the slightest of head shakes signals me off.

Buford ‘Buddy’ Simms is nothing if not cautious; my Dad doesn’t do anything he doesn’t deem ‘worth it’. Picking a fight with Momma, was in his mind, definitely not worth it. By stark contrast Doris ‘Dory’ Simms never met a snide comment, remark, look or argument she didn’t feel was ‘totally worth it’. As my dad has so eloquently told me “your Momma is ’bout as subtle as a sledgehammer.”

“Look Momma I know you don’t like her.” Hell, tribes in the Amazon knew she didn’t like her. “But I do, she’s the first steady girl I’ve ever had.”

Momma just looked at me and rolled her eyes at the dopey ass grin I gave her. “Exactly my point Rion, she’s your first which means she won’t last. Mark my words maltepe escort that girl is gonna do you wrong, apple don’t fall far from the slut ass tree!”

My turn to roll my eyes. See my Momma and her Mom went to school together and from Mrs. Pam’s kindergarten class to the day they graduated, well let’s just say they didn’t see eye to eye. Hell, I think there were a few police reports thrown in for good measure. Momma was always the one to try out for cheer squad or yearbook staff, whereas Sara’s mom would be the one (as my mother would say) to tryout the exercise mat in the gym with the basketball team. Flat out my mom thought her mom was the definition of ‘white trailer trash’. Didn’t help that she had also dated my Dad back in the day before he found Momma.

Which is why Dad is always keeping his mouth shut whenever Momma brought up Bev Hartman or her daughter Sara. Also, why when Ms. Hartman found out that Sara and I had started dating, she gave us her most sincere blessing. She knew how much it pissed Momma off.

“Whatever Momma, I know you don’t think much of Sara, which is neither here nor there. Fact is you’re not the one whose dating her, and for the record she’s not her mom.”

“Fine be a hard headed O.X., way to live up to your initials.” At that my Dad giggles and I shot him an exaggerated death stare as a reply.

“You know I think I will.” So, with that I finished supper and proceeded to get cleaned up and ready to head out for the night. Now I know I told Momma that Sara wasn’t like her mom, but hot damn, she really was. See one of the reasons I liked Sara as much as I do is, she just loved to fuck! I mean I’ve had girlfriends before, had sex before, but nothing like having a steady girlfriend who loves sex as much as Sara did. I mean at 18 I had a job that gave me money, to take out my girl, who loves to fuck. I just had to tell myself ‘Life don’t get any better’.

So, as I look in the mirror doing my best to stroke my own ego, and I gotta say I’m not a bad looking guy. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to pass myself off as some Adonis with chiseled features or a runway model. So, with a dad like Buddy (6’5″ and built like a power forward) and a mom like Dory (5’2″ and built like what would nowadays be called a PAWG) there was a lotta room for interpretation. But looking at myself I gotta say it could a been worse. Luckily I ended up a respectable 6′ even (though Dad said he didn’t stop growing till 23) and I was built like an offensive tackle. Not ripped but far from fat – thick is what Sara likes to say, but that just may be my cock she’s thinking of. So, no I’m not bursting to get to a gym and get ripped. Job site and hard work is all the exercise I need and it is sliming me down. Add to that dark brown hair and blue/green eyes that Momma says are ‘piercing’…. whatever.

So, I’m out the door past Momma’s comments. As Dad says ‘discretion is the best part of valor’, or loosely translated ‘don’t poke the bear’.

After picking Sara up from her Mom’s house we headed out to my buddy’s house to pick up my drink order. He has an older brother in college who comes home on the weekend loaded with booze. So, he takes orders (with an understandable markup) and the miscreant youth of our hometown get to indulge. Kevin and his brother get to split the 20% markup 70/30. Ah capitalism at work, damn I love the USA. So, drinks in hand we head to a local spot called ‘Heaven and Hell’. Actually, it’s just an old gravel quarry. The ‘Heaven’ part is a high ridge that lets you see the lights of Memphis about 50 miles away on the other side of the river. It also overlooks a deep quarry hole, ‘Hell’, that you can drive down into. In keeping with the theme there’s usually a bonfire going down there.

So, while the lovers go up to Heaven to make out and be romantic, those of us who just wanna fuck go on down the road to Hell (and yes AC/DC gets played…. a lot). Here’s where I truly classify myself forevermore as a diehard truck guy. Get yourself a 12v plug-in air pump and a nice air mattress and you’ll truly get the most outta the ‘Bed’ of your truck. Beats the hell out of a back seat.

“Damn slowpoke are you done setting that thing up yet” Sara says with mock exasperation. Taking another pull off the bottle, “hurry up babe I’m horny.” Then pulls her skirt up and shimmies her panties down to step out of them. She throws them at me hitting me in the head laughing. “I mean it Rion I’m gonna start without ya.”

“Keep it up woman and I’ll definitely show you a ‘slowpoke’ till you’re screaming for me to let you cum.” Hoots and hollers come from other trucks parked around the bonfires in Hell seeing how we’re not shy about keeping our voices down.

Finally finished we snuggle on the tailgate and drink a little more and then get down to business. She’s damn near pulling my hair out gripping so hard while kissing me with a passion that, if sober, might be a little scary. “Oh, damn baby you drive me almost insane.” I said while stopping to take a breath. At 5′ even 115 lbs., I can see why dad likes them tiny, and with an impressive 32″C on her frame they look like D’s. Creamy escort maltepe white (seriously she doesn’t tan) skin and naturally dark brown almost black hair she makes the perfect little hillbilly goth.

“Stop talking and get your crazy ass in gear and make me cum.” With that she scoots back onto the mattress pulls her shirt up and off followed by her bra and then her skirt. Taking a nipple in each hand and spreading her legs wide she raises her head and looks at me. “Come up here and eat this pussy till I cum in your mouth and you drink me dry.”

Normally I don’t like being told what to do but in this instance all I could say was “Yes Ma’am”. Now I know what some guys say, they don’t like to go down on a girl, but those guys must be with some unhygienic women. Going down on Sara was like a religious experience. Her pussy was an outie with hanging labia all soft juicy and succulent. Her clit was an innie though and did require extra effort, but I was always willing to go that extra mile.

“Oh god, fuuuuuck, d-don’t you d-dare st-st-stop.” For the life of me I don’t know what she does but her pussy tasted like strawberries. Man do I love strawberries. And while she wasn’t what I’d only heard of as a ‘squirter’ she was a very juicy girl. “GGGGAAAAAWWWWWWWWWDDDDD.” She screamed cumming on my tongue that was on her clit while my 2 fingers were doing a slow massage on the backside of her clit inside of her pussy. As she’s coasting through her climax, I’m slowly licking up the sweet strawberry cream ’til she’s literally smacking me in the head. “Stop baby, it’s too sensitive.”

“Damn baby you do that so good I’d almost swear you were a chick.”

“Excuse me?”

She just looked at me with half-lidded eyes and a shit eating grin. “Now don’t get all bent outta shape, ain’t neither one of us started this thing a virgin. We both got exes.”

“Alright I’ll be good and not judge, but I will want details.” Raising the 2 fingers I just had in her as a peace sign and then wagging my tongue at her in between.

“Asshole. Fine, I’ll tell you when and how, but not who or where, deal? First I wanna suck your dick and get you right on the edge to fuck me good.” And with that we swapped spots and I’m naked with her head bobbing up n’ down on my cock. Now I’d love to say it was mind blowing, but sadly it wasn’t. Not for lack of trying or technique, but because I had a little nerve damage issue. Needless to say, 12-year-old me wasn’t listening when his dad said get away from that horse and thus got kicked in the groin. So, 18-year-old me has just enough numbness due to nerve damage to make me extremely hard to get off. That being said a blowjob felt nice but if I was gonna cum I needed friction. I needed to fuck…. hard!

“Enough Sara get up here and squeeze the shit outta me with that tight little pussy.” With that she straddled my waist and lined up the head of my dick and with a quick thrust slammed down grinding her pelvis to mine.

The next 20 min was the wordless grunting of pure animalistic mating. National Geographic would have been proud. “FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK.” As I hold the last thrust spasming repeatedly inside her it hits me, ‘oh shit I forgot the rubber’.

Climbing off she lays beside me and snuggles up under my right arm with her head on my chest and sighs contentedly. Now I had always used a condom even though she said it was ok since she was on the pill. I mean it was already hard for me to get off as it is, right? Well better safe than sorry I mean hell I was 18 for fuck sake. Guess it’s time to start praying.

Well turns out praying didn’t do the trick. Yup she’s pregnant and to my surprise her mom doesn’t want to kill me but is happy about it. Mainly because mine isn’t and my Dad is seriously talking about ‘doing the right thing’ and Sara is backing him up, saying we should get hitched. Part of me wondered if that wasn’t the plan all along. I mean I didn’t wanna move and leave her, she was my best friend turned girlfriend and a firecracker in the bed of my truck, but marriage? In the end Sara and my dad won out, I mean we were friends and the sex was great. I figured I had seen some of my friend’s folks do ok with a lot less going for them.

So, with Sara at 3 months, we tied the knot in a small church ceremony. We moved in together into a fairly new double-wide and the next 5 months were really good and I’d let myself be hopeful about the future. Sara was really impressing me, cooking and cleaning and fucking me silly every chance she got.

She even got her boss Anthony, down at the IGA grocery where she was a checkout girl, to move her into the office as his assistant. That way she wouldn’t be on her feet all day and could work right up to her due date. Gotta say that’ll really help with the bills not having her off work too long. Since he was agreeable to this, I guess I’ll have to stop thinking of him as such a dick.

Then a week from the due date her water broke loose, and after that all hell broke loose! Now you’d think I’d be frantic, like a headless chicken, but no I was calm. It was everyone else who was going apeshit! She was crying about how it maltepe escort bayan was gonna hurt, her mom was frantic to get to the hospital while I was following the script. Got to the hospital, got checked in, got in the delivery room, everything running by the numbers. Push. Push. “Waaaaaah.” Then silence! I look from my wife and turn to see my child, my firstborn, and well, he’s black. Now I know why everyone went silent. Then it hits me ‘I guess Anthony forgot the rubber too!’

With a tear running down my cheek I looked at Bev. She looked back just as stunned as me. That’s when I just turn and walk away. As the door closed behind me, I hear Sara, “Oh god, NO!”

Now I know most might think this is where there’s gonna be a long-drawn-out divorce, well there wasn’t. There are benefits of living in a small town where your Dad knows half of everyone in charge and your Mom knows the other half. So, by the ripe old age of 19 I was a newly divorced bachelor and for the record I told my dad, “and that’s why ‘do the right thing’ is an overrated n’ outdated concept” as I moved back home.

That first night back home at dinner as we all sat in comfortable silence, I decided to give Momma her due. “Gotta give it to you Momma, you were right, about everything, she screwed me over.”

Without missing a beat my mother calmly looked at me and said “It amazes me how often you and your father say that to me, and with genuine surprise no less. Like it’s a shock! So now that you see what life in this tiny little town is gonna get you, what are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking I need to move somewhere I can really try and make a go of this carpenter thing. I’m thinking Indiana, Indianapolis actually.”

“What!” She said with disbelief.

Then Momma says “What happened to Memphis or Little Rock?”

“Honestly, they’re too close, after what happened with Sara I just need to get away. All my friends know what happened. Hell, the jokes have already started. I wanna move far enough away no one will know me. Plus, you and Dad won’t be able to bail me out. You know take away the safety net so to speak.”

“That’s all well and good, but why Indianapolis? I mean what the fuck is in Indianapolis?”

“Well first off it ain’t here. Secondly I got a job waiting on me if I want it.”

“How the hell do you already have a job? Bud did you know about this?”

“Yeah, Dory I know.”

“Momma, Mr. Fisher set it up for me, said he has a friend who runs a union shop up there.”

“See baby, Fish set it up, it’s all good.”

“I see. Is this one of you and Lyle Fishers old drinking buddies? I know you and him spent some time up there after high school.”

“Actually, it is, his name’s Chuck Long and when me and Lyle were bumming around back then and needed some cash we worked with Chuck at his father’s company. We spent about half a year up there before coming home. He’s good people Dory, he’ll look after Rion and get him set up right.”

“Fine, but he better not turn into a booze hound like Lyle!”

“Lord woman Fish threw up at 1 barbecue 6 years ago, that doesn’t make him an alcoholic!”

So, while they discussed the finer points of dad’s social circle I decided to go and start packing.


Needless to say, I was a little overwhelmed by the city at first. I mean where I grew up, despite being the county seat, it only had little over 8k people. This place had little under 2 million. So yeah, an adjustment.

Good to his word Mr. Fisher and dad’s friend, Chuck Long, came through. Not only with a job but also a place to crash ’til I could get myself settled. His wife Angie took to me like the son they never had, especially after hearing why I was moving up.

“I know it doesn’t look like much but it’s got a good heater to keep you warm enough at night and its own bathroom.” Chuck said as he walked me up to a mobile camper on the back corner of his property. “I keep it permanently hooked up and maintained in case her mother ever wants to come over.” Then looking at me with grin on his face. “So, stay as long as you want to, that way she won’t. Anyway, set your clock for 5 a.m. and be up to the truck by 6 ready to go, that way you can follow me to the current job and not get lost. Sometime this week be sure to get a street map of the city so you can start finding your way around.”

Yeah, for those of you who didn’t know life before iPhones, we had to get around with these things called maps that you had to keep in your glove box. Yeah, that place you keep all your charging cords.

So, life for me quickly became all about the job and apprenticeship. Working for a union crew meant I had to join the UBC (United Brotherhood of Carpenters). Through apprenticeship I would learn everything there was to know about how to build something and why it’s built that way. I know some might not think 1 week a quarter counts as learning but the job was the school as well. As soon as I started, Chuck paired me with a journeyman. Sam was his name, and man was he old, 55 (remember I was only 19 by this point), and he proceeded to impart as much wisdom as he could about every aspect of the job. Didn’t matter what we were working on he had a story about how you should and shouldn’t do it. Gotta say I loved working with that old man, reminded me of my Grandpa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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