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6AM Conference Call

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Anny Sugar


This is turning out to be such a crazy morning! I’m not even dressed, yet, and I’m already being dragged into an un-scheduled, butt-crack-of-dawn conference call. Ridiculous! My boss is calling from Berlin to deal with some emergency that is currently happening here in the States on my team’s watch; so apparently, his time zone trumps all others. I’m dreading the call, knowing that it can either go quickly, or it can derail the rest of my entire (miserable) day. The odds are pretty much 50/50 at this point, and I’m not going to jinx anything by making a mental wager.

I quickly head downstairs, only half-dressed, to grab my blue tooth headset and tablet. I want to call in and participate in the conversation, while still allowing myself the time I need to get ready to head into the office. Luckily, there are enough other people on the call that I don’t think I will have to contribute much to the topic at hand. I head back upstairs and into the bathroom, get set up with my tech, and then proceed to continue with getting ready for my day — leaning over the counter and into the mirror to start applying some mascara to my eyelashes — not much, just a little.

You, my lucky (sexy) bastard, are home from work today, and I know you have absolutely no plans to fill up your time — which makes you an imminent danger to mine. You have been leisurely watching me buzz and flutter around the house in nothing but my bra and panties. Apparently this has had an effect on you. After a few minutes of tracking me around the house with your intense gaze, you follow me into the bathroom. I gasp when I feel you grab my hips and pull my ass into your raging hard-on. I love it when you do this and, of course, I absolutely (and always) crave your hard cock. I don’t care what I’m doing or where I am — it’s guaranteed to get my juices flowing — but there’s so little time this morning, and I really do need to be paying close attention to this phone call and the urgency it threatens to inflict on the rest of my day.

I twist around in your grasp to face you and then point to the blue tooth headset in my ear, trying to indicate to you that I am not alone. You just shrug, making it clear that you don’t care in the slightest. When you grind your cock against my stomach, I start to lightly shove at your chest with both my hands, silently mouthing the words, “Baby, no, no, no.”

Then a ridiculous, silent banter happens between us. You nod your head, yes. I shake my head, no. You, yes. Me, no. I can tell this is quickly getting me nowhere with your one-track mind. You reach out and snap one of my bra straps against my shoulder. I slap your hand away, trying to hold back a smile. You know you’re getting to me. My irritation is nothing but a thin veil for the lust boiling beneath my seemingly angry glare.

But you don’t like being told no and half pout, half glower at me. Your hands insistently reach up to grab and squeeze my breasts. I start pushing at you again and try to squirm my hips out and away from yours, while all the while still trying not to laugh out loud — but this just seems to make your *situation* harder. You grab my chin with your hand and try to pull my mouth to yours, succeeding for a micro-second in slipping your tongue between my lips, before I successfully pull my face away.

Finally, I mute my headset and say, “Baby, please! You’re killing me. I can’t fuck you right now. So tell me what you need.” This demand makes your smile turn wicked. You grab both my breasts in your large hands and jiggle them, as if weighing them, visibly quite pleased with their bounce and firmness.

“I want you to let me cum all over these fucking gorgeous tits of yours,” you say matter-of-factly, as if this is just another everyday occurrence, like ordering a cheeseburger. “But I want you to give me a show first.” Make that a cheeseburger with bacon, then. I sigh heavily.

“And then you promise to get the fuck out?” I ask, feigning exasperation. I watch you run your tongue over your bottom lip as you nod, your eyes transfixed by my tits. It doesn’t take me longer than a nanosecond to agree to your terms. For you, and this particular request, I can multi-task — not a problem. Un-muting my headset, I sit on the toilet, grab your hips with both my hands and drag you over until you’re standing in front of me — with you momentarily startled by my rough handling of you. I point to my headset again, reminding you that you need to keep quiet.

And thus begins a none-too subtle game of sexy charades between us. You leer at me and give me a thumbs-up. I flip you off and then make a motion with my finger in a way that lets you know I want you to pull that bulging cock out of your boxers. You do this quickly — and eagerly — making me leer at you with my own wicked grin. I can see the pre-cum already glistening on the head of your cock as you take hold of it in your hand. You take two fingers from your other hand, raise them up to your lips, and lick their tips, making me glare at you. I get it, I get it. Opening my alsancak escort bayan mouth, I slowly reach out with my tongue and lick it off in one long stroke, making your cock twitch a little. Delicious!

Then I lean back and make a jerking motion with my hand, indicating to you that I want you to start stroking it for me. I see the pleasure and lust on your face as you begin to oblige me. After a moment you stop, though, frowning at me. I shrug and lift my hands up in exasperation, making the jerking motion again with my hand, only faster. Hurry the fuck up! Your frown turns into a glare as you cup both your hands in front of your chest, raising them up and down like a scale — first one, then the other. I correctly guess that you want me to start giving you the show you asked me for. Again, I try not to laugh.

While you happily go back to stroking your cock, I reach up with my hands and start to play with my tits for you, just the way I know you like me to — slowly and teasingly. Through the pink lace of my bra, I massage and squeeze them together. Then I pinch the nipples just enough so that you can see them perking up at you through the material. In the middle of this, I hear someone asking me to chime in on a topic and offer everyone my opinion. So I start talking with an even, professionally cadenced voice, all the while continuing to squeeze and pinch my nipples for you.

Then I very slowly start to pull the lace away from them, but I don’t let you see what you want just yet. I cover them with my hands and only let you catch brief glimpses of them through my kneading fingers. I can tell you like this, because your breathing changes and you are stroking your beautiful cock just a little bit harder and faster now, occasionally stopping to lightly slap it on top of my breasts. Then I decide to let you have them. I slowly pull my hands up and over my breasts, so that my nipples pop out at you like little toy surprises.

You moan and growl all at the same time and hiss out one word, “Fuuuuuuck!”

I kick you in the shin for daring to make a noise, and you grimace a little. Luckily, I am freed from my portion of the conversation. Now feeling a little bit naughtier, I re-mute my headset and reach across the bathroom counter to grab my bottle of coconut oil. This is something I normally put in my hair to give it some shine — but now I’m thinking it can be used to give *something else* a little shine. Your eyes narrow darkly. You seem to instantly figure out what I’m about to do for you. I flip the cap on the bottle, turn it over, and then slowly start to drizzle a small amount of oil over my breasts and nipples. This causes you to start cursing under your breath again. I reach out, grab your cock in a commanding way and pull you closer to me. I give it a squeeze and a couple of long, quick strokes. Then I start to slowly rub it in the oil glistening on my chest, before finally nestling it in my cleavage and squeezing my breasts as tightly as I can around it.

I look you straight in the eyes and whisper, “Go on, baby, fuck my tits.”

God, the look in your eyes when you hear these words gets me so fucking hot. With delight and complete abandon, you start pumping your cock between my breasts, with me occasionally lowering my mouth to give the head a tiny flick of my tongue. Once you can’t stand it anymore, you do what you wanted to do most — you cum all over my tits in huge, hot spurts. You cum so hard that you have to reach out with one hand and brace yourself on one of my shoulders. I think this is incredibly sexy. I love that I can just so completely ruin you like this. I bend my head one last time and lap up some of your cum with my tongue before looking back up at you and smiling. You smile back, reaching out with your thumb to lightly stroke my cheek. Then you grab a towel to clean us both up, and just in time, too. I am called upon to rejoin the phone conversation. I un-mute my headset and start talking to the group again, not missing a single beat. You lower your mouth to my other ear and whisper, “Fuck baby. Thank you.”

Between my professionally phrased sentences, I give your cock a little kiss, but you make no move to “get the fuck out” like I asked you to — no. Instead, you reach down with your hands to start stroking my thighs. I slam them shut and glare at you. Oh no you don’t, you greedy, dirty bastard. I instantly rise to my feet and start shoving at you until I heave you out the door. Once again, you are a little startled by the rough treatment, but it doesn’t seem to bother you. Instead, you give me a huge smile in response.

You turn to face me just outside the bathroom door, and I can tell you are about to say something snarky. You have that look in your eyes. So I flip you off (playfully) and shut the door in your face before you can even open your mouth to speak. I jump a little when I hear the sound of your hand smack against the door frame. Then I cringe when you loudly proclaim, “You are NOT leaving this house until I lick your sweet, fucking pussy!”

Oh my god, you asshole! I’m furious, alsancak escort but can’t help smiling, too. Everyone on the other side of my phone conversation goes silent. I take one deep breath and just barrel forward with my next thought about how to proceed with fixing the problem at hand… in peace.



The phone conference doesn’t end until almost an hour later. The scales tipped in the unfavorable direction and now the rest of my day is all kinds of fucked. I’m not even sure what time I’m going to be able to come home tonight. When I look in the mirror, I see evidence of the coconut oil still shining on my breasts and staining my bra, but it makes me smile. I can’t help but think about how fucking sexy and hot you are, even when you’re pushy and annoying. I reach behind me and unhook my bra, letting it fall to the floor. I can’t wear that now and will have to pick out another one.

I’m about to open the bathroom door to finish dressing when I stop and remember your promise (threat). You always keep your promises to me. Why should this one be any different? I start scheming a plan to get out of the house unnoticed, hoping that — since you have happily cum already — you have found something else to focus your attention on, other than me. I start to quietly open the bathroom door. Unfortunately, I don’t get it open very far.

“You ready to give me that pussy now, baby?”

“Fuck!” comes out of my mouth completely unbidden. Your voice has startled me and caused me to jump. I open the door fully to discover you leaning back on our bed, propped up on your elbows, your knees hanging over the end of the bed. You are naked and have your thighs splayed open, showing me how hard you are again, your fingers tapping impatiently against your stomach. Jesus Christ, are you ever NOT hard, baby? I half-expected you to be lying in wait for me somewhere in the house, but not quite this close. My eyes dart across your body, trying to ignore your cock, to our open bedroom door. You follow my gaze and narrow your eyes at me.

“You plan on making a run for it? Because if you are, you won’t make it very far,” you say. Your voice sounds deep and sticky when you are aroused, like honey. “Baby, you’re going to get that pussy licked whether…”

I make a run for it… but you anticipate this and move faster than I do. I feel your arms catch me around the waist and pull me off balance, making me curse at you. Before I can make sense of anything else, I feel myself thrown backwards onto our bed — rough, but not too rough. You always know just where to draw the line. And before I can even gasp, you are straddling me across my thighs and pinning my arms above my head.

“I told you… you wouldn’t make it very far.” Your voice is low and teasing against my throat, your lips barely grazing my skin, causing goose bumps to erupt everywhere. “Now what else did I tell you?”

“Baby, please,” I whine underneath you, bucking my hips against you in a useless attempt to throw you off balance. This just makes you groan and press your ever hardening cock against my bare stomach. This was clearly a losing battle before it ever even began. I should know better by now. “Baby, seriously… I don’t have time for…”

“For what..? What else did I tell you?”

I sigh and, with exasperated resignation, I repeat your words, “I’m not leaving this house until you lick my pussy.”

“Exact words, please.”

“Seriously?” I snap at you, and you nod, smirking at me like the sexy asshole you are — and always will be. “Fine. I’m not leaving this house until you lick my ‘sweet, fucking’ pussy. There, I said it. Happy now?”

“Mmmmmm, now that’s my favorite girl… So why did you run?”

“What about ‘this is the worst fucking day ever and I don’t have time to play with you and your spoiled, immature cock’ do you NOT understand?” I snap, bucking my hips again, and you frown with a look of feigned hurt. You grip both my wrists in one hand, using the other to reach down and take hold of your cock.

“Wow, did you just hear what our favorite girl said about you?” you ask your cock, and it twitches in your hand like it has a mind of its own — which, I guess it does. You look back at me and continue to frown. “Baby, we don’t know what you’re talking about, but that really, really hurts. Say you’re sorry.” I glare at you, making your smirk darken even more. When I don’t respond, you grip your cock tighter and start slapping it on my stomach, moaning just a little bit as you do it. “Say you’re sorry.”

“Fuck you…” You slap your cock harder on my stomach. I can see a pearl of pre-cum leaking from the head. You get excited when I don’t give you what you want right away. And knowing how excited you are is having its own effect on me, but I’m not ready to admit that just yet. After one more hard slap from your cock, I give up. “Jesus fuck, fine! Will you stop doing that? I’m sorry.”

You shake your head at me and say, “Not to me. My cock. Say you’re sorry to my cock. And escort alsancak say it like you mean it, baby, or it will know you’re lying.”

I look down at your cock and mutter, “I’m really sorry…,” and then shout, “…you little cock bastard! Now. Get. Off. Of. Me!” I yell, bucking my hips and shoving against your grip on my wrists with every word. You erupt into laughter. I have thrown you off guard just enough to free one of my hands. I quickly grab the pillow from behind my head and start smacking you with it. “Get off! GET off! GET OFF!”

But you’re not having any of this from me. You easily snatch the pillow, throw it across the room, and regain control of my hands, pinning them back above my head.

“Oh, I plan to. Don’t you worry about that.”

You bend down and capture my mouth with yours, shoving your tongue inside without waiting for an open invite. I want to struggle more. I really do, but I don’t, because your tongue moves inside my mouth in a way that melts me. Before I know it, I’m responding to you. My hips are no longer bucking beneath you. They are writhing in anticipation, your gorgeously hard cock on my stomach making my pussy ache.

You break the kiss, slowly pulling your tongue out of my mouth before dragging your lips across my jawline and down to my neck, where you start to nibble and suck ever so softly. The delicate nature of this velvety touch, contrasted with the iron grip of your hands on my wrists, makes my pussy gush. On top of that you have started to lightly brush the underside of your cock against my stomach, and a soft moan escapes my lips. You nod your head against me as if I have spoken something perfectly intelligible out loud to you. You know my body and its language better than anyone ever has — or ever will again — because I am yours. So it makes perfect sense to me that you know and understand what my body has just spoken to you — in its natural, archaic tongue.

“You know what, baby?” You whisper a little breathlessly. Our foreheads are touching, and I shake my head. “I don’t think I’m going to lick your sweet, fucking pussy after all.”

“No?” The word barely escapes my lips as a whisper, and I don’t bother to hide my disappointment from you. Something has very suddenly changed between us, replacing our sarcastic playfulness with something entirely different. You have released my hands, and before I know what I’m doing, I have my arms snaked up around your neck, my fingers toying with your hair. I pull your head down toward me insistently, opening my mouth to receive your tongue again, silently begging for another exploration. You moan and start kissing me with an appetite I almost cannot match. You break the kiss and shake your head, both in response to me and as a way to momentarily clear your mind. I can tell the motion of my hips underneath you, and the way I am starting to give myself up to you, is making you lose control.

“No, I’m not,” you say again, the words sounding thick and difficult to speak. “I’m going to fuck it instead.”

You remove yourself from on top of me so fast, I feel like you have been ripped out of my arms by some unseen force. Then I feel your hands on my hips, dragging me down the bed a little bit further. I forgot that I’m still wearing panties. These come off of me faster than I can take my next breath. Then your hands are shoving themselves between my legs.

“Baby, please,” you groan desperately. “Open up for me.”

I didn’t even realize I was clamping my thighs together so tightly… or why. I instantly let go of the tension in my muscles. Sensing this, you use your hands to pull my knees apart and slide in between my thighs. And then you’re right where we both want you to be. You slip one arm underneath my waist, lifting me up slightly, and in one unhesitating movement, you impale me on your cock. My eyes are wide and staring into yours as you pause and hover over me for one brief moment. You have been inside of me so many times now, but it doesn’t matter if it’s the first time or the thousandth time, the feel of you shocks me to my very core every single time.

And this time, it is certainly no different. The cry that escapes my throat would probably make a voyeur think that you have just hurt me in some unspeakable way — when, in fact, you have just given my body, mind and soul the moment they need to connect and become a complete and whole being. The sound coming from me is one of amazement, not pain. You always give me a moment for this to happen, because once again, you know the language of my body so perfectly. And once I’m connected with myself, I then connect with you. That moment happens now when I look into your eyes and nod ever so slightly, letting you wordlessly know that I am ready for you.

You let go of the breath you have been holding, waiting for the second or two it takes for me to connect and to adjust to you being inside of me. Knowing and feeling that connection happen allows you to let go, too. I feel your cock slowly and agonizingly drag out of my pussy until just the head remains inside of me. Just one second, then two. You groan loudly and then slam back into me, until finally, you just start fucking me. You pick a single pace of hard, fast strokes. My hips easily find their rhythm with you, and I meet you thrust for thrust. You know that one pace will quickly overwhelm me and make me cum — hard — gushing all around your cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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