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A Blossoming

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“Is there something wrong with me?”

That;s what Diane, my next door neighbor asks me. We’ve been neighbors all our lives. I’m two weeks older than her and we’ve been buddies ever since I can remember. At the moment we’re in her back yard, in bathing suits, laying next to her family’s pool.

“I don’t know why you’re asking.”

“Jerry, every girl I know at school is obsessed with sex. They’re either fucking their boyfriends or wondering when they’re finally going to fuck their boyfriends. All they talk about is sex.”

“I’m sure that’s true. But so what?”

“Well, I’ve not only never fucked my boyfriend, I don’t even have a boyfriend. And if I did, I wouldn’t be interested in fucking him.”

“You wouldn’t be interested?”

“No! That’s all so gross. I’ve looked at people doing it on the ‘net and it’s icky. I don’t want to do that. I mean, those girls either have somebody’s dick in their mouth — I never knew you guys had so much meat hanging between your legs — or they’re on their backs with legs up in the air like some sort of bug stuck on its back. Why would anyone want to do anything like that?”

“I’m probably the wrong one to ask. I’ve never done that, either. Although I certainly want to.”

“Well, I don’t. It’s all just icky.”

Maybe I should add that Diane and I are both eighteen, in our last months of high school. We’ve both been active athletically all through school. She’s definitely the MVP of the girls’ soccer team and at various times over the years has been good at every sport. I think I’m actually better than her, can beat her one on one at about anything, but I’m not the MVP of the boys’ soccer team. I mean, I’m on it and do well but have to admit there’s at least one guy better than me.

“But I think what bothers me as much is, I’ve never even had to say ‘no’ to any guy. I’ve actually had a couple girls make a pass, particularly when we’re all naked in the showers after a game. Why haven’t any guys come after me? What’s wrong with me?”

“I don’t know why they wouldn’t. You’re gorgeous. I think maybe most of the guys know me and sort of think that maybe you’re my girl.”

She is gorgeous. And I don’t think she realizes it. She’s got a terrific body. Long, slim, athletic. And a very attractive face; blue eyes, firm chin, nice nose. Dark red hair. She used to be just my best buddy but I have to admit that I’ve had different feelings for her for a couple years now.

“Well, if you think I’m gorgeous why haven’t you tried anything?”

I grinned. “Because I’m fairly sure that if I tried, you’d sock me.”

She grinned. “Yeah, I probably would.”

We just lay there in the sun for a few more moments. Then she speaks up again. “I’ve never even wanted to. I think maybe there is something wrong with me. I don’t think about sex, about guys. I mean the other girls seem to never think about anything else. And I don’t. Maybe I’ve been too busy with sports to think about it. But here I am going to graduate high school and I’ve never even been kissed, let alone fucked. And I never used to care. But it’s made me wonder, what’s wrong with me? I don’t seem to do what other girls do.”

“You say you’re not interested in sex. So why would you watch girls cock sucking and getting fucked on the ‘net?”

“Good question. I guess maybe I’ve started to get curious a little. But that still leaves me not doing what other girls do. I mean, I’ve never even dated.”

“We date all the time, Diane. We go to the movies together, go to the Mall, to parties, we date all the time. We’re going to the Prom. Isn’t that what other girls do?”

“Well, yeah but it’s with you. I mean we’ve just been buddies forever. You almost have to take me. It’s not like you want to.”

“Oh, that’s not true. I definitely want to. I agree, you and I are different with each other than most other guys and girls. We’ve known each other forever, we’ve liked each other forever. But if I look at all the girls in the school, I’d rather go with you than anyone else.”

“Huh,” she almost snorted, “That’s because neither of us know any better. We’ve just been together so long we’re almost like brother and sister.”

“I don’t really think of you as a sister.”

“But you don’t think of me as a date. Like a sexy girl. Someone you want to kiss or fuck.”

“You’re wrong. I do think of you like that. I said earlier, you’re gorgeous. Well you are. I’d love to do all sorts of sexy things with you but I don’t want to do something dumb and lose you as a friend.’

“Well then, maybe it’s me. I never knew you felt like that. Truth is, I’ve never felt like that about you. I’ve never felt like that about anyone. That’s why I wonder if there’s something wrong with me. I’ve never really got interested in kissing and hugging and whatever.”

“You’ve never sort of fantasized about having sex? Masturbated, played with yourself a little to get an orgasm?”

She sits up and turned and looks at me. Turns her whole body so she’s sitting on her lounge, her feet on the ground between us. “Masturbated? bahis firmaları You’ve done that?”


“You like it?”


“What do you do?”

“Well, I play with my cock and get it hard and then run my hand back and forth on it while I think of sex.”

“What do you mean, think of sex.”

“I think of you. I imagine you naked and that you play with yourself while I do myself and then we get together.”

“You think of me naked? And you think of me being interested in you?”


She sits back on her lounge and lays down on her back. She doesn’t say anything for a few seconds. “You’ve never seen me naked have you?”

“Not recently. We both saw each other a lot a few years back.”

“That was different. We were kids.” Again she’s quiet. I wonder if I’ve just screwed it all up. “‘I’ve never even kissed anyone,” she says, “Well, my Mom and Dad, but I mean kissed romantically.” Another silence. “Have you?”

“Well, yeah. But almost not. I mean not often.”

“You liked it?”


“Kiss me like that.”

“You mean it?”


I sit up and turn and get my feet on the ground and step over to her lounge and sit on the edge. I try to figure out the best way. I lean over her, getting a hand on the lounge on the other side of her and lean down over her. She’s laying on her back looking up at me. I turn my head a little and get closer until our lips meet. I press against her and kiss her, moving my lips a little. Her lips are soft, feel very nice. I keep kissing her for a couple seconds and then pull back a little.

“You need to kiss back. You need to show that you like what’s happening. That is, if you liked it. If not, maybe we should forget this.”

“I liked it. Try again.”

So I did. She does kiss back. Her lips move a little, she seems to press her head back against me some. I move my one arm to touch her side as we kiss. Touch her hip. She moves an arm to get partly around on my back, my waist really. We kiss a few seconds and I pull back.

“How’s that?” I ask.

“It’s very nice. Can we do it some more?”

“Sure,” I say and re-arrange myself to lay next to her, both of us on our sides facing one another. As I return to kissing, I put my one arm around her back. We kiss a few seconds and I re-arrange myself again to get my other arm out from between us and under her neck and around onto her back and start kissing again. She puts her one arm around onto my upper back. We kiss and then break a kiss and move our heads slightly and kiss again and again. I move to kiss her cheek and then her neck and then back to her lips.

As I again move to kiss her forehead and cheeks, she murmurs, “I really like this,” and we continue kissing. I slide my one hand down onto her ass and pull her closer against me. We are both in bathing suits and I’m sure she can feel my erection pressing against her. We continue kissing, scattering kisses around a little. I push my leg between hers, separating her legs slightly. We kiss some more and I get my leg well in between hers. She moves her upper leg to lay on mine. My erection is fairly much against her pussy area. She makes moaning noises as we continue kissing. As I move to kiss her neck, I also kiss slightly lower — not to her breasts at all but in that direction. While I’m doing that, she’s kissing whatever part of my head she can get to. Then we’re back to a really long kiss that I feel is very emotional.

She keeps her arm around me but pulls her head back and looks at me. “We should have done this a long time ago. Are you going to fuck me?”

“I’d love to Diane,” I say to her and lean my head forward to kiss her on the lips again, then pull my head back. “But I don’t think so right now. I’ve never actually done that but I think we need to work up to it. This is a great beginning but we probably need to do a lot more before we ever get to actually fucking.”

“Okay,”she says, “But I think I’m changing my mind. I’d like to continue this wherever it might lead. I’ve never felt like this before.” We kiss again.

“We shouldn’t push this too fast. Those girls that you said were fucking their boyfriends probably started just like this a couple years ago, then they slowly worked their way through trying different things before finally fucking. I mean, you’re only a virgin once, losing it is a big step. We shouldn’t move too fast.

“I have to admit, I haven’t thought this through at all but I love what we’ve been doing. I love feeling your body against me. It makes me want to do more, get even bigger feelings. Don’t you want to?”

“Oh, more than you know.” I kiss her again. “How far do you think we can go out here in the open in your back yard?”

“Oh, I never thought about it. You’re right. Maybe we should go inside. My parents won’t be home for hours.”

We each pick up what we have and head inside. Probably just by instinct rather than any rational thought, Diane heads for her room, down the hall, to put her things where she normally keeps them. kaçak iddaa Once inside, she sets her stuff on her dresser and turns to me, steps up against me and get her arms around me and we hold each other tight and kiss. We just keep kissing. She’s almost sucking on me. I move my hands up and down her back, feeling her skin, her body. She does the same to me. Her one hand moves down to my butt and slides under the waist of my suit part way. So I do the same to her. We’re holding each other against one another. She pulls her head back, which pushes her hips into me even more, and grins. “I’ve really been missing something. I like this a lot.”

Still holding me she backs up with tiny steps until her legs hit her bed. She then lets go of me and lays back on her bed. I get on, too, right up against her, about half on top of her, and we kiss again and hold one another again. I start moving my kisses a little, onto her cheek, her forehead, her neck, then back to her lips. I’m moving my hands all over her, feeling every bit that I can. My one hand ends up on her breast. Her bathing suit bra-covered breast. I’ve never felt a female breast before so I move my hand around. I’m feeling her breast and kissing her neck.

“You like that?” she asks softly.

“I don’t know,” I reply, still squeezing her breast. “I’m just turned on and want to do more, want as much of you as I can.”

“So do I,” she says and moves her hands to pull her bra down, so her breasts are both bare. I’ve never seen naked adult female breasts before live but hers look just like the ones I’ve seen on the ‘net often. Maybe not as big and floppy as some but then she’s on her back, which must flatten them some. I slide down over her just a little so I’m staring right at them. Her skin is very white, her nipples are a darker red in the middle and larger than I expected. I get a hand to one breast and feel it, hold it, massage it a little. I can hear her breathing getting heavier. I don’t know what I’m doing at all but I lean forward and start kissing her breasts and between her breasts. As I kiss the one I’m holding I lick around the nipple, then get my lips to the nipple and suck on it a little. She’s making small noises, almost moans. I get my other hand up to the other breast and start feeling it, massaging it. They’re softer than I expected, I figured they’d be very firm. I move my mouth to the second breast and its nipple. Again, I don’t know what I’m doing but I move my hand from the first breast and run it down onto her stomach, onto her hip, feeling her body. Her nipples get smaller, harder. I suck on her nipple and move my hand back to her center, down between her legs. Her moans are a little louder. Her legs spread open a little so my hand, at least my fingers, can get down over her bathing suit bottom until they’re on top of her sex. I keep sucking and start rubbing her with that hand. I can feel the edge of her bathing suit and push my fingers under it. I can feel hair. I push my fingers in further and down. She’s damp. Not wet wet like water, sort of lubricated wet, and I slide my fingers around.

Her hips start jumping and her moans get louder and she lets out a little yelp or shriek and I jump back slightly myself, pulling my mouth from her breast although my hand still holds it and my other hand pulls partly out of her suit. “Don’t stop!” she almost yells, “Do it some more!” So I push my hand back in and feel her, I’m over the hair and onto some shape in her skin and I rub on it and get my mouth back to her nipple. Her hips start jumping again and she gives some short, almost staccato, yells, and I can feel more of whatever that lubrication is covering my fingers. I don’t pull my hand out but I lift it a little so it’s not rubbing on her and my mouth isn’t sucking on her nipple. I look up at her some.

Oh fuck,” she says, “Oh fuck,” not yelling, just saying it. “I’ve never felt like that before. I don’t know what you were doing but please do it some more.” She reaches down with her hands and grabs the waist band of her bathing suit bottom and pulls it down a little. Her bra is around her waist almost and her bottom is down onto her hips. I’ve never seen a female pussy so I slide down even further and pull the waist band of her bottom so it gets down to her knees. She bends her knees and helps me pull it completely off, over her feet. My face is looking right at a patch of dark red hair. I lean in and kiss her. Her legs spread wider, very wide. “Go ahead,” she says, “I want you to.”

I pull my head back a little and look at what’s in front of me. There’s a patch of dark red hair with a few scraggles of hair extending down on either side of a very pink, sort of wrinkled looking area. I run my finger over the wrinkled area and push a little since this must be the entrance. My finger moves inside the skin slightly. I push a little more and the finger moves a little so I move it to one side, which partially opens up an area. I move my other hand up and get a finger next to my other one and use it to open the space up a little more. I move one finger up and down and realize kaçak bahis these are her labia, her pussy lips, that I’ve read about. I slide a finger down further and push a little and it starts inside her. My hand is clear down, on the bed and my finger is partly in her so I push and it goes as far in as it can. I know now where it is and I pull it out and then push it in again.

All of this takes maybe five seconds, not long at all, I’ve read about this but now I’m experiencing it on my own. I keep sliding my finger in and out and lean in and start licking up and down above my finger, in the sort of channel inside her lips. I can hear her “Oh fuck” again, over and over, so keep finger fucking her and licking and pretty soon her hips are jumping again and she’s almost screaming and I can feel more juice on my fingers. Both of her hands almost slam onto the back of my head, pressing me into her tightly, her legs start moving, sort of opening and closing around me, and I feel more and more fluid on my fingers. I just keep sliding my fingers and working my tongue around. After a short time, she gives a loud shriek and her hands leave my head and her body seems to relax.

It scares me. What’s happening? I pull back and move my whole body up some to see her face again. “Are you all right?”

She smiles at me and reaches her hands to me, pulling me to her. “Jerry, I’m the most all right I’ve ever been in my life.” Our faces are together and we’re kissing. I move one hand up to sort of support me and then I roll a little to the side. I end up next to her, one hand holding a breast, the other still cupping her pussy. And we’re still kissing.

She slides a hand down and cups my erection on the outside of my swimming trunks. We continue to kiss as she feels around and squeezes my cock. She breaks the kiss and looks at me with a grin, sits up just a little and reaches down with both hands, grabs the waistband of my bathing suit, and starts pulling it down.

“C’mon Jerry, I’m naked so you should be, too. Besides I want to see this thing of yours that’s been punching into me all afternoon.” She moves around on her knees and gets my suit down. I bend my legs and she gets it over my feet and off. I drop my legs back down and am laying on my back, my erection sticking up like a flagpole. A miniature, fat, flag pole. She’s still on her knees next to me staring at my cock. She puts one hand around it, holding it tight. “Wow, that’s really something. Do you walk around all the time with this big thing in there?”

“No, it’s definitely aroused. It shrinks a lot when things calm down.”

“So I did this?”

“You sure did.”

“Now, you say you move your hand back and forth,” and she starts moving her hand up and down, holding me tight.

“Yes, just like that. You keep that up and you’re going to get a load sprayed out on you.”

“Should I go faster?” and she starts moving her hand very quick, “Or slower?” and she slows down a lot.

“In between probably, or, if you’re in a hurry, fast.”

“Well, I’ve never seen one of these for real before. And sure never touched one. But I’m feeling so horny, so up somehow, I just want to experience everything.”

“You keep that up much longer and you’ll experience my ejaculation.”

“That’s like what you gave me except it’s for you this time.”


“But you used your mouth. So that’s what those girls I’ve seen on the ‘net are doing. They’re doing this except with their mouths instead of their hand.” And she keeps on jerking me off. She leans down more, getting her face about six inches from my cock, watching herself give me a hand job. I wonder if she’ll actually get her mouth to me. I’d never experienced that before.

“Go ahead,” I say to her.

She flicks her eyes up at me and grins, then looks back at her hand working my cock. I’m not going to last at all, I can feel it coming. She leans in a little closer.

“I’m cumming,” I say out loud. I can feel my whole cock getting ready to spurt. She moves a little closer, her head is right over my cock, here mouth maybe an inch away. My first load shoots out and hits her right on the lips. She jerks her head back and lets go. “Don’t stop,” I tell her.

She gets her hand back and keeps on jerking on me. “That was a surprise,” she says, flicking her eyes at me again but looking back to see a couple more spurts shoot out. “You really shoot out, don’t you? If that had been in my mouth, that would have been something.”

“Yeah. From reading, I guess some girls like it, swallow it, and some don’t. You can stop now, I think I’ve finished.”

She has my cum on her hand and arms, dripping off, and on her lips and chin, dripping off. I’ve got it all over my abdomen and some on my thighs. She must have pointed it around without realizing it. She sits back some, still staring at my cock, which is very red and starting to shrink some. “That’s really something,” she says, looking at me and grinning. She looks at her hand and brings it up to her mouth and sticks out her tongue and tastes the cum. Just barely tastes it. “It’s not great but it’s not horrible or anything,” she says, then reaches back and touches my cock again. “I better clean this,” she says and sits up and gets off the bed and heads into her bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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