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A Bonus from Vicky

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I had been working in London at the same firm for 3 years, the work was enjoyable and the other staff had become good friends. In my department there was three other men who were all a bit jack the lad out of work, and we would often go clubbing and drinking together. They were a bit like the three stooges. Gary was the tall athletic one who did not drink much, and spent hours at the gym sculpting his pecks, Dave was the short beer bellied, balding type who had a phobia to gyms and an addiction to larger and crisps. Finally there was Lee the tall lanky bloke at 6’2’’ who always looked like he needed a good meal. The only other staff was this one girl called Liz whom did all the coffee and photocopying type of work. She was always good for a laugh and took banter from us well unlike the women on top floor that would scream sexual harassment if you opened a door for them. Liz was a fit girl with superb full breasts and she knew how to put them on display. She would never mind us commenting on her cleavage and always took it as a complement.

This all changed though when management decided to put in a new team leader in the form of Vicky. We all had problems with having a woman boss stepping in to tell us how to do the job, but there was one advantage in that Vicky was a stunner. Of course none of us dared mention it to her but the office conversation had soon moved from Liz and her ample breasts to Vicky and her slim legs and tight arse. She was a suite girl and always looked so well presented in tight smart skirts that showed off her arse and legs to their best.

After an initial settling in period we soon came to except Vicky and the conversation relaxed more to stuff about boyfriends’ etc. It turned out Vicky was between lovers at present and on the hunt. The race was on in the office four red-blooded men wanted to be her next bed warmer. I felt I had the edge on the others because we worked more closely and we seemed to have a good rapport going on between us. Even Liz said one night in the pub after work that she would shag Vicky much to our amusement and jests of lesbian jokes.

The end of the financial year was coming up and bonuses were on their way. To say that Vicki’s post was a success was an understatement. Our profits were way up and as an extra reward we were to have a department party all laid on by the firm.

The night came and the party in the office was after a half-day holiday at work. We had all been given the chance to go home at lunchtime to get ready for the party. As you can imagine that meant us boys hit the pub. By evening we were all well lubricated and up for an evening of food and drink. The big boss had come down to join us and dish out hand shakes and bonus cheques. He was very much the director type. Arrogant overweight and red high blood pressured complexion. The only person not there yet was Vicky. Liz was in her usual slightly slutty and cheap outfit that we all approved of. She wore a low cut top and far too short skirt. But by god did she look horny and shaggable.

It was then that Vicky arrived. She looked stunning in a little black dress that was backless and showed off all her curves to perfection. It was obvious from the dress that she wore no bra but never the less her breasts seemed to be a perky as always.

Vicky made straight over to me and asked “How does a girl get a drink around here?” She had obviously had a couple before the party and seemed very relaxed and in the mood to party. She mingled with the troops and the big boss but regularly she would look over my way giving me a smile. This progressed during the evening to brushes and touches. I have to say I was getting hotter for her as the night bahis firmaları went on. The constant touching and closeness of her body and the smell of her was working wonders on my groin. I knew that I had a good chance of a snog by the end of the evening. As it got later the mood slowed to more in-depth conversations about relationships. Vicky was sat on my knee chatting to Liz when I felt her hand brush against my crutch an accident surely but then her hand came to rest on my already aroused groin and simply stayed there. She would wriggle and move on my leg now and then to tease me giving me the odd squeeze of the crutch now and then. My hand had drifted to her arse and ran small circles around her beautifully firm buttocks. It was then she shifted her position right into my lap, sitting right on my hard on she wriggled until my cock which was by now straining in my trousers pushed up between her legs from behind and rested on her pussy. I could feel the heat of her through my trousers. All the time she was simply chatting as she regularly wriggled and pushed down on the tip of my cock.

With all the attention my cock was getting I was straining at the leash to get her somewhere alone to take matters further. Suddenly she excused herself to go to the toilet, but as she walked away she turned her head and gave me a big smile. Surely a ‘follow me’ I thought.

I got up trying to conceal my erection and followed her into her office that had the on suite bathroom. As I entered the room I could not see her. Then the door closed behind. I turned to be met by her lips pressed to mine. We kissed heavily until we came up panting. Vicky looked me in the eye and simply said, “I need you” Kissing me again her hands fell to my zipper and I felt her expertly undo the zip and reach inside to grasp my aching cock. She gasped gently then smiled. I reached down to the hem of her skirt and lifted it. My fingers run up the inside of her legs to find her soft lightly haired pussy. Her lips where already swollen and hot. My fingers slide easily around the edges of her wet slippery pussy. “Fuck me she whispered in my ear” “What here?” I said. “ Do you not want to feel your cock inside me?” Silly question I thought. I lifted her off the ground and pressed her to the wall. She pulled at my belt and released my cock. Slipping the straps from her shoulders her dress slid down around her waist to expose her beautifully formed and pert breasts. My cock now standing proud was aimed directly at her pussy and with a long slow movement I pressed it to her moist hot swollen lips. With a sigh of pleasure from Vicky it slid easily into her warm folds and glided deep into her soft silky pussy. “ Now fuck me” She exclaimed. I braced her against the wall and kissing her I started to fuck her. Her weight with every down stroke drove her pussy hard down onto my cock so that it felt that I was penetrating her to the full. It was then that I jumped as I felt a hand slide between my legs and cupped my balls. I turned my head to look directly into the eyes of Liz. Behind her were Gary and Dave slowly closing the door quietly behind them drinks in their hands and eyes wide. “Need some help there mate” Vicky looked over my shoulder and said “He doesn’t but I do” Liz was undoing my shirt from behind and I felt the hard nipples of her exposed chest press into my back. Gary and Dave walked over quickly Gary behind Liz groped at her big beautiful tits Dave took one of Vickys’ nipples into his mouth and sucked on it as he kneaded her other breast. I started to fuck her again Dave’s hand was playing with her pussy as I slid in and out of her. It was weird having another mans hand so close to my cock but it certainly kaçak iddaa turned on Vicky. The effort of holding her was too much so I let her down and lead her to the desk, which I quickly cleared in one swipe and lay her down on her back. Lifting her legs I penetrated her again. Dave had stripped and exposed his short but incredibly thick cock. He presented it to Vicki’s mouth and she took him in sucking on his cock head, shaft and balls. I picked up my rhythm and fucked Vicki for all I was worth. Her body rocked and shuddered, her breasts bouncing back and forth with my pounding driving her mouth back and forth onto Dave’s Cock. Behind me Gary had entered Liz from behind but she continued to hold and squeeze my balls. The tension grew in me my balls they tightened and I held back as long as I could until like a volcano my balls erupted and I exploded cum deep into Vicky. She felt my hot spunk splashing into her and gripped my cock with her muscles milking me with a rocking of her hips. Dave watched me cum and then pulling his cock from her mouth spurted his load in a thick constant stream over her face and tits. Vicky pumping his meat with her hand returned it to her mouth to suck and draw out the last drops of his spunk.

As my cock slipped from her pussy I watched as her gapping hole oozed cum down the crack of her arse and onto the expensive leather topped desk. Liz quickly pushed me aside and bent over, Gary still impaled in her from behind and fucking her for all his worth. She lowered her head licked and ate the cum from Vicki’s pussy. Vicky letting the cock slide from her mouth gasped and squealed with delight as Liz’s tongue teased and played with her clit, dipping her tongue into her pussy folds to lick out the wave of cum that leaked from her. Vicky arched her back and we all stood back and watched on as she orgasmed onto Liz’s face Grabbing her head she pushed her pussy into her face and ground her hips fucking her face. Letting go of Liz she came up for air Just as a grunting from behind her signalled Gary’s orgasm. “Oh Yes Baby Fill me up” Liz exclaimed as Gary bucked and fucked her emptying his balls into her, his thighs slapping against her well rounded arse.

“What the fuck” A voice from the now open office door. Lee and The boss were stood mouths open at the doorway. They must have wondered where we had all gone and heard the sound of our fucking. “Feeling left out there boys” Vicky sat up and looked over to them. Come and join us if you like. Me and Liz are far from finished eh girl” Liz nodded eagerly being the only one not to have had an orgasm yet.

They needed no second invite Lee virtually ran across the room pulling his trousers off. Vicky grabbed Liz kissing her and pulling her over her body so that they were head to two. They began to finger and lick each other’s pussies. Lee and his extremely long thin cock positioned him self behind Liz and slid into her. It was a fascinating site to watch with Lee being so tall and thin and Liz being so well curved. His thin stick like body pounded against Liz’s beautifully rounded and full arse. Ripples vibrated across her cheeks with each thrust. Liz’s nipples were stood up long and firm. Vicky was making an expert job of giving oral to Liz as before long she pressed her large breasts down onto Vicki’s slim body. Vicky licked at the invading cock in her pussy squeezing Lees’ balls and teasing at Liz’s swollen clit that stood proud of her full labia lips as they gripped at the cock that slid easily in and out of her. Liz screamed and orgasmed bucking and pushing back onto Lee’s cock. Lee screamed “Yesssss” and cum inside her as she shuddered beneath him.

They lay there cum stained and exhausted kaçak bahis but beautiful to behold. “What about me” We looked over to see the boss man naked his body fat and old but for one feature. He held in his hand a large and very thick veined cock the tip was purple and angry looking the veins on his fist like cock bulging and almost pulsing before our eyes. The girls looked up and got to their feet. “For you sir something special” Said Liz in a cat like purr.

The two of them knelt before him and opened their mouths. He placed his cock in one and then the other feeding his big thick meat to each of them in turn like hungry dogs. They sat obediently and licked and sucked on his cock. “Get on all fours you bitch” he said taking Vicky by the hair. She obeyed turning round and pointing that beautiful arse in his direction lifting her hips and offering herself to him. He knelt behind her and ordered Liz to lick her arse hole. She obeyed and began to tongue her ring penetrating her with her tongue. Vicky closed her eyes knowing what was coming. The boss placed his purple cock head throbbing at her arse hole and whispered under his breath ”There’s a good girl.” We all watched mesmerised cocks growing in our hands as he eased the swollen tip of his cock into her tight arse hole. Vicky winced in pain then relaxed and opened up for him allowing him to edge into her. Liz helped by holding his cock to guide it into her. Her other hand rubbing and playing with Vicki’s engorged clit. He continued edging into her inch by inch until he was impaled inside her arse his balls pressed against her firm butt cheeks. Then he began to fuck her arse her body rocking back and forth with the strokes her breasts swaying gracefully beneath her. “ Oh god yes sir fuck my tight arse hole” She squealed “Fuck me like the bitch I am” He took hold of her arse and with greater vigour fucked her stretched hole. We could see her arse hole stretched and gripping his thick tool the veins on it pulsing. Liz had begun to finger fuck Vicki’s pussy as well as playing with her clit. Vicky was now blurting our obscenities” Fuck me like a whore sir, Fuck your little slut, cum in my virgin arse hole pleaseeee.” We all watched on in amazement as his sweating bulk pounded her torn arse, his face red and swollen the veins on his brow and cock pulsing with his heavy heartbeat. “You fucking cum slut” He shouted out “Take this.” With this Vicky screamed out as if in pain as his big balls tighten in their sack and he cum hard in her arse. The cum leaked from around his cock as he continued to fuck her hard cum ran from her arse down onto her pussy lips where Liz fingered it into her pussy. Vicky still screaming bucked and pushed back onto his invading cock as she orgasmed head dropped low she shuddered and jerked beneath him. The two of them collapsed onto the floor. He withdrew his dripping cock that was still twitching a spurting cum and placed it into Liz’s waiting mouth for her to suck clean. He then ordered her to roll Vicky over and clean her pussy. She did so with great joy licking inside her arse hole and pussy until she was clean. The floor was covered in cum where we had all cum in are fists watching. Liz dutifully followed our orders and worked her way round the group sucking us clean. We got dressed helping Vicky to her chair and left.

Monday came and we all went to work as normal. Liz had already left earlier in the morning, apparently promoted to the bosses new PA on the top floor. We were summoned to Vicki’s office for a team brief. We entered all grinning like children. “I hope you were all satisfied with your bonuses this year.” We all nodded eagerly “ Then I expect you to increase productivity by another 20% this year if you want your rewards next year” We left the office and returned to our desks to put in the best years work the company had ever seen. Keen of course to receive our bonus next year.

The End

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