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A Boy’s Dream, A Brother’s Expectation

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Water dripped from the thin strands of Jacob’s dirty blond hair onto the carpet. Some droplets slid down his forehead and over his freckled nose. He didn’t bother to wipe any of them away. Soaked from the downpour that was still pounding the oversaturated earth outside, he had given up on trying to dry himself for the time being. All that he cared about was being close to his older brother. That usually made him feel warm inside. Why his older brother of all people, he couldn’t say. No one stirred him like that. Sometimes when he watched a sex scene in a movie, or read one in a book, that aroused him with burning lust. But in order for that to happen he had to replace the girl with a boy in girl’s clothing. Then there were the incidents that happened on their own without any stimulus from people real or imagined. Like a hardon filling tight jeans while he rode the school bus, for instance. Erections like that were hardly ever wanted. They made him feel awkward and ashamed. Unlike most everyone else, however, he didn’t feel ashamed about his attraction to his brother.

The warmness that he secretly basked in around his brother was more than lust, though. It was a desire to be close to him, to always be with him. And that desire was more emotional than physical. The physical response of the stiffening of his small cock, of the heat that burned his groin—making him weak in his knees and foggy in his mind—were all just symptoms of his greater illness: being in love with his brother. Genuinely in love, beyond the realm of appropriate filial affection. A bodily response to being around his brother could always be explained away just like those other inappropriate erections that popped up so often at his age. Romantic love, on the other hand, being in love, was a whole different story altogether.

The intensity of his emotion made him obsessed. Over time and with the help of multiple fantasies, his incestuous obsession gave way to delusional thinking. He spent lonely nights (the only kind of night he knew) scheming of ways to get his brother to confess his true feelings. Usually, that was before he stroked himself to sleep, lapping the come from between his fingers like a thirsty kitten once he had finished his self-pleasuring. It didn’t bother him to taste himself. He was rather na? on what was accepted sexual behavior and what wasn’t, and was a rather weird kid in general.

The bathroom had been his masturbation refuge until the night his brother pounded on the door and murmured that he could hear him jerking off to his “little faggot fantasies.” It didn’t occur to him to wonder why his brother had been so attentive to his bathroom noises. He had been too frustrated by the interruption to think about it.

Most of his arousing daydreams were comprised of rather innocent situations. A tight embrace, a whispered I love you, a caress of his hard little cock. Basically, any kind of attention from his brother that was beyond the status quo did it for him. Sure, he knew about sex, saw it in films, learned about it in school, but didn’t think too much of it. The actual act, especially between two guys, was so foreign to him that it was a little frightening. He preferred to fantasy about acts that he knew and could trust. Like imagining his brother on top of him with clothes on. Grinding. Though still he had no knowledge of what that was actually like—what it was like to feel someone’s hard cock poking him and rubbing against the tiny curve of his hip. He wasn’t as curious as the average teenager about sex, and didn’t hang around enough people to get exposed to a lot of the things that other kids learned through word-of-mouth. He was a loner and felt comfortable being sheltered.

Jacob hung his head and glanced at the water stains on the carpet, feeling a little shy. He curled his long toes and rolled his right foot on its side while he waited for his brother to see him. His brother was sitting at his desktop computer playing an intense roleplaying game, one that he gladly devoted many hours to. He was oblivious to Jacob’s looming, sopping presence. That is bahis firmaları until Jacob’s little body erupted into a spasm of a sneeze.

“What’re you doing?” his brother asked while his eyes remained fixated on the screen. “Don’t you have homework to do, or some teen idol magazine to beat off to?”

Caught off-guard by the unexpectedness of the sneeze, all Jacob could think to say was, “No.” His original plan had been to confess his feelings, and to ask for some physical affection, the kind that girlfriends get. But he couldn’t do that any longer. The situation was too awkward. Desperate to not give up, he acted without much forethought, his eyes stuck on the floor. “I really like you. Crap.” He blinked hard at his own fumbled conveyance. “I mean…you like me too, right? Err…do you like me? Love me? Do you…I love you.”

When he found the courage to look up, he saw that his brother had been staring at him with parted lips. Jacob glanced down at his own body as if he were oblivious to what his brother saw. As expected, he was still wearing his sleeveless undershirt and briefs. Nothing more. After walking home in the torrential downpour, they—like everything else he had been wearing—were soaked. Since both articles of clothing were white, they were also very see-through. They clung to his slim, effeminate body like a second skin. His cock, which had become soft from the unexpectedness of the situation, twitched and grew before his brother’s very eyes. A little nervous, he chewed on the corner of his lower lip and clenched the hem of his wife-beater in his tiny hands.

“I dare you,” said his brother.


“To try something with that microscopic penis of yours.”

“Shut up!” Jacob resisted the urge to cry like a girl. His brother grinned and chuckled, then returned to his game. At the same time, however, his brother began to undo his jeans with his freehand.

“Why don’t you come over here and show me how much you really like me? I mean…that’s what you said…that you ‘really like me,’ that you ‘love me.’ It would be nice to seem some proof, small fry.”

Jacob’s eyes widened as he watched his brother pull himself out from his pants. It was the first time he had seen his brother’s cock in its full glory. The member really intimidated him, made him wonder what he was getting into. Seeing his own cock was one thing, but someone else’s—especially one that was much bigger—was another. He was gazing at something that had been absolutely forbidden to behold, and that something looked completely alien to him coming from his brother. It didn’t fit his fantasies. It frightened him, making him frown.

His brother stroked himself a few times, then swiveled his chair away from the computer. “Do you even know what to do with this?” he wondered as he, with dick in hand, waggled it in front of Jacob.

Jacob shook his head. In order to soothe himself, he discretely brushed his fingertips over the head of his own underwear-covered cock. From the subtle touching, a little pre-come leaked out, adding to the wetness of his briefs. He quivered.

“Well…if you want to be a good little brother, then you need to come over here and get down on your knees in front of me so that I can teach you what to do.” Perking an eyebrow, he wolfishly grinned. “C’mon,” he said, waving Jacob over. “I love you, okay? I won’t do anything to hurt you.”

Reluctant, Jacob nodded and took slow steps towards his brother. This was the moment he had been waiting for but it was not as idyllic as he had imagined. Not in the least. No hugs, no kisses, no vows exchanged concerning their love for one another. Just an exposed cock and a wet boy. To Jacob, It kind of felt like his brother was a movie theater flasher—sitting in a seat, hanging out for anyone to see. A pervert. Jacob hoped it would get better. He was new at this, after all. He wanted his first special moment with his brother to be, well, special.

When he reached his brother, he got down onto his knees and furrowed his brows in uncertainty. Still a little frightened, he made a concentrated kaçak iddaa effort to avoid looking at his brother’s cock despite the fact that it was right in front of his face. It was really like confronting an alien. “Is this what your girlfriends do?” he had to ask. “I mean, I never see this in the shows I watch…”

“If they’re as sweet as sugar,” his brother replied, mussing Jacob’s wet hair before smoothing it out to pet him. “Like you.” Jacob tucked his chin to his shoulder and smiled, bashful. “Aww, are you scared?” asked his brother. “You don’t have to be scared, little bro. I love you. We can go take things slowly, okay?” He sat up and pointed his cock towards Jacob. “Just play with it. Touch it as if it were your own. Experiment. You’ll know what’s good. I have faith in you. Give it a little caress. Kiss it. Nothing bad’s going to happen.”

Gulping, Jacob licked his lips and leaned forward. He raised his hand to touch his brother’s cock, but hesitated from actually doing so. Then, with another gulp and a deep breath, he let his fingers make contact with the member. Naturally, it felt like his own: hard and smooth. It was just bigger and on a different body.

“Mmm, you’re doing good. See? It’s okay. It’s okay,” his brother crooned. “It’s just like yours, Jacob.”

Relieved by what had should have been a no-brainer, Jacob smiled and giggled. He then went ahead and wrapped his fingers around the thick, shaft. Closing his eyes, he began to slowly pump it. Up and down. Up and down.

“Yes. Like that. Such a good fairy boy.” Jacob opened his eyes and beamed. Pleasuring his brother made him feel good about himself. “Try doing it faster, as if it were your own. Do to me what you would want done to yourself.”

Getting a little adventurous, he brought his brother’s cock towards his mouth and kissed its cushiony head. When his brother moaned in response, he slid the head of the cock all the way into his mouth. Just like that. It’s not so bad, thought Jacob, who was now eager to be serving his brother in such an unromantic way despite the newness of it all. It’s as if something had been stirred in him. His innocence was quickly vanishing.

“Fuck. That feels good.” Taking a handful of Jacob’s hair, he encouraged him to bob his head on his cock by forcing him down on it, though not enough to make him gag. “Such a…good little brother. Showing how much you love me. Does this make your stiffy ache? I bet it does,” he grinned.

Jacob nodded as his cock throbbed for attention. He lifted his bright gaze to stare up into his brother’s while he continued to suck, taking his brother all the way to the back of his throat without too much gagging. Just a cough here and there.

“Mmph. You’re just like a girl. Since you’re doing such a good job, how about I do something that makes you feel nice?”

Liking the sound of that, Jacob slurped off of his brother’s cock. His voice was soft. “I would really like that.”

“First, you need to get out of those wet clothes.” He took hold of Jacob’s heavy, soaked shirt and pulled it over his head and arms. Jacob then slid out of his briefs himself and stood up—naked, pale and hard before his brother, who began to undress. Once he had finished removed his clothing, he took Jacob by the hand and led him to his twin-size bed. “I’m going to lie down on my back,” he said. “I want you to straddle me.” Jacob, in his stark nakedness, suddenly felt vulnerable after hearing the request. Why, he couldn’t say. The clothing, as flimsy as they had been when wet, had been a sort of barrier—a means to maintaining modesty without actually being modest. Suffice to say, his nervousness started to soften his hardon.

“I don’t know if I—”

His brother gave his much smaller hand a squeeze. “It’ll be okay. This is what people who love each other do.”

Jacob stopped in his tracks. “No.”


“No.” Jacob couldn’t explain himself. He preferred to go back to what he was doing. He thought that his brother was simply going to return the favor. Moving to the bed to kaçak bahis straddle him naked sounded much different…more adult for lack of a better analogy in his mind.

“Are you saying ‘no’ to me you little cock tease?”

Ignoring the latter remark, Jacob nodded. His brother contorted his face into a snarl and took a swing at Jacob. He clocked him straight in the eye.

The force of the attack twisted Jacob’s body, and caused him to fall to the floor. He immediately let out a wail of pain. In complete and utter shock, he covered his face with his hands. His whole tiny frame shook from subtle tremors. Crouching over Jacob like a predator on his prey, his brother defensively threatened, “You’re not backing out of this now, you slut. Don’t they teach you anything in school? You finish what you start. Now get on the bed before I tell mom and dad that you’re a dirty little freak.”

Bending to his brother’s surprising ferocity, Jacob rose to his feet and crawled onto the bed. Tears streamed down his flushed cheeks. His left eye throbbed in pain, and was swelling by the second. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled meekly as if the violence he endured had been his own fault.

As soon as both of his knees were on the mattress, he was taken by his feminine hips and yanked backwards so that he fell on his face. With a palm flattened against the middle of his back, he was pinned to the bed. “Are you going to be good for your big brother?” His brother asked in a softer tone. “You had been doing so well earlier. Don’t throw it all away now because we both got a little emotional.” He began to rub Jacob’s back in circles. “I love you. I love you more than anyone else loves you. Remember that.”

Jacob wanted to believe what his brother said, he really did, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. He was in so much pain, both physically and emotionally. His brother had erupted seemingly out of nowhere and then calmed back down as if nothing had happened. The person that he loved was a complete stranger to him, was nothing like his fantasy of the brother that would never harm him. This was not what he wanted. His dream had turned into a nightmare. He couldn’t help but continue to cry.

“Shhh…shhh…. Calm down,” said his brother. He spit into the palm of his hand and used the saliva to lubricate his cock. He did it once more, stroking his cock in a masturbatory fashion, before he lowered himself down over Jacob. “This is probably going to hurt a lot at first,” he warned. “So I’m going to stretch you out with my dick as quickly as possible. It’s not the conventional way to go about it,” he confessed. “But, it should do the trick.” With his cock in hand, he rubbed it up and down Jacob’s ass crack until he found the sphincter. Propping himself up with one arm, he scooted forward a little and pressed the head of his cock against Jacob’s entrance.

Jacob was mortified. While his brother’s cock had felt comfortable in his mouth, it was an altogether different sensation against his asshole. Sure, the pressure was pleasurable, stimulating no matter how much he would try to deny it. But the member, itself, felt like nothing more than a prodding tool—something that could be jabbed into him to open him up. He didn’t want it.

“Now if I were you, little brother, I’d grab a pillow to bite.” At that instant, he pushed himself forward, forcing the head of his cock into Jacob’s tight, virgin ass. He shoved it in past the intense resistance until the whole thing had disappeared inside his young brother. Jacob cried out and began to sob.

“It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts!”

His brother shushed him. “You can take it, Jacob.” He petted Jacob’s head. “You can take it.” He slowly pushed himself deeper in, and began thrusting. Jacob’s breathing became shallow and strained as he felt like he was being ripped open. He gritted his teeth and prayed that by some miracle the intense burning would end.

“Such a good boy. Good boy,” his brother crooned. “You make me so happy. I’m proud of you, Jacob. I really am. You’re the best little brother a guy could have.”

Jacob reached for a pillow and dragged it towards him. He smothered his face into it and screamed. His dream had turned into a nightmare.

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