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A Company Man Ch. 3

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Waking the next morning, I found that Karen was already gone. I had not heard her arise nor quickly looking around the room, did I see any signs of her in the room. I got up and walked into the bathroom. She was not in there either. Knowing I hadn’t dreamed any of this, I walked back into the room, intending to get dressed and go find her. I looked around. There was absolutely nothing to wear in the room except the draperies or the bed sheets. The bathroom had towels so I figured I’d wrap one around me and go in search of clothes and Karen. This was getting to be a little tiring. If I was now part of the family, wasn’t I entitled to my clothes back?

I went into the bathroom and decided to freshen up first. I took a nice long warm shower, letting the water soothe my body and of course my ass which until last night had only been subjected to the occasional doctor’s probe for prostate cancer or hemorrhoids. Finishing the shower, I shaved, brushed my teeth, at least they’d left me those toiletries. Then wrapping on the large soft towels around me, making a kilt. I decided to go in search of my clothes.

I walked out of my bathroom back into the bedroom and sitting on the bed were two guards. I was startled. “Where had they come from and what did they want?” I thought to myself. Of course, the first question was rather obvious; they were part of the security personnel that worked for the company. The second question though was not as obvious. “What did they want?” I thought becoming slight annoyed and slight scared.

The two guards arose. The first one, Tony, from his nametag, said to me, “You are to come with us. Lose the towel though.” I said, “I’ll go with you but I’m keeping the towel.” Tony walked over to me and jerked the towel off, “I said, lose the towel.”

Ken, the other guard stood up and said, “OK, let’s go.”

Now, you may be wondering, why I didn’t fight these two guys. I’m 6’2″ 195. I keep in fairly good shape by working out at a gym and running each day. However, Ken and Tony were at least 6’5″, 240 and all muscle. It was obvious that fighting them would not be a good idea. They also carried nightclubs, mace, and 9mm pistols.

Ken looked at me and said, “You really need to chill, Jack. You are set for life and you are worried about us? What do you think is going to happen to you? Do you think I’m going to push you down onto your knees and make you suck me while Tony reams your ass?” He smiled, “Not a bad idea. Though it’d get us fired and this is a fantastic job. So, get your ass moving. You have a schedule to keep.”

We moved out the door and down the hall. Tony and Ken led me through the mansion’s grounds until we came to a gym/spa area. Ken opened the door and told me to go inside. “You be taken care of in there. Though, if you ever do want to suck me and Karen says ok, I’ll be around.”

Walking into the room, I glanced around. It was a spa with an attached gym. Sitting in two chairs were two gorgeous woman, both dressed in white nurse’s uniforms. They got up as I came in and told me to come over to them. As I approached I could see their nametags, Nancy and Susie. Nancy was a blonde and gorgeous. She had smallish breasts that accented a perfect figure. Her legs were long and smooth. Susie was a brunette. She was maybe bahis firmaları 5′ tall but had a huge pair of breasts for such a petite woman. And again, she was a total knockout just like Nancy. They laughed and Susie said, “I guess we turn you on!” I looked down and saw that I was now sporting an erection. I blushed and replied, “I guess you do.” Nancy and Susie giggled and Nancy said, “Well, too bad we can’t make use of that, it sure looks inviting. However, rules are rules. Now, go over to the massage table and lie down.” I did as I was told. I knew Tony and Ken probably weren’t too far away.

Susie said, “OK, Jack, here’s the deal. You are going to be prepared by us for wedding and the reception afterwards. I will tell you this only once, do as you’re told and it will go well. If you don’t, things won’t go as well for you. In fact, I doubt if you would like the outcome at all. See, if you refuse, you won’t be allowed to go home. What does that mean to you? It means being the family’s play toy and slut for the rest of your life. Now, after yesterday, you might think that wouldn’t be so bad as you seemed to have enjoyed yourself. But this would be pure hell. First, you would still undergo the same treatment we are going to administer. However, you’d be drugged. Then, you’d be a play toy. That would mean that all the things you may have read about at one time or another may come true. For instance, the grounds of this mansion are patrolled by Doberman Pincers. Have you ever been fucked by a dog, Jack? Well, there are 12. And that would just be the start. The staff can also use play toys. Are there any play toys, you are now thinking?” She laughed, “No, no one is that stupid!”

With that she and Nancy went to work. Most of my body hair was removed through the use of lasers. My eyebrows were plucked and shaped. I was left with the hair on my head and my eyebrows and eyelashes. Then, I was oiled and massaged. It really was a delightful experience. Two beautiful women catering to my needs! As I was being massaged, Karen walked in to the room. “How’s it going? she said.” Nancy giggled and said, “He sure can stay hard a long time!” Karen laughed and said, “He can do lots of things for a long time! I may have to show you some day!” Nancy said, “Anytime!” Karen smiled and said, “Yes, he is a find and he’s all mine!” Susie said, “And what a find!”

Karen said to me, “You’re looking rather relaxed and of course, sexy. You look very nice hairless. You’ll look beautiful at the wedding!” I started to say something, but she leaned over and kissed me a very long hard kiss. While we were kissing, I felt her hand slide down my back to my ass then she slipped a finger into my ass. Her other hand went behind my head and pulled my mouth even closer to hers. Her finger kept sliding in and out of my ass. With each thrust in, she pushed down on my prostate, which made my cock even harder. She pushed me over onto my side from my back; I could feel her finger in my ass. She stopped the kiss, and opening her blouse, pulled my head to a nipple. “Suck it, Jack.” I let my tongue lap at her nipple for a bit. I could feel it hard and erect against my tongue. I then took it between my lips and sucked it gently into my mouth.

My tongue pressed it against the roof of my mouth as I sucked. kaçak iddaa Letting it go a little, I grasped it between my teeth and gently bit. She moaned, “Oh yes, just like that.” I kept sucking. She would move my mouth from one breast to the other. Each nipple was standing out straight and hard. She now had two fingers in my ass. She worked them in and out. My cock was throbbing, I could feel an orgasm building but I didn’t want to cum just yet. Karen had other ideas though. She whispered in my ear, “Cum on my tits, now. Do it, baby” Then, she moved her body in front of my cock. Her fingers continued to fuck my ass, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I started cumming Long strands of white jism squirted out of my cock and landed on her breasts. Over and over , I came. She took a hand and started milking all the cum out of my cock. It was incredible. Just like every other time, Karen and I had had sex , it always ended in wonderful sensations coursing throughout my body. I could feel my entire body tingling, a whole body cum!

Karen looked over at Nancy and Susie, who had watched the entire scene. I had forgotten about them as soon as Karen had started kissing me! Both had their fingers down their panties and were obviously extremely turned on. Karen said, “Nancy, come lick Jack’s cum off my breasts. Susie, my pussy needs some attention too.” Nancy moved to Karen and started eagerly licking and lapping at her breasts. Susie came and kneeled in front of Karen. Lifting Karen’s dress, Susie pulled down Karen’s panties and started licking the delicious looking pussy that I knew was there. Karen looked at me and smiled, “You will not touch them but take Susie’s and Nancy’s clothes off.” I quickly got up and did as I was told. Soon, there were 3 naked people in the room. Karen said, “Jack, get behind me and lick my ass.” I did as she told me, dropping down to my knees, spreading her nice firm cheeks, and putting my face between them. Karen stopped all of us for a second.

Taking off her clothes, Karen told each of us to continue with our tasks. I could hear Karen moaning as she had 3 tongues working her body over. Mine was deep in her ass, flicking in and out. I could feel the pucker squeeze back tightly as I licked out. Susie lapped at Karen’s wet pussy. I was busy with my labor when I felt my ass being lifted up. I didn’t glance back but I suddenly felt my cheeks being spread and a finger inserted in me. My tongue went deeper into Karen’s ass. I could feel her entire body tingling. I knew she was getting close to cumming. Then, the finger was removed from my ass, and a dildo was inserted. I moaned, and stopping for a second, I glanced back. Nancy was standing behind me with double headed dildo inserted in her pussy and my ass. Karen had told her to do that I’m sure. Especially since I knew Nancy would be fired if she did something like that without permission. My cock was hard again. I had never thought I’d enjoy feeling a dildo or a cock in my ass, but my cock was betraying that idea. With each thrust, the head would press down and sending small pulses through my balls and my cock. It was a wonderful feeling.

Karen’s whole body suddenly began to quiver; I knew from past experiences that she was having a tremendous orgasm. I felt fantastic knowing that I had made my future kaçak bahis wife so happy. Karen stepped aside and there was Susie in front of me. Her face was coated in Karen’s juices. Karen said, “Jackie, lick my cum off of Susie’s face.” Susie moved forward and I began kissing her and licking her face. The taste of Karen was all over this delicious sexy brunette’s face. It was fantastic! I could hear Nancy moaning as the dual action dildo went in and out of her pussy. As she thrust it in, the dildo would also slide back deep into my ass. Karen moved Susie onto her back. Then Karen straddled Susie’s face, “Lick it, baby.” Susie eagerly put her tongue back in Karen’s pussy. Karen told me, “What are you waiting for Jackie? Eat her pussy, you know you want to!”

I leaned forward and started licking the neatly trimmed pussy that was in front of me. It was not as sweet as Karen’s but was wet. It soaked. I’ve seen enough pussy to know that Susie’s was definitely different. She was a soaker. I licked at her clit. It was almost 2 inches long and like a little dick. She moaned with pleasure. Pretty soon, the only thing you could hear in the room were moans and the sound of licking. I could smell nothing but hot sex! Finally, Karen said that she was going to cum again. Susie’s body shivered. With a moan, Nancy also said, she was going to cum too. I knew that I was soon to follow. Then, Karen cried out, “Oh yes, I’m cumming!” Those were like magic words, the other two women suddenly jerked and I could feel Susie’s pussy contract as she came, then my mouth was flooded with liquid! This girl was cumming just like a guy! Karen cried out, “Swallow it all Jackie! Be a good cum sucker!” Nancy collapsed on my body, her body was hot, sweaty and throbbing. She reached under and squeezed my balls. I was suddenly cumming all over the floor.

After a few minutes in which we each caught our breath, Karen said, “Jackie, you naughty boy, lick that cum off the floor.” The two girls laughed and said, “Better be a good boy, you wouldn’t like the consequences of being naughty!” So, I licked my cum off the spa’s white tile floor. The women giggled. “You are a good cum slut aren’t you!”

Then, I was told to lie down on the floor. Each woman then positioned herself above my body and lowering their pussies, rubbed them on various parts of my anatomy. I soon was covered with pussy juice and each of them had again reached an orgasm using my body as a toy.

Karen laughed, “You started with men’s cum, now it’s women’s! You really are a cum slut.” With that, Karen leaned down and kissed me. “My cum slut, understand?” I nodded back, smiling. She stood up and said, “Good, now, finish getting him ready for the wedding. It starts at 5 PM sharp and he’s not dressed! No time for a shower either!” Then kissing Susie and Nancy, Karen left.

I glanced at the clock. It’s only 3 pm! I would have plenty of time to shower!

Susie and Nancy looked at me. “Karen definitely is one lucky gal!” Then they helped me up off the floor and we walked towards the changing rooms. As we entered, I could see a beautiful white wedding dress made out of silk and lace. There were also two pink bridesmaid gowns. Nancy said, “Oh yeah, I’m your maid of honor, and Susie is a bridesmaid. Wasn’t that a fun, bridal shower?” They took my hand and pulled me forward. “Come on, we have to get dressed! You’re getting married in just two hours and we still have to do our and your makeup. We have to fix your hair! Come on sweetie, it’s your day!”

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