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A Country Practice Pt. 01

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Gemma pulled into the driveway behind my battered Landcruiser and I got out at the front of my little country cottage. She came up behind me and I was expecting just a perfunctory “thank you” to Gemma for escorting me home. Instead she grabbed me in a big hug and kissed me hard. Next thing I knew, Gemma was grabbing at my cock through my jeans and she said straight to me, “I think you should take me inside and fuck me”.


That happened just over a year ago but it’s not quite the start to my story. My name is Josh and at that time I had one year left of my training to become a fully-fledged doctor. I had decided to take posting in a country town. It would give me invaluable experience and also some additional credit that’d make it more likely I would be granted a job in one of the prestigious city hospitals. I was posted to a town about five hours drive from the city and found a nice former farmhouse about fifteen minutes from town. Since I knew I’d be working crazy hours for the next year I felt that a little peace and quiet would be ideal. I also got that beat-up old Landcruiser in the hope it’d help me fit in.

My girlfriend at the time was less than happy with those arrangements. Lauren looks like a dream girlfriend for a medical student. She is tall and a real stunner – she truly has the looks of a model. We were the same age, twenty four, and I considered myself very lucky to have her.

Then again, there were trade-offs. Like, for instance, Lauren had a totally hot skinny body with little titties and sexy, hard nipples. But I hardly ever got to make the most of it. OK, so we had sex a couple of times a week and at that stage of life I guess I wasn’t complaining. What Lauren liked to do most of all was go partying and shopping and show me off to her friends and her family – like I was a real catch. And the sex itself was nothing to write home about – I guessed she enjoyed it but Lauren would kind of just lie there while I humped her. She always had an orgasm or two so I guessed I was doing it right but she’d never initiate anything or really get into the fucking. And she’d never suck my cock unless I asked her – like it was a favour.

I was already thinking about what the future held for us. I think Lauren wanted to be a “doctor’s wife”. I was hoping that if we stayed together longer then she might be willing to be more adventurous in bed.


The flirting from some of the women in the hospital started pretty much on my first day. I just assumed it was their usual way of testing out the new, young trainee. It was a kind of hazing, I guess, and it wasn’t so bad as there were really only a couple seriously doing it. Gemma was a local girl who was in her first job as a nurse and we got to work together a lot of those first couple of weeks and everything seemed relaxed and fun.

Junior doctors in country hospitals usually get the worst hours. We have to cover most of the nights and the weekends. So I don’t know how they did it but some of the staff managed to get me a night off one Thursday after a couple of weeks. I was told it was for a welcome party in my honour.

Quite a lot of people weren’t at the pub that night and a few were from outside the hospital so I got to meet some new faces. The flirting didn’t stop, however, and I was feeling a little uncomfortable in front of all those new people. After a few hours I made my excuses, telling everyone I’d no doubt have a very busy weekend ahead of me.

Gemma was right beside me as I left. She wanted to follow me home. “Don’t wanna take a chance you’ll break down in that old relic,” she said with a laugh.

Fifteen minutes later we were standing in front of my place and Gemma was telling me, “I think you should take me inside and fuck me”. It was either a challenge or an order and I didn’t care which.

Right then I didn’t even think of my girlfriend. I let Gemma lead me inside and she started undressing me even before we got to the bedroom. As easy as you like she had my cock out, in the palm of her hand, and was smiling like she’d been given a surprise present. She stripped off and before I could say anything I was lying on my bed and Gemma was on top, riding my cock.

She was really into it and very talkative. “Oh yeah fuck… shit that’s good… oh, oh…”

Gemma has really juicy tits, like a B-cup, and they don’t have even a hint of sagging. She has the body of an athlete and she even has this little six-pack. It’s a bit strange but also a little sexy. I could not believe my luck.

When she was done riding me, Gemma got into doggy position and it was obvious she wanted more fucking. She never stopped, one noisy orgasm was followed straight away by another. “Yeah that’s it,” she urged me. “Fuck me big boy.” I was just concentrating on not losing my load and bringing the fun to an end.

Then she rolled onto her back. “Don’t cum inside me,” was all she said as she guided my cock back inside her wet cunt. She felt great and when I looked down I could bursa escort see her long inner labia curled around my shaft. This had to be the best sex I had ever had. I wanted to show her my stuff and really pound her but by then I was incredibly close to my own climax.

“I’m gonna cum,” I muttered, almost in agony.

“Don’t cum inside me,” she ordered me again.

So I did the only thing I could and at the last second I pulled out and my cock started hosing my semen over Gemma’s sexy six-pack and her heaving, juicy tits.

“Oh my god, so much,” she laughed as I kept spurting and spurting. Almost a month without sex and I’d been too busy that week to even wank myself. Lauren would have found it “icky” but Gemma didn’t mind at all. In fact, I had barely finished when she was rubbing my cum into her skin, spreading it all over herself as if she really loved the stuff. But there was way too much for that and soon she gave up and grabbed a t-shirt to wipe up.

With a kiss and a “thank you” she got half-dressed and left. It was all over as suddenly as that. Welcome to a country town.


I didn’t see Gemma again for a couple of days – the Saturday afternoon shift at the hospital. It was a quiet period before the usual sporting injuries started presenting. Suddenly Gemma appeared and pulled me into an empty office behind reception. With a big smile she went to her knees and in seconds had my cock out. I was pretty nervous but Gemma just gave another big smile and stroked me a few times like she wanted to make me nice and hard. She has small hands and it’s true they did make my cock look even bigger. I liked Gemma even more right then.

Without a word Gemma took me in her mouth and proceeded to give me the best headjob I’d ever had to that point. I was astonished that she could fit all of my six inches in her soft, warm mouth. She only paused for air a few times, squeezing and stroking my cock like she was checking it out. I didn’t dare ask what Gemma expected to happen but I knew for sure what I was going to do.

“I’m gonna cum,” I whispered and Gemma seemed to suck my cock even deeper. I decided, as the new boy in town, to go with the flow and I strangled my sound of climax as my cock erupted and my balls pumped their contents into her sweet mouth. Gemma almost choked as she tried to swallow another huge load but I was too far gone to care.

Finally, still on her knees, Gemma zipped up my trousers and gave me another smile. “I wanted to give you a thank you for the other night.” Gemma made it look so easy and I could only guess she’d enjoyed herself. With skills like hers it seemed only proper.


Patricia Symonds paid a visit the next day. She was married to “Big John” and together they ran the big roadhouse up the street from the hospital. She is an attractive redhead in her mid-thirties and I’d seen her having fun at the party a few nights earlier. That day she was delivering flowers for one of our elderly patients but she took time out for a little “chit chat” with the new junior doctor.

“I hope you had fun the other night, Josh” she said with a wicked grin. I tried to pretend I didn’t know what she was talking about. How could Patricia know what happened with Gemma?

“Gemma is our town nympho. I’m pleased she likes you, but don’t get the wrong idea.”


The next weekend I finally got enough time to visit home and see Lauren. She was pleased to see me and even managed to limit her moaning about my country posting. As normal, she had planned a weekend full of shopping and friends. We did have sex once that visit and it was good – the usual. I was on top and thrusting into Lauren when I started to think about just shoving my cock into her mouth and having her drink my cum. Those thoughts pushed me over the edge and I came quicker than I usually would. Lauren didn’t mind at all. “I see my doctor is hornier than normal. I’m glad you missed me.” I smiled to hide my true thoughts.

When I got back to my country house late that night Gemma paid me a surprise visit. She was obviously bra-less under her t-shirt and looked totally hot. I knew what she was there for and this time I was ready. I even had condoms for us but Gemma just waved her hand and said she was “safe”. For someone aged only twenty-two I was impressed at how much Gemma knew herself and what she wanted.

We ripped our clothes off and she went to her knees and sucked me good and long. I returned the favour, pushing her onto the bed and shoving my face into her cunt. After the weekend with Lauren I knew I wanted it rough and I hoped Gemma would be up for that. I was fascinated by her long cunt lips and how much more intricate she is compared to Lauren. Gemma was oblivious to that – she just held my head hard against her cunt and pulled a pillow over her face to muffle her screams as her juices flooded out of her. Then I sucked on her fabulous tits as I explored her hole with my fingers and soon she was cumming again.

This bursa escort bayan time we did have a little pause. We lay there in the dark, exploring each other for a time. But Gemma couldn’t last too long and she whispered “fuck me stud” as she got onto hands and knees. She was the hottest women I’d ever been to bed with at that stage and I was powerless to resist. I got behind and plunged in deep and hard. This time I was able to last longer and I continuously fucked her tight little hole, with her moaning the whole time, until I was covered in a sheen of sweat.

“Cum you bastard,” she finally called out. I obliged, exploding inside her cunt and pumping all of my seed into her. Then Gemma turned around and took my cock in her mouth. It was covered in her cum and mine and that seemed to suit Gemma just fine as she lovingly cleaned my shaft with her mouth. That was the single most incredible sex act I’d experienced to that point.

I knew I wasn’t Gemma’s only fuck. I’d seen her with one guy and was worldly enough to know she was probably screwing him as well. I remembered Patricia’s words and told myself a woman with such an appetite as Gemma’s would have several lovers. None of that bothered me in the least.


Since I could be called into the hospital at any time, I wasn’t drinking at all during my time in the town. But a few of us were gathered late one afternoon in the main pub. I was pleased to be invited but I had only a few hours before I’d be back at work on the night roster. The plan was to snatch a few hours sleep in a spare bed.

Gemma was there and loudly debating whether this was the day my “old beast” would break down and leave me stranded. I could see where this was heading and so could Patricia who’d also joined the fun. “I’ll get you there and back faster in my car,” she said aloud. Then she whispered to me that “we can’t have our junior doctor getting a reputation”.

At my place, Patricia insisted on making coffee for us both. Once we sat down, however, I got the distinct impression she was more interested in me than a hot beverage. Patricia is in her mid-thirties and still very good looking. She is heavier than Gemma but has the tits to match. She likes displaying her ample cleavage and at that moment she was giving me an eyeful.

She put a hand high on my leg. “You don’t have to worry about Gemma,” she was saying. “You’ll have more fun with her later.” Actually, it was Big John I was worried about. He is a burly ex-footballer who does minor repairs at the hospital. But Patricia was taking a definite interest in me – more than friendly you might say. I would have described her as an “older woman”, at least from my perspective, and I’d never been hit on by someone like her before. I was finding it hard to believe what was going on. Is this really what country people get up to?

Soon we were in the bedroom and I watched in amazement at the way Patricia undressed so casually. I guess it was a sign of her experience and her confidence and it made me turned-on, that’s for sure. I was stripping off myself as she lay on the end, her heavy tits lolling deliciously as she smiled at me. I’d never been to bed with a woman older than me and I was conscious of wanting to put on a good performance. So I went down the bed as Patricia parted her legs and went straight for her cunt. I saw she was completely shaved which was another first for me – Lauren keeps a small tuft of hair and Gemma was just trimmed.

I ate out this thirty-something woman as she moaned and cooed her appreciation. Patricia has a large clitoris so I didn’t have any trouble finding it. She liked it just as much when I stuck my tongue up her hole. “Yes Josh,” she moaned. “Right there for me baby.” When she came, Patricia made an incredible sound of straining as she writhed on the bed, pinching and pulling her nipples.

After I moved up the bed she kissed me deeply and hugged me. “I only orgasm a few times each session,” she said to me softly. I guessed she didn’t want me comparing her with Gemma. “I’d love it if you came inside me.”

I was totally ready and decided to try without a condom. Patricia seemed fine with that and she reached down to guide me straight into her married cunt – another amazing first for me. I thought I should do the right thing and fuck her nice and slow and we soon got a great rhythm as Patricia wrapped her legs around me and moaned to me “that feels so good baby.”

After a while she was ready for more and asked me to lift her legs up. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do so I took her ankles and placed them over my shoulders. She just smiled and moaned even louder. It felt good and I could really thrust into her. Patricia was enjoying it too, so I started to pump harder and faster. “That’s it Josh. Cum for me baby. Shoot it into me.”

After we’d both cooled down a little, Patricia let me suck on her big tits. They’re more than a handful so I don’t know exactly what size they are. She was kind of feeding them to me, like some maternal escort bursa thing, but I was just as happy as they were there biggest tits I’d enjoyed to that point. They were firm and yet soft. She moaned softly and it felt good to take my time and pleasure us both. Patricia was holding my cock with one hand and eventually she noticed I was ready for some more action.

“I won’t cum again now,” she said. “But I’d love you in my butt for a little while.”

I confess I wasn’t sure what Patricia was saying. Till then I’d never tried anal sex and I think it must have showed. “Your first time? Well that’s an extra treat for me.”

She grabbed a tube of lube from her bag – I realised later Pat always goes prepared – and soon had me greased up as she got into doggy position. “You have to start real slow baby. Then, when I say, you can really fuck me.”

I was rock hard and I have to say the difficult bit was just getting the head of my cock in that tight opening. For my first time I could see that fucking a woman in her bottom is so different from her cunt. Once I felt myself pop through her sphincters it got easier to penetrate her. “Slow baby,” she was saying, holding out a hand to signal when I should stop and when I should thrust.

The feeling of her around my cock was kind of strange. “Shit, that feels so good Josh. Are you all the way in?”

I was – the full six inches. My first-time anal sex and it felt so great and so exciting. And the most amazing part was I had an older, married woman for my tutor.

“God I love a nice cock up my bum,” she moaned as I thrust into her back passage. Despite how tight she was I found it easy to move in and out and Patricia was enjoying it too. I even went a little harder and deeper and she kept right on moaning. I was so damn turned-on that I knew another climax was on the way.

“That’s fine baby. You can cum in my butt.” And with those words my cock erupted inside this married butt hole and I pumped a second load of semen into Patricia.

Finally I withdrew and we lay together for a moment. “That was great Josh. You did really good baby. But I’d better get you back to the hospital before people start talking.”

She cleaned up and I showered and put on fresh clothes for the long night shift. Neither of us said a word on the drive back – I didn’t know what I should say but I was seriously hoping we’d do that again.


So let me take the time to explain a few things and also set the record straight. I am pretty certain that not all country towns are like this one. I am convinced not all country people are like the ones I met.

John and Patricia had gotten drunk one night with a trucker friend of theirs. He had offered to fuck them both and they’d all had enough beers to give it a try. What they discovered was that their friend is bi-sexual, John is bi-curious and Patricia loves watching two men suck each other off.

This married couple soon looked for opportunities for “swinging” but, because they lived in a country town, discretion had been a major concern. Slowly they built a small group of willing and eager partners. What had been happening to me was my admission to this little group. The flirting at work had been the first test. Gemma was part of this group but she had conspired to fuck me first. After hearing about Gemma’s satisfaction with me, Patricia had tried me out for herself, with John’s full blessing, and I was made a full member. They both took me to dinner one night where John laid out everything. He also impressed the need for discretion. And there was one more thing. “Everyone we play with is equal. Everyone has the same chance to get a good fuck and everyone has the right to say ‘no’ anytime.” John intimated that it was his role to enforce these rules.

A few weeks after my tryst with Patricia I was told to organise a Sunday afternoon free from work. I had to find an excuse to cancel a trip back to the city to see Lauren which didn’t impress her at all. But I just knew this would be an important, and a memorable, date for me.

Patricia drove me to a secluded, shady spot beside a large creek. When we arrived there was another car there already and I saw John and Carly – older sister to Gemma. So it was going to be the four of us and I got a small thrill from the idea of seeing Carly in action as she normally kept her distance from Gemma and her social activities. We had a bit to eat and some cold drinks and I was wondering whether anything at all would happen. Though I did notice Carly and Pat were paying a lot of attention one another.

At last the tension got too much for Patricia and she leant across and kissed Carly on the mouth. The response she got convinced me that we were going to have some sex play that afternoon. As quick as a flash they were lying on the grass fondling each other.

“Let’s give the boys a show,” I heard Patricia murmur.

“Fuck I have wanted you for weeks,” came the whispered reply.

Carly is taller than Gemma with longer, brown hair though I could see her tits are about the same size. I say that because at that point both women were practically naked and kissing each other while grabbing their tits and running hands between their thighs.

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