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A Cuck Returns to the Church Ch. 01

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He first met his wife when she walked into his math class. Bill was 15 and Carol was 16. She didn’t even notice him, what with all of the other taller, more handsome guys there. The first time their eyes met, she was in a second row pew at St. Andrew’s church – he was the altar boy, assisting Father Albert Wansome at mass. He instantly fell for her, but was smart enough to know that the new girl in school would see nothing of value in someone like him.

Bill was the smallest guy in school, at only 5’2″ and 125 lbs soaking wet. Carol was one of the tallest girls, at 5’10, and because of her luscious C cups, sweet taut ass, and long brown hair, only the most handsome and athletic guys would dare ask her out.

For over two years, all that Carol asked of Bill was to do her creative writing assignments, or to provide cheat sheets for math exams. He was too sweet for her, but she felt pity for him because she knew that none of the girls in school were interested in dating such a wimpy boy.

So, two days before his 18th birthday, while he was writing down formulas for her next test, she asked him, “Hey, do you think you could get your Dad’s car on your birthday? I want to give you your birthday present in the back seat.”

Bill couldn’t believe his ears. “Um, yes! Er, uh, I think he will let me use it. Do you want me to pick you up at school?”

Carol quickly said, “NO. I mean, you can pick me up at my house at 7:00. I’ll be waiting out front. We can take a drive down Drury Lane.” Bill knew that was the place where lots of kids would go to make out because it is a dead end and you can see if anyone was coming, and be dressed before you could get caught. His poor little cock became hard immediately, but it wasn’t big enough to make a noticeable tent in his pants.

“Sure. That would be great, Carol. I can’t wait.” Carol took the cheat sheet from him and left Bill by himself in the cafeteria. As she folded it in her pocket, Carol felt the least she could do for this poor guy was to give him a pity fuck and bust his cherry.

When the time came, Bill pulled up front and Carol ran out to the car, looking all around to make sure nobody of importance could see her slipping into a car with Billy Francis.

Carol mindlessly used her phone as they drove, clearly not interested in the small talk Bill tried to make along the way. When they arrived, Bill said, “Are you sure you want to do this?” His voice squeaked with his nervousness.

“Sure,” replied Carol in a matter-of-fact tone, reaching into his pants, fishing around until she felt Bill’s four-and-one-half-inch hard on. She tugged and tried to get it out far enough to begin jerking him off, so he would be quicker to get off, once she got him in the back seat.

“Have you fucked a girl yet, Billy?

“Um, no. Not really. Just played some,” he answered, weakly.

A few tugs later, Carol said, “Okay, lets get in the back. They quickly unbuckled and he held the back door open for Carol. She undid her shorts and hiked them and her panties down in one go. Turning around to lay down on her back, Bill got his first view of a real girl’s pussy. He gazed at her white undies, scrunched up around her ankles, still wrapped up in her shorts. He marveled at how wet she was, the gusset of her panties was streaked with a milky goo, and he thought it was from her anticipation of what was soon to happen with him. He undid his jeans and let them fall to the pavement, and climbed on top of Carol.

Bill fumbled with his cock, seeing Carol’s thick brown bush waiting for him. He tried to figure where the entrance might be. Carol became a bit frustrated and reached down between her thighs, and said, “Here, I can get you in.”

She took hold of his super hard, yet less than formidable cock, and wiped it up and down the lips of her pussy. Just as she pushed him into her entrance, Bill called out, “Nooooo,” but it was far too late. His jizz spewed out, just as his cock slipped between her labia. When the first spasm hit him, he began to shake, and the rest of his load spilled out, saturating her dark pubes, and running down her thighs.

Carol raised her head up to peer down at Bill’s ejaculate, wasted all over her, and the cloth seat cushion.

“Oh, my God. Are you okay?” she asked, well aware that he had succumbed to the excitement far too soon.

Bill knelt there, disgusted with himself, staring at his wasted seed.

Carol asked quietly, “Can you go again?”

“Not right away,” he offered, dejectedly.

She shook her head. “Can you at least get ME off?”

“How do I do that,” he asked, feeling totally ashamed.

“Lick me. Down there. I’ll show you.”. With those words, Bill settled himself between Carol’s warm thighs, his cheeks güvenilir bahis touching his wasted cum as he neared her heat. He eyed her thick bush, smattered with his jizz and hesitated. It was just his own cum, and he had already tasted his own semen when he masturbated, so Bill pressed his face into the matted hairs. “Lick me out first. Lick up and down until you find the hole, then lick as far as you can up, inside.”

His first whiff of Carol’s pussy made him drunk with desire. His tongue flicked up and down her slit and then pushed its way inside her wetness. Soon after, he pulled away, his face looking sour, and asked, “Is that me? Did I shoot inside you?”

“No, you never made it that close to me. It might be Robby Pascoe. He fucked me after school, but I thought it had all run out of me.”

Bill returned to his task, at first distraught that Carol would have asked him to lick her after another guy came inside her. But, he knew he couldn’t disappoint her so he went back to the salty mess.

“Lick it all up, Billy. Lick all around in there.” She let him clean her up for a while and then said, “Look at me.” His face appeared between her thighs, glazed with his saliva and the juices that she knew were both her and Robby. She loved how submissive this boy was.

“Now, lick my clit!” Finish me off.”. Her hands guided Bill upward to her distended nubbin. She humped his face until she felt she was near cumming. Then Carol commanded, “Take it between your lips and suck on it, like it’s a little cock, and don’t stop.” He obediently sucked the cock-like bud and bobbed up and down its length, giving her shivers. No boy had ever done that to her and her orgasm flowed like a surging river.

Carol clamped his head between her legs, humping him like she does one of her pillows when she’s masturbating. She moaned and bucked until her climax subsided, and let him free. Bill was panting and gasping for breath. When he returned to Carol’s side soon after, she said, “Billy, I love you for the sweet man that you are, but you will never be enough for me, sexually. Can you live with that?”

He could, and did, until their marriage, and long afterward. Carol would brazenly bring home guys and tell him not to bother them in their bed, for hours at a time. Carol would sometimes call Bill up just to show the guy she was fucking just how much smaller her husband was than her lover, and then she would have him stand there while she continued sucking the other guy off. With her mouth full of cum, she would lean in and drool the warm load into his mouth, like a bird feeding its young.

Carol would call ahead and tell Bill to be on his knees next to their bed so he could watch the newest guy fuck her silly. Then, of course, she would want Bill to eat her out while warm cum oozed from her snatch.

Other days of the week, they would have sex like normal people do – blow jobs, handjobs, and an occasional pity PIV for him. In any event, Bill would always satisfy her orally.

But one day later, her libido would kick in and she would have to put her husband back in his place. A chastity cage was purchased, and he was allowed no sex for days at a time. And he took it all because it made her happy. Truth be told, it made him happy too, to be married so far above his grade, even at the cost of his own masculinity. Carol became Bill’s dominant, and she enjoyed that as much as the varied sexual partners of both size and color.

Over the years of marriage, Carol slowly introduced ass play. A finger to enhance Bill’s orgasm; two when he got used to one. Then they began to use her dildoes on one another. Of course, when her lovers would visit, she would invite her husband to bed. Bill would submit to her fucking him with her long, rubber phallus, while her lover lay beside them, recovering for round two.

Naturally, the strapon came next and Bill just accepted it. It did feel good and he realized how much more intensely he would cum when his prostate was stimulated. On one occasion, Carol’s manipulation of Bill’s prostate with her strapon elicited an orgasm from him, hands free. The two of them had a new kink to enjoy.

The two continued this relationship, yet Carol found it stagnating over time. But, that all changed by chance, one evening while Carol was working at the hospital ER department. She was returning from the cafeteria, past the palliative care ward, when she bumped into a man along the corridor. She stopped abruptly, and recognized him, asking, “Father Albert? Is that you?”.

The sixty-five year old man, wearing trafitional black with a white collar stepped back and looked closely at her, and then her name tag. “Why, yes it is, uh Carol.” He studied her for a bit, before saying, “You do look familiar, türkçe bahis but I just. can’t place you.”

“You might remember me as Carol Finnigan, Father.” It was her turn to take in this very handsome man and tall man, likely 6’1″, thick eyebrows, his square jaw line and salt-and-pepper hair.

“Oh, yes. Yes , I do now. Oh, Francis… you married Billy Francis, didn’t you?”

“That’s right, Father, just after he moved across town.”

“How is Billy? I remember him fondly. He was such a cute boy. So obedient. He would do anything you asked.”

“Oh, he is fine. Still very much the same boy today” Her mindbegan to wander when the priest used the term ‘obedient’.

“I must say, the boy had such soft tendencies, I was a bit surprised to hear that he married a girl. My gaydar was on alert, but he was a little too young for me to find out for myself.” Their eyes met, both of them clear in his inference.

The unabashed comment from the man set a fire in her loins. “You noticed that too? How he was always wanting to people please? Well he loves keeping me happy, Father. It has been fifteen years, and honestly, your senses about him were right on. There isn’t anything my boy won’t do for me.” Carol paused for a second and added, “with anyone.”

The man shot her a wicked smile and admired her very sensuous body up and down, before saying, “That sounds delightful.”

Carol looked at her watch, and offered, “I need to get back Father. How can I contact you?” She pulled out her phone, and when she opened her Contacts icon, he reached out and keyed in only “Bert” and his number.

He handed back her phone and said, “You and I need to talk. You sound like a very intriguing woman, Carol. I’m sure we have a few things in common.” He reached his arms around to draw her in for a hug. As they ambraced, he unmistakingly pressed his erection into her; a very formidable erection in both length and thickness. Her body responded only with a flow of desire that instantly wet her panties.

When he let her free, Carol said, “I’ll be in touch, Father,” her own evil grin showing. She glanced down the empty corridor, and pulled his and her hand down the front of the priest’s trousers. She cupped his large ball sac and wrapped her fingers around his girth, taking in his length.

“Call me Bert. Billy will always refer to me as me Father, though, when the time comes that we meet.” He turned away confidently, his loafers clicking their way down the hall.

Carol went back to work and not long after, she received a text, her screen showing only BERT. It read, “You had me so excited, I barely made it to the washroom before I relieved myself. Do you work tomorrow night?”

Carol thought for a minute and responded, “No, but we can meet. Just tell me where.”

Shortly after came his text. “Come to the rectory, at the side of St. Andrew’s, at 7:00. I’d like to introduce you to the others priests here.”

The following evening, Bert met Carol at the door, fully naked. He invited her in and quietly helped her remove all of her clothes. She eagerly obliged, and watched his erection grow to well over seven inches, as more of her body came into his view. Without any sexual activity, he and Carol sat in a cozy room for about fifteen minutes, to discuss some intimate details about her husband, and Bert’s plans for bringing her husband back into the fold, as it were. Then Bert stood up and took Carol by the hand and introduced her to the three other priests who resided there. All three men would be naked as well.

Father Juan, a short, rotund Latino man in his late forties, greeted her first. His cock rose quickly as they embraced, but his size was hard to determine as his heavy gut protruded above his junk. He couldn’t have been more than five inches long though, judging by the small mushroomed head visible beneath.

Then, in walked Father Peter, probably 35 years old, tall and thin, and already erect. His cock was uncut, most of the bulbous head covered in foreskin, just the tip and his peel hole exposed. He was about six inches long, and very thick, like a fire hydrant.

As the four of them spoke, Carol almost gasped at the sight of the last priest, Father Marcus. He looked fabulous. He was as black as any man she had ever seen, his hair cornrowed to shoulder length strings. He showed off his gorgeous pecs and abs, as well as very erect nipples, and his smile was wide and white. It was none of those features that caught her eye so much as it was the very long, semi-erect hose that dangled between his legs. It was black as coal, but shiny. He was nowhere near hard, yet his length neared eight inches, and made the thickness of Father Peter’s cock look almost diminutive.

Marcus’ massive ball güvenilir bahis siteleri sac hing well below the meaty cock.

The five of them chatted a bit before Bert brought out the wine. He led them to a more intimate setting where they all talked about what adventures lie ahead for her and her husband, come Saturday evening. Once their chatter was complete, Father Albert announced that it was time to get down to the real business of the evening. He led the way to a room that was almost filled with one large bed, which looked like four king-sized beds had been sewn together.

On her way home from her evening at the church, Carol texted her husband. “Take off your cage, lie down on our bed, and DON’T touch yourself.”

Carol stripped off all of her clothes as she climbed the stairs to her waiting husband. Walking into the bedroom, washed in yellow hues from the candles all around the room, Carol noticed Bill’s boyish erection was full and dripping precum. He enjoyed the swagger of her pendulous breasts, and his heart raced as she climbed upon his belly, and shimmied back to trap his erect little cock between her ass cheeks.

“You’ll never guess who I ran into, Baby?”

Bill’s breathing became labored, some from her weight on his abdomen, the rest from his angst at what trouble his wife had found for herself. “I have no idea, Carol. Please, tell me.”

“Do you remember Father Albert from St. Andrew’s?”

He looked quizzically, then, drew out the word, “Yessss.”

His wife leaned forward, almost touching nose to nose, her breasts landing at the top of his chest. Carol stared into his eyes, and began, “I ran into him at work and he invited me over to meet all of the other priests of the parish. I’d really like to introduce them to you. Would you like to meet them?” She grinned so broadly, Bill knew something filthy was about to happen.

“Yes, Carol. If you want me to…”

“Well,” she said, moving closer until her lips hung so close to his. “This is Father Juan.” Her lips touched his and she kissed him softly, slowly opening her mouth over his. Their tongues teased one another, until Bill noticed the familiar taste of semen near the back of Carol’s mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” her cuckold moaned, imagining Carol kneeling before a cloaked man of God, sucking his cock like a dirty whore.

When she had enough of that, she leaned back and pushed her boobs, to his face. Up close, he could see the trails of what was once someone’s jizz as it had trickled down her milky breasts. He lapped up the dried cum while Carol announced, “You’re tasting Father Peter now.”

Bill was so aroused, he desperately tried to hump against the cleft of his voluptuous wife’s ass, in an effort to rid him of his long awaited release. The thought of his wife jacking off yet another man of the cloth had his head spinning.

“Tut tut,” she advised, pulling her sexy ass from his cock. “I bet you’re ready for Father Albert. He wants me to call him Bert. Well? Are you?” He nodded and Carol began her ascent, dragging the priest’s slimy ejaculate along his chest and to his waiting mouth. She ground her full hips into him, his tongue laving up the silvery goo.

Looking down at his mucky face, she whispered, “Bert wants me to bring you with me to a celebration of sorts, this weekend.” She rocked her hips forward and back, letting her cunt bathe his tongue from clit to perineum. Her husband was frantic at both the flavors and smells, as well as the story of her latest tryst.

“There is one more friend that you haven’t met yet. I’d like you to get acquainted to Father Marcus. He really wants to meet you.” With that, Carol took hold of the headboard and raised her hips up off him and rolled them forward, so as to give Bill access to her puckered sphincter. He studied it. It’s beet red rim had been abused, the rippled flesh still distended from its normal place. “Eat my ass, Cucky. Lick my friend Marcus from me.”

Like a switch had been flipped, Carol’s man was eating and lapping at the semen-drenched opening, forcing his tongue inside to dig out her lover’s cum. Bill poked and prodded at her opening, delighting at her sordid emanations.

Soon after, Carol descended her slick cunt onto his mouth, begging him to get her off once more. He did as bade, and in seconds, Carol reached her seventh orgasm of the night. She collapsed beside her husband, panting louder than he had earlier.

They got up and entered the shower together, and she told him the details of her evening. Bill, of course, had some recuperation time, and found himself jacking off to her tales. Carol pushed his hand away and softly stroked his throbbing cock When he neared his climax, she stopped stroking him, leaving him unable to relieve himself. “Good boy,” she offered, “I just got cleaned up. I didn’t need your mess all over me too. Now, get dried off and put your cage back on. We need to save you up for Saturday night. It’s called ‘The Feast Of All Fathers’.”

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