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A Day at the Beach

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Kayla left the wine shop with a bottle of merlot, and headed on her way.

She walked two blocks, and took a right turn.

Am I crazy for doing this, she thought to herself as she waited for a traffic light to change.

When the light changed, Kayla took a deep breath and began walking.

Crazy or not, she was going to do it. And, she admitted she liked the sense of anticipation she felt.

A few hours earlier, Kayla was lying on a little beach, soaking up some sun.

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday, and many people were out enjoying the weather.

For whatever reason, Kayla decided to stay away from the bigger beaches in town, and instead chose this small one.

She was a good looking, twenty-two year old girl, with long brunette hair. She was in pretty good shape, but also had curves in all the right places, as well as a healthy C-cup set of tits.

In the past, Kayla had gone to one of the bigger beaches in town, both with friends, and by herself.

She enjoyed the attention she’d garner when she stripped down to her bikini. She’d intentionally bought this one, because it fit her quite snugly.

Yet, even though she still wore her attention grabbing bikini, Kayla chose this smaller beach to visit on this day.

She’d been there about twenty-five minutes, and was pleased with herself that she hadn’t checked her phone once.

Kayla found herself smiling as she noticed one of the other young ladies on the beach constantly texting on her phone.

Kayla then took note of the scraping sound on the payment from the parking area, and noticed a guy on rollerblades braking as he came to a stop.

Matt was a forty-seven year old, single guy. He was in relatively good shape. Certainly well enough shape that he could go for a near six mile trek on rollerblades several times a week.

Matt took a deep breath and exhaled heavily when he came to a complete stop. There were times he wondered why he did this to himself.

Still, Matt knew the reason he did it, and it wasn’t to stay in shape. It was purely for the visuals that he’d be granted when the weather was as stellar as it was today.

Kayla was actually surprised to find that she was staring at this rollerblader for a moment.

She could tell he was older, from the gray hair that he wore under a ball cap.

But it wasn’t just that.

Kayla was a bit intrigued by him. For starters, he wasn’t dressed like guys her age.

This older guy was wearing a traditional-style tank top, and a pair of cut-off jean shorts.

Kayla actually smiled as she glanced over and noticed a guy closer to her age.

Board shorts, as they were called. Every guy her age wore them, and Kayla had to admit she thought they were the dumbest looking things in the world.

Especially when it came to wearing them to a beach.

Kayla admitted that she never got why a guy would wear something that came past his knees and then lie out in the sun. The ridiculous nature of them was only heightened when she’d see guys roll them up, to get some sun on the upper legs.

So why not just wear SHORTS? Kayla giggled to herself. Like this guy is!

Matt took a moment to reach into his cooler bag, and pulled out a bandana, and wiped sweat from his face.

As he removed his sunglasses he took note of the ‘visuals’ on the beach before him.

Very nice, Matt thought to himself.

There was one particular young lady, wearing a bikini that appeared a size or two smaller than it probably should have been.

As Matt put his sunglasses back on, he resisted smiling as the same image came into his head.

Himself, with a huge smile, and a thumb’s up, with ‘Matt Approved’ in text underneath.

Matt took a deep breath and leaned over to begin undoing his rollerblades.

I have no problem being a dirty, old man, he thought to himself. The hours are good and there’s no heavy lifting involved.

Kayla mentally scolded herself. She was staring at this older guy as he was undoing his rollerblades.

Still, Kayla thought to herself. He does have a great ass for an older guy.

Matt had set up his towel about ten feet away from where the sexy brunette was laying.

Nothing untoward in his motives though. This was the spot Matt usually plopped himself down when he came to this beach.

Kayla flipped over onto her back, as the older guy sat himself down about ten feet behind where she was.

He didn’t seem to be ogling at her. In fact, he looked like he was about to pass out from exhaustion.

Still, Kayla felt the need to flip over. That way she’d stop staring.

Matt took a deep breath as he finally sat down. He glanced out at the water of the lake, and noticed all the action out there.

Then, he took a glance at the young ladies on the beach.

God bless mirrored shades, Matt thought to himself, as his eyes lingered for a moment on the young brunette ten feet away from him.

Kayla couldn’t help it, but bursa escort she glanced back at the older guy once again.

She’d heard the sound of a beverage can being opened, and wondered.

It didn’t appear to be beer. Kayla noticed it was a can of Coke. Although it looked a bit weird.

All right, Kayla thought to herself. Stop staring. He’s supposed to be the one staring at you!

Matt took a big swig of beer, and then exhaled heavily.

The beer always went down good after a rollerblade. And, over the course of many years of rollerblading, and then drinking beer on the beach, Matt had it down to a science.

Sleeves. He bought them online. Coke cans, neatly cut up so you could slide them around a beer can, and hide the fact that it was beer.

They worked like a charm too. Matt had seen other people on this beach getting busted by the police for drinking in public, and getting a hefty fine for their trouble.

All the while, since using these sleeves, Matt sat there, drinking with impunity, and enjoying the scenery.

As he lit himself a smoke, Matt lingered again on the hot, young brunette ten feet away.

That is ALL kinds of nice, he thought to himself.

Kayla had to tell herself not to look back again, but she did.

Wow, he’s even smoking.

Kayla settled back, and actually smiled. Good on the old guy. Kept fit by rollerblading, but still had his vices.

Although she was a bit surprised he didn’t seem to be paying too much attention to her.

Mirrored shades had their benefits, but they also lead to increased staring, in Matt’s opinion.

Dude, stop staring at her so much, you’re gonna have a stroke.

About ten minutes later, Kayla was feeling herself start to bake a bit. So, it was time for another dip in the lake.

As she sat up, Kayla was a bit surprised that the older guy hadn’t gone into the water yet. After rollerblading in this heat, she was sure he could use a douse.

At any rate, Kayla thought it was okay that he was still sitting behind her, because she was sure he’d like the view when she stood up and walked into the water.

Kayla scolded herself for actually glancing back as she stood up, to see if the older guy was eyeing her.

And, she was surprised to find that she was a bit disappointed when it appeared he wasn’t even paying any attention to her as she made her way to the water.


Matt had his head looking to his right, but his eyes were firmly fixated on young, hot brunette’s ass, as she made her way into the water.

Matt was sure of it now. That bikini was a full two sizes too small for that girl.

And, once again, it earned ‘Matt Approved’.

Kayla had only waded into the water for a few minutes, and was now heading back to the beach.

Fuck I hate sunglasses like that, Kayla thought to herself as she made her way back to her towel.

She couldn’t be sure if the older guy was eyeballing her or not.

As Kayla got to her towel, and sat back down, she was actually a bit surprised that she was more interested in this older guy, than the guys closer to her own age on the beach.

Kayla ran her hands through her hair, and glanced over to her right.

A girl was still texting. Board short wearing guys were just board short wearing guys.

Kayla glanced at her tote back, and again, was happy she hadn’t touched her phone.

From behind, Kayla heard the sound of another can being opened.

She turned around to lay on her stomach, and ostensibly see if older guy might be leering at her.

Matt took another big swig of beer, yet still had his eyes fixated on the young, brunette hottie.

Kayla had flipped onto her back, then onto her front, and back again.

People had come and go.

Kayla even made another trip into the water.

She still couldn’t be sure if older guy had even looked at her once.

And, what was really surprising to her, Kayla actually found herself being concerned about it.

Matt was on to his third beer of the afternoon.

People had come and gone, but he was happy that young, brunette hottie was still around. She was back in the water again, which Matt was especially thankful for.

Every time that girl stood up in that small bikini of hers, Matt appreciated it immensely.

Even though he knew it had the potential to cause him to have a stroke.

Matt lit himself another cigarette as a younger guy was leaving the beach.

Matt shook his head as the kid passed him.

Dude, if they go past your knees, they are NOT shorts.

Kayla was making her way back to her towel again, and still wasn’t sure if older guy had even looked at her once.

And, again, Kayla was surprised at why it concerned her so much.

Kayla knelt down onto her towel facing older guy, as she ran her hands through her hair again.

She glanced over and saw he was having another cigarette.

Kayla had had the occasional bursa escort bayan cigarette in her life. She wasn’t the biggest fan.

But, it still gave her an idea.

Do it, she thought to herself.

“Excuse me,” Kayla said in a very polite voice.

Even though his eyes had been fixated on her since she’d made her way back to her towel, Matt still pretended to act surprised when the hottie asked him a question.

“I don’t suppose I could bum a smoke off you, could I,” Kayla asked older guy.

“By all means,” he replied with a smile.

They introduced themselves to each other, and actually spent the next hour or so chatting.

Kayla found out that Matt wasn’t drinking Coke, but, in fact, was drinking beer.

Kayla complimented him on his ability to drink, and not be a raging dickhead.

“I know guys my age,” Kayla chuckled, as she glanced over her shoulder at a couple guys her age. “By their third beer, they’re assholes.”

Matt chuckled too. “I’m sure there are some who would disagree, but I don’t think I’ve ever been considered an ‘asshole drunk’. If anything I just get amorous. And,” Matt added. “Maybe that would make me an asshole.”

Kayla smiled broadly. “You don’t seem all that amorous.”

“Well,” Matt said with a shrug. “I’m mostly sweating it out right now, so that may have an effect.”

They chatted amicably for awhile.

Kayla had shifted into a seated position, facing Matt, as they continued to talk with each other.

Kayla kept wanting to broach the subject about whether or not Matt had been eyeballing her, but couldn’t find it in herself to go there.

But she did have another idea.

“Well,” Kayla almost sighed. “Now the thing is to figure out what the hell I’m going to do for dinner.”

Kayla cursed herself in her head. She’d wanted to add ‘do you have any plans’, but somehow couldn’t bring herself to say it.

Matt smiled. “As you get older, sweetie,” he said. “You’ll learn about ‘planning ahead’.”

Kayla bit her lower lip. She was bit surprised, but she actually felt her heart flutter a little when Matt called her ‘sweetie’.

When Kayla asked about what ‘planning ahead’ meant, Matt informed her that he’d spent his morning doing ‘household stuff’. Included in that was cooking dinner for that evening.

“So you have a casserole in the fridge, just waiting to go into the oven,” Kayla asked.

“Absolutely,” Matt nodded. “You think I want to cook in this heat after rollerblading?”

Kayla smiled. She took a deep breath. “Makes sense. What time are we eating?”

Kayla couldn’t believe she’d just done that.

Matt smile at her. “Oh hell, anytime you want,” he said with a shrug.

She can’t be serious, he thought to himself.

Kayla couldn’t believe it, and she tried to retreat.

“Oh, sorry,” she said with a smile. “I didn’t mean to invite myself over for dinner.”

Matt took a drag on his cigarette and waved a hand in the air. ‘Don’t worry about it, sweetie. You can consider yourself invited.”

He did it again. Matt called Kayla ‘sweetie’, and that just endeared him all the more to her.

“Are you serious,” Kayla said, as she cocked her head a bit. “I don’t want to impose.”

“No imposition at all, my dear,” Matt replied. “But, if you are going to come by, bring wine.”

Kayla smiled. “The price of admission, is it?”

“No, not at all,” Matt replied. “I’m just of the school, that if you go over to someone’s place for dinner, you bring wine.”

Kayla smiled back. “Sounds like a good rule.”

They chatted a bit more, and then Matt said he had to get going.

“Yeah, I’m outta beer, sweetie,” Matt said with a shrug as he stood up. “So, it’s homeward bound time.”

Kayla felt her heart sink a bit. She was enjoying chatting with Matt, and was a bit surprised to find herself a bit upset that he was about to leave.

“I understand,” Kayla said, and she immediately cursed herself for sounding wistful.

Matt smiled at her. “It’s not that I don’t enjoy your company, sweetie,” he said. “But I do have to get back. I may have sweated out most of it, but after six beers, I do need to take a leak.”

Kayla laughed, and bit her lower lip again. Every time Matt called her ‘sweetie’, she loved it.

“I guess that makes sense,” she said with a nod.

Kayla asked for, and got directions to Matt’s place.

As he finished lacing up his blades, and getting ready to depart, he smiled back at Kayla.

“At the very least, you should be able to figure out where I am, because I’ll probably be out on the balcony with a glass of wine.”

“I’ve got the directions, but that’s good to know,” Kayla smiled back.

Matt rolled out of the parking lot, and took a left turn onto the bike path to head home.

No way she’s coming over, he thought to himself.

Kayla sat there for a moment, and was actually surprised that she sighed after Matt left.

She rolled over onto escort bursa her back, to grab some more sun.

As much as I want to, there’s no way I’m going over to his place.

Fifteen minutes later, Matt was out on his balcony with a glass of wine.

He lit himself a smoke, and took a deep breath.

He wouldn’t let himself believe there was any chance Kayla was going to come over.

Back at the beach, Kayla continued to soak up the sun.

She glanced over to her left. Other girl was texting again, and board short wearing guys were board short wearing guys.

Kayla sighed.

Why the fuck not?

She stood up and got her stuff together, and started walking. She knew there was a wine store in the downtown area.

If he wants wine, he’s going to get wine.

Kayla gripped the bottle of wine in her hand tightly, as she crossed the street.

She still couldn’t believe she was doing this.

Well, she thought to herself. Maybe it is just a dinner invite. But, I don’t want it to be.

Kayla continued to walk along, and then she paused.

Matt said she might see him on his balcony, and she did.

His back was to her, but Kayla knew it was him.

Kayla crossed the street and walked a bit further, then stood just below Matt’s balcony.

“Ahem,” she said with pronounced effect.

Matt looked over his shoulder and saw Kayla down on the sidewalk.

“Hey there, sweetie,” he said.

Kayla smiled. She held up the bottle of wine she had in her hand. “I brought wine.”

“Atta girl,” Matt replied as he hopped down from where he was sitting.

“So, what apartment are you in,” Kayla asked.

“I’ll come down and let you in,” Matt replied.

I can’t believe she’s here, Matt thought to himself as he headed down the stairs.

Kayla took a deep breath as she stood there waiting for Matt.

I can’t believe I’m here, she thought to herself.

Kayla got up to Matt’s apartment, and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a pig-sty.

She wasn’t sure about Matt’s offer of a glass of wine, but did agree to a vodka tonic.

Matt went to the kitchen to make Kayla’s drink for her, and she asked if she could join him outside on the balcony.

“Of course you can,” Matt called out to her. “I did give the chairs a wipe down this morning,” he added. “But if you want, I can throw my towel over one for you.”

“It’ll be fine, Kayla replied.

She grinned to herself as she stripped off her t-shirt and shorts, and placed them on one of the sofas in the living room with her tote back. Then, she headed out on to the balcony.

I think it’s fairly certain that he’s going to look this time, Kayla thought to herself.

Matt finished up in the kitchen, and started to move towards the balcony, when he saw Kayla standing out there, in her bikini.

He smiled as he headed out. ‘Matt Approved’ went through his head again.

They picked up their conversation from the beach again, and Kayla actually found herself a bit surprised that she was so comfortable with this 47 year old guy she’d just met.

For his part, Matt was quite impressed with Kayla. She wasn’t just a hottie with a killer body. She had a brain in her head too.

Matt had switched from wine to vodka himself, as he got Kayla her second refill.

God, Kayla thought to herself. I’m getting a little tipsy, and he’s got six beers, some wine, and now vodka in him. I hope he can still get it up.

Kayla scolded herself for that dirty, little thought. But as she took a sip of her third drink she did have another thought in her head.

It is called liquid courage.

Matt decided it was time to fire up the oven, and get the casserole in there.

Kayla followed him into the apartment, and paused behind him.

“You know,” she said playfully. “It’s a little unfair. You went for a rollerblade today, and probably worked up an appetite. All I’ve done is lay on the beach.”

Matt paused and turned to look at her with a smile on his face. “And?”

Kayla bit her lower lip. “Do you have any ideas on how I might be able to work up an appetite?”

Matt slowly moved closer to Kayla. He took the drink from her hand and placed it on a sofa side table. Then, he gently brushed his hand over Kayla’s face and through her hair.

He leaned in and locked lips with her.

Kayla heard herself moan loudly as Matt’s lips joined hers. The first kiss was always a good test, and Kayla thought Matt passed with flying colors.

A moment later, Kayla was naked, and sitting on the couch, as Matt knelt down and moved his head in between her legs.

Oh god, she thought to herself in nervous anticipation. If he’s only half as good at this as he was at kissing, this should be good.

And it was.

Matt started working on her pussy slowly, and tenderly. Kayla writhed on the sofa and moaned her approval.

Matt then began to work his tongue and mouth over her clit, and Kayla arched her back and bit her lower lip.

Kayla moaned loudly as Matt now started to slowly suck on her clit.

Kayla wrapped one of her legs around Matt’s neck, and reached down with a hand to push his face up against her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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