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A Day In the Woods Chapt 4

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Chapter 4
I got back to my place and called Paul. I had to know how everything went. We talked forever it seemed. Like when you are a teenager with your latest boyfriend – except I didn’t have to hide in the closet so my parents wouldn’t hear me. Paul explained that in looking towards me to join the pack naturally they checked any friends I have also. They had checked out Anne as well and although she did seem to have some of the characteristics that they look for she didn’t quite fit the bill. She did have an ex-husband, they didn’t speak a lot but it was a tie. Also her mother was still alive. Again she lived several states away and they didn’t communicate much, but if her lifestyle were to change dramatically it may raise questions. The indulgence with Anne was simply that. It was something that I wanted, something that the pack granted me.

Doctor Crane worked feverishly in his lab. He had to see if his curiosity was correct. After a night of long tests he finally had his answer. He called Mike and told him to bring everyone to the lab. Finally he had some news of interest to all involved, including Jessica.

I had slept in on Sunday. My weekends were becoming quite draining. Not as though that was a bad thing either. When I finally got up I got a cup of coffee and a small bite to eat. I knew I was supposed to go over to Anne’s and I wasn’t quite sure what all she would want to know or where things would lead with her. I thought about what Paul had said and I knew he was right. Although she was the best friend I had I couldn’t exactly tell her everything I knew. She did occasionally run into her ex. They weren’t the best of friends and every time they got together she was always upset for the next couple of days. I was never quite sure why she met with him and just didn’t rid herself of him. Right in the middle of my rambling thoughts the phone rang. I jumped not expecting a call. When I answered it was Paul. He told me to come over immediately that there was something important that Eliot had to tell everyone.

I quickly threw myself together, grabbed my keys and headed out the door. As I did Anne caught me and asked me what was up? I told her I had to go out for a bit but still planned on coming over. She smiled at me and said she hoped that I hadn’t forgotten. I jogged down the stairs as I said goodbye. “Forgot?” I thought to myself. With everything going on in my life lately it was surprising that I hadn’t forgotten anything! I climbed in my car, started it up and hit the gas. The tires spun as I pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street.

I followed the directions Paul had given me and found myself wheeling into Doctor Crane’s lot across town. I could tell from the other cars there that I was apparently the last to arrive. As I walked everyone turned and stared. I walked over and sat next to Paul. Eliot stood up and began to explain. He told me that as I already knew everything else that I should know this as well. Although I hadn’t decided to convert just yet he felt this was something I should consider. Eliot went on to explain that he had made a breakthrough. Due to recent events that had taken place it had Eliot thinking in a different güvenilir bahis direction. He smiled at me as he said that.

Eliot explained that with all of the strengths that the transformation gives you, ironically it also takes away. It seems that sperm from a converted male becomes weak and practically unable to swim. Therefore it will never make it to an egg, and even if it did, it wouldn’t have the strength to penetrate and fertilize it. Eliot had always worked under the assumption that there was a defect in the egg or sperm; that there was something genetically wrong, not that it was something as simple as this. He also said that there was something else. In his attempts to artificially inseminate he was not successful; so either there was still defect in the sperm or something in the egg preventing reproduction. It was there he needed to approach the pack.

Eliot had a colleague that he had worked with in the past. He hadn’t had spoken with her in a couple of years, but he assured everyone that she was extremely gifted and a brilliant geneticist and had done much work with infertility as well. His concern was that if he approached her with this she would know immediately that this wasn’t a normal human sperm or egg. There would have to be some explanation as to where they came from. Although he trusted her and knew she would want to help, there is of course an element of risk involved by telling her anything of the pack’s existence. That would be something they would have to decide. Jessica thought it a little strange. With all they had given her to consider now there was something they needed to think over and decide on. It was even more for her to consider too though. Eliot also mentioned that she may need to donate some unaltered eggs to compare, especially if she were to convert.

As Eliot finished he asked if they could give him an answer soon. He knew it was a lot to consider, but he was afraid he had gone as far as he could and that he needed help to clear this last hurdle. He wanted to be able to help as much as possible and he thought this was the best way possible if they were to ever have a chance for children.

Mike and Jean left, he said for everyone to think about it and then to meet back Monday night. He told Eliot they would have an answer for him then. Paul and I left soon after. In the parking lot he asked me if I had made up my mind, if I knew what I wanted to do. I nodded as I looked up at him. I told him I wanted to be with him and the others, children or not. This was the only sense of belonging I’ve had since my parents were alive.

Paul smiled, a little at first and then it grew. He took me in his arms and hugged me close to his body. Then he asked me to spend the night at his place. I agreed. I knew Anne would expect me home but didn’t care, this was going to be my life and this was going to be the person I was spending it with. In just a couple of weeks I finally knew where I belonged and where my life was leading me. I followed Paul home as we drove off.

When we got to his house we sat up and talked. About us and about what Eliot had said. He showed me where everyone else lived as well. Mike and Jean were a couple türkçe bahis of houses away and Tommy and Susan were across the street. Jake and Ray lived a few blocks away in an apartment they shared. As it got later into the evening Paul made us dinner. He showed me the house and where everything was. He was neat and there was a place for everything.

I asked Paul if he had a shirt I could borrow as I didn’t come prepared for this and didn’t have anything to sleep in. He smiled and said of course. I followed him to the bedroom. He went through his closet and handed me a jersey, “That should do the trick” he said. He told me it was his from when he played football before he decided to make the change. He had never told me why he did and I had never asked. I knew he would tell me in his own time. I smiled as he handed it to me. Then I asked him for something else, I wanted to make love to him, as a man. Of course he agreed. He took my hand and led me over to the bed.

We kissed, slow at first and then deeper. Our tongues explored and I could feel him getting harder through his jeans. It had been awhile since I had sex with a man. He slid his under my shirt and pushed it up over my head. As it hit the floor we kissed again. I returned the favor moving his shirt up over his body as he unhooked my bra. I tossed his shirt with mine and my bra hit the floor. I looked at his body; it was the body of a football player, not quite in playing shape but still a defined chest and abdomen. He was strong and firm, yet his caresses were soft and excited me as he explored my body. He unzipped my jeans and pushed them down over my round, tight ass. As he did he kissed down my neck to my breasts. He sucked each nipple and then sat on the bed as he pushed my jeans down my legs.

I stepped out of them and Paul ran his hands up my legs. It sent shivers up my spine and then he licked from knees upward. He hooked his fingers in my panties and pulled them slowly over my ass and down my legs; teasing me as he pulled them down. I stood there naked in front of him when he pulled me on top of him; rolling back on the bed. His cock was harder than before and I knew he wasn’t little, even as a man. I wondered if that changed since he converted or if he was always like this. Also does that make a difference in his size as a wolf or not? It is questions like this I would have to find out about as we went on and could maybe ask Eliot about.

I slid my hand down and under his jeans. For the first time I felt Paul as a man. He unzipped his jeans allowing me more access to him. I stroked his cock up and down. Then I knelt at the bed and pulled his jeans from him. I raked my nails up his legs and grabbed his boxers. I tugged at them as his penis caught the elastic band. I worked them over the edge and watched as inch after inch was exposed. I pulled them over his toned legs then licked my way up them. I got to his crotch and slid my tongue up eight inches of him. I could hear him breathing heavily and looked up to see him staring down at me. As he watched I slid all of him into my mouth.

I sucked on Paul for several minutes; then as I could taste the pre-cum starting I stopped. I licked my way up his güvenilir bahis siteleri abdomen and chest, working my way back on the bed. I straddled him and could feel his hardness against my damp slit. I sighed and then started to rub myself against him. My fleshy folds wrapped around his cock as I slid up and down him, not letting him enter me. I stared into his eyes and then leaned over and kissed him. My C cups rubbed his chest as our tongues explored and then I slid him inside me. He groaned in my mouth as I did his. He felt so good and it was so different to be in this position with him. I had him completely inside me as I rocked back and forth with him, grinding him against my clit. As much as I was enjoying this, I couldn’t help to think how he felt as a wolf in me and the knot that rubbed against my G spot so well.

I slid his cock from me, breathing heavily; I told him I wanted him to fuck me. I got on my hands and knees and Paul was behind me without any encouragement. I felt the tip of his cock and then he plunged into me. His hands on my ass he pulled me onto him and I didn’t resist. Rhythmically he worked in and out of me; occasionally slapping my ass as well. I was so turned on and could feel myself getting closer to climax. Then I remembered what Jean and Susan had said. There is nothing like when they are inside you and change. I also had never really witnessed this before either. My back was always to who ever changed. I just saw what happened after. Then between pants I managed to get out, “Change! Change inside of me!”

Paul stopped for a minute. He didn’t say anything and was just there inside of me. I didn’t know if he were shocked or what? Then he said, “Ok” There was a mirror on his dresser. I could see us in it. I watched as he started. The hair on his arms grew, and chest and legs. I watched in amazement as his face changed. His nose grew longer and his head sloped back. It looked as if it would be terribly painful, but it didn’t seem to bother him. I could feel his hands shrinking and his fingers morphing into the claws of a wolf. His legs changed into the hind legs of a wolf. Then his cock; it became hotter, larger. I could feel it growing another 2 or 3 inches inside me. It was thicker and as he changed I could feel a knot starting. Just as quickly as on the stage, there was wolf now on me, and in me, where Paul once was. And just as I was told, the feeling was tremendous. With just a couple of strokes Paul had me reaching my first climax. It was the feel of him inside me but also watching the transformation from man to wolf. I wondered if it would be the same for me as well. Paul fucked me with the vigor of an animal. I felt him shove himself into me and his knot swell. Then he pumped me with his seed.

I came once more and then 15 or so minutes later Paul withdrew. I turned around and instead of him licking himself clean, I leaned over and sucked his cock into my mouth. I could taste myself and his cum together. Then just as before, he changed. I looked up with his cock in my mouth as he went back to Paul. When he finished he was looking down at me as I slid his softening cock from my mouth. He pulled me up to him and we kissed again. A long passionate kiss and any hesitations I may have had about converting had just been squelched. We lay back on the bed and in each others arms we fell asleep.

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