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A Day Off

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I realised that I should have been working, however I had decided that I could afford to spend a day ‘working from home’, as long as I kept my PC on-line it would give the impression that I was still working but it would allow me to have some free-time for some WAM fun.

I had been chatting with someone who had piqued my interests, I was big into more extreme WAM and longed to be tarred and feathered or something similar, I had confided that I also enjoyed rubber and the idea of messing up a wetsuit was something that tickled me.

So that was the reason that I had slipped on my wetsuit that day, it was thick black neoprene with red trims on the front and back and as I dragged it on and pulled up the zip I felt its warmth and the grip of the rubber against my skin. I sat down at my home office chair and switched on the PC, there was an email waiting so I clicked on it.

You are in trouble…

The subject line made me slightly uneasy, who had send this, there was no sender name. I thought it must be spam, at least until the full email pinged onto my screen.

Hello dear…

Thank you for our lovely chat, it was nice to find out what your fetishes are, I never imagined that you were into glue and tar and in particular rubber. Well, now I know!

I froze looking down at the signature line, it was signed

Your Loving Wife


Casting my mind back I had been having long and detailed conversations with a new member on in UMD. Their very name had got me interested, glue_slut – well I had to message them and had done so, asking what they were into. In time we were sharing ideas about extreme WAM with me talking openly about my desire to be covered in tar, plaster and worse. I had initially been nervous about chatting with someone I didn’t know but was more karşıyaka escort bayan worried that they were not a woman, the idea that it was my wife had never crossed my mind. Reading the rest of the email she told me that she had been suspicious about my internet use and so had rigged the web cam on my machine to be on when I was chatting. So she had watched me as I had been getting off on my role-play.

There was a beep and a chat window appeared on my desktop.

Glue_Slut Hello Simon… I can see that you did what you said you would do when you were left alone. You look very good in your wetsuit.

I typed quickly, trying to apologise.

Glue_Slut Oh no please, don’t apologise. I am going to make your dreams come true… 🙂

Now I was nervous. I quickly went to stand up and found that I could not move. I panicked struggling to release myself from the office chair.

Glue_Slut What’s up? Can’t move?

There was a ping and a URL appeared in the chat window, clicking the link I was taken to a page advertising epoxy resin glue. I realised now that the seat of my wetsuit had been coated with one part of the glue with the catalyst on the office chair. I was stuck firm. I reached for the zip but found that it would not budge.

Glue_Slut Sorry, I may have spilled some glue on the zip too… LOL

I shuddered. This was not good. I was trapped, unable to get out of my wetsuit or to escape the office chair.

Glue_Slut You wait there… I will be with you soon…

I had no choice but to stay where I was, sweat started to run down the back of my neck.


Sometime later I heard a noise and watched my wife walk into the room. “Hello dear! No, don’t stand up…” She giggled.

“I am so sorry…”

“Oh karşıyaka escort you will be…” She smiled. “Now, lets see.” She pulled out a print out of our chat transcript… You have some weird desires.” She smiled. “Well, I hope you really wanted to do some of these things…” She grabbed the office chair and I was wheeled out of the room and back through the house and into the back garden. I looked around and saw a cement mixer and barrels standing around the garden.

My wife stepped in front of me and smiled an evil smile. “Now you like rubber… and you have your nice wetsuit.” She paused. “And you like tar…?She picked up a hose. “Well… lets combine those two.” She stepped towards me and slowly slid the hose into the neck of my wetsuit. I was puzzled. She walked behind me, I looked round and saw her drop the other end into a large barrel. The hose was connected to a large pump which she switched on.

The pump whirred and I felt a warm liquid running down my neck and start to dribble into the suit. She spoke loudly over the noise of the pump. “This is liquid roofing tar.” She smiled. ” I see it is filling your suit nicely.” The warm liquid had reached my groin and was having an obvious effect even with a thick rubber skin it was clear that I was enjoying the experience. She smiled and started to massage my groin through the wetsuit. The tar flooded out and started to fill my legs.

Eventually she switched off the pump even though I could not see the tar I could smell its sickly sweet aroma and feel it starting to solidify within the rubber. My body was bulging and inflated with the tar. My wife ran her hands over my now rapidly solidifying body, she laughed. “How does that feel?” I could not answer, I was breathless, this was more than I had ever imagined, escort karşıyaka trapped in this sticky suit.

“Now that is not all…” She laughed walking towards the cement mixer. Switching it on I watched as she started to shovel grey powder and water into the tumbling drum. After a few minutes she poured the slop into a large wheelbarrow. She took out a trowel and started to slap the grey mixture over my body leaving my head clear.

It took sometime but soon I was totally coated. My wife stepped in front of me. “Now are you ready for the last bit?” I started to say sorry, but she just put her fingers on my mouth. “Shhh…” She giggled and told me to open my mouth. She crammed a snorkel into my mouth, I realised that this too had been coated in glue so I could not remove it. She walked behind me and the next thing I knew was when she slapped a bucked of mix over my head, she followed this with more until I could not see. My world went silent and dark.


New Statue in City Square

The town council were mystified by the appearance of a new statue in the main city square. The statue which depicts a seated man appeared overnight and takes pride of place in the centre of the park. Local resident Amanda Winston said ‘I think that this is an excellent addition to the park. I hope that it remains for some time.’


She rescued me the next night, I felt movement and was blinded by the light when she chipped away the cement which had been covering my face. It took hours to chip away the cement and then cut off the suit, the tar was more difficult and I am still stained and completely hairless. Amanda smiled “I hope you enjoyed that…” I did not let her finish her sentence as we had the best sex we had ever enjoyed.

When she finished she slipped into a deep sleep. Just before I rolled over I noticed that the computer screen was on.

Glue_Slut We must keep chatting as I really enjoyed that… And just you wait until I tell you what turns me on…

I clicked the send button, I look forward to reading that, and to finding out how I can forfil her greatest desires…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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