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A First Time for Anal Play Ch 6

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The door opened and there stood a maid. I was led into the house and back to a ballroom full of people and eats. I saw Pam, Wendy and Mack over by the punch and ambled over to talk to them. We were in a corner of the room and I had a good view, looking for Julie. Finally there she was, talking to people as she made her way around the room. Kit caught her at one point and brought her to us, introducing his stars.

We shook hands, my dick rose, and I was in serious love all over again. Kit guided her away, and I made small talk with whoever was there, all the while keeping track of Julie.

Finally we were invited into the theatre to watch the flick. Julie was near the door, smiling and nodding at people as they filed out. I hung back and finally got to talk to her alone. I asked her to watch the movie with me. I had her hands, and tried to pull her close, but she wouldn’t budge. She just pushed me away and told me to join the others.

I got to the movie room and went in. Pam, Wendy, Mack and Kit were up front, and Wendy waved for me to sit in the empty seat beside her. I waved back, but chose a seat in the back. She wasted no time in moving over a seat next to Kit. I knew that Wendy and Kit were an item, I had heard them fucking often, and got angry thinking about how faithful Kit’s wife was. Julie would not cheat on him dammit.

The movie got started, and there I was bigger than life, my cock waving about for all to see. It was interesting to see the people I had fucked from a different angle than I saw when it happened. My dick looked enormous, and the holes looked so small. I had never seen my own dick in action, my balls as they banged against cunts and asses, but it was pretty hot. I hauled out my meat and began gently stroking as I watched.

All through the theatre the girls hired to please the money investors and other interested parties had their heads in men’s laps, or were sitting on some of these guys, fucking and sucking as they watched. I noticed a movement in the corner of my eye, and saw Julie enter and stand back against the wall. She smiled at me and then turned to watch the movie. I watched her and the movie alternately, and I could tell she was getting hot.

At the scene where I was fucking that young girls’ ass for the first time, she moved her hands up and began massaging her breasts, I went rock hard at the sight. Near the end of the scene, when I was hunched over the girl and was plowing my meat up her shit chute, Julies hand snaked down to rub her pussy. I watched her a minute and then got up, my dick standing straight out of my pants, I went to her. She turned her back to me leaning sideways on the wall. I moved behind her, my dick rubbing in the folds of the soft little dress she was wearing. I almost came.

I asked her if she liked the film, she answered she loved watching my penis. I reached out and put an arm around her and pulled up close, my penis trapped between my stomach and her back. I moved my hips, pushing my dick up and down between us. I reached up and tried to put my hand down the front of her dress, searching for the sweet softness of her breast. She pushed my hand away. I drew my hand back and moved back a few inches and grasped my prick and began to rub the head all over her fabric covered back, leaving trails of precum. Her hands resumed their positions, one on her breast, the other rubbing her pussy as her attention returned to the screen as I was penetrating Wendy’s tight little anus. I started stroking my cock, and soon had to cum. I lifted the back of her dress, and pressed my cockhead against the bare skin of her back, leaving a sticky trail as I pumped against her skin. My dick was finally touching her. Her skin was so soft, and with the head of my prick I rubbed over the knobs of her spine. Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I pushed my dick down, catching the head on her panties, I pushed down more and her panties went further down until my dick was rubbing the crack of her ass. I bent my knees, pushed against her and my dick slid down her crack and into her panties.

They were soaked. I slid my member against her cunt lips and began to pump back and forth into her wet pants, her cunt lips wet around the top of my dick. Her hand had now lifted her dress and was inside her panties playing with her clit as I rubbed her cunt lips with my pole. A fingernail scratched my knob, and I felt the cum start and I shot ropes of goo into her soaked undies and all over her cuntlips. Julie moaned and came with me. I continued rubbing in her cunt until the last strings of cum dribbled out. I stopped, nestled in her warmth and our juices, and she took a fingernail and ran it along the underside of my cock, and then pulled her hands out of her panties, and straightened the front of her dress. She pulled away slowly and my cum-covered pole slid out of her panties. I pulled her close once more and with a hand on my prick I traced a slick heart on her back.

The credits were rolling on the screen, and Julie turned to me and told me I must go back to my seat. I did, my flaccid bahis firmaları penis hanging down out of my pants, sticky and shriveled and sated. The movie ended and shortly thereafter all the patrons were done with their couplings and we filed out. I, of course waited till last, as Julie was still at the door. She smiled and preceded me out the door.

We ended up going outside with all the others towards the tents that were set up like last time. Kit gave a speech. Julie was there, my eyes never straying from her. I rubbed my growing cock thru my pants as I thought about the fact that she was standing there all prim and proper with a load of my cum in her underwear, squishing around her cunt lips and clit. My load was still there, she had not gone anywhere to clean up. Jesus I was hot.

Kit announced that all the girls were there for our pleasure, and with Wendy on his arm, he headed for one of the pavilions. I headed for Julie. She smiled as I approached, and I asked her how she liked having my load coating her privates. She just smiled. I took her hand to lead her to a place where we could relax and hopefully get to business, but she just looked at me sadly and said “I will not cheat on my husband, what happened earlier caught me off guard, but I can’t do anymore, I’m sorry”. With that she turned and walked up toward the house.

I was pissed. There right in front of her was her husband, flexing his wiener in and out of Wendy’s mouth. What did it matter if she cheated, too? Bitch, leave me there with a hard-on! Well, I had to do something, so I grabbed a redhead who was staring at me and pushed her roughly to her knees. I hauled out my member, and soon, was balls deep down her throat, her mouth stretched painfully wide around my cock. I fucked her face hard for a while, trying desperately to cum, but I couldn’t. Finally I pulled her off my pole and we found a soft lounger, which I pushed her down on. She was totally naked, so there were no preliminaries; I rolled her back, legs over my shoulders and penetrated her cunt in one deep stroke. I was still thinking of Julie and I was still mad. I fucked this bitch hard, but wasn’t close to cumming. I began to think of Julie in the house, pushing her hand down into her panties, and fingering her cunt and rubbing herself with my jizz.

I pictured her pushing a finger inside her quim, coated with my cum, I saw her getting hot, moaning and moving and cumming. I moved out of the redheads pussy and lined up with her sphincter. She was a pro, and I knew she had had dick in her butt before, but I made her squeal in pain as I pushed roughly up inside her rectum. One good thing about having a fat cock is all bitches were pretty tight. Assholes were incredibly so. Her backdoor gripped me hard as I pulled out some, her assring pulling out with me. I pushed back in, making her groan again, as I saw in my minds eye Julie’s asshole clenching and releasing as she came. That is what I needed. I began to saw in and out of this girls butt, seeing Julie’s petite form under me. My balls were tight and my dick swelling as I prepared to coat her bowels.

I came, hard. I shot rope after rope into her bowels, holding myself hard against her, my whole dick buried in her ass. I pulled out, and pulled her up and then pushed her down in front of me and stuck my nasty dick in her mouth. She sucked my softening dick, and kept me in her mouth as I moved around and went to lie back on the lounger. I looked down, and there was a pool of cum under her where she had squatted, leaking out of her ass. I lay down. Finally she moved off my pole, kissing her way up, and then she curled up, her head on my arm, and she reached out and began to softly play with my dick.

I lay there enjoying her touch, most of my anger gone, but not my disquiet. I left the party soon after.

Time went by, and I began calling Julie regularly and we talked a lot. We never met, too much temptation for her, she admitted she was falling for me. She would tell me how she constantly masturbated while watching the video with me in it, fantasizing about what I would feel like inside her. I lost gallons of cum wanking off to her sweet voice as she described the things we were doing in her mind. She always told me how much she had treasured the load of cum I had left in her panties that night, and how she had slept in them, and hated the next day taking a bath and cleaning the dried spunk off her vagina.

We broached the subject of divorce, but she was afraid of what would happen. She was afraid of no money, and of Kit being vindictive. Almost a year passed, and one day I got a call from her. “I did it!” she gushed. ” I asked him and he agreed” It took me a moment to focus on what she meant. In my silence she was laughing. “Did you hear me?” I was still tongue-tied, hoping she meant what I thought. “I asked Kit for a divorce, and he agreed. He was fine, not mad, and we even sat down right there and discussed some of the things we could arrange.” “Divorce?” I squeaked. “That’s right my love, divorce.”

I was reeling. I had gotten so used to kaçak iddaa the state of things, talking with Julie, going to work (I was making another video with another producer), talking to Julie, masturbating with Julie, etc. This was so unexpected. She hadn’t even told me she was going to ask!

We met later that evening, and she poured out everything. She needed to be loved. Kit was good to her, but had not touched her in two years, she hated being the hostess for his parties, never getting relief, and she hated wanting me and not even being able to see me for fear of breaking her marriage vows. She finally had enough, and one night after talking to me, she had just gone to him and they had talked.

It turned out that she basically got a fair settlement from him, and got their house on the beach, and her car. It was all she needed. I moved into the beach house, but she stayed at the estate until the divorce was final. They got a quickie one, but it was torture for me.

The minute I knew it was legal, I pressed for her to join me, but she said she wanted to be married to me, and so we made plans and I held out a while longer. We decided to get married in Charleston and to take a train across the country to get there. The date was set for two weeks, and every day was torture.

We met at the station, boarded and headed for out compartment. My dick was totally turgid as I couldn’t wait to finally get inside her and let loose a load that had waited almost three years. We opened the door; I carried her across the threshold, and with her in my arms, our lips met for the first time. Yep, I had never even kissed her, and we were on our way to get married. My knees went weak, and I slid her down my body, our lips never losing touch. It was incredible. I pushed my rigid member against her, ran my hands down her back and cupped her ass to pull her closer, and shot a load in my pants.

I couldn’t help it. I was so wrapped up in her lips, in her touch, of feeling her moving under my hands, that I got lost, and I creamed. After a few minutes, she pulled her head back, and asked why I was soft now. I told her what had happened. Her hands went to my belt, undid it, unzipped my pants, pushed them down, and then her hand was around my sticky flaccid meat. She knelt, and took my cum-covered dick in her mouth. I sank back on the couch thing.

I looked down to she her sweet face stuffed with my soft prick. She gave me the most incredible blowjob I had ever experienced. She would suck my dick in like a piece of spaghetti, her tongue and teeth working on my knob, sucking on it, chewing it, and then she would push me out with her tongue, only to suck me back in. I don’t know how to describe the things she was doing. Her nails were on my balls, lightly tickling and scratching as I grew in her mouth. For such a petite woman, she had a deceptively big mouth. I stretched her lips out, and watched her face turn red, as she took me all the way down her throat and held me there, her tongue moving on the underside of my dick, my knob lodged deep down her throat. The she slowly moved back up to my knob and licked and sucked on it, sticking her tongue in my peehole, scooping out the precum as it leaked out. Then back down, taking me all in, her mouth against my pubes, my balls flattened and almost cupping her chin. I looked like a girl down there, my prick was gone. She kept me deep in her throat, then came back up to breathe. I was close to cumming, my dick swollen up even more, and she pulled off and asked me to stand behind her, and shoot my load into her panties again. I stood up, and reached around to pull her close. My hands went for her breasts. I reached into her top, and down into her bra, and finally go to hold her small, but perfect breasts in my hands. Her nipples were hard, and LONG. I rolled them in my fingers, and was amazed at their feel. I removed one hand to hike up her skirt, and push my dick down inside her panties.

Again, I slid my length down and finally felt my knob penetrate and push aside her soaking cuntlips as I moved back and forth enjoying the feel. I reached a hand around and pushed it into her panties as she reached down also and took my hand and guided it to her clit. She moved my finger around and up and down and sideways over her slippery member, and I got another surprise, her clit was huge!!! I shot a load with no warning into her pants, and she began to moan and writhe under my finger. As the last of my sperm trickled out, she came.

I moved my fingers and my still hard dick around in her sweet folds. I penetrated her cunt with my finger and felt her clasp at me as the last of her contractions began to ease. I held her tight, exploring her softly, and finally she turned, my dick snapping out of her underwear and against my stomach, as she pressed up against me and kissed me again.

I started to walk her back to the bed, but she stopped me and told me there would be more later. For now, she wanted to explore the train and get something to eat. She adjusted her clothing, but never took off her panties, and I went kaçak bahis and got a pair of shorts to put on, as my pants were a sticky mess, and I go commando.

We explored, ate dinner with an older couple that was obviously shocked at our age difference. She is 21 years older than me. What would they have thought if they knew she was sitting there with a load of my spunk in her soaked undies. During dinner, she had her hand up my shorts, pumping, scratching and tickling my dick and balls. I don’t remember what I ate.

After dinner we went to the club car, and watched a movie and watched the scenery go by. Finally we were the last ones in the car. She reached in my shorts and began to fondle my member again. It had been somewhat embarrassing walking around, as she kept me hard, and I was in a pair of black cotton shorts with nothing else. I tented out pretty obviously, but she seemed to enjoy it, and in a way I did too. Finally after hours of being teased and getting major blue balls, she seemed to be ready to get me off.

I relaxed as she eased my shorts down over my dick and nuts, and leaned down to engulf me. I watched the scenery going by as she did fabulous things to my prick. I was in heaven. When I began to feel the need to cum, she lifted her head from my lap, and stood up. I stood, and she pulled my shorts up over my dick, pushing my dick down one leg, then she reached in the leg of the shorts and pulled my wang out the leg of the shorts. We walked back to our compartment with her hand stoking and squeezing my dick as we walked. I was in such a haze. Who was this woman who had resisted me for so long, and was now this cock-hungry slut, leading her man to bed, down a train aisle stroking and pulling on his dick. She is such a lady. You know, demure, polite, classy, yet such a slut, too. I loved the attention and the nastiness of being exposed with the probability of someone seeing us if they came out of their rooms.

We entered our compartment, and she pushed me gently back on the bed. She leaned over and began to give head to my waving member as it poked out the leg of my shorts. Finally she got up, pulled me up and we undressed. She was as beautiful as I had imagined. Her tits were incredible. Small, but perfect, with those long nipples I had only felt before, poking out in the cool cabin air. I knelt at her feet, and she leaned over me to kiss me, and then pulled up, her nipples in my face. I took one in my mouth and one in my hand and began to suckle at her. Her skin was so cool and like satin. I swear I had never felt anything like this before.

Her knees gave a bit, and she sat back on the bed, and then lay down. I crawled over her and went back to biting and sucking on her nipples. One hand snaked down and began to play with her pussy. She had a hand on my cock, gently pulling it. I hardly felt it, I was so wrapped up in the feel of her body. I took my hand out of her pussy and ran it allover her body. The curves of her waist and hips, her arms, thighs, neck, I explored all with my hands and mouth. She came as I was sucking one tit and pinching the nipple of the other.

Heaven. I moved down, kissing as I went and finally was looking straight into her sweet cunt. Her cunt lips were thick and full, and at the top of her slit was that clit I had been playing with. It was incredible. It had to be almost an inch long. It even had a tiny head on it. I flicked my tongue on it, and she came again. I pushed a hand between her legs and stuck a finger in her pussy to feel the contractions, and another went to her asshole. I didn’t push a finger in; just rested it against her ass bud as it too rhythmically pulsed.

I lowered my head and took that oversized clit in my mouth and very gently began to suck on it. I began to finger fuck her, inserting a second finger. I ran my tongue down and licked her lips and licked up some of the juice streaming out around my fingers. I turned her over, and keeping my fingers in her cunt, I moved up and kissed her neck and back, moving to her sides and pushing her over enough to suck at a nipple, and then over to the other side, sucking the other one, then again to her back as I made my way down, still fucking into her with my digits.

When I got to her ass cheeks, I pushed my face into one and began to lick and suck the flesh into my mouth. I moved to the other one, kissing and licking it all over and pushing my face into her softness. Then I moved to the middle and trailed my tongue down her crack until I got to her butthole. I took my hand out of her pussy and spread her cheeks wide, looking at her sweet bud, and then running my tongue down her crack again and around her anus. I spiraled in and finally stuck my tongue into her butt. I pulled her cheeks wide as I rimmed her and pushed my tongue meat as deep in her rectum as I could. I ate her ass, and finally pushed two fingers back into her pussy and ate her butt till she came. Her sphincter clenching and pushing at my tongue, her pussy gripping and massaging my fingers. All of a sudden I was aware of my dick. It was steel hard and tight against my stomach, leaking precum into my navel. I rolled her over, spread her thighs and ran my dickhead in her cunt lips and against her clit. She came again, and as she was still cumming, I entered her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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