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A Free Ride_(0)

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Id never really considered myself to be gay, but i knew id be lying if i tried to tell myself that i wasnt dissapointed not to have gone home with Barry. Id never actually had the balls to let him know, but for the past few months now it had been a habbit of mine to lay in bed stroking my cock, fantasizing about Barry and his big fat cock while slipping anything dick shaped i could find in and out of my tight virgin arsehole.

I had thought the work christmas party would be the perfect opportunity for him to have his way with me. I didnt even know if the rumours were true, if he really was known for singling out his favourite apprentice and taking them out for a nice, strictly professional meal, getting them pissed out of their face and then taking them home and fucking their poor helpless little brains out. God how i wanted it to be true. Id do anything for that to be me, splayed out on his bed like a rag doll, totally defenceless against the solid slab of meat slamming in and out of my rectum. Id even shaved myself completely down bellow and decided to go commando; the knowledge that i was naked down there gave me a sort of slutty confidence.

I thought id make it easy for him, so after an hour or so of being out i was completely wasted. I was sure he kept looking at me the way he had before; like a wild beast eyeing an easy piece of meat. As convinced as i was that he wanted to fuck me, nothing came of it. Not even when we were alone in the smoking area and i made a huge deal out of dropping my fags close to his feet, bending bahis firmaları over slowly to pick them up and rubbing my arse against his crotch. Knowing what i know now, the lust he must have felt at the moment must have been torture. It turns out Barrys wife had turned up a couple of hours before, i was just too pissed to realise. Once i realised this to be the case, i figured there was no point hanging about; Barry couldnt do anything with that old bitch around.

I called a taxi, said my goodbyes and waited out on the street, smoking cigarettes and feeling depressed that i was going home without any cum inside of me. The taxi arrived, i stumbled in, and exchanged small talk with the driver as we headed out of town. I was feeling so horny i was half contemplating pulling my cock out right there and wanking the whole way back. All i could think of was what could be happening right now if Barrys wife hadnt shown up. Ironically, if i had been less concered with my dissapointment and more attentful toward my driver, i might have realised that i could potentially get the fuck i was craving right here. The guy was infact ideal. He was black, around the age of 50 and had a big, powerful build that was starting to get chubby around the waist. He had big strong hands and a deep, booming voice, and if id had my mind in the present i would have been thinking that his dick must be atleast 9 inches. More importantly he had been showing a very keen interest in his young passenger. Next thing i knew i looked out the window and saw that i was almost home; kaçak iddaa we were just heading past the local 24 hour store. I suddenly had an impulsive desire to go to the shop and buy a cucumber. If i couldnt have Barry in me, id have the next best thing. I told the cabbie to spin up the shop, jumped out and went inside. Now it was at this point i realised that i had no cash whatsoever, and my debit card would be empty until next week. Fuuuuuuck. Immediately a debate sprang up inside my head. I was left with two choices. I could sneak out of the store quite easily and walk the last five minutes to my house. Or i could be a good, upstanding citizen and tell the cabbie the problem. Normally that would have been an easy one; walk home. But then i remembered something id heard about one of the girls at school. Shed been short paying for a taxi so shed given the guy a blowjob instead. This sounded like a great solution to both of our problems.
Back in the taxi, the driver smiled at me. Was he on the same wavelength as me?
“No worries boy, i dont see why we cant come up with some sort of arrangement”
Fuck it, i thought, whats the worst that could happen?
“Neither do i. Id be more than happy to fulfil any of your…. needs.”
“Hmmm, you sure? You see ive only got one need, buts its a fucking big one”
With that he slid his hand down towards his flies, but i was way ahead of him. Id seen the bulge in his crotch start to grow the second i told him i wouldnt be able to pay him. Before hed gotten as far as the zip id undone it and revealed kaçak bahis his manhood. It was only half erect, and it was a monster. The driver saw the look on my face and started to laugh.
“You sure youre gonna be able to handle this, sunshine?”
Words failed me. I looked up from his wonderous cock, into the face of the man who was going to be the first to conquer me, and i knew straight away that i would always be a slave to this man. I would do anything to have him fuck me again and again. And with that i dove straight in. I sucked, stroked and slurped his cock. It was my first time but i felt like a pro. Before long he was fucking my face like there was no tomorrow. Hot spunk dribbled down my throat and chin and still he thrust in and out, and i gobbled and licked like my life depended on it. Finally i took the tip of his cock between my lips, sucked hard, and wanked his shaft even harder. 30 seconds later i was coughing, dribbling and spluttering semem. I began wondering if there would be any left for my arsehole.
Almost as if reading my mind, my new found master took hold of my chin and looked deep into my eyes.
“Dont worry slut, theres plenty left where that came from”
All i could do was grin and half kiss, half suck his cock in gratitude.
He then ordered my to fill my throat with his meat (this only took half of what he had to offer) and not come up for air until he had driven us somewhere a little more secluded.
“Okay bitch thatll do”
I gasped for breath as i raised my head, licking all the fresh cum from my lips as i looked outside, trying to decipher where we were. Hed driven us to the local woods; i could think of no better place to have 12 inches of fat cock rammed into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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