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A Friendly Ride

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Felicity had planned on asking a girl friend to take her to the airport to visit her dad in the hospital. She had hoped that her daughter would stay at her house and give her a ride, but that hadn’t gone as planned. The next day just as Leo was about to spot her on bench she mentioned to him that she was leaving town for a while.

“That reminds me, I have to call Sabrina to see if she would be able to drive me to the airport on Wednesday this coming week.” Felicity wasn’t really talking to Leo at that point, he was just there. Felicity started putting a reminder into her phone.

“I can give you a ride,” Leo said, “I don’t have to work that day.”

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to put you out,” she responded.

“It would be my pleasure to take you to the airport,” the issue settled. ” What time do you need the ride?” Leo asked.

“My flight is around 3:30 am, I should be at the airport around 2:15. That should be soon enough to get through the security check. So pick me up at 1:20 am, are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want you to miss out on your well earned sleep.”

“Can’t sleep my whole life away,” he teased.

That Wednesday, he was promptly ten minutes earlier than she had expected. He quickly helped her with her backpack, since that was the only bag she had.

“I thought you were going to be gone for a while?”

“For a couple of weeks, yeah.”

“And all you have is this?” And he held up the bag by the top strap halkalı escort with his index finger quickly gauging the weight at under seven pounds.

“I don’t need much.”

“Clearly.” He was impressed.

They had been on the road for about twenty minutes neither one talking, when Felicity suddenly broke the silence.

“Leo, pull over,” Felicity’s directive was firm.

Leo didn’t hesitate. “Is everything alright,” he asked as he pulled far onto the shoulder of the highway and put his truck in park. He worried about her more than she knew. She had been through a lot of grief in the past nine months, and knew that could take a toll on a person’s well being. First her husband’s sudden death and now this health crisis with her father. Leo’s concern was clearly on his face.

Felicity didn’t answer with words, instead she looked at him intensely, flipped the center console up and out of the way with one hand and with the other was releasing the seatbelt that restrained her. Once free, she slid over and rotated her body around in one fluid motion until she was straddling his hips.

Her breasts were so close to his face he couldn’t help but bend his head down to bury his face into them. She smelled of lemons. He had never known a woman to smell of lemons, he loved it. Her dress was pushed up around her hips baring her smoothly muscled thighs. He slid his hands from şişli escort her knees to her hips guiding her hips along the length of his already hardening manhood. She lifted her weight off him to wiggle his joggers down and shifted her thong to the side and settled back down on him.

He kissed her hard, but she pulled back and said, “no kissing, anything else is ok.”

He maneuvered one side of her wrap-around dress to bear her bra and coaxed her breast out just enough so he could toy with her nipple. His mouth wanted to taste her soft skin. His tongue playing tag with her nipple. Their two bodies moved in slow motion.

While Felicity had a plane to catch, which was the reason she was in Leo’s truck in the first place, she knew they still had time to celebrate the fact they were both alive and well. She reached her hand down to help guide his maleness to stimulate her more easily.

She was gently grinding her labia along the length of his shaft, to stimulate herself, and he felt how hot and wet she was getting as her parts rubbed on his parts in the most erotic and enticing way. Leo kept his hands busy, allowing them to explore Felicity’s body in ways he had only dreamed about before. He kissed the tops of her breasts, his breath causing her to sigh. All the while his hands wandered wanting to memorize every curve of her. His hands roamed across her back and shoulders, down to her waist, then on to her ass. Moving sarıyer escort again from her firm butt cheeks down her thighs as far as he could reach, then slowly back up the tops of her thighs to finally grasp her hips, urging on her movement and help support her as their bodies continued to grind together . He wanted very badly to feel how hot and slippery her pussy was inside, but knew it was her call.

When she was on the brink of climax and needed to have him inside her, she lifted up off him so he could enter her.

She was so wet, he just slid right in with a slight rearward tilt of her pelvis against his. He knew she would be hot inside, but the heat of her core made sweat bead suddenly on his upper lip.

Her climax was immediate and intense. She cried out in pleasure as he penetrated deep within her. Her parts pulsating, sucking, and pushing around him, until he too climaxed. They stayed like that for a minute. Leo took the opportunity to bend his head into her breasts one last time to remember the smell of her.

When Felicity dismounted, she readjusted her clothes and strapped herself back into her seat like nothing had happened. Leo on the other hand was struggling not only to pull his pants back up, but also was confused about the situation and how it had just played out. He wanted to ask questions and clarify things. Why the no kissing? They had kissed before. The last time, he had put the brakes on thinking she wasn’t ready for a relationship yet. Before that, she had stopped when things were just getting good, so what had changed, he wondered.

Unfortunately, Leo knew he was going to have to wait for answers to his questions. It was clear that Felicity had very little to say today.

When he finally had his pants situated comfortably again, they continued on to the airport.

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