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A Fun Night With My Wife

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If was my wife’s turn to be the dominate person tonight, but what I didn’t know was how well she planned for the evening. The kids were staying at her mothers for the evening and she planned to have her way without worrying about how long it took or how loud we got.

She had ordered a new outfit and some new toys to make the evening special. After dinner it started with a dip in our hot tub. While we sat and enjoyed the warm water, with a few relaxing drinks, she got out of the hot tub to take care of a few things.

When she returned she was dress in a black satin mistress outfit that you would see right out of a XXX rated catalog. Looking at her dressed out in one of the sexiest outfits I have seen her in was short lived as she proceeded to put a blindfold on me. She dried me off everywhere but my penis and ass. Next thing I heard was her telling me to hold real still and the sounds of scissors opening and closing. This seemed to take a minute or two, and was followed by shaving cream. She spread the shaving cream all over my crotch and ass.

Next she proceeded to shave my crotch, even shaving up and down my now very erect dick. Finally she finished and rinsed by crotch off. I was thinking now the games can begin. But that thought was short lived as she had me bend over and proceeded to shave all around my anus. This only made my hard on getting even harder. Already I could feel myself start to leak, and I was concerned about not cumming to soon. Finally, she rinsed me clean and had me follow her back to the bedroom.

Once there she put a ball stretcher on me to my relief. At least the stretcher would delay me from cumming to soon. The only concern was she had selected our widest stretcher. She had to pull on my nuts very hard to get it snapped closed with the hard on I had. Normally she would never play very rough with my balls, which was an indication of things to come this evening. Next I heard the camera snapping as she said she was going to take a few pictures for her personal enjoyment when I wasn’t home.

When she was finished with that, she had me lay down in the middle of the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri bed. She had her first new toy already set up as she bound my limps with Velcro straps to the bed posts. She told me tonight would be the first for many things that I have never experienced before. As we have always been a little adventurous I was wondering what new things she could come up with. The though was quickly replaced with a cold ice cube rubbing on my balls. With the stretcher on there was no where for my balls to go, she melted the first ice cube down to a sliver and proceed to push it in my asshole. Just as I was adjusting to the cold in my ass, she rubbed another ice cube on my erection. Again when that melted to a sliver she pushed it into my ass. As the cold was very uncomfortable, it was quickly replaced my something hot landing on my balls. She laughed as I tried to scoot away from her, but the restraints would only let me move a few inches. The first drops of hot wax were quickly followed with many more drops. As the wax began to build up on my balls the new drops stopped feeling so hot. The warm wax began to feel so good and my erection returned to its rock hard state. Sensing to much enjoyment she began dropping hot wax on my erection. This made me jump even more than the wax on my balls. This didn’t stop her from dripping a lot more wax as she watched me wiggle. Finally, the wax stop and I had a moment to catch my breath. Just as I began to relax again, a cold ice cube was applied to the tip of my dick. This was my far the coldest the ice had felt, and again once it melted it she put the remaining sliver in my ass. As she laughed, the next drops of hot wax fell on my dick head. And in an instant the cold was replaced with heat.

Finally, when I think see had my whole dick covered in wax she stopped. The next sound I heard was that of the camera clicking again. I couldn’t wait to see what the pictures looked like!

My wife took a short break to get something to drink. I was stuck there wondering how far this would go. When she returned she had a handful of clothes pins. We had güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri never used clothes pins before, and I started getting nervous. She put them down and pulled an ice cube out of her drink and rubbed it on my nipples. This made them instantly hard and erect (that is as erect as a guy’s nipple can really get). Before they had a chance to change once the ice was removed she put a clothes pin on each nipple. The clothes pins made my nipples tingle and my dick get rock hard again.

She then moved down to my dick, picking up several clothes pins. She began to attack clothes pins along the length of my shaft. She must have put about a half dozen on before she put the first one on my dick head. While the ones on my shaft tingled like the ones on my nipples, I felt the one on my dick head hurt. That didn’t stop her from adding three more to my dick head. Again she stopped to take more pictures.

What followed next was something equally new for us. She picked up a crop and began to slap my thighs and crotch. Next she started slapping each clothes pin off, as each one came off the spot where they were was on fire. The ones on my dick head didn’t come off as easy and she had to hit them pretty hard, those hurt coming off. When the last one was off, I though that she would be done, however, she used the crop to knock the wax off my dick and balls. With each hit I could feel some of the wax come off, I was glad at this point that she had shaved me bare or the was would have stuck to my hair and never came off.

What came next was my favorite part. She slid a pillow under me propping up my ass to give her complete access to my asshole. I then heard her put on the latex gloves. She then poured lube all over my dick and ass. She rubbed it around until slowing inserting a finger into my ass. The first finger felt oh so great. She worked the first finger in and out for a few minutes and then inserted another finger. Again she worked two fingers in and out for a few minutes before inserting another finger. My ass was on fire feeling so good. She repeating this same process güvenilir bahis şirketleri and put her fourth finger in my ass. My ass was feeling awesome and I could feel my dick leaking pre cum like crazy. She then took her other hand and began to rub a finger all over the tip of my dick. What I didn’t realize was she was collecting up my pre cum on her finger, which she then put in front of my mouth. She told me to stick out my tongue and to lick her finger.

It wasn’t that I had never tasted myself before; I have kissed her many times after a blow job. However, the method made this seem particularly randy or nasty, and well damn well kinky. And by the moan she made, she evidently felt the same way.

This was how far we got, before she sprang the really kinky part of me. She took my blindfold off and told me about her challenge. She was going to position the straps holding my ankles so that my legs were up over my head. Then she was going to continue to work my ass and play with my dick. And she was going to sit on my face so that I could lick her pussy. The challenge she said was, if I could make her cum first, she would finish me up with a blow job. If I cam first, she was going to make me swallow my cum. The thought of swallowing my cum was a great way to make sure I worked her pussy hard with my tongue.

Once she had me in the position she wanted, she sat down on my face. I began working my tongue up into her pussy to get her as open and wet as possible. I went to work with a mission to get her to cum first and then receive the blow job my dick so badly needed. We started out and I felt completely safe that I would not lose the challenge; this was when she started working her fingers back in my ass. First one, quickly followed by the next three. We were right back where she stopped earlier with four fingers working my ass and her rubbing my dick. My dick was feeling of so good, but under control. She sensed my control and that was when she added her thumb. Oh the feeling of her stretching me wide open, I almost cam when she pushed her whole hand in my ass. As I could also feel her organism nearing she began to pump had on my dick as well as my ass. Her fist went in and out of my ass like a piston and I was running out of control……… What happened next is for you to imagine, did I win or lose, if either one was possible is for another story. Maybe I’ll right another story after I get to try the toys on her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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