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A Good Work Out

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I paced the house restlessly. I was lonely. I was bored. I was horny!!

I went in and took a shower and readied myself for bed. I knew what had started all of this. I lay on my bed and my mind drifted back to the late night session at the 24-hour gym where I worked out regularly.

It was a slow night, only a few people working out on the weight machines. I had gone in to the women’s locker room, getting ready to go home. Marti had been there.

Marti was one of the main reasons I frequented this gym at such an odd hour. She was on the night staff and I had been trying to work up my courage to ask her out for months. Just thinking about her firm, tanned body set my pulse racing.

I walked into the locker room and heard the shower running. Now I am not some kind of voyeur, and I don’t go around the locker room peeking at the other women. But this was the first time I had heard the shower running at this time of night. I usually darted home and showered in the privacy of my own bathroom. As I walked past I glanced into the showers. It was Marti.

I froze in my tracks, my eyes widened and my heart beating like a bass drum. Marti’s back was to me and I had a perfect view of her tight ass. Water and soap ran down the crack between those perfect globes. She turned slightly to one side and I saw the curve of one high riding breast. Her breasts weren’t large, the nipples small like the tip of my pinkie finger, but I ached to cover them with my hands and lips.

Marti turned farther to let the water rinse her back. I saw that she kept her self completely shaved. I had always wanted to be with a woman who was hairless. Now I knew that Marti was everything I was looking for.

I was lost in daydreams of my head buried between those muscular thighs when I heard a polite cough. It might as well have been a gunshot. I jumped and nearly screamed. My eyes flew up and locked with Marti’s amused gaze.

“Like what you see?” She asked. Her hand moved down and I thought she was trying to cover her bare pussy. Instead her middle finger slid between the hairless lips and made small circular motions. My mouth dropped open and a flash of searing heat washed over me.

I kicked myself all the way home over what I did next. Instead of falling on my knees and worshiping this naked goddess before me, I panicked. I ran! I dashed over to my locker, grabbed my things, and raced out of the gym.

That was how I found myself tossing and turning in my bed, alone.

Reaching into my bedside table drawer I removed my newest bedava bahis plaything. A battery operated, strap on butterfly. I had been skeptical when I saw it in the back of a magazine, but boredom and desperation can make you do anything. I hadn’t had a chance yet to try it out, but tonight was the night.

I had barely secured the harness straps when the doorbell rang, followed by a hard knocking. I contemplated pretending to be asleep, but the ringing and knocking came again and I knew that whoever was there had no intention of going away. In fact they got louder and more insistent. I began to worry they would wake my neighbors. I grabbed my robe and shoved my arms into it as I ran down the hall.

Now I have always been safety conscious, and normally I wouldn’t have opened the door without checking the peephole. All I can say is that sexual frustration dulls ones instincts. Or does it heighten them?

I flung the door open ready to give whoever it was a piece of my mind. None of the scathing verbal abuses I was prepared to heap on their heads ever made it past my lips. Marti stood on my doorstep, a smug grin on her face. My mouth must have dropped open because she reached out and pushed my chin up with her knuckle.

“You left something at the gym.” Marti said stepping inside.


Marti nudged the door shut with her foot as she reached out and shoved me up against the wall. Her body pressed hard against mine, pinning me in place.

“Me!” She whispered, her face barely an inch from mine. She took my hands and stretched then above my head, holding them there with one hand.

“All my careful planning.” She said, “Watching you night after night, wanting you, trying to get you alone. I finally manage it and you run away! You left me there all turned on and damned if I was going to let you get away with it.”

She kissed me then, hard and demanding. Her teeth pressed against my lips forcing them apart so her tongue could plunge inside, plundering my mouth mercilessly. Her free hand pulled my robe open and she reached inside to stroke her hand down over my stomach. Her searching fingers found, not soft pliant skin, but a leather harness and the battery pack of the butterfly. Marti drew back with a surprised smile on her face.

“What have we here?” Marti’s fingers explored the contraption I wore, her eyes never leaving mine. “You are a bad girl, aren’t you? I bet you have all kinds of interesting toys to play with.”

She pulled me away from the wall and turned me bedava bonus around. Taking the belt from my robe she tied my hands behind my back.

“Show me your toy chest, baby.” She whispered.

I was on fire. I could feel her in every cell of my body. I wanted her more now than I ever had. I led the way down the hall to my room and stopped in front of the bedside table that held my implements of pleasure. Marti opened the drawer and let out a low whistle.

“My, my, my!! Isn’t this cute?”” She took out a small slender vibrator and held it up between us. She looked back into the drawer and made a sound of delight. “But this is much better!!”

She put her hand into the drawer and removed my pride and joy. The box had advertised it as nine inches long and two inches thick. It was covered with rubber nubs that gave extra stimulation. It came with it’s own removable harness, which I had never used yet. This was no toy it was a serious tool. She turned and looked at me speculatively.

“On the bed.” She ordered. I stepped backward until my legs bumped the side of the bed and started to sit down. Marti smiled and grabbed my shoulders.

“Not like that.” She said turning me around. “On your knees!”

I shivered in anticipation as she pushed me onto my face on the bed and climbed up to kneel behind me. Her hands caressed my bare ass, her fingernails dragging over my skin. She ran one hand up along the inside of my thigh and flicked on the butterfly I still wore. I jumped and cried out as the vibrations began to make my clit tingle. Marti chuckled and began to rub and squeeze the cheeks of my ass with both hands.

“God I’ve wanted this for so long!” She said. “I’ve laid in bed at night thinking of all the delicious things I could do to you, all the things we could do together.”

I felt her fingers run along the crack of my ass stopping to tease my puckered backdoor. She laughed again as I gasped and clenched my butt muscles. Her fingers lingered for a second before continuing on, searching and finding me open, wet, and willing.

I moaned as she slid first one, then another and another finger inside me. She moved slowly, but the vibrations of the butterfly and the reality of having her here combined to bring me quickly to the edge of a powerful orgasm. My moans got louder and louder and my hips started to rock against her hand. Just as I was sure my world was about to explode a flick of her finger shut off the butterfly and her had moved away leaving me empty. I cried out in protest deneme bonusu and Marti leaned over my back to whisper in my ear.

“What do you want, baby?”

“Please……” I gasped, my body aching for release. “Marti, please……I need…….”

“Need what?”

“Oh, God……..please……..fuck me…….I’ll go crazy if you don’t!!!” “That’s what I wanted to hear!” She said rising up on her knees. Marti began to push the dildo slowly into my eager body. Too slowly.

Spreading my legs farther apart I pressed back, groaning deep in my throat. I wanted all she could give me, and I wanted it now!

“You want this?” She teased, moving back so that only the tip remained inside me. She twisted it a bit and I began to cry with need. She pulled out and I felt her moving around on the bed. I started to turn my head but she growled low in her throat, “Don’t move!”

Once more I felt the tip of the punisher press against my wet and willing opening, then I felt Marti’s hands on my hips. A long low moan escaped me as I realized she was wearing the harness and I was about to get the fucking of my life! With agonizing slowness she pushed into me, holding my hips firmly when I would have reared back to take it all at once. She ground her hips against my butt when she had it buried in me completely and I knew that the tiny nubs inside the harness were rubbing against her clit. Then, inch-by-inch, she withdrew and I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Damn it, FUCK ME!!” I screamed. Marti laughed and squeezed my hips hard.

“You asked for it.” She said, half a second before she rammed all nine inches of the dildo into my body. I barely had time to gasp in a breath before she had pulled out and driven it in again. Over and over she pounded into me, her fingers digging into my hips.

It was like nothing I had ever felt before. All of my previous lovers had been so sensitive, so gentle, so politically correct. This was what I had been needing. To be taken brutally, forcefully, to be claimed and had.

“Scream for me baby!!” She yelled as she continued to pummel my body. “I’m gonna fuck you till you scream yourself hoarse!!”

That was all it took. My body began to spasm and each furious thrust brought out a loud scream of pleasure. I was oblivious to Marti’s own cries as we imploded simultaneously. She fell forward onto my back gasping for breath.

It was a while before either of us could move, but finally Marti slid to one side and reached up to untie my hands. I turned onto my side and opened my eyes looking at her beautiful face. She reached up and ran the tip of one finger along my bottom lip.

“I hope you don’t have to work tomorrow.” She murmured. “Because I intend to keep you up all night!!!”

“I’ve got the whole weekend off.” I answered and reached for my dream come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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