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A Hallmark Moment

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She found a card at the Hallmark store that read on the front, ” I give you my heart.” and on the inside, “But if you’d rather play with the package it comes in, I wouldn’t mind.” Signing it, “With love,” and sealing it with a scarlet lip-stick lip print she put it in the envelope and laid it on the pillow next to hers where he would find it when he came home late from his tour of duty at the airport.

She readied herself for bed for him by putting on a black satin garter belt to hold up opera length, black, seamed stockings. She put on a pair of lace and satin panties to cover her round ass.

“He’ll love peeling those off,” she thought.

She then pulled on over her head his favorite black satin, chemise length slip that had six-inch French lace at hem and bodice. The lace at the hem created a soft line at the thighs where the top of the stockings, garters and flesh met; and knowing him as she did, she knew this would invited him to want to peek further up beneath the satin of the slip. The six-inch French lace across the bodice softly veiled her 38D tits and nipples that, today, seemed to be begging for attention.

One last check in the full-length mirror of her dressing room, bakırköy escort she adjusts each tit so that each pink areola with its rosy nipple shows through the top of the slip. Then, turning around to look over a soft white shoulder she makes sure that the seams of her stockings are straight. Turning front to once again, she smoothes her hands over her Rubinesque shape. The beautiful sleek chemise smoothing out the curves of her full woman’s figure.

The addition of long dangling earrings, a brush of the shoulder length, reddish- brown hair, a spritz of his favorite perfume and a swipe of the same scarlet lipstick that graced the card and all will be perfect.

There on the white satin sheets she went to sleep lying in wait for her man.

She roused briefly when she heard his keys in the door at 2 AM but fell back to sleep. She knew he would have the bourbon Manhattan she always had ready for him and then go watch a bit of TV to unwind before he would come to bed.

Swallowing the last of his nightcap and tapping the “off” button of the remote he rose heavily from his chair and dragged himself upstairs to bed. Shoes in hand, he padded beşiktaş escort down the hall stopping in the bathroom to take a final whiz.

Arriving in the bedroom, he simultaneously dropped his shoes and snapped on the low-light lamp next to his side of the bed. There she is on the white satin linens lying on her back, hands over her head. She is asleep, as usual, but he notices that she is not wearing her nightgown. The sheet covering her only to the waist lets him see that instead she has on his favorite slip.

“God, she has great tits.”

He reaches for the card on the pillow and reads its contents.

Throwing the top sheet completely off, he reveals her, surveying the balance of her mature shape, curving waist, round hips and shapely legs.

“And great gams, too!”

Stripping his uniform, he joins her.

“I was wondering when you’d get here, my love.”

She takes his hand and puts it in her crotch, “Feel how wet these panties are. I’m soaked waiting for you.”

“Do you know how sexy you are?”

Taking her in his arms, pulling her towards him, kissing her hard, massaging her ample tits and pulling on her erect beylikdüzü escort pink nipples poking up under the lace she coos, “That feels so good. I needed that all day.”

“You did?”

“Oh, yes.”

Leaving her breasts, his left hand slides the length of her body. His hand moves to her ass where he slips the satin chemise up and down over the panties tickling her bottom.

Reaching for his hardened cock, she finds his delicious member and pulls it with her right hand. Fingers fondle his balls and rub deep at the base of his penis.

His left hand, continuing to explore down her right leg, finds silky stocking, textured top welt and garter. Following the garter to the crotch of the panties he rolls her onto her back, “Darling you have never been wetter!”

“Mmmmm. It’s for you.”

Pushing her onto her right side, and lifting the slip, he peels the panties off and enters her from behind.

Her pussy is tight and wet. He plunges it in to her making her lightly moan.

“Oh, that’s sooo good!”

“Is that how you like it?”

“Oh, yes. Pound my ass, baby. Make me come.”

She could feel his balls slap her ass as he rammed her from behind. Deep in her cunt, again and again, finding her G-spot with each thrust, over and over, she came. Spasms of her orgasm milked his cock and soon after he shoots his load deep inside her.

Spent, they fall asleep, he inside she, her smaller hands holding his larger caressing hands to her lush tits, enjoying the packaging.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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