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A Helping Hand Ch. 01

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It’s hot again today. So hot that I’m already sweating and it’s barely ten a.m. I put on a string bikini and a short satin robe before heading down to my kitchen. The cool wood floors and granite counters soothe me while I make my lemonade and enjoy my breakfast. It won’t be long before even this haven is made warmer from the heat as well. I do the cleaning and the laundry, then make a light lunch before a lazy afternoon outside on the lounge chair in the sun.

I drag the chair over to the side yard so I’m out of line of sight of any neighbors and remove the ties to my bikini. Glad I discovered this little hidden tanning spot; I lie down to read a trashy romance novel for a while before I fall asleep. I wake to the sound of the mower starting on the other side of the fence. Startled I sit up in a panic before remembering the new neighbor had offered to mow for me. Knowing I have a while before he gets around to the far side of the house where I am, I lie back down and succumb to a few fantasies.

He’s new to the neighborhood and hot. He’s older than me by a good bit as well. When he looks at me sometimes I feel like he’s holding back from just leaning in and biting me, like he’s hungry and I’m cake. My hand slides down to my clit to gently tweak and massage it; I imagine him finding me back here naked. I imagine him walking away from the mower and reaching in to slide his fingers inside while my eyes are closed. The very thought of it makes my nipples hard. That’s when I hear the mower turn off and the gate on the other side of the house open.

I’ve got thirty seconds to get my suit or robe on, and that’s pushing it. Leave it off and be bold or scramble and look ridiculous are my choices. “Be bold,” I halkalı escort decide silently and try to relax as I watch him come around the back of the house. He doesn’t pause or look surprised that I’m naked. He just puts on a lazy smile and asks for a cool drink, while his eyes roam my body.

“Sure thing!” I smile and say, with more confidence than I feel. I toss on the satin robe for the trek around the house and I can feel his eyes on me as I walk away. I wonder if he’ll follow and silently resolve to not look towards him. I’m dripping wet now, from the heat of his gaze and my fantasies. I close the sliding door behind me as I step into the coolness of the kitchen. I dip two fingers into my wet pussy and lick them clean before reaching for a glass. I fill it with fresh lemonade and quickly, with a giggle as I imagine his face, I dip my fingers into my juices and wipe them around the rim of his glass. I put the lemonade away and head back out to give him his drink.

He’s not where I left him, making me wonder if he followed me or decided to meet me halfway. I hand him the glass with a slight smirk. I wonder if he can smell my arousal in this stagnant humid heat. I’m sure he can. His eyes widen then darken as he drinks the lemonade. I bite my lip a little. He drinks it down all at once then pulls in a deep breath through his nose. I tremble, a little, knowing he must be able to smell my desire.

“More,” he says as he hands me the glass.

“Yes, Sir,” I reply as I square my shoulders. I swear he just inhaled on a barely audible gasp. I wink and turn away, head back into the kitchen. He’s definitely reacting. I shove two taksim escort fingers inside of myself, plunging them over and over. It helps to relieve the ache a little, but doesn’t erase it. I lick my fingers and get a naughty idea. Opening the freezer I grab ice cubes. Carefully inserting each one into my vagina beforehand, I drop them into his glass then pour the lemonade. I liberally coat the rim with more of my juices as well. Then I remind myself to be bold before I loosen the tie on the robe and let it open a bit.

I find him just outside the door on the patio. I’m fairly sure he watched, but he’s out of line of sight of the kitchen now. The ice rattles as I carry it to him and suddenly I’m nervous. I lick my lips and look up at him, blushing a little as I hand him the drink. He waits until I look up before he licks the rim then takes a gulp, ensuring to get an ice cube in his mouth. My mouth goes dry and my knees go a little weak. I watch as he sets the glass down and steps into me, his hand unerringly goes to my now dripping slit and two fingers slide right in while I moan. My head rolls back and my eyes close as he wraps his other arm around me. I feel his lips at my neck and he chuckles as I whimper.

“You have an interesting way of garnishing lemonade, darlin’,” he says as he grinds the heel of his hand on my clit. His fingers pump hard and fast into me; his teeth sink into my shoulder. I moan and wrap my arms around his neck clinging to him for support. I feel him lift me and carry me. Then I feel the smooth glass against my robe and legs. His fingers never stop. His other arm slides from my back to caress my breasts through under the satin. He’s gentle at first, but şişli escort then pinches hard and I almost cum right then.

“Mmmm, like that did’ya, little one?” He pinches my nipple softly and rolls it between his fingers. I’m grinding on his hand now, desperate for the release that was so close a minute ago. I can’t now, not without that little bit of delicious pain. A whine escapes and I push my breast out at him. He just chuckles.

Frustrated, I beg, “Please.”

“Please, what?” he replies.

“Please, harder.”

“Please what harder?” he asks, amusement clear in his voice.

My eyes open to find him staring at my face watching my emotions, my pleasure. I realize he wants me to ask for exactly what I want. I bite my lip and try to work up my courage. His eyes have darkened to a color of blue I can’t even name and they’re daring me. He’s still maddeningly gentle as he rolls my nipple between his fingers.

My lips quiver as I work up the courage. “Please pinch my nipple harder and make me cum on your hand,” I choke out.

His reaction is instant; his fingers pinch and tug my nipple the pressure increasing every moment. He grinds at my clitoris harder and curls his fingers in to hit my G spot. I lose control within seconds and become a quivering moaning mess, held up only by his hand buried between my legs. I lean my head back against the glass and start to regain my senses. I realize two things in quick succession. One, we’re in my back yard in full view of the fishbowl of suburbia. Two, no one can see that I’m naked except him because he has me so well blocked from prying eyes. He closes my robe after a quick kiss and nibble on my shoulder, which makes me shiver, before turning to have another swig of lemonade.

“Delicious.” He says. “Shall we go inside?”

I just nod and turn to the door, which he manages to get open before I can touch it. I’m feeling less and less bold by the second. I don’t think it matters anymore, my earlier endeavors have paid off, and he doesn’t seem to mind taking the lead…

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