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A Hot Lunch

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Andrew couldn’t wait for lunch time to arrive. A seemingly average man in his forties, he had a wife and a teenage son he cared about very much. He was a mid-level administrator at a local hospital and, in general, was professionally pleasant and kept to himself. He restored old cars and made a little money with this hobby. All in all, he led a very quiet, normal life. No one would know the thing that really got Andrew going: Jane.

Jane was a well-bred woman in her early thirties who worked for a charity, was involved with civic causes and maintained an incredibly nice public profile. No one would know that her long lunch meetings were actually with Andrew.At 12:30 exactly, the two would leave their offices and drive as fast as they could to Jane’s condo.

Within seconds on being inside the house, the two were locked in a passionate kiss. Jane loved the way Andrew ran his tongue through her mouth, and Jane ran her fingers through his hair, sucking his tongue even deeper into her mouth. Both knew that their real lunch was about to be served.

Jane reached down and began undoing Andrew’s belt while he kicked off his shoes. He grabbed the hem of Jane’s dress and pulled it over her head, watching her nipples tighten behind the thin material of her bra. As they slowly backed up to Jane’s bed, the frenzy increased to be completely naked. Neither would be able to wait much longer. Jane buried her head into the dip in Andrew’s shoulder and gently nibbled. He was slipping a finger into the waistband of her panties.

With a quick motion, Andrew pushed Jane back onto the bed and whipped her panties off. Jane spread her legs and began rolling her nipples between her fingers. She secretly hoped that her daily nipple stimulation would begin to pay off. She longed to express even a little drop of milk so that Andrew would have even more for lunch. As Andrew began to inhale her heavy scent, Jane was pushing her thumbs and forefingers bostancı escort deep into her huge breasts, ending with a firm tug on her nipples. They were definitely tingling.

Andrew starting by thrusting his tongue straight in Jane’s tight hole. It was hot and already slick. Jane was hands down the wettest woman he had ever been with. As he tasted her pussy, he brushed her clit with his nose and felt her twitch a little. Andrew loved tongue fucking. As her juices got thinner and more plentiful, he knew if would not be long before Jane had her first orgasm. The first was always fast, and it was exactly what he needed to get himself rock hard. He didn’t consider it a successful lunch meeting unless Jane had at least 4 orgasms.

He continued to rub his whole face into her pussy while letting her muscles try to catch his tongue. But he was too fast for her. As she began to cum, he quickly took two fingers and stuck them deep into her hot box, crooked his fingers upward and started ramming his hand in and out. He knew he could make her cum again immediately this way, and if he played his cards right, lunch would be served.

As he forced her into her second orgasm, he pulled his bent fingers out almost all the way and watched as Jane writhed and screamed. He dipped his face down to her ass and opened his mouth. He removed his fingers as Jane clenched down. Hot, hot liquid poured out of her pussy, evidence of her pleasure. It covered his nose, lips and chin and he began lapping up every drop he could. Jane’s legs were shaking and she began scratching his head with her nails.

Jane pulled Andrew up to meet her face and used her tongue to lick his chin, jaw and upper lip. She wanted to taste the cum that had lingered on his beard stubble. They let their tongues play with each other for a minute, and Andrew began rubbing his raging hard-on onto Jane’s thigh. Jane reached down and wrapped sancaktepe escort her hand around his hard cock.

She gently maneuvered him on top of her and rubbed the head on her clit, getting it completely lubed up. Andrew rocked back onto his knees and aimed his dick at her waiting hole. He gasped a little as he leaned all the way forward, driving his full 8.5 inches into Jane. It was the hottest hole in the world and he almost came just thinking about all the things this woman’s pussy could do. She lifted her knees and placed her feet on his thighs and the two began rocking to and fro, letting his cock get sloppy wet.

Jane loved the way it felt when his cock touched her cervix. It was such an amazing pain. She continued to pull on her nipples while Andrew braced himself with her hips. Their bodies were totally linked and he knew she was close to cumming again. She clamped down on his cock as he rammed her over and over again. Right as she began to scream, he pulled out and let a huge gush on fluid shoot all over his stomach, balls and thighs. The smell was exquisite.

Jane sat up and leaned into his crotch, licking his balls and massaging his cock. She licked the tip and tasted his pre-cum, mixed in with her musty sweetness. She sucked his cock to the back of her throat and opened her mouth all the way as she let the head catch in the back of her throat. She twisted her head and continued to bob up and down. When Jane sat back up, Andrew’s cock was covered in slick saliva.

Jane laid down and lifted her legs straight up into a V. Andrew dived into her, forcing his entire length into her pussy. The lubrication she left with her mouth made it easy to slide into her but he could still feel the squeaky, texture of her box. He knew it had already received a pounding, but he was not done yet.

He held Jane’s legs straight up, pulling them together and placing her feet on his zeytinburnu escort shoulders. Andrew began setting his own pace, the same pace he liked when he was rubbing one out at home. This motion was sure to make him blow his load. He looked down and relished watching Jane sucking on her own tits. He wouldn’t be satisfied until he had had a chance to suckle on those nipples himself.

After a couple more minutes, he knew he was close. Jane was also beginning to make her own orgasm noises. She looked him in the eye and begged him to cum inside of her. She loved feeling him explode in her pussy, squeezing his softening cock and letting his jism trickle out of her. “Cum in me! Cum in me! Cum in me!”

Drew let him balls tighten up and he fucked Jane until his entire body shook with release. He sat back on his feet and put his hands behind him on the bed, letting Jane relax her legs. He watched her gaping hole clench and open, she wanted to play with his cum.

Jane let her legs fall open and let the first bit of his cum slide out. She caught this glob and brought it up to her lips. As she swallowed the first bit, she watched drew stare at her pussy. She reached down to get more on her fingers. Jane knew she wanted to cum one more time from him. She began to rub her clit with his cum, feeling his thick stickiness coat her little hood and tight nub. It would not take long for her to cum, as she was so wound up from this last fuck. Andrew stuck his fingers into her pussy and pulled out more of his cum. He tasted a bit and then brought his fingers up to Jane’s mouth. She mimicked fellating his fingers and she sucked every bit of cum. As Jane began to cum for the final time, Andrew rammed three fingers into her, causing her to squirt a stream of cum all over his chest.

As they curled up on the bed to recover, Andrew noticed a little bit of his cum had fallen on Jane’s nipple. He was reminded that he wanted to suck those hard pink nubs for a bit before he had to go back to reality. Expecting to taste himself, he was surprised that the liquid was thin. He looked up and his puzzled face was met Jane’s excited face. She had done it. He knew immediately what the liquid was and resumed his suckling, even more excited for their future lunches.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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