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A Journey of a Slave Ch. 02

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Doctoria looked down at her swollen stomach and felt the infant move inside her. She smiled and with her hands gently followed the child within and couldn’t wait for the next full moon when she would give birth to Maximus’s child! Only around four weeks to go, the midwife had said, but Doctoria knew it might be earlier as her Domina (as she now called her master) was impatient and so the child would be! Maximus entered the chamber and seeing her lying so content, came across the foot of the bed and pushed back the hem of the gown she was wearing. Doctoria’s clit was exposed, and Maximus dipped her mouth to it sucking hard, licking the wet hole in front of her, she ran her hands over the extended belly and grabbed the huge breasts so Doctoria arched her back as much as the heavy babe allowed and sighed in pleasure. Maximus raised herself and said

‘Apologies my love but I can’t get over how much I desire you, even in this condition! I am turning into a rutting animal, forgive me my love!’

‘Domina, my body is yours and always will be. I also would love to pleasure you. Let me taste you, come to me’

Maximus then crawled up her lover and lowered her cunt to Doctoria’s face. She eyed up the wondrous sex lips and using her tongue plundered the walls, circling the clit. She felt the woman jolt with enjoyment and sliding her fingers into her, still tonging the hard clit, felt her orgasm and the juice that ran into her waiting mouth!

‘By the son of Jupiter woman you are making me possessed, I cannot get enough of you, finish me off for fucks sake!!!!’ Doctoria then keeping her fingers into her lover’s cunt plunged her thumb into the arsehole, so Maximus exploded and more juice flooded out of her.

Maximus rolled onto her back, pushed back the folds of Doctoria’s gown, stroked her breasts now also very swollen with the deepest brown nipples.

‘I shall get you a wet nurse, these breasts are for me only’ she leaned over and took as much of the right tit into her mouth ‘mine all mine’ she growled.

Doctoria smiled into the green eyes and said ‘gratitude Domina yes they are there for whenever you desire, but we must look after our child and provide her every need possible. I would not restrict you; my body is yours and always will be!’

Maximus stared into the hazel pools and said ‘her, do you think it’s a girl then?’ ‘yes Domina, I would like to call her Suri if that pleases you’ ‘Suri, Suri, yes a good Thracian name, that’s good. She will know her birth right and when you are able we shall take her to Thrace and meet the tribes, my Amazon princess!’

‘Let me attend to you before dinner Domina, hopefully it will not be too long before your daughter comes and we can plan our trip to your birth-place’

Chapter 1

When the new season began and Maximus and Doctoria had returned to Rome after a month in Salerum, a feeling of unease overcome Maximus; she felt troubled and unsettled. After a disastrous training session her Lanista a massive black Corinthian called Oenomaus requested she stay and discuss matters with her.

‘Apologies Maximus but what ails your mind, I have never seen you so distracted!’

‘Gratitude for your concerns Oenomaus, but I am unsure of my future. I would like life to be easier, perhaps become a Lanista in my own Ludus. I have amassed many denarii but under Roman rule cannot give this to Doctoria upon my death. What am I to do?’

‘Simple’ Oenomaus replied ‘you must have a child bahis firmaları to pass on your fortune, and then the Senate cannot take your hard earned coin on death’

‘But how am I to produce such a child?’

‘I have taken a young, sturdy Thracian boy into my programme, I am sure he will have the seed you need for Doctoria!’

‘mmmm let me ponder on this, gratitude for your wisdom’

Maximus had been very silent at dinner and Doctoria thought she was at fault. After an hour she got up, bringing a goblet of wine and knelt by Maximus’s side.

‘Domina, please let me know what you are thinking. It pains me to see you so distant. Do you want me to take your lovely cunt?’

‘No Doctoria, I am worried that if I shall die then you must be looked after. As we cannot marry under Roman rule my fortune will go to the Senate and I will not see you destitute!’

‘Domina, you will not die, you are too young!’

‘I am 20 years older than you, by the love of Jupiter I cannot live forever!’

‘So what do you intend to do to prevent this matter?’

‘Oenomaus has said that you should be with child, so I can will my estates to my “issue”!’

‘I will carry your child Domina, it would give me great pleasure. Just explain how you want matters to proceed’

‘Doctoria, you are only a child yourself only 18, the same age as me when I started my career. Oenomaus has suggested a young Thracian place his seed in you’ Maximus shook her head, her green eyes looking sad.

‘Domina, that is not a problem, I will have this seed it means nothing to me, but if it provides you with an “issue” then your troubles will be over’

‘Child, I never cease to be amazed at how far you will go for me. Gratitude Doctoria, I shall consider the matter and discuss it further. Now my cunt needs your touch, distract me my love so I can enjoy this delicious dinner!!!!’

A few days later Maximus sent a slave to fetch Oenomaus for a meeting in her villa to discuss the matters further.

‘Greetings Oenomaus. Gratitude at coming so quickly. Tell me more about this boy you have in the Ludus.’

‘He is the son of a fine warrior, very strong and fearless. A male version of you Maximus, he would make a fine seed! His name is Varro aged about 20’

‘If I agree to this ‘Varro’ then he is to be masked, I do not want Doctoria to see the face behind the cock!’

‘Maximus, that would not be a problem. Shall I bring him over after training tomorrow night?’

‘Yes, make sure he is bathed and oiled, nothing must besmirch my beautiful virgin!’

‘Your wish is done. I will see you at dusk tomorrow’

With that now agreed Maximus returned to her chamber and sat Doctoria beside her. ‘Events are now in hand, you are to take the seed at dusk, you will be bathed and nobody but your slaves and I will touch you.’ ‘Gratitude Domina, let’s hope the gods give us the child we so need’ ‘I love you Doctoria, you never cease to amaze me at your devotion. Now lie back so I can ensure you’re ready for this boy in the morrow’ Her fingers then entered her willing slave.

Chapter 2

The next day was frantic. Maximus had slaves find Frankincense and Juniper to burn in candles around the chamber. A bath filled with rose petals and oils was prepared and Doctoria had every part of her body anointed and caressed into a state of relaxation. A white chiffon toga clung to her body, a lariat of emeralds hung around her neck with matching earrings. kaçak iddaa Maximus said they were to remind Doctoria of the colour of her eyes, like she needed a reminder, everything around her reminded her of her precious Domina!

At the appointed hour, Doctoria was led into her chamber, the aroma hitting her senses, to discount the fear in her, as she had never had a cock in her life, apart from the toy that Maximus had used on their trip to Salerum. She lay on the bed, her Nubian slaves stood next to her. Maximus entered. ‘Begin’ she said to the slaves, who unfastened the toga to slip from her, they then both took a breast each and tweaked the nipples. Doctoria closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation now reaching her cunt. Maximus opened her legs and caught her clit and bit down making the hole now juice up. ‘Good girl’ Maximus approved. ‘Bring in the boy’

Varro was lead into the room, bronzed, toned and rippling with tight muscle. His face covered by a white mask and his cock huge and ready. Maximus guided the cock into Doctoria ‘now Thracian give us your seed!’

Doctoria flinched at the hard cock inside her, the Nubian slaves still arousing her breasts to keep her lubricated. Within a few hard thrusts the young gladiator had come, his cock still inside the girl and taking smaller jabs into her so all of his seed was spent.

Maximus pulled his hips away from Doctoria and saw the now flaccid cock, ‘Gratitude Varro, you will be well rewarded for your deed’ ‘Gratitude Maximus, I must say that was the tightest cunt I have had for many years!’

Maximus was not sure whether this was a compliment or not, so she removed his mask at the door and let him return to the Ludus for dinner.

Maximus then returned to Doctoria ‘are you well little one, was there any pain?’

‘A little Domina, but it’s worth it if your child was conceived this evening’ ‘let us hope that was the case, when you’re ready come and eat, I have bought honeyed figs especially for you’ ‘yes Domina I will join you shortly’


Doctoria was restless, her body burned hot, she pushed the covers from her body. Maximus woke, her green eyes watching her lover trying to raise her heavy body from the bed.

‘Are you in pain little one?’

‘No I don’t think so, I need to use the latrine, help me up’

Maximus got up and moved to the other side of the bed to help Doctoria. As soon as she stood up the gush of water hit the floor. ‘The baby is on her way Domina’ ‘it’s too early, you are not due yet’ ‘I told you that she was impatient she just wants to meet us both’

A contraction then hit the girl hard causing her knees to buckle, as Maximus held her up.

‘I will take you to the latrine and get the doctorate. Be brave my little one, I pray to the gods that you are not in pain for too long!’

When the doctorate arrived Doctoria was laid back in bed in a loose gown, her slaves were wiping her with cool cloths and Maximus was pacing the room frantically.

‘By Jupiter’s cock help her doctorate, I cannot bear to see her pain’

‘Patience Maximus she is young and strong. Her hips are built for children, this child will come shortly I am sure!’

After a couple of hours seeing her lover in such agony Maximus grabbed her gladius and headed for the training area. She thrust and stabbed the wooden posts in anger! Why had she put her most precious love into this situation. She was annoyed that she had so selfishly wanted a child. kaçak bahis If anything ever happened to Doctoria she could kill herself. An hour later, frustration spent, she returned to the chamber.

Doctoria was still thrashing about on the bed, but now had her chin down on the top of her chest and seemed to be pushing from her very core.

‘One more push Doctoria you are nearly there!’ the doctorate said gently. The two slaves still were placing cool cloths on her.

‘Domina, please come to me she is coming, please help me’

Maximus held the precious hand as another jolt of pain took over Doctoria as the body of a child came out of her. The doctorate placed the infant in dry cloths, cut the cord and announced ‘your daughter has arrived!’

‘Suri, Suri my love’ Doctoria cooed and Maximus kissed the head of both her lover and daughter as the rush of true love made her heart beat hard in her chest.

‘My girls, my beautiful girls, I love you both’ green eyes then misted at the maternal scene in front of her.

A few days later, Maximus entered the bed chamber to see Doctoria with Suri at her breast suckling quite contentedly. She eyed the full breasts and tried to shake the annoyance from her.

‘Those breasts are mine Doctoria, I shall get a nurse for you’

‘Please don’t Domina I love the closeness, the child needs me, please let me still pleasure you whilst she sleeps’ the hazel eyes looked pleadingly at her.

Maximus took Domina’s face and kissed her lips gently and fingered the spare nipple.

‘I so want to fuck you Doctoria, always have and will to my dying day, you’re in my skin, don’t ever stop my desires!’

‘I never would Domina, let me put the child to bed and I will pleasure you once more’

Doctoria found Maximus soaking in the roman bath, the two Nabian slaves sucking her breasts and both fingering the horny cunt under the warm waters.

‘Take off your gown and join me my love’

Doctoria slipped off her toga and stepped into the bath, suddenly shy that her stomach was no longer flat and toned and her breasts very large with swollen nipples.

The slaves moved to one side as Maximus took Doctoria’s hand and pushed it into her groin. ‘Touch me, I want to feel you.’ ‘I am afraid you will not want my body again Domina, the child has marked my skin!’ ‘Your tits are delicious and I want your cunt. Let me show you, close your eyes, you are beautiful’

She lay back and Maximus stroked the lactated breasts and squeezed the over-large nipples. She ran hungry fingers down to the hot cunt, circling the walls until she found the part of her that sent jolts of pleasure through her body. ‘Delicious my love, I can never tire of you, apologies for making you suffer the childbirth. I have never felt so helpless before, it did not please me.’

‘Domina, it was my decision to bear your child, there is nothing to forgive. Suri will be the child to bear your family name and estates. I am looking forward to traveling to Thrace with you.’

‘I am of a mind to leave Rome. I desire my own ludus and as there are many strong warriors in Thrace, I may go back and settle there if that does not cause you too much concern!’

‘Domina, I would go to the ends of the earth with you’

‘Come let us go for dinner, and we can discuss this further’

They stepped out of the bath and the two slaves dried them both and dressed them in loose gowns.

Maximus took Doctoria’s hand kissed the fingers, then green eyes looking deep into hazel said ‘perhaps we could spend a little time in the chamber before the infant awakes, I have a need to lose my other hunger. Then we can discuss our future plans!’

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