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A Learning Experience Ch. 03

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I took off my shorts, and sat on the hotel bed. Just like I was told to.

When showering, or having sex, naked is normal. But sitting in a room, waiting for someone you’ve never met, while naked is quite awkward.

I stared at my phone, as if my mind could make a text message appear that said “not going to make it” or something like that. The number that message would come from was saved as BT, which I had only saved three weeks before.

Oh boy a lot can change in three weeks, though. I had met my neighbor Brian (the aforementioned “BT”) through Craigslist after years of lurking in Casual Encounters. Long story short-He lived in the apartment building across the street, and I was now his cock craving fuck toy. I crept over to his place one night while my girlfriend was at work, curious to play with a dick. By the next morning, he had cum in my mouth and ass, and I had tasted every part of his body, including his filthy hole.

To say I jumped in with both feet was an understatement. So much for “experimenting.”

That was who I was now. Less than a month ago I was curious, now I was a guy who would get a text, then drop what I was doing to go take care of my neighbors cock. Depending on how much time we had, usually depending on if my girlfriend was home or not, I would either drop to my knees right away and take his load and go, or strip down and let him treat my ass hole like a cheerleaders pussy.

It was still so strange to me. Me, a masculine, athletic guy, was a fuck toy. I licked ass hole. I ate cum. I bit pillows when he plowed and dropped a load in me. He never let me clean up, he liked to watch me waddle across the street clenching my ass so cum didn’t drip down my leg.

So now that you know me, back to where I find myself tonight.

I traveled occasionally for work, which leads me to my current situation in this hotel room. The night before I left my girlfriend worked a double at her bar, so I had plenty of time at Brians. The man never seemed to run out of cum. He fucked me for hours. When he was recovering, I licked his ass and sack until he was hard. I was down there for over an hour one time, just letting my tongue glide over his hole while his sack rested against my face.

I was in heaven.

I whined when it was time to go. How would I go a week without my new favorite hobby?

Brian laughed, and said he couldn’t let me get rusty, so he would arrange “something.’

He had texted me earlier in the night and said be in the room at 8:00. And be naked.

I sat on the edge of the bed, waiting. I could hear my watch ticking. My hand covered my cock, as if I had any modesty left. There was no one in the room anyway, and as the clock hit 8:15, I assumed there wouldn’t be.

I heard the elevator ding, and my heart raced. I then heard muffled conversation, and groaned. Another group of people, not the guy I assume Brian had found and arranged for me. I was at the same time relieved and disappointed. Meeting a stranger like this was nerve wracking, but I was craving cock.

The muffled conversation lingered outside my door for minute, then there was a knock. Strange, I thought. I didn’t want to answer the door while there was other people outside. I walked to the door, I really wish it had a peephole, but it didn’t, and stood there a moment.

There was another knock, and a man said, “Brian said you would be here, so…”

Ok, so this was the guy. I was ordered to answer naked, but since other people may be walking by I hid behind the door as I opened it.

I peered around the door, and my stomach tightened. I almost slammed the door shut when I saw three guys standing there, all facing me. They weren’t walking by, they were here for me.

“ugh, hi,” canlı bahis I managed.

“Brian sent us,” the guy who knocked said. He was tall, fit, with a tan that suggested he worked outside. He was definitely a blue collar guy, and looked about as rugged as they come. The guy behind him was Hispanic, also fit and manly. The guy next to them towered over both though, and his skin was as dark as chocolate.

In a voice which rattled windows, the black guy said, “aren’t you going to let us in?”

“Ugh, year sure,” I said, suddenly extremely uncomfortable being naked. “I just wasn’t’ expecting more than one.”

“Well, Brian made sure there were three of us,” the white guy said as he pushed the door open and walked in.

The three guys walked past me and stood by the bed. I heard voices coming down the hallway so I closed the door, and my only remaining protection was gone. I stood there naked, with my hand over my cock.

The Hispanic guy took off his pants, and said, “Briand told us you like to get right to it, so get over here, and suck my cock.”

The suddenness of the situation was overwhelming. I stood there as he pulled down his boxers, and held his thick cock in front of him. I was frozen.

“What’s wrong? I thought you were into this?”

“Yeah, uh, well I just started with Brian a few weeks ago, and uh..”

The white guy rolled his eyes. “This guy better not be wasting our time.”

My eyes were fixed on the Hispanic guys cock, and my mouth started to water. The same need that drove me to walk over to Brian’s house every day led me over to this guy.

“No, it just takes me a minute to get into it,” I said.

I walked to him, and looked down. His cock was not especially long, but it was incredibly thick. I reached down and grabbed it, or more like held it my palm as my fingers didn’t reach around.

“He didn’t come here for a hand job, suck that dick,” the black guy ordered.

I kneeled down and the cock pointed at my face. A drop of pre cum glistened from the tip as it twitched in my hand. I sucked Brian regularly now, but this was a new cock, and this was all still new to me. I wanted to take a second to settle down, but the Hispanic guy was impatient. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust forward. The precum smeared across my face as his warm cock pressed against my cheek, then mouth.

I opened my lips, and he jammed it in.

“mmmmhh,” I heard him moan as he started to fuck my face.

The white guy then stood right next to me, and pulled down his shorts. A long, thick cock spring out and he stroked it and inch from my face. I reached up and grabbed it, then used my other and to stroke the Hispanic guys sack. I needed no encouragement at this point, I was doing what I was meant to do. I deep throated one guy, then switched to the other. I licked their sacks while their cocks rested against my face, then went back to working their hard shafts.

Any anxiety about being naked went away, and I worked their dicks while my cock bounced between my legs. I leaned forward a bit, and my ass stuck out behind me.

The black guy hadn’t joined yet, and I couldn’t’ see him anymore as he had walked behind me.

I winced as he slapped my ass with a sharp crack, then squeezed my cheek hard enough to make my eyes water.

I heard him spit, and I knew what was coming…

“Ughhhhh,” I moaned but did my best to keep my lips wrapped around the white guy’s cock.

The black guy was not gentle. He shoved his finger in my hole up to his second knuckle. The force pushed me forward, and the cock head in my mouth pushed into my throat. My jaw ached, my mouth and ass were being torn open at the same time.

“This guy is tight,” the black guy said as he bahis siteleri wiggled his finger around. A sharp pain coursed through my body as he whipped his finger out. I heard a ‘click’, then his finger was back with cold, slimy lube all over it.

This time was easier, but he still wasn’t’ gentle. My body rocked as he worked his finger in my hole. My cock hardened even more, and my sack ached. I switched back to the Hispanic guy’s cock, and lapped up the pre cum that covered his head.

“Oh fuck, this guy can suck a dick,” he said.

I played with his sack, and could feel it tighten.

His head grew even bigger and completely filled my mouth. I grabbed his shaft and stroked the base as I worked his tip. The black guy stick in a second finger and pounded away like a high schooler does to his girlfriend’s pussy. Instead of each stroke I felt a constant friction, like a burning sensation, and did my best not crumble to the floor. It felt amazing.

I struggled to breath, but I wouldn’t give up the Hispanic guy’s cock. That was my job. I wasn’t going to fail.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” the guy repeated as he shoved his hips forward, sending his cock deeper in my mouth.

He grabbed the back of my head and held me there as he yelled, “fuuuuuck,’ and sent a thick, hot stream of cum down my throat.

I refused to gag. The cum backed up and filled my cheeks as I struggled to swallow past the head which filled my throat. I didn’t help that the black guy shoved in a third finger at the same time.

I gulped and gulped, taking every drop of man juice. He pulled it out, and I took a deep breath, but my mouth was immediately filled with the white guy’s cock. He fucked my face too, then leaned over and grabbed my ass. The black guy pulled his fingers out, and the white guy stuck his in. By this point I was loosened up, but still his rough hands and strong fingers pulled my hole open even more.

The black guy came around front, and stood facing away from me. He backed up, and the white guy pulled his dick out. The black guy pulled his cheeks apart, and said, “get in there.”

I did as ordered, and plunged my face between his cheeks. The musty, man smell made my cock jump. I went right to his hole and licked it up and down. I held his hips and thrust my tongue in, exploring his hole as his fingers had done to mine.

There was no point to playing shy with them. I wanted to drain their sacks. I wanted to taste their ass holes. And as the white guy went behind me and grabbed my hips, I thought- I want these guys to fuck me!

My desires were answered when the white guy pressed his cock against my hole. He pushed forward, sending my face further in the black guy’s ass.

I gasped as he pushed again and jammed his thick head in, but never took my tongue off the filthy hole in front of me. A good slut doesn’t do that.

He pushed all the way in, and held his cock there. I was completely full of dick. My hole screamed, but relaxed after a minute. I may have discovered my love for cock, but my sphincter was still getting used to this.

The Hispanic guy grabbed my cock and started stroking. I moaned, but the black guy just pushed back into my face harder.

The white guy grabbed my hips, and fucked me like a porn star. His dick was thicker than Brian’s, and it took some getting used to, but my hole accepted it. I pushed back when he thrust, and the rhythm of the sharp slapping sound picked up.

I closed my eyes and struggle to breath as the Hispanic guy worked my shaft. It didn’t take long for my own sack to start pulling in, and I exploded with the hardest orgasm I ever had. With each pulse my hold tightened around the white guys cock, and sharp, awesome pain shot through me. He grabbed bahis şirketleri my hips and thrust as far as could go, then held it as a huge load of hot cum filled me. I could feel the warmth in the deepest parts of my ass as he shot again and again.

He kept his dick in my ass a minute as it softened. The black guy turned around, and when I opened my eyes my heart almost stopped. There was a dick in front of me that was the size of my leg. I couldn’t believe the sight, even in porn I had never seen anything like it.

I touched it, and it was harder than cement. He pushed it against my lips, and I struggled to open my mouth wide enough. I got the head in, but that was it. I worked his shaft and played with his sack. I stroked him fast, hoping he just wanted to cum in mouth.

He pulled back, and said, “I don’t think so. I want that ass.”

Cum flowed my hole as the white guy pulled his dick out, but my ass hole did its best to pucker. It was scared, and rightfully so.

The black guy positioned himself behind me, and pressed his nightstick against my hole. Oh fuck, I whispered as I lowered my head. Thankfully no one tried to stick their dick in my mouth, I don’t think I could have handled it.

He pushed in, and my hole stretched. I was being torn in half. Wider and wider my pussy gaped. When I thought his head was in, he would push again and there was more. For a second I thought about saying no, but I couldn’t. This is what I was here for.

My eyes crossed as he gave a final push, and his head plopped in. After half an hour of fingering and fucking, my ass still wasn’t close to ready for this hog. Now that the head was in I thought the hard part was over. But he pushed forward.

His dick went past the deep parts of my hole that Brian and the white guy had reached. I felt a weird pressure in my gut. This guy seemed to be my in bowels! I half worried his dick would come out my mouth.

He pulled back for the first time, almost taking his head out, then thrust back in. I gasped and groaned, but I loved it.

“Fuck me, oh god fuck me,” I said.

He continued slow but deep, using his whole shaft with each thrust. He head snapped back each time his hips slammed into mine. I could feel his sack rubbing against my own. This guy’s foot long dick was all the way inside me.

The Hispanic guy had been jerking his own cock, now he kneeled in front of me and held it there. I knew what do. I plunged my face down and gobbled every inch of his meat.

The black guy quickened his pace and pounded me. I loosened my lips around the Hispanic guy’s cock but refused to take it out. I heard the black guy groan just as the Hispanic guy’s sack stirred and pulled in. The black guy gave one last shove and roared, ‘oooohhhh fuccck,’ as he shot the biggest load yet into my violated hole. The Hispanic guy leaned back and pushed his hips up, then shot his second load down my throat.

Their cocks twitched in me as the spit out their last drops, then slid out with a “plop” as I collapsed onto my own cum puddle on the floor. My mouth and ass ached, and I could feel cum dripping down my legs.

I loved this feeling. It was so dirty. I was used.

The black and Hispanic guys wiped off their dicks with my towels, then got dressed.

“So, you’re here all week?” the black guy asked.

I smiled and nodded, I couldn’t manage words.

“Nice,” he said as he reached for the door. The Hispanic guy followed him, and they left.

The white guy looked at my, then down at his cock. It was hard as a rock and pointed right at me.

I leaned forward and took it in mouth without pause, savoring the mix of my hole, his cum and lube.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and pointed to the bed. I got up and went to it, then got on all fours so my ass was up in the air.

“It’s going to be a long week for you,” he said.

“mmhhmm,” I agreed, then lowered my head, ready to again do what I was meant to do.

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