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A Letter to my Husband

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I want you to reach for me, warm and naked, facing away from you while I’m sleeping peacefully in the middle of the night.

I want to feel your hand on my flesh, the gentle pressure of your palm and fingers running across my waist and up toward my breast, the sensation of you massaging and teasing my nipple, starting to rouse me from my slumber. “Mmmmmm…,” I’ll moan, encouraging more of the same, only harder.

You’ll lean into me now, curling your arm around me and pulling yourself up against me to spoon me. “Ahhhh…” I’ll feel your body, so warm and close to me, and I’ll settle into you, too. I’ll bring my own hand to you so I can rub your hip and thigh, then down to cup your balls and move them around in my hand slowly.

I can feel you hard already, pressed against my ass, and give a little wiggle to let you slide in between my thighs. I tense now, feeling your warm breath close to my neck and ear, turning me on like only you know how.

“I love you,” you whisper to me, making me shiver as I feel my hair move with you nuzzling my ear. Goosebumps appear over me, exciting my nipples to attention, and my breasts swell.

I turn myself toward you now, and we kiss passionately. I wrap my leg around you pulling you closer to me while my hand runs trough your hair then down your neck massaging there.

You’ll pull me closer, snaking your arm around my waist as you kiss me again. I run my hand from your neck to your back, kneading your muscles as I go, on my way downward.

You stop me, grabbing my hand with your left and bringing it over my head. My breath catches in my throat as you switch to hold it with your other hand now. My side is open and vulnerable to you, and you take advantage bahis firmaları of that.

I feel you trace the contours of my side, starting my wrist, traveling the length of my arm. You curve around to my breast, and pause to tweak and pinch my nipple before continuing on.

Across my side and down toward my hip, you caress your way along me. My back arches, bringing my pussy even closer to you. You keep me away from your cock by pushing my leg off you and pinning me on the bed, my legs parted for you. You know I am wet for you, and bring your hand from my hip across my side toward my pussy.

I jerk as you cross over a sensitive spot at my pelvic bone, and you run your hand up and over it again. You chuckle as you get the same reaction from me. You repeat it one more time, knowing I love it. My hand pulls against the restraint of yours as you continue to tease me.

“Please,” I beg you, “now.” You know I need you to touch my clit, and of course, I know it will not be this soon. You cup my mound and squeeze lightly as I shudder. My leg shifts under yours and you press onto it a little harder, keeping me in place where you want me to be. Your fingers trace along my pussy lips. Up and down, then in circles, your fingers keep teasing.

My nipples are going to explode, I think. You feel them graze against your chest as I thrash around. Your mouth searches for my hard tip, capturing it easily. I still now, tensing as I suck in a deep breath, arching my back more for you. I let out a loud, “Ohhhhhhh…Yes! …don’t stop!” as you continue to suck my nipples and rub my pussy. I feel your finger slip inside to find my clit as you kiss me again. Your tongue circles mine as your finger traces the same kaçak iddaa pattern on my clit.

It’s too much for me now as I struggle to get my hand at your cock and bring you some of the pleasure you are giving me, but you won’t let me move. I realize that even though you are not hurting me, I cannot move.

“UUHHHH! Let me!…” I call out to you, only to be met with a soft “No, not yet,” whispered into my ear. This brings another shiver from me, and I growl as you push your finger inside me. My hips move in time with you, stroking in and out of my pussy, returning to find my clit again.

I wince as I hear the sounds of the slickness between my legs, and you laugh. “Not funny,” I say through my gritted teeth, teetering on the brink of a fabulous orgasm that you will not let me have.

“Say it,” you whisper to me. I stiffen, knowing what you want me to say, knowing I can’t. “Hmmmmmmmmmmm…” I draw out, stalling for time as you tease me, two fingers easily slipping inside now. “Uhhhhhhhhhh, yeah! Mmmm!” I chant, lost in the moment. Tremors start slowly building, deep inside me.

“Say it,” you repeat to me, more forcefully now, as your two fingers move in and out of me, and your thumb jabs at my clit. I can feel your cock, hard and pulsing against my leg. You know this is close to pushing me over the edge, as I start to shake. You stop all movement abruptly, still pinning me in place. I wriggle as I cry out in alarm, “NO! Don’t stop, don’t stop! Keep going! I’m SO close!”

“Say it and I’ll keep going,” you tell me. I have to say it, I know I do or you won’t resume your playing and I’ll be stuck here in limbo. I can’t move, so I can’t get to my pussy myself. “Ahhhhh!” I scream as you lick kaçak bahis my nipples then start to blow on them. “FUCK ME NOW!” I scream at you.

You laugh out loud, releasing the leg and arm you’ve held for so long, rolling off my pinned left side limbs while telling me, “That’s all I needed to hear from you.” With this I grab at you pulling you on top of me.

You position yourself at my entrance as I dig my fingers into your shoulders and back, wrapping my legs around your waist and clinging to you. My pussy is sopping wet now, and you thrust inside me in one deep, full motion as I scream out in pleasure, my legs clamping onto your waist.

You are achingly still inside me. Your head bends down to bite at my nipples as I buck against you, wanting you to move, not just linger there.

You tease me by pulling out slowly, getting me to cry out again. “No, harder, now, please!” I yell at you, and finally get you to do what I want. You force your cock into me, hard and fast, going as deep as you can, filling me just like I want. “Ahhhhh! Yes!!! That’s what I want!! More!” I yell, my voice straining as I start to convulse, my pussy contracting and squeezing your cock. “Oh, God, now, Now!” I scream as I come.

“Ahhhhh!” you call out as you pound into me a few more strokes, and reward me with your own, spurting inside me as I grip you with my legs and arms, my whole body pressed tightly against you.

“Is that what you wanted?” you ask slyly, whispering again in my ear, holding me tightly. “God, yes!” I reply, shivering again. “How did you know?”

“Well, I might have read something you left for me,” you say, referring to the story I wrote for you the other night. “It was minimized on your screen, and I saw it when I had to check something in your computer.”

Flushing a deep crimson I tell him softly, “I didn’t know you saw that.”

“You can write to me anytime,” was all he said before kissing me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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