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A New Burn

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A New Burn

When I woke up that day, there was no reason to think it wouldn’t be normal. As I got ready to leave for work, I had no idea that the day would end with me between a man’s powerful thighs, looking up at him as he stroked into my mouth. There was zero hint on the subway that I would soon be doing a lap dance for a man trying to tug my panties off. As I walked the last few blocks to work, it never occured to me that I’d be straddling a giant cock by the end of the night, screaming as I got drilled silly. If I known any of those things I would have whipped out my cock and jacked off immediately for whoever wanted to watch.

* * *

Right as I was wrapping up the day, and with it the week, I felt a buzz as my phone announced a new text. I’d already heard that my regular Friday drinking buddies were busy and had been anticipating a relaxed, unhurried evening. When I saw an unknown number, I prepared to blow it off. But it was just as easy to open it and when I did it read “hey man!!!”

I was confused, but then another text, and another, quickly followed. “It’s Curtis, dude im in town” and “remember me? grab a brew?” This was quite a mystery because I did not recall knowing a Curtis, but the fact was I did have time for a beer, which did sound good, so I didn’t immediately click delete. I responded, just in case this wasn’t a case of mistaken identity, “remind me.”

He typed “burning man ‘05 my man!!!!!” Instantly, recollections came flooding back. I most certainly did remember Curtis. And every one of those exclamation points gave me a tingle.

* * *

I had gone alone, in a way, to Burning Man, in that I wasn’t arriving with any group of friends from home or school. I was mostly going just to check it out, but in any case, I didn’t have a car I could trust to get me there, and finding a ride seemed like common sense. A guy in my apartment building knew a buddy who was going and put us in touch. And so it was that two relative strangers found themselves filling a VW van with camping gear and driving miles and miles of miles and miles across desert to a huge party. I did not tell Curtis about my casual fantasy of finding a strong man to take me as his girlfriend. He didn’t need to know, per se, I thought. That said, I couldn’t deny that with his toned swimmer’s body, light coating of fuzzy body hair, and sexy swagger, I bit my lip a little when I imagined how Curtis might use me. We ended up getting along well under the circumstances, but would drift away after we returned. I stole my fair share of looks at him, and only once did he catch me. As it happens, that single moment fueled a hundred orgasms over the years when I had occasion to recall it. I hadn’t remembered his name, but I never forgot that body.

* * *

I agreed to the beer, and when I arrived I was surprised to recognize him so quickly. He beckoned me over, and we shook hands, laughing at the craziness of seeing each other here after so many years, in contrast with being high on who knows what in the middle of nowhere as explosions boomed around us.

“Let’s see, the last time I saw you, you were riding a bike in some getup from of a middle school band camp,” he laughed, and wiped foam from his mustache.

“Holy shit, I remember that,” I said. “I don’t have that uniform, anymore. It doesn’t fit, not that it ever did. Last time I saw you, you were wearing a horse mask over your head and pulling a DIY chariot for some dancer chick.”

“Oh my God, her. I tried to get close to her, but so was everyone. Later on I saw her take on two guys in a tent, they had the lantern on so you could see the shadows of them fucking!”

This strange-yet-familiar, masculine man talking about fucking and getting fucked got certain memories replaying in my mind. On the last night we were out dancing, and who knows how or why but he was wearing only a bathrobe. As the music got louder and the fires higher, his robe had fallen open and it was impossible for me, in that moment, not to gaze at this muscular stud in all his glory. He danced with his eyes closed, leaving me what seemed like hours to run my eyes over his broad chest, flat abs and, dangling below, a thick, meaty cock I bet people lined up around to block to suck off. I was gawking at his package, practically licking my lips, while doubting I had what it took to risk my ride home on a proposition. That’s when he looked over and saw my eyes locked on his crotch. He smiled in a way that suggested he liked to show it off, but convinced me he was probably just wasted. I didn’t find the courage to seduce him that night, but I would imagine him giving me all the dick I could handle for the next several years.

* * *

We got pretty buzzed trading memories. He didn’t have plans for the evening, and being close to my place I suggested we go back there to smoke a joint, which he agreed to without hesitation. On one hand, I loved the idea of us being alone but on the other I worried bahis firmaları about indulging in the sight of his body too much. I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea but I wasn’t certain I was ready for him to get the right idea, either. I rolled up a fine specimen and was watching him position his lips on it when he said something that shocked me.

“Dude, that one costume you had? Damn, I remember you turning heads!” He cracked up as he blew out a cloud of smoke. “Do you still have that one?”

There was no mistaking what he was talking about. I had picked up wispy little sun dress at a thrift store, one that came down to just below my cheeks. I’d wanted to get in the spirit of things and thought it’d be fun to prance around like a faggot, wiggling my butt at half-dressed partiers. I’d even put on a pair of girl’s panties. I never found my moment, though. Even though I knew, as Curtis had seen too, that several of those guys watching me arch my back and spread my legs only needed the slightest invitation to come dick me. A small circle of young guys, each with a hand slowly reaching between his legs, had begun to gather around me as I whipped my hips back and forth. They looked at each other and back at me, watching me twerk until Curtis grabbed me to show me some other cool thing and together we skipped off. I think he’d been watching, too, though. I wondered if he’d touched himself as I danced, and if he knew I’d make room for him if he got close.

I was recalling these details, feeling my heart rate and other things rise, when Curtis said something that amazed me.

“I’m no detective,” he said. “But you told me you got rid of that goofy band outfit. You haven’t said the same thing about your dress. I bet you still have it!”

I couldn’t believe his memory. I hadn’t said I’d gotten rid of it, and I did still have it.

His grin took on a conspiratorial edge.

“Dude, you gotta put it on! For old time’s sake. In a way, I’ve been thinking about that dress for a long time.”

It was an unexpected comment, but I was a bit excited to think that a man– this man– was asking to see me play dress up. I decided not to overthink it. I agreed it’d be a “lark.” I said I’d look for it, as if I didn’t know exactly where it was, and stepped into my bedroom to change.

* * *

Curtis agreed to make himself comfortable while waiting for me to return, putting on some music through his phone, and I took my clothes off behind the door, gazing at myself in a full-length mirror. I spritzed my body with some perfume. In case he got close enough to sniff me, I wanted him to like it.

First, I pulled out a pair of panties. They had a frilly edge and while soft and comfortable, they got quite snug once I got turned on. It was a tight fit right away. I ran my fingers over my bulge.

Then I pulled the dress over my head. It still fell to just below my ass, though my round cheeks weren’t as covered a modest girl’s should be. He’d be able to tell I had panties on, at least. What he did about it was another story.

Those were the only two pieces of clothing I planned to wear. Two thin pieces of fabric lay between me and total nakedness in front of a real man. There was just one other thing…

By the time I came back into the living room, Curtis was finishing off the joint and was looking around my living room, a dazed smile on his face. He turned to look at me as I came back in, bouncing on my tiptoes, twirling a long, lush lock of hair from an extremely sexy wig. I pursed my lips at him.

“I hope you like blondes,” I said.

* * *

I still thought I might just goof off, dance like I had before, move on… but with that wig on, something changed both for me and for my new friend.

He couldn’t take his eyes off me as I bounced around and although he tried to play it off, he was laughing nervously as he egged me on.

“It’s all coming back, man,” he said. “But you had one move when you swivelled your hips, I swear I thought those guys were gonna gang bang you right in front of me.”

The first thought that jumped through my mind was that I hoped that he’d fuck me, too, if I was getting gang banged. I didn’t say that, though. I just showed him the move he’d asked for and when I peeked back over my shoulder at him, his eyes were getting wider and his breath getting heavier, just like my own. Dancing for him was turning me on, and I decided I wanted him to notice. He spoke first.

“Hey, can I see something?” he asked, and I turned to face him. I practically curtised there, standing in his gaze.

“Anything,” I said.

He pulled up my sun dress. I watched him look between my thighs. My cute panties were now clearly too small to contain me. Was he finally getting the view of me he’d wanted years before?

“Looks like dancing for me is getting you hot,” he said. “And it’s definitely getting me hot.” He stared at me, seeing how I’d react. In that pause as we looked at each kaçak iddaa other, he kept my sun dress lifted with one hand, and with the other he moved to massage himself.

When is the right time to tell a man you’ve imagined licking cum off his naked body a hundred times?

“I guess one lap dance wouldn’t be so bad,” I smiled. He whistled softly to himself as he ran his fingers through my luscious hair.

* * *

I put on music that made me feel sexy, lots of bass to bounce to. His eyes were locked on my body as I dimmed the lights and returned to the space in front of him as if it were a stage. I leaned over him and rested one arm behind him. With the other, I took his hand and began gently tracing his fingertips over the thin layer of lace holding my bulge in place, letting him feel me quiver in excitement.

I put my lips next his his ear and whispered, “I want to turn you on.”

“You smell so good. I’m so fucking hard right now,” he said, and I held his hands as I swished back and forth in front of him. I wanted to get him more turned on than he’d ever been. I wanted to see just how gigantic that cock could get.

I spun around, swaying in time with the music and I could feel the heat of his eyes on me, on the curve of my ass the dress couldn’t really cover. I swiveled my hips back towards him, put my arms on a chair, looking at him over my shoulder and seeing him moan quietly. I bit my lip as he ran his eyes over me.

“You look so fucking pretty,” he gasped.

I turned around to unbutton his shirt.

“If you keep telling me I’m pretty,” I told him, “Good things will happen.”

He let me undress him.

“If you call me princess, you can do anything you want.”

* * *

His shirt was open, exposing the thin layer of hair coating his broad chest, and I had tugged off his pants but not his briefs.

“There’s something I need to do,” I said, and he lay back on the couch, waiting for me to go on. “I could explain… or I could just do it.”

He didn’t say anything, so I just watched his reaction as I knelt down in front of him. He didn’t stop me as I parted his knees, or when I started massaging his powerful legs, my hands pressing on his muscles across his belly and firm torso. Wordlessly he made room for me as I moved in to press my face between his thighs.

I pushed my face into his crotch, moving in small circles as I nudged and prodded what I found there. I sniffed him through the cotton almost got drunk on the smell of his manhood. Each time I pressed my face on his organ it shifted to a new position like a snake trying to get away, but I wouldn’t let it. I carressed his inner thighs with my fingertips, and he started groaning loudly without meaning to.

“Pretty please,” I asked. “Can I suck your cock?”

* * *

Curtis took his shirt off and I slid fingers of each hand under the elastic waistband of his last layer of clothing. Slowly, I tugged them down and his big, beautiful cock sprang out. He was buck naked. I was finally going to suck this gorgeous man off.

“I hope it’s OK if Iick your balls first,” I said. “I love licking balls.”

I lifted his shaft so I could get easy access, and again put my face close in to smell him. I wanted my face to smell like his big, sweaty cock. I gently kissed my way up from his thighs until we were both panting. I dragged my wet tongue all over his heavy ballsack, feeling him squirm. I held their heft in my hand and slobbered on them one at a time.

“That feels so fucking good,” he said. “You like that?”

I nodded.

“Put that dick in your mouth, pretty thing.” he said, and I thrilled to think he might take charge.

I licked my lips and gripped the base of his cock. As a tease, I put it in deep without gripping it with my lips, but he was getting impatient and wriggled beneath me.

“Be a good princess,” he said. “Show me you like dick.”

I wrapped my slippery lips as tightly as I could around the first three inches of his throbbing shaft and looked him in the eyes.

With my mouth full of his delicious cock I said, “Mmm hmm!!!”

* * *

I sucked. My lips and tongue swirling around his engorged erection so no matter how much he moved I stayed with him, slurping down and pulling back up slowly, changing tempo, stroking him for a bit and then sucking hands-free so I could feel his body writhe. He put his hands over mine, feeling me feel him. The he’d grab my head and keep me in position, feeding me.

“So fucking yummy,” I told him when his cock briefly popped out.

“You are such a cute little cocksucker,” he said, and we gazed at each other, him watching me work inch after inch into my hungry mouth and me watching him try to keep from exploding.

“Please,” I asked. “Put that pre-cum on me like lipstick,” and he smeared sticky goo across my face. He was getting more and more into it, shuddering as he paused to slap my face with cock several times.

“I’m kaçak bahis going to show you how much cock I can fit into my mouth,” I said. “Then I want you to show me how much cock you can fit in my mouth.”

We went on like this for what seemed like hours. I put on a show for my stud, and I could tell he loved when I cradled his balls in my hand, tickling him as my tongue flicked along his length. He started bucking his hips, thrusting into my mouth more urgently, and I grabbed his ass to hold him there.

Quickly, he stood up, and pulled me up with him. He turned us around, and pushed me onto the couch where he had just been sitting. He threw a leg up on the couch and put his dick next to my face.

“You’ve been such a good girl,” he told me. “It’s time for me to fuck your mouth.”

He got me in position.

“Look at me,” he said, and I grabbed his hands as I did.

He pumped like a fucking machine and all I had to do was enjoy it. He was hot, glistening, bucking fucking naked, and the whole neighborhood could tell he was about to get off.

He let out an intense grunt and I felt a splash on my tongue as he pulled out to jack off onto me. He came in thick spurts, sticky jets of cum going all over my face and into my hair. Even my dress got soaked with hs sperm. It was oozing everywhere, and I pushed my lips back around his knob. I kept sucking him as he continued to spurt, and as his spasms subsided, licked at the tip.

“I guess I wanted your cum on me,” I smiled.

He looked at me, gasping, an astonished look animating his flushed face.

“Fuck, I made a mess!” he said.

I let him enjoy the sight of me swallowing the jism he put on my lips and tongue. Then I found his discarded underwear on the floor and used it to wipe off my face and other parts of me that had gotten sticky.

“I’m never washing these,” I said. “And you’re never getting them back.”

* * *

“Now I need to see if something fits,” I told him as I reached into a drawer. He had sat down on the couch again and raised his eyebrows as I pulled out a circular piece of metal.

“Is that a cock ring?” he asked, and I nodded.

Luckily, although it was tight, it did fit. I had left his cock coated in saliva and cum so sliding it down to the base would be possible, and though it wasn’t easy we got there.

“I guess it fits,” he said and smiled.

“That’s… not what I was talking about,” I said and stood up, freeing myself from the panties. Removing them allowed my cock grow to its full size, hardly hidden by the dress. He sat in wonder as I approached him, widening my stance and squeezing his legs between my thighs.

“Doesn’t your pretty girlfriend deserve a good fucking?” I whispered at him, “I want to show you what I look like dancing when I have dick in me.”

I gripped my own throbbing cock in one hand because I’d never needed to stroke it more. In the other I found the his rigid shaft and smeared it along my crack. I was partly teasing myself, partly trying to find just the right angle at which to take it. He held my hips, keeping me steady, and I carefully guided the tip to my anus. I gasped as I sensed what it meant to take that much cock.

Slowly, I lowered myself onto him. The cock ring made his knob especially wide so when it popped in I almost cried out, but he held me up so I could take it. Little by little, greased by his own jism, I felt him fill me. I slowly eased into a position where I could carefully slide myself up and back down again. I used his shoulders to stay on him, and he put his hands behind his head so I could easily find a rhythym. As I sped up I rode him, slapping his lap with my ass.

“Dance for me, princess.”

With a steady motion going, I was able to work my hips and I showed him some of my favorite moves again. Had he been thinking about being in me when he watched me the first time? I gripped his shaft with my anus, feeling every pulse. The ring had made him huge and I whimpered as he began to take over, pulling me down onto him. I collapsed onto his chest and threw my arms around his body. I pressed myself onto him and licked behind his ear. He grunted with each thrust.

“You like getting fucked? Give me that ass,” he said, and I whimpered, “Fuck me!”

He turned me over so I was on my back. He pumped me like a piston and watched me furiously stroke myself. He worked his dick all the way into me and I waved my cock at him. I love to show men my cock, and after just a few strokes I spurted all over myself.

I lay there gasping for breath as he kept on, drilling me cross-eyed. He bent me over and watched his cock disappear into my tight hole, then put me back where I was, my ankles in his hands as he made me take it all.

I lay like that, twirling a long wisp of hair in my fingers, when he pulled out to get off again. He let me go and I pulled the dress up so he could splatter his full load all over my body, both of us gasping for breath. I smiled up at him and gripped the base of his tool so he could stroke the last drops onto my tongue. He clearly enjoyed watching me lick up his cum.

* * *

“Oh, princess,” he said. “Next time can you wear lipstick?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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