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A New Kind of Study Buddy

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They had instantly connected in class. His broad shoulders, muscular arms and large hands had been making her wet for weeks. And the sight of her plump curvy body and massive tits made him gain hardness in his groin. Today was the day. They both knew it. After class he asked her to come over and help him with the class work but they both knew they would be working on something else. The walk to his house was agonizing for the both of them.

As soon as they entered his house he slammed her against the closed door and pushed his mouth to hers. Her hands quickly found themselves entwined in his thick strawberry blond hair. His hands fumbled with her sweater as he longed to feel her warm skin against his. Slowing the pace they began to undress each other. He slid his hands up her sides removing her plain white t shirt and at last giving him a view of her large breasts heaving in her bra. She then reached forward and removed his winter hat and zip up sweatshirt followed by his black t shirt. Stealing kisses when they could no longer resist not being pushed chest to chest; they unzipped each others’ pants and slid them off. With long slow kisses and moans of passion they leaned against the door and began exploring each others’ bodies. As good as it felt to caress her nipples through the thin lace that separated them from his hands, it wasn’t enough. He slowly kurtköy escort turned her around kissing his way across her shoulders and halting at the nape of her neck. He then sucked and bit her earlobes the way he intended to suck and bite her breasts once he had freed them of their lace.

As soon as she was untangled from her bra his hands roamed to her nipples. She could tell how badly he wanted her. She could feel his warm dick growing harder against her back as he played with her. First gently twisting and tugging and then more aggressive as he heard each gasp and moan leave her mouth. He then turned her back around so he can finally see the breasts that had made his mouth water for so long. They were surprisingly firm for their size and each milky white breast was capped by a pale pink bud that longed for his mouth. As he began to suckle them he felt her heave under him, pushing herself into his mouth. He worked back and forth alternating teasing the nipples to erection with his mouth and finger tips. He found the harder he bit and pinched the more she liked it. He wouldn’t have thought she would have liked it so rough but her encouraging whispers told him otherwise.

Still standing in the doorway he dropped to his knees and pushed her roughly once again against the door. As he descended he trailed kisses down her stomach and over her hips. bayan kurtköy escort His hands moved from her breasts to her legs and slowly slid their way up her thighs coming to a rest on her hips, where he slid his fingers into the waistband of her underwear and pulled them all the way down to her feet. As he helped her step out of them he brought one of her legs over his shoulder to get a better view of her pussy. He could see and smell how wet she was for him and he longed to taste her sweet flesh. First he planted a soft but hungry kiss on her clit. Then slowly he began circling it with his tongue. He then replaced his tongue with his thumb so he could insert himself in her wetness. He probed her with his tongue knowing he would never be able to eat her enough. Occasionally, he would bite her clit or lips and every time was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure. As much as he loved bringing her so close to the edge not being inside her was driving him mad.

He pulled her to the floor on top of him. They quickly removed his boxers. She then lightly skimmed her way down his stomach with her fingertips: down the length of his shaft and halting at the tip. He was thicker and longer then she would have believed, and the excitement of having him inside her almost made her cum. Restraining herself as best she could she escort bayanlar wrapped her hand around his girth and began to slide it up and down. Feeling there wasn’t enough lubricant she brought her mouth to his penis and slid it in as far as it would go. She flicked the tip with her tongue and moved it in and out slowly while her hands gently massaged his balls. With his hand in her hair encouraging her to keep up the pace she looked up and saw his eyes roll back a little and was glad she could make him feel what she had felt. Sensing they were both close to climaxing he sat up and set her back against the door.

Once more on his knees he guided her legs over his, she wrapped them tightly around his waist. She could feel his throbbing member against her clit and opening. Lifting her slightly he slid just his tip inside of her. Slowly yet forcefully he began to slide in and out of her each push bringing them both closer to finishing. As she became more and more wet he picked up the speed and force. Pounding her with a strength and vigor she could never have imagined he finally brought her to a climax.

As she struggled to scream and breathe at the same time he kept thrusting till she felt him burst inside her. With his arms wrapped around her and face buried between her breasts he collapsed. As the last shivers of orgasm left her body she leaned her head back against the door and a wide grin came over her face. Slowly he stood and helped her to her feet. Scooping up their clothes with one of his hands he used the other hand to guide her to his bedroom where they entangled their limbs and napped before starting round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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