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A New Office Jade Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter in the Office Jade series. It’d probably be a good idea to read the first two chapters to be completely up to date. Also, I went in a slightly different direction this chapter with trying to bring the characters thoughts into play a little more as well as the detail of the moments or the action. I hope you like it. While it is a little slow to get into any action I hope everything works well.

All characters are over 18 and everyone is clean.

As always constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged so I can provide better reading. Peace.


“You just can’t keep your dick still, can you?”

Bernard froze. He knew the voice and was momentarily rooted still by it. He turned around the room and noticed her sitting at one of the desks of the deepest part of the office, feet up and on the top of the desk and her gleaming brunette locks seaming to shine from the office light.

“Hi, Dahlia and, no, it seems there are a few people who want to keep the thing moving for some reason,” Bernard replied quietly.

“Well, damn it all, when is it my turn?” Dahlia’s tone was sharp, not necessarily angry but filled with a certain amount of exasperation coupled with drive.

A small smile of his own exasperated thoughts flitted onto Bern’s face and he shook his head in rhythm with the shrug of his shoulders. His face showed the “caught with the hand in the cookie jar” innocence and he had no immediate response.

Walking over to the desk Bernard took one of the other seats and brought it right next to his boss and sat. He leaned over to her in a friendly manner and said simply, “Maybe we can make a date?”

“What,” Dahlia questioned with a little humor in her voice. “Everyone else seems to be able to just show up but I have to make a date?,” she complained, placing a hand on her massive chest in mock irritation.

Bernard looked directly at her face, trying to hide nothing, and replied, “You did show up once but didn’t take it anywhere else, so…” He thought of just the other morning when he sat at his own desk and his boss, Dahlia Bettison, gave him a blowjob. It was very nice but she could have had sex with him right then. Why didn’t she?

Dahlia’s face went thoughtful for a few moments. When her thoughts were complete she looked back to Bernard and said, “You’re right, Bern. I could have done something. I can’t say why I didn’t — maybe because I’m the boss? I don’t know.” Her face turned pensive again and processed what the next couple of days was going to be like with the show tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

Finally, she said, with only a little nervousness in her voice, “Fine. Let’s make a date. You and me, dinner and whatever else I want, Monday night. Sound good.”

Without even pausing for a dramatic breath Bern replied, “Absolutely.”

“Good. Now get outta here, go home, see something else besides this place and we’ll see you early tomorrow morning,” Dahlia said softly but with some command.

Bernard gave no response as he rose from the chair, leaned down to Dahlia and gave her a light kiss on the lips, which she returned, and left the office.


Bernard made the phone call, though very late, to his closest friends whom he’d been avoiding for no other reason than shame. Luckily they were all together as it was bowling night so he only had to tell the story once. He took his licks and beat downs but he also received honest condolences on the situation.

These guys were awesome. They were all going to be his groomsmen and there were plans in the distant future that he would be theirs. This little cadre of ne’er-do-wells were close but they all also knew when to step away to let one of their brothers figure something out. They were there if needed, though, and Bernard was grateful to all of them.

Bern told them he call them all next week so they could get back to their regular schedules of fun, frivolity and nonsense and then bade them goodnight.

Sitting in his new apartment Bernard Lampson felt a stir of melancholy. Who wouldn’t after being cheated on? This, though, was something almost latent: that derision and anger that made its way to the surface after much toil and then settling down with a new rhythm of life. Bern’s rhythm wasn’t even close to being made but he was getting more interested in the stolid process of his old life. Locking down his emotions again was creeping up on him like when he was young and life was extremely difficult. His former fiancée, Diane, had helped to break down a wall and let him feel and emote more openly. When he had walked in on her and saw what was happening his more positive emotions locked down and the control surrounded by a corona of fury waiting to be unleashed presented itself to the fore. He didn’t really want to go back to that closed way of life but it was comfortable without anyone to help him stay open.

Bernard knew he was going to drive himself crazy thinking like this and he needed to bahis firmaları get his mind elsewhere for now. Thinking back to dinner, of which he had only one slice of pizza, he realized he was hungry so up he got himself and headed to that late night food truck about a block away. Not wanting to make things complicated he grabbed his keys and wallet and walked out the door and down the street. He let his thoughts flow to the possibilities of the outcome of the date with Dahlia on Monday as he made the walk which only took a few minutes.

As Bern approached the truck he saw there were a few people around the skirt of the truck but no one was ordering so he headed right to the window. The proprietor of the food truck was a handsome Latino with some tattoos along his neck but they took nothing away from the smile on his face. “What can I get you, bro?”

A quick look at the menu and Bernard ordered a Late Night Burger Bomb and Fries — whatever that was; it sounded good. “It’ll be a minute,” said the young man as he turned and immediately started doing whatever it was they did up there.

Stepping away from the truck to just hang out and let the night air wash over him Bernard sought any kind of peace. And then it was shattered by a voice he never wanted to hear again.

“Bernie,” asked the smooth voice of Diane Tenner.

“Oh shit,” Bernard said out loud but not very loud. He turned his body to the left and the location of the voice and saw Diane standing there with a couple of her friends. He knew who the other women were but their names escaped him for the moment.

Diane quickly approached him, leaving the other two femmes behind. “What are you doing here? It’s nice to see you…can we talk, please?…there’s so much I want to say…I’d like to know what happened to Robert…can we talk, please?…”

Not trying to be mean but needing to be away from here as fast as possible Bernard said nothing and turned back to the truck and asked how long it would be. The guy could see there was something going on between his customers and he saw that this dude was having the worse of it so he gave Bernard two fingers meaning two minutes. Damn, thought Bernard, I have to deal with this for two more minutes.

When Bern turned back Diane hadn’t stopped talking. This was one of the few things that Bernard hadn’t cared for about Diane — when the rant showed up there wasn’t any stopping it. Questions asked? Write them down so you can go back to them because there’ll be about fifty of them in the rant. Bernard, though, wasn’t going to have any of it.

“Diane,” Bern yelled. The volume of his voice and the derision heard within it stopped Diane from talking right away with a look of surprise and fear. With a lower volume Bernard said, “You and I have nothing to talk about ever again!” Bernard could see tears begin to well in her eyes but his emotional connection was cut, he found, and he couldn’t care less, just then, if she cried or died. “I’m sorry I interrupted your new spot but let me get my food and go, okay? Can you do that, please?”

With the tears now falling freely from her eyes Diane haltingly asked, “What…what can I do to get you…to make you…to have you stay for a few minutes so we can talk?”

A brain without conscious thought might sometimes be called dead, damaged, airy — please let my brain shut down right now, Bernard thought. Instead, his brain, having begun the drop back to some of the more impassive state of thinking — or was this a new state of being? He was never rude to people and was not one to insult or threaten, dare or contradict without specific thought. This time, his brain took all he’d been feeling and had been through the last couple of weeks and tried to run for the gun.

‘Nothing,’ was what he wanted to say. Instead, filling with fury and bleeding hatred and derision for this woman, Bernard said, “You and your friends can take all of your clothes off, right here, right now and then those two can start sucking my dick while you sit there and watch. When I blow my load in their eyes then you can start talking.”

“Burger Bomb,” called the truck dude in a hurried tone.

Bernard turned without waiting for a response, grabbed his meal, paid for it and turned back, eyes raised in question. All three women had their mouths open in shock and stood in stunned silence. Bernard’s anger seemed to show up with a want to kill — he wasn’t certain where his cordiality went — and, in a tone that should strip skin from all living things, said, “No? Nothing? Then fuck off, cunt. Don’t call, don’t look, don’t question, don’t wonder and don’t ever talk to me again. If you see me, turn and walk right the fuck in the other direction.” By the end of the statement his voice had begun to get louder. Thankfully, he thought. I’m done saying anything to Diane or this might get worse.

With purpose Bernard began walking away and as he passed the two other women their names came to him and in a completely different voice, one of friendly kaçak iddaa if saddened demeanor, he said, “Sabine, Tracy, nice to see you. Hope all’s well.”

Not giving the ladies, especially Diane, a chance to respond felt really good and he kept his pace steady as he walked home. Bern made certain that the ladies weren’t following him and when he was convinced they were nowhere around he finished the trek to his apartment. When he entered, sat down at his meager table and began eating he tried to find out where that person came from. That vindictive, malicious and venomous voice and words were never him — at any time in his life.

Was that the outcome of being cheated on? Does everyone feel that way, at least in general, or is the change he was going through just for him?

At the moment he didn’t care about the questions and didn’t want any answers. This was a good burger. He was also tired and he needed to be at the convention center early tomorrow.

Bernard finished his food, performed his end of the day actions of brushing his teeth and whatnot and went to bed. As his mind was fading to the black of sleep two thoughts struck him with heavy consideration — he actually felt good about the way he treated Diane so she can go fuck herself and that Burger Bomb was a damn good burger.


Bright and early Saturday morning Bern drove over to the convention center and found the stall space for Bettison’s Better Designs. Being the first to arrive, as was usually the case with these shows, Bernard began setting up the computer and show presentation.

Working with some of the technicians around the showroom for network connections and the like had Bernard’s mind completely within the atmosphere of the work and he was thoroughly enjoying it. The setup was easy and the mini test of the video presentation looked good so he just kept going. Getting these tasks completed made for a nice change from the recent loss of conscious thought and last night’s surprising run-in with Diane. He needed that in his head like he needed a bullet there.

As the show started at eleven of the clock and it was now almost eight Bernard felt good that he had his company’s system set and ready, at least from the computer side. Not too long later Sharon Pance and Maria Sanchez showed up and began getting their own presentations ready.

Neither of the women nor Bernard said anything. They all just nodded at one another and went about their business. A call from Maria brought Bernard over to her to help with some physical setup of a full-sized mannequin as well as some body section forms kept Bernard busy. All during this work some of the other ladies of the office began arriving and setting up and Bernard became the go-to gopher again. He never minded the physical labor, actually preferred it sometimes, so as more of the ladies arrived he was kept extremely busy.

When Dahlia showed up she spoke briefly with Bernard, verifying the slide slow was set and that microphones and such was working. Everything was all business this morning. Upon hearing the news, the thankfully positive news, Dahlia took Bernard in her arms and just hugged him for a minute. Well, there went the business side. When she released him she looked into his eyes with a sharp gaze that told him she was happy with everything he did for her. That was always enough for Bernard.

As if Dahlia’s hug was a cue the other women of BBD all came up to Bernard and enwrapped him in their arms for a moment or two. The first was Maria, a middle-twenty-something Hispanic woman whose short black hair, low, V-cut blouse and short skirt just made her gorgeous. Her nice sized breasts pressed into him and she kissed his cheek as she held him for a few seconds.

The sharp redhead of the office, Jennifer Fortes, whose well developed chest, pouty lips, Grab-Me hips and heart-shaped ass taunted men the world over, so the stories went, roughly grabbed Bernard’s face and brought her lips to his. Though there was no tongue but it was one of those kisses where the mouths were almost open so there was a little wetness shared between them.

Pepper Simposen’s arms wrapped Bern from behind and over his shoulders to case his head where she leaned in and kissed his cheek. As she drew her mouth back to his ear she whispered, barely audible, in her Creole accent, “I’m wantin’ you to put your cock in me again, Sha.” Then she let him go and disappeared but Bern heard her giggle as she walked away.

What the hell is going on? Bernard thought something must have been talked about between the ladies but he couldn’t tell if it was for his thoughtful benefit to help get him back to normal or if they were all letting him know they wanted him in some fashion or another.

Lisa Sherrell, his first office sexual encounter, hugged him tight. Kerry Trannle, she of the pretty pussy, gave her arms to wrap around Bernard and he pleasantly accepted. Sharon Pance crushed her C-cup breasts into him. Teresa Tellworth and her piercing kaçak bahis green eyes that lit fires in men’s souls and loins brought her arms around Bern’s neck and just stopped time for Bern for a minute.

The last of the ladies for this hug fest was Aadhya Perushni. This was a surprise as public displays of affection were not considered good grace in the region of India she was from. The quick hug pressed her body against his for only a moment. Young for a designer, as were all of the Bettison’s Better Designs women, she was dressed in a gorgeous Dupion Silk Lehenga of her own design with a brilliant hue of Navy Blue that accentuated the embroidery as well as the accents of her slim but still shapely form. Bernard had wrapped his arms lightly around her during the hug and left his hands lightly on her waist as they pulled apart. She softly laid her hands on Bernard’s cheeks and brought his forehead down and kissed him in the center of his brow. Aadhya then repeated the same kiss for each cheek and then, to Bernard’s ultimate surprise, his lips. The kiss on his lips was not the chaste present he’d received everywhere else but one of short but immediately recognizable passion. Neither of them closed their eyes which only made the kiss more meaningful to Bernard for some reason.

Just before she released his face her hands tightened on Bern’s cheeks, not painfully but enough to let him know he needed to pay attention. “You are a beautiful man, Bernard, and I hope what happened to your heart will not change the rest of you too much.” Her accent heavy but her diction perfect, her eyes were serious and thoughtful as though she were imparting wisdom upon this man.

Aadhya’s hands squeezed even tighter for a quick moment as she leaned close to his ear and whispered, “My dress is yours to take off whenever you want.” Then she was gone, off to get her presentations ready for the show. He followed her with his eyes and watched her model-defined but with larger breasts and a real ass body saunter to…somewhere he was lost to just then.

Bernard just stood in utter shock, completely lost in what to do next. He was also rock hard. Quickly stepping behind one of the counters he tried, surreptitiously, to adjust himself. He was thankful that he hadn’t changed into his dress shirt and tie yet and his current shirt hung down the front of him.

Hanging his chin to his chest, deep in thought about all that was going on, Bernard barely heard his name being called. Blinking away the cobwebs of thought Bern looked around and saw Kristen Johnson hurriedly waving him over, her face in a near panicked expression. Whatever thoughts he had about what she was calling for with her worried face were enough to bring his manhood back to hanging normal so he raced over.

“What’s up, Kristen?” Bernard tried to be cool but his eyes were searching immediately around her for the problem as he began his small trek to her.

As he approached a standing table Bernard noticed Kristen waving down at the floor near the tucked into a podium laptop. Only the laptop and the podium were not in good shape. The podium was fallen to one side where the top, sides and the one shelf that the laptop was sitting on was squashed into an interesting display of parts and crushed top part of the laptop computer. Atop the podium’s damage, sitting in a goofy positions, were Junie Lee, Kerry Trannle and Teresa Tellworth. Just to the side of them was a collapsed section of the stage.

Kerry had a nice slice across her forehead that was bleeding a nice light stream of blood down her face. Teresa was on top of Kerry and on top of Teresa was a barely touched Junie.

“Oh shit,” Bern said. “Kristen, go get some towels of some kind — paper, beach, dusting, whatever. Dahlia,” Bern yelled in a well heard voice, “Dahlia, need you here now!”

Without thinking about anything Bernard helped Junie off of Teresa and then Teresa off of Kerry. He lifted Junie straight up, turned without moving his feet and set her down, then grabbed Teresa right under the armpits and hauled her up and he performed a quick and rough search of her face and neck, looking for any injuries. “I’m okay,” Teresa said shakily.

Bernard had to crawl over some particle platform base to get to Kerry and when he did he took her face in his hands and stared into her eyes. There was no direct dilation in her eyes but you never knew what could happen with head wounds. Kneeling down Bernard lifted Kerry right off the top of the broken podium and stepped away, simply crushing everything beneath him with force. Finding a chair a few steps away he set Kerry down and looked for Kristen and the towels.

Despite her large frame she was running back to him just then with hand towels. Bernard grabbed them and began wiping away blood from Kerry’s face. At the same time he looked to Junie and saw she was in a daze whether from shock or disbelief he couldn’t say. “Junie, Tess, what happened” Bern asked with force.

Junie made no move to speak so Teresa said, “We were all three on the walkway part of the stage when it just collapsed under us. We tried jumping away but I landed on Kerry, Kerry, sweetie, are you okay?, and then Junie landed on me and we all hit the podium.”

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