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A Nice Young Surprise

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August Ames

Let me start with telling you a little about myself. I was 19 years old at the time, 6’5′ tall and pretty much a sports jock. I played hockey, football and baseball throughout the year so I was in very good shape. I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend as I had quite a few women that I dated on a regular basis. However, I was always up for a bit of fun.

I met Jenny through a married friend of mine named Vince. He had done some work on her car and was telling me how sexy she was and that she was 33 years old and didn’t have a husband. One day when I was at Vince’s house, Jenny called on the phone. Vince had stepped out to run some errands so I spent the next hour or so chatting with Jenny on the phone.

She sounded very nice and she told me that she wanted to meet me. I told her that I would enjoy that very much and that I would be more than happy to meet her and perhaps see a movie or have a few drinks. She mentioned to me that she had two kids, a girl and a boy and said that we should get together at her house on Friday night after her 4 year old son went to sleep.

I arrived outside her old apartment block at 9pm. With a bottle of wine, a case of beer (hey, I was a jock, I couldn’t drink wine!) and some flowers, I headed up the creaky stairs to her door. I knocked on the door and my jaw dropped when it opened. Standing in front of me was Jenny. At 5’9′ tall, blond hair half way down her back, a few pounds overweight (not fat) with tight jeans that showed off some great curves and a sleeveless mid-riff spandex shirt that made her 38C breasts stick out, she was stunning.

I smiled at her and walked in the apartment. After putting the drinks down, I handed her the flowers. Jenny took them, said thanks and put them on the kitchen counter. Then she leaned in to give me a quick kiss for the flowers. I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity so I put my arms around her and gave her a big kiss. She seemed a bit shocked at this but she responded to my kiss and embraced me as we stood in the kitchen kissing for about two minutes.

After we broke the kiss, she asked me to come into the living room. Upon entering the sparsely furnished room, there was a sofa, a coffee table, a small 19′ tv, and a small stereo which was playing some soft music. Also in the room, sitting in an armchair was a very pretty young woman. Jenny then said “I’d like you to meet my daughter Katie”. I smiled at Katie and reached my hand out to greet her. Katie shook my hand and was looking at me when her mother asked her to go to her room so that we could have some privacy and talk for a while.

Katie stood up and was standing by the door talking with Jenny for about a minute before leaving the room. I stared at Katie and couldn’t get over how pretty she was. She looked about 16 years old and was how I would guess her mother looked in her teen years. Almost immediately I started getting hard thinking about the two sexy women I was staring at.

Jenny and I sat on the couch and talked about ourselves while having a drink or two. The topic of her daughter came up and I asked her how it was raising a beautiful teenage daughter and that the guys at her school must pay a lot of attention to her. Jenny told me she had been having a hard time with Katie and that Katie had been sexually active since she was 13 years old. She also worried that since Katie had turned 14 a month ago, she was scared of her getting into drugs because she hangs around with older guys all the time.

Imagining 14 year old Katie with older guys was making me very hard. I was wearing a pair of khaki pants and the tent from my cock was not missed by Jenny. Jenny asked me if the thought of her daughter being sexually active turned me on. I looked in Jenny’s gorgeous blue eyes and told her “not as much as sitting beside her beautiful mother”.

At this point, we started kissing and petting on the sofa. She was a great kisser, but it was incredible how nice her body felt to my touch. At one point, I started moving my hand towards her crotch and when I reached it, Jenny pulled back. With a look of lust on her face, she said “let’s go to the bedroom”. She grabbed my hand and we headed down the hall to her bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, we were standing beside the bed kissing while I pulled off her top and jeans. It was then that she bahis firmaları stepped back and said she had to tell me something. Jenny said that she had started her period that day and that normally, it wouldn’t bother her but, she was flowing quite heavy and that we wouldn’t be able to have intercourse. After seeing the stunned look on my face, she mentioned that we could do anything else except fuck.

After that she reached for my belt and undid my pants, then she pushed me back onto her bed and proceeded to yank my pants off my legs. She jumped on top of me and we started kissing. Jenny was only wearing panties by this time and her body felt wonderful. She then got on her knees in-between my legs and took off my boxers, which at this time were almost being ripped by my very hard, very thick 8′ cock. Once she saw my throbbing cock, she giggled and almost swallowed the whole thing down her throat. I had never had anybody that could deep throat me before that day and it felt incredible.

Jenny sucked my cock hard for about a minute and I told her that if she kept it up, I would cum in her mouth. She stopped sucking and said “we can’t have that, I have other plans for your cum”. With that, she started lowering her way down and started licking and sucking on my balls which I enjoyed so much I started moaning. After licking, caressing, sucking and dragging her nails on my huge swollen balls, she then pushed my knees up to my chest and proceeded to lick and suck on my asshole. All along, she was moaning, grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading them as wide as possible while trying to stick her tongue as deep into my asshole as she possibly could. This was the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt.

After about 10 minutes of Jenny licking my ass, She raised her head from between my legs and said “your turn”. At this point, I was very ready to get at her gorgeous body. She turned around with her ass facing me and pulled down her bikini panties just below her gorgeous tight asshole. I wasted no time and I started slapping her ass cheeks, making them bright after about 20 slaps. She turned her head towards me and told me she loved it rough. Being a big guy, I had no problem with this request. I roughly pulled her ass cheeks as wide apart as they would go and started licking her puckered asshole with my probing tongue.

At this point, I asked her just how rough she liked it and Jenny responded by yelling into the mattress, “just do it”. Not being one to disappoint, I told her to reach back and spread her ass cheeks wide for me. Once she did this, it was a beautiful site. A gorgeous woman on her knees, shoulders and head on the bed with her ass sticking up in the air and her hands pulling her asshole wide open. I started slapping the inside of her thighs, then surprised her by spanking the inside her ass crack. It was easy to do with her ass being spread so wide open. I watched her pink puckered asshole start to swell as I spanked it 5, 10, 20 times.

By this time, her pussy juice was dripping down her thighs non-stop. Knowing I couldn’t fuck her pussy, I reached under, moved her panties aside and started rubbing her clit at a frantic pace. Jenny was continuously cumming as I rubbed hard on her clit, every once in while stopping to slap her clit and her swollen asshole.

I knew I needed to get some relief soon or I would burst. I bent down and stuck my face into her asshole and pushed my tongue as deep as it would go. I reached between her spread thighs with both hands and started groping and pulling on her 38C breasts. Every time I stuck my tongue inside as wide spread asshole, I pulled, squeezed and tugged on her tits and nipples. Jenny was still having a long continuous orgasm when I let go of her tits and started spitting on her asshole and then stuck 1, 2 and then 3 fingers in her ass.

When her asshole was stretch enough from my fingers, I got up on my knees behind her. I started easing the head of my cock into her asshole, stretching even further. I then grabbed a handful of Jenny’s hair and pulled her to my mouth, I licked her ear and asked if she wanted all my hard cock in her ass. She seemed almost dizzy when she whispered, “yes”. I pushed her head back down to the bed, grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back. This forced her asshole all the way onto my cock. kaçak iddaa Jenny was shaking her head back and forth and moaning while I kept pulling hard on her wrists while my hard cock was brutally ramming in and out of her tight asshole.

For the next 8-10 minutes, I used Jenny’s asshole for my pleasure. I could feel the cum rising in my balls and I knew I was about to shoot the biggest load I have ever had. She started moaning even louder than she was before, her voice was raspy when she kept saying over and over that she was cumming again. When it was time, I pulled her body to mine, and with my hard cock buried deep in her asshole, I filled her completely with my thick sperm until it ran out of her red swollen asshole and down her cunt and thighs.

After this, both Jenny and I were exhausted and we both collapsed onto the pillows. We lay in bed and had a drink and a smoke (hey, it’s what everybody did after sex back then) and relaxed for about 15 minutes. She told me that nothing she had ever done before had ever come close to the intensity that we had. I told her that I had never felt that way either. I put on my boxers and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I left the bedroom, there was her 14 year old daughter Katie sitting on the sofa. She gave me a big grin as I walked by, a bit embarrassed that she had probably heard everything we had done and said for the last hour or more. When I returned from the bathroom, Jenny and Katie were talking on the sofa, Jenny was wearing only my shirt and some panties. She asked me to go into the bedroom and said that she would grab a couple of drinks and join me.

When she came back to the bedroom, we talked, joked around and drank for another 20 minutes or so. Jenny had taken off my shirt and I was gentle playing with her still sore breasts while kissing her. One thing lead to another and I was starting to get hard again. She told me she didn’t know whether or not we could do anything other than her giving me head as she was still pretty sore from our first adventure. I mentioned to her that I really wanted to fuck and I didn’t care that she was having her period. She told me “no”, but she stared at my eyes for about 20 seconds and then said “I’ll be right back”.

Jenny was gone for about 5 minutes before I finally heard her footsteps coming towards the bedroom. The door opened and there stood Jenny. Right behind her, holding her mom’s hand, was Katie. I quickly covered myself up with the blanket when Jenny said, “don’t bother”. I asked her what was going on and she told me that when she was talking to Katie in the living room, Katie told her that she heard everything and it really turned her on. Then Jenny said that since Katie turned me on so much earlier, she figured I wouldn’t mind if Katie joined us so that I could get to have intercourse.

Needless to say, I was stunned. I didn’t think it was possible, but my cock, which had been going soft, immediately jumped back to life and was harder than ever. Katie seemed very nervous as she came towards the bed and sat near me. She was dress in a t-shirt and track pants. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples were sticking out at least 1/2 inch. I held her hand and pulled her lips to mine so we could kiss. I was really getting into kissing and rubbing my hand across Katie’s 34b breasts which were very firm. She leaned back and I pulled off her t-shirt, she had an incredibly tight body and completely flat stomach.

Katie and I started kissing again. We were really getting into it as my hands were all over her body. I felt Jenny stroking my cock and then pulled off my boxers again. Jenny took my cock in her hand and said, “Katie, take a look at his cock”. Katie stopped kissing me and turned her head towards her mother. When she saw my cock she said “omg mom, it’s so think”. Then came a moment I had been waiting for, Katie lowered her head to my cock and started licking and sucking on the head. Katie was not nearly as good as her mother, but the incredible scene of Katie sucking my cock while her mother licked my balls was almost enough to make me come.

I didn’t want to stop Katie from sucking me but I managed to get her to stop long enough to remove her track pants and tiny panties. She was still sitting beside me as she went back to work on my cock. I started rubbing kaçak bahis my hand down her back to her firm ass and squeezed the cheeks and ran my fingers down her ass crack. I looked down towards my cock and I saw another sight that excited me. Katie and Jenny were kissing each other and touching each other’s breasts while still rubbing my cock. I asked if they had ever done that before and they both said “no”.

I lowered my hand below Katie’s ass and started rubbing her almost hairless pussy. After rubbing her pussy and stroking her clit for a while, I reached over and pulled Katie on top of me so that I could lick her young pussy. I licked for all I was worth, concentrating on her cunt and very tight asshole. When my tongue touched her clit, Katie moaned into her mother’s mouth and started jacking my cock faster. As much as I love licking a woman’s cunt, there is something incredibly amazing about licking a 14 year old pussy. It seemed fresher, tighter and sweeter than almost anything else.

I forced Katie’s head back to my cock so that we were in a 69 position as her mother licked and stroked my balls. After about 3 minutes, Katie’s entire body went completely stiff with her first orgasm. Her juices shot out of her young pussy and onto my face. She tasted wonderful. Jenny looked up and asked me if I was ready to fuck Katie. I moved Katie’s body off me and turned her around to kiss her. She straddled me and put her gorgeous firm body over my cock which looked bigger than I had ever seen it before.

Katie moved her body down mine until my cock was resting against her stomach. At first I didn’t know what she was doing until I looked down and saw Jenny, who was still laying between my legs, licking her daughter’s pussy and ass from behind. Then Jenny grabbed my cock and held it still while Katie lowered her incredibly small & tight pussy onto my very hard cock. It almost looked like it wasn’t going to fit until Katie took charge and forced her wet cunt down on my shaft. We both stayed still for what seemed like a minute until Katie started moving up and down on my cock. She would raise her body until I was just about fall out, and then drop down until she was completely full. While this was happing, Jenny was still licking my balls and shaft and would lick Katie’s ass every few strokes.

It didn’t take me long to cum while Katie was riding me. I would love to say that I went for hours but, the truth is that because Katie’s cunt was so tight, and her mother’s tongue felt so good, I only lasted about 4 minutes. Katie came a few times, absolutely flooding my cock with her squriting juice. Before too long, I screamed and Jenny pulled my cock and stuffed it down her throat where I came hard enough for her to spit up my cum, spraying all over my balls and Katie’s asshole. After I came, Jenny licked the cum from both Katie and I.

Katie only stayed for a minute or so after that. She kissed me and left the room. I thanked Jenny for what she had done and told her that she was amazing. Jenny just smiled and closed her eyes. After Jenny had fallen asleep, I decided to get dressed and leave. Before I left, I wrote a note, thanking her for the wonderful evening and said that I hoped I would see her again soon.

As I mentioned at the start, the story is completely true so, I will tell you how it actually ends. I would like to say that this story had a happy ending but, it didn’t. I called Jenny a couple of days later and she cried on the phone. She told me that she would never forgive herself for asking her daughter to have sex with me (ever though Katie wanted to) and that it wasn’t a proper way to raise kids. She then asked me never to call her again. I tried to talk to her and let her know that I didn’t expect it to happen again (although I did want it to) but she wouldn’t listen. I phoned her a week later but, she had changed her phone number.

A year later, I saw Katie in a restaurant. She looked even more beautiful and certainly more grown up when I spotted her sitting with a few friends. She smiled when she saw me and came over to talk with me. I asked her if her and her mom were okay and she told me that Jenny was fine and was seeing a very nice older gentleman. After staring at each other for about 30 seconds, she reached her arms up and gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the lips before heading back to her friends. I never saw either of them again but I will never forget that special night I had spent with Jenny and her daughter.

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