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A Picnic

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It was a hot summer afternoon, Tom and I decided to have a picnic along the ocean shore. I packed up a basket with stuff to make some sandwiches along with chips and all the other things needed for a “nice” time.

Tom drove over to my house to pick me up. I grabbed the basket and handed it to him asking him if he had brought a blanket to sit on. He said he had, so we loaded up the car and headed out.

I had on a cute little sun dress with tiny straps and sandals. Tom had on shorts and sports type shirt with sandals. DAMN, he looked sexy!!!

We drove to the beach, it was PACKED with people every where we looked. We wanted to find a spot that was secluded, we wanted a little bit a privacy for our time together. We got all the things out of the car and started walking along the shoreline looking for a nice spot where we could spread out the blanket and relax.

We walked, for what seemed like an hour, until we found this cozy little spot without anybody around to bother us. There were trees for shade from the blistering sun and we had access to the water as well.

I unpacked the basket as Tom laid out the blanket. After we had gotten everything situated, Tom motioned for me to come lay next to him. I walked over and laid down next to him staring at his GORGEOUS eyes. He reached up and slipped his finger under one of the straps on my dress and lowered it off my shoulder, slowly placing soft kisses where the strap had been.

I closed my eyes and took all the sensations in. The soft touch of his mouth on my body, the light breeze in the air, the sound of waves crashing against the rocks while the sea gulls were over head singing to us.

My mind was whirling from all these things and so was my pussy. I could feel a dampness starting in my crotch and I knew it wasn’t from the ocean. When I casino oyna snapped back to reality, Tom had my dress pushed up and my panties pulled down and he was lightly stroking what little hair I had below.

He looked up at me and smiled that beautiful smile of his and asked me if I wanted him to lick my pussy. I eagerly agreed to it. He moved his hands to my pussy and parted the lips softly as his head got closer and closer. I could feel his hot breath on my clit, then I felt a wet tongue lick it.

I closed my eyes and a small moan escaped from my mouth. It felt wonderful to have him eating my pussy. I could feel an orgasm nearing already, as he could too because he stopped licking my hot cunt and said “oh baby, you’re not going to cum yet.”

My pussy was throbbing for release, but I knew it would happen in due time. He had me sit up so he could take my dress all the way off me. I laid back down and he started sucking on my tit. Taking one nipple in his mouth and the other nipple he took between his index finger and thumb and pinched it firmly to make it come alive.

I reached over and unzipped his shorts and took out his huge hard cock and started stroking it. I could see pre-cum glistening the head of his cock and wanted it in my mouth. I gently pushed on his shoulders so he knew I wanted him to lie back. He obliged me and laid back smiling. He knew how much I loved to give head and he loved letting me do it too.

After he was lying down I crawled over to that big, hard cock slowly, like a tiger on the prowl for prey. I even growled at him with a sneer, a wild woman look, as if I were going to eat him alive. I took his cock into my mouth slowly as I licked the pre-cum off the tip of his dick. I heard a small sigh of approval slip from his lips.

I had that cock in my mouth and his balls slot oyna in my hand. I took his cock all the way down my throat. I felt him arch his back as I did. I slowly worked my way back to the top and swirled my tongue around the head. Then with one fast movement, I had all of his cock, down to his balls, in my mouth again.

He told me to turn a little so he could finger my snatch while I sucked his cock. I positioned my body so he had a clear view of my dripping cunt. I told him I had packed some “toys” for our picnic. He instantly got a wicked grin on his face. He reached into the basket and pulled out a small bag. He unzipped it and dumped the toys out onto the blanket.

I had packed two vibrators and some KY jelly. He took the larger of the two vibrators, smeared some of the KY on it and told me to spread wide and smile. My legs flew open and I knew what to expect. I was in for a ride of my life! He inserted the vibrator into my hot cunt slowly, so I could feel every ridge on it. He was rubbing my clit with a finger as he fucked me with the vibrator.

I reached up and pinched my nipples. Then I leaned forward and pushed my tit up to my mouth so I could suck my nipple. I love sucking my nipples, they get rock hard when I do it. Plus, my pussy gets soaking wet from it also.

I could feel that orgasm coming back, stronger than ever. He started fucking me faster with the vibrator. I felt a hot tongue on my clit, sucking and licking. I could not hold out much longer and I started moaning and squirming. Tom fucked and sucked faster and faster as he told me “cum on my face baby, I want to taste that sweet juice of yours.”

I started humping his face and screaming, “OHHHH, YESSSSSS BABY!” I was thrashing about, arching my back, as the orgasm flooded my body with waves of electric energy. Finally, the canlı casino siteleri ride was over and I calmed a little. I caught my breath and told him that was awesome. Tom said, “That was just the beginning baby.”

He suggested that we move to the cool water to get some relief from the heat. We walked down the ocean shoreline and I laid down in the sand close enough for the water to run across my steamy body. I thought the water would help cool me down, but to no prevail, I was still VERY warm. I knew the water was not going to help.

We started splashing each other and playing around a little bit. Tom came over and pulled me close, he started kissing me teasingly. I could feel him starting to get hard against my thigh and wanted to feel that hard cock inside my pussy.

We fell to the sand, the water washing to and fro beneath me and his hard body next to me was amazing. As we sank deeper into the sand, he slid his fingers down and entered me, smiling he knew I was still wet and ready. He brought his fingers up to my mouth and touched my lips letting me taste how sweet I was, then he kissed me hard. He began kissing and sucking my tits as he moved between my legs, pushing them apart.

As he slipped just the head of his cock inside me, he laughed as I began to beg for more, wanting all of him inside me. But he had other ideas, he entered me fast and hard, pumping a few times, only to pull out and tease my already wet pussy with his cock. He continued to tease me until I began to beg him to fuck me … FUCK ME BABY!!! FUCK ME HARD NOW.

He couldn’t stand it any longer, he entered me hard and deep. Fucking like the animal’s we were, grunting and moaning, we both came in an explosion of fury. As the waves washed over us, we laid there until we came to our senses, and starting laughing as we both said, “DAMN, I’m starving.”

We got up and started walking back to the blanket, I noticed that Tom’s cock was still half hard. I love looking at his nakedness, he is so sexy. I knew our “picnic” has only just begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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