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A Private Holiday

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We’re in a secluded villa somewhere warm and sunny. It’s hot but there’s a light breeze and you’re lying on a lounger by a lovely blue pool. You get me to come out of the water and rub some lotion or suntan oil onto you. I start with your back and give you a light massage too. Run my hands all over your back and shoulders, pressing and kneading sometimes, then down your sides and onto your hips. I give your butt a light, smooth rub then keep on going down the back of your legs, your knees, down to your ankles and feet, same as before, light massage.

I move back up now and I spend more time on your butt, sliding the oil on my fingers under the bikini and down, making sure I oil the insides of your thighs at the top and give your pussy a light brushing too. Then just as I’m about to turn you over you say, “No, carry on.” So now I’m rubbing oil into your pussy from behind, the bikini’s a bit of a hindrance but that makes it more erotic. I’ve squeezed them into a little bunch, exposing you, and I can run my fingers along each side. It’s frustrating you that I’m not touching your slit, but you’re enjoying it; sighing and whimpering sometimes. After a while I pull the bikini away from you so I can get my full hand under it. I’m stroking your butt and back with one hand, the other hand is playing with your pussy, running all kinds of patterns with my fingers but not penetrating. Just slipping around, playing with your clit and lips and casino şirketleri the occasional foray inside. Now you’re about basted and ready to be turned over. With your top already off, I slip some more oil onto my hands and start at your shoulders and arms. Then I slide my hands to your breasts, where I spend an unusually long time just massaging and rubbing because the oil provides so much slip. I use both hands, all the way round them, rubbing both nipples with the palms of my hands and a bit of tweaking with my fingers, while kissing you.

Then I rub your tummy and legs, but you want the main event, I’m sure, so now we’re back to your bikini bottom. I rub oil all around the exposed areas and further up from the top of your legs under the bikini too. Then I take each leg in turn and slowly run my hand from your knee right up to your crotch a few times. By this time, your slightly puffy lips are out on each side of your bunched up bikini and I start rubbing oil into them again. I untie the sides of your bikini and peel it off, and then my hand goes to work on you in a big way whilst the other roams up and down your body.

Of course, soon you want me to join in and you’re trying to grab my cock but I’m resisting and telling you no. I want you to come with me using my hands and yours. So I draw your hands down and together we stroke and tease and knead and pound your pussy until you’re bucking and you come with casino firmaları a sweet heady orgasm, out in the sun.

When you’re done, and done with kissing me too, I lie down with you. You slide and rub your body against mine, promising me all kinds of hot stuff. But we don’t do any more just then, you tease me. You keep me semi-stiff without actually doing anymore than giving the briefest of kisses to my mouth and my cock. You run your hands up and down my body while your excitement builds again, until eventually you’ve had enough of teasing. You mount me and give me a sensuous, slow comfortable screw which carries on into the bedroom…

We get to our room, I strip and jump in the shower and you come soap me up. We start kissing all over each others bodies, and once we’re rinsed off, I stroke your pussy gently. You go down on me – you can’t wait – and after a few minutes of me feeling rather faint we get out the shower and towel each other dry.

We get straight onto the bed and I get on top of you, kissing you again. I kiss your lips, your neck, working my way down. I stroke your breasts, then nuzzle them and start tracing lines with my hands, down your sides to your hips and legs. My hands move to the insides of your thighs and I play with you just outside your pussy lips, not touching you directly, yet.

Then I turn you over on your stomach and begin stroking your ass with my hands. I change position güvenilir casino so you can start sucking my cock while I part your cheeks with my hands and palm your pussy. I use my middle finger to stroke your slit whilst the other fingers rub your lips. I hook my middle finger over your clit and make little circles and waggle it, almost vibrating my finger against it. Then I slip my finger in gradually as I stroke up and down.

I think you’re ready and want me inside you, so I move you onto your side, your back facing the edge of the bed so I can put one foot on the floor. With a brief pinch on your butt, I get you to move one leg akimbo and I enter you, gripping your thigh with one hand. I push in slowly the first time, but measured and deep, right up to the hilt so we both feel every little bit of each other. Then I start in and out, shifting from side to side so you can feel me everywhere inside you. You move your hand underneath, wrapping your fingers around my cock while stroking your pussy. And with a slap on your ass, I start pumping harder and faster, really ramming into you.

You’re moaning and writhing now, so I pick you up at the hips and pull you into doggie style. You’re rubbing your clit and I get my hand on top of yours. I’m still slamming into you for all I’m worth, but it’s difficult to do both. You’re pushing back into me and telling me you want it harder, so I pull my hand back and grab hold of your ass. Then I really pump into you, pulling you into me at the same time until we both explode in orgasm. You take my hands from your hips and pull me down on top of you as you stretch out on your side, and spooning, we drift off to sleep with me still inside you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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