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A Quiet Night In

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Dan took his time driving home from work. Glad the week was done, he wasn’t really feeling like there was any reason to rush. Both he and Melissa had been quite busy recently, resulting in late nights and early mornings. They’d barely had any time together, let alone time for sex. While they would both be home this evening, an early bed time and the potential of sleeping in seemed like the most exciting prospects.

Arriving at home he saw Melissa had already arrived, her car parked in the garage. “Honey, I’m home!” Dan called as he walked into the kitchen, finding a pizza box and two plates set out. Moments later Melissa came down stairs. Dressed in a tank top and black leggings, it was obvious that “comfy” was going to be the best way to describe the evening. Sex was most likely off the table.

“Hi hon,” Melissa said as she gave Dan a peck on the cheek and grabbed a plate. “I picked up a house special and some Italian fries. I hope you don’t mind pizza and a movie tonight.”

“No problem,” Dan said as he put his arm around her waist and gave her a hug, pulling Melissa’s body in close. Dan was hoping for more, but even an evening of cuddling on the couch with his wife sounded like time well spent.

They made an attractive couple. Dan was a fairly average guy, 5’9″, decent shape, Melissa 5’9″ tall, blonde, and a figure with nice curves. Early in their relationship Dan had dubbed her his Venus and, 10 years later, the nickname still applied.

Grabbing some pizza they both headed to the living room to eat and watch some TV. A while later, after cleaning up, the couple cuddled in tight. Melissa enjoyed sitting close to her husband. Her hand naturally falling to his lap, feeling his thigh muscles through his jeans. Resting his hand on her leggings, Dan enjoyed the softness of Melissa’s legs beneath his fingers.

As they mindlessly watched re-runs Dan gently massaged Melissa’s thigh, eliciting a sigh from as she relaxed. Soon, Dan’s hand has moved further between Melissa’s legs. She always joked about how, no matter the situation, Dan’s hand always migrated there. This time, instead of swatting his hand away, Melissa spread her legs a little further, allowing Dan’s hand to rest on the crotch of her leggings. Finding a damp warmth, Dan found himself mersin esc encouraged. Dan began to slowly rub, feeling her lips and the beginnings of arousal beneath the tight material.

As Melissa’s breathing matched Dan’s pace, Dan began to rub faster. He could now feel dampness beginning to seep through. Dan’s hips began to move as well, his erection tight against his jeans, enjoying the friction against his cock.

Melissa turned her head and kissed Dan full on-lips hard together, tongues exploring. Dan slowly slipped his hand under the waist band of Melissa’s leggings, finding and parting her the entrance to her vagina, finding her clitoris engorged and slick. Knowing how much Melissa enjoyed clitoral massage Dan moved his fingers, starting high at the nub and following the full length to her G Spot. Slowly, up and down, her arousal growing, Melissa leaned her head back and closed her eyes as Dan found his rhythm. Each time his finger found its way deep inside of Melissa, her thighs squeezed tight; each upward stroke of her hips moved to help increase pressure. After a few moments Dan added a second finger. Then a third.

Their rhythm increasing, faster, Melissa getting wetter. The damp spot in Melissa’s leggings growing as Melissa moved faster, her thighs no longer squeezing, her hips now fully moving, up and down, increasing pressure with each stroke. Melissa began to moan out loud, her arousal moving toward an orgasm. Crying out, Melissa thrusted her hips upward against Dan’s fingers, teetering on the edge. Dan suddenly flicked his fingers rapidly, deep inside, stimulating her G Spot. Losing control Melissa felt her pussy flood, crying out, her eyes closed, her face flush, Dan’s palm suddenly wet with her orgasm, her cries of “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!” ringing through the room.

Dan slowed his flicking, Melissa’s body relaxing as she came down from the high of her orgasm, Dan’s fingers coated in her cum.

Slowly removing his fingers, licking them, one by one, Dan turns and kisses Melissa, looking deep into their eyes. Dan can see he’s started something, that Melissa’s needs have not yet been fully satisfied.

“Shut things down, come meet me upstairs” Melissa whispered as she stood up, adjusted her now soaked leggings, and headed up to their bedroom.

Dan esc mersin quickly picked up the living room, shut off the lights, and headed up stairs. Entering their bedroom Dan found Melissa sitting up in their bed, having quickly changed, wearing her red satin night gown with a flared skirt. With her legs spread, Melissa’s arousal is still obvious, the lips of her pussy still swollen and wet, her nipples hard and visible through the thin material. Quickly stripping down to his boxers Dan moved to the bedside and kissed Melissa, tongues entwined, his hands and fingers tracing the outline of her nipples through the fabric. While kissing Dan ran his hand down her torso, and under the hem of their skirt, stroking her pubic hair ever so gently.

Dan began to kiss his way down Melissa’s body, his kisses finding her neck, her chest, her breasts. Crawling onto the bed, between her legs, laying flat on his stomach, Dan aligned his mouth with her pussy. Tentatively he licked once, twice, gently kissing her inner thighs, then finding her again, Dan spread her lips with his fingers and begin to lick harder, lapping up the remainder of her previous orgasm, tasting the fresh wetness as her body once again responds to his touch.

Moaning, Melissa reached down and pressed on the top of his head, holding him tight against her. Covered in her juices, dripping, the taste heaven on his tongue, Dan began lick harder and faster. Slipping one of his fingers inside her Dan focused his tongue on her clitoris. Dan again added a second finger, again massaging Melissa’s clitoris, harder, deeper, her hips bucking, her breathing laboured as Dan drew Melissa close to another orgasm, a few more seconds, then a splash of liquid, flooding everywhere, Dan doubling down to prolong the moment, her entire body tense as wave after wave of pleasure moves through body, her pussy so sensitive that she has to push Dan head away.

Sitting up, his fingers still in Melissa, Dan smiled at the way Melissa glows after she’s come. Looking into his eyes, Melissa simply whimpered “more.”

Knowing what she wants, Dan begins with his fingers, his middle and ring finger inside Melissa, slowly stroking. Melissa nodded her head as Dan added his pointer finger, all three now inside. Melissa moaned as mersin escort Dan pushed deeper, brushing against her cervix. Moving her hips, Melissa presses against his hand, allowing Dan to slip his pinky inside, all of his fingers dancing, moving, finding a pulse in her body. Melissa feels her pussy stretch against his hand, almost painful, but she nods her head and bears down, allowing Dan to slip his thumb inside, slowly moving, feeling the wetness over his entire hand. Melissa continues moving, bearing down, beginning to moan as Dan’s hand slips deeper, up to his knuckles, her eyes now huge as she rocks, slowly stretching her lips, his hand moving in deeper centimeter by centimeter. Sliding past his knuckles, almost to his palm, Dan carefully closes his hand into a fist inside of Melissa. Dan can feel Melissa’s cervix brushing against his knuckles as their clitoris rubs against his wrist, Melissa quietly whispering “On my god, oh my god, it feels so FULL, so stretched, oh GOD yes.”

Dan knows that Melissa most likely will not cum like this, but that the feeling of being filled is almost indescribable. Entranced by the complete pleasure, Melissa mindlessly rubs Dan’s cock through his boxers with her other hand, although he doesn’t really notice-his pleasure is a function of her pleasure. Dan slowly flexes his fist as Melissa grinds down harder, enjoying the fullness. Melissa moves faster, obviously looking for something, Melissa mouth the word “please?”

Dan slowly withdrawing his hand, Melissa gasps at the sudden emptiness, now only his fingers inside. Dan begins to flick again, his fingers on her G Spot, his palm on her clitoris, deeper, faster, faster, the liquid again gushing, her hips bucking, her whimper now a cry, “Oh God, yes, yes, please Dan, I need to cum again, please OH GOD YES! I’m coming, I’m coming!” Melissa shouts as her orgasm hits, her juices squirting off of his palm splashing on his chest and hips, liquid everywhere as the tension explodes out of her body, her teeth clenched, her muscles spasming with the complete and utter release.

Slowly, Dan stops, then removes his fingers from her now very swollen pussy. Sliding up the bed and kissing Melissa, Dan whispers “I love you” into her ear. Dan can tell Melissa is utterly exhausted and that she will need to rest. Relaxing into their pillows Dan reflected on the evenings turn of events. Satisfied with having provided such pleasure to the love of his life, Dan holds Melissa close as they drift off to sleep.

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