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A Semi True Story

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This is a ‘semi-true’ story. For years my wanting to have gay sex was something I had to keep to myself. My greatest fear was someone finding out that I fantasized about being thrown down on my bed and fucked stupid by a nameless, faceless stud. Many nights when the shadows filled my room I was on hands and knees naked imagining my hips gripped firmly and my ass fucked soundly. The shadows allowed me to go places I was never allowed to go by day.

It didn’t help that I was brought up in a mid-western town where 1955 was still present and Ozzy and Harriet lived next door,or so I thought. I would later learn that my home town was in fact a haven of swingers where many wives in my old neighborhood often participated in ‘sex parties’ when their husbands were off deer hunting. It was quite a shock to realize that so many of our quiet, conservative neighbors were in fact swingers. Though I never saw this for myself it was something to ponder.

The closest I came to seeing my ‘dreams’ come true was in senior year when my best friend attempted to seduce me. He had succeeded in getting me naked and on his bed. He even had his mouth on my cock…which I was loving…until he gagged, something in my brain clicked and I freaked. His plan was to eventually fuck my ass. Something I wish he had done ‘before’ gagging on my cock.

Somehow I feel that had he done that first..or had I sucked him off first…my freak out would have been less significant…or at least more timely as he would have already had his fun. The guilt factor of a church going, supposedly conservative upbringing really fucks up the enjoyment of exploring alternative sexuality.

Years went by and I never sought to explore further. It happened that I moved to another small town where the whole world seemed to know who fucked who. Maybe it was my paranoia of being discovered, but it seemed to me that everyone knew who was fucking who. Not a place where anonymous exploration could take place and I wanted my private moments ‘private’.

So I did what was expected and dated women. I had a great time but there was something missing, though I felt that I had to keep it to myself. Once again when I was alone and the shadows had closed in I was free to invite my ‘stud’ to my bed where he would ravage my body in all manner of pleasurable ways until the light of day forced me to hide my wants once again. Such was how I lived, with my wants hidden away from the world. Marriage, kids and several dogs later my wants had yet to be met with fewer opportunities to be ‘alone’ with my imaginary stud.

Then one day I was browsing the internet and came across a site that interested me. EP, I will only use the initials because I am being lazy at the moment. It was a social networking site were you could share your life experiences and vent your life frustrations, wants and desires without the world knowing who you were if you didn’t want them to. My first day I came across a story of a mans experience. It was exactly the kind of experience I’d dreamed of and wanted for so long.

On a whim I contacted the author. Strangely there was no second thought or fear…I wanted to at least share with this man that what he had done…was exactly what I have wanted for so long. Later that day he answered my note. Deep inside, I felt as though I had met someone special, that finally my imaginary stud had arrived.

Something, came over me as we chatted. I wanted to hear his voice..so I asked if we could talk. He text his number and I dialed it with shaking, nervous fingers. His voice was gentle, kind and understanding…I was rock hard instantly…something about his demeanor caused me to throw caution I’d usually out the window.

My heart pounded with excitement and my cock ached…yes…finally I thought finally. His name is Andrew. I knew from the moment I heard his voice I would have no trouble with him tearing my clothes off and fucking me.

Months passed and we emailed and called each other until finally one day ‘he’ called me. He was in town for a seminar and had booked a room near Asillomar, a secluded and exclusive resort on the coast and just a few minutes from where I was. My heart leaped into my throat in both fear and excitement. My fear came from being confronted with something I’d both avoided and longed for. I was excited for the same reason. Within the hour I was in his room. Neither of us wanted to waist time in a bar so we had agreed to meet directly in his room. We were both nervous even though we’d been talking and emailing for a long time.

He didn’t pounce on me immediately though he did hand me a rather large glass of wine. I downed it rather quickly..he laughed. It was the first time I’d seen him in the flesh he was good looking, muscular and had a kind smile. Of course we’d seen pictures of each other but bedava bahis this was the first time I was meeting him. As nervous as I was..I knew..that the next time I went through that door I was going to be thoroughly fucked.

Before I realized it I’d downed three glasses and was feeling more relaxed. We were in a nice ocean front suite where the ocean breeze blew in through an open patio door. We talked for a while as the wine took effect with Andrew moving slightly closer to me as the tension eased. Then I felt his hand rest on my shoulder and begin to massage it gently. A kind of test to see if I was going to flinch…or freak out. I looked into his eyes and unconsciously began undoing my jeans…letting them fall open…Andrew took my cue moved to kneel in front of me…and slid my jeans off so that I was naked from the waist down. Then standing up he undid his jeans and let them fall. He to was naked from the waist down…and for the first time..since high school I was..seeing another mans cock. My heart beat wildly inside my chest as desire, nervousness and wine caused me to spin. Andrew reached for my hand and pulled me up. He led me to the open patio door so that we were just inside yet able to enjoy the cool Pacific breeze. Moving behind me I felt his arms wrap around my chest..and his hard, warm flesh press against me. I lifted myself up so that his cock now parted my cheeks…and slid under me. I could see and feel his warm cock as it pressed between my cheeks.

It was at this time I began to shake uncontrollably. It wasn’t fear or anything like that…but a surfacing of long suppressed want. Andrews arm was around my chest pressing my back to his chest…while his free hand was stroking my thigh,ass and cock….driving my want further and further…Unconsciously…I pressed my ass onto the base of his cock…so that I could feel his warmth better. I was turned on by the fact that his erection was for me…that it would be…very soon buried deep inside my ass…throbbing…pumping and shooting cum into me. Andrew pressed his pelvis into my ass and whispered…”Hi” and his lips caressed my neck. That was it..I was his. We stayed like this for a bit..before retiring to the shower..where he cleansed me…inside and out.

Once that was done he climbed into the shower with me…where he pressed me up against the cold shower tile..holding my wrists out wide..spread eagle as he nibbled and bit on my ears and neck. I felt loops of rope around my wrists..just enough to control me…but only if I wanted to be controlled. I could have easily pulled out of them..I didn’t. A hand slid down my back as his lips kissed and licked on my ears and neck..driving me crazy…his hand slid to my ass…and parted my cheeks…and a solitary finger…circled my hole…probing just a little…and circling some more. “How does this feel?” he whispered. All I could do was moan and spread my legs wider…indicating that he could proceed further.

He chuckled…”Good” he whispered. Adjusting the water so that it didn’t interfere with him..he knelt behind me and I felt my ass cheeks part..hot breath…and a warm, silky smooth tongue began to circle my hole. This caused me to moan out a low “Fuuuck” as he slowly and deliberately tortured me with extreme pleasure. Arching my back to give him better access he, without warning, buried his tongue deep into me.

I was in heaven. “Oh God” I cried as he tongue fucked me right there against the shower tile. My forehead pressed into the cold tile as his wonderful tongue slithered in and out of my hole. I rocked my ass back and forth against his intrusions hoping to entice more of his tongue onto me. Andrew did this for as long as he could before the confinement of the shower forced us to vacate to the bed.

He took control, turning off the shower and leading me to the bed where he made me lay down…face down. My face buried in a pillow..I felt his weight crawl onto the bed…between my legs…and resumed performing magic on my ass with his tongue. It was a better angle for both of us..because now we were both more comfortable…Again…I felt his wonderful tongue bury its length into me. My hands reached back and spread my cheeks wide…as he settled into a lovely protracted session of tongue fucking.

It was clearly something he loved doing…I was by no means going to argue…I could have stayed there all night. I bit into the pillow and lost myself in pleasure. Out of nowhere..I moaned his name…”Andrew…” Of course, when he would rest, he would insert two long fingers into me…and finger fuck my ass…a harbinger of delicious treats to come. The first time he did this….My back arched automatically…and he pumped his fingers in and out then rotating them. It was impossible to say which I enjoyed more, his tongue or his fingers…as bedava bonus he was employing both…I wasn’t complaining..not in the least.

Eventually and unfortunately my bliss session had to come to a temporary end. This was due to the fact that Andrew having worked himself to a frenzy of lust needed attention himself. I was so hot that I was more than willing to accommodate ‘any’ situation he may have had in mind.

Rolling over I sat up leaning against the headboard Andrew crawled up so that he was straddling me with his cock in my face. I took his cue and took his cock into my mouth. Andrew was leaning against the wall looking down at me as his cock slid into my mouth. He rocked his pelvis back and forth just a little as inch by inch I learned to take his cock deeper. In this position he could pump his cock into my mouth with relative ease. He used shallow motions at first as I got used to his cock.

Little by little I could take more and more. I enjoyed feeling his warmth sliding into my mouth. I was turned on by the fact that I was giving him pleasure. “God, your mouth feels so good..I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am” he said. I cupped his balls…as he pumped himself a little deeper. I gagged…he pulled back..waited and I wrapped my hands around his thighs.. and pulled him in again. I’m not sure why but the fact that I had gagged on his cock turned me on more. With each successive thrust I felt his cock bypass my gag reflex…until I hardly noticed it anymore.

The position we were in was ok for me..but tiring for Andrew so we switched up. I lay on my back hanging my head off the bed while he stood on the floor. No words were needed and he pressed his cock to my lips again. To my surprise it was easier to take him deeper in this position. What he did next not only turned me on but made it easier for me to take his cock. He hooked his fingers around my neck, lifted and began fucking my mouth and throat. I wrapped my hands around his thighs..and controlled the depth and timing of his thrusts..until I felt his cock slide past my gag..and into my throat. I could feel his entire cock sliding back and forth going deeper and deeper until I felt the base of this cock touch my lips. My eyes opened wide in surprise once I realized what had just happened. I had just deep throated a cock…!!!

My heart was beating with excitement. Andrew was looking down at me watching his cock slip in and out of my mouth. “That is so hot” he whispered. Obviously I wasn’t able to respond. It had been a while since he’d been with a man, but in spite of that he lasted a long time. We got into a comfortable rhythm where either he was thrusting or I was pulling his cock into me.

After ten minutes or so, not that I was counting, but if I had to guess it was ten minutes, he began to twitch “Rich, I’m…going to cum sooon…Uhm..what do you want me to do…?” My answer was to pull his cock into my throat..and kept pumping him in and out until I felt his cock swell and heard a deep groan begin to roll up from deep inside his chest. He was going to cum…and I wanted swallow his cum.

Amazingly he didn’t change his pace..but rather kept up the steady…lock step we’d fallen into. Then he groaned…shoved his cock deeper that it had gone before…and let out a low moan as his body jerked as hot jets of his cum shot down my throat.

The idea that he was cumming and that I had been instrumental in that…was a massive turn on. By the time he had finished cumming I was in need of a breath and so he pulled out. He fell on the bed as I rolled over onto my stomach and grinned as I pressed my face into pillow. I was so turned on by what I had just done..I was speechless.

A warm hand fell to the small of my back and slid down to my ass cupping it and squeezing it as Andrew rolled over and slid an arm around my waist. “Thank you. I didn’t actually think you would take my cum…at least not so soon. He nuzzled my neck for a short while before getting up and retrieving the wine and glasses we had left on the coffee table. The sun had been going down when I got there it was now dark so Andrew turned on a light and dimmed it..so that we had enough light to see. Sitting next to me on the bed Andrew handed me a glass.

Once I had it in my hand he dropped his hand to my cock which was raging. He cupped my balls and grasped my cock and began a gentle massage, of a sort. I slammed my wine back and he whispered “your turn” and he pushed me back on the pillows. His mouth engulfed my cock and began giving me a magnificent, slow and blissful blow job. It had been so long since I’d had ‘any’ head I was lost in the sensation.

He didn’t let me cum right away…but made it last…building me up…settling me down…building up…settling down…until finally I whispered..”Please”. deneme bonusu He smiled and made me cum…I came with such force…I thought I’d black out. My back arched up off the bed…as I felt his mouth clamp tightly around my cock and take every drop of my cum…It felt as though I was being sucked dry…I was. But as I came…he was having me sniff something that not only increased my orgasm..it helped me maintain my mental sex drive.

It had been years since I could cum and keep going but now..I was in the midst of an orgasm…and my urge instead of ebbing was surging…even more than before…and I came again…or was it simply a second wave of the same orgasm? As I lay panting from Andrews attentions..he poured me another wine..and helped me sit up again. He as smiling grandly clearly pleased with my reaction.

Looking outside then back at me he said. “I know I should have mentioned this earlier…but there is a nice hot tub in the patio. Since its dark…I figured now would be a good time to go hang out in it…until…’ his voice trailed off as he grinned…’ya know…until you’re ready” I smiled back at him but said nothing but rather grabbed the wine bottle..and stood up to walk to the hot tub. He hopped off the bed..grabbed his glass and followed.

He got in first..then indicated that I sit next to him. The warm water bathed us as we relaxed. It wasn’t long before I was lying in the crook of his arm resting my head on his shoulder. It wasn’t long after that that his hand drifted to my ass…and shortly after that…Andrew had a nice, long finger teasing my hole circling and occasionally probing me. I moved to his lap so that I was sitting across it laying in his left arm…as he fingered me with the two middle fingers of his right.

I felt his fingers tease me give me a taste of what he had in store for me..part of me wished we could fuck…right there…now…only there was not enough privacy..for the kind of attention he wanted to give. That and there was a party just next door..with more than a few people stumbling by the bush that offered us cover.

The idea that someone might catch us…only stimulated my excitement..but neither of us wanted to be interrupted in the middle of things. So after having two close calls we decided to head in. Just before we decided this..Andrew asked…”Are you ready for…for..me?”

It wasn’t a fair question, I mean he had two fingers buried to the knuckle in my ass…when he asked it. Of course..I said “Yes…Please…Please…” It was almost a whimper.

Andrew dried us both off once we entered the semi darkness of the suite. He pulled me to him..and kissed my cheek..neck…and mouth. It was the first time I’d kissed another man…ever. But as I was about to be fucked by a man…it made sense. As he kissed me..he walked me to the bed…pushed me onto the mattress and whispered…”I want to watch your face…as I enter you…” He kissed me again.”That and it makes it easier to kiss you this way..” My heart beat mercilessly in my chest.

Andrew reached for the lube and applied it to my ass then to his granite hard cock. Pausing only a moment…he took me by the ankles and lifted them to his shoulders…grasped my waist…and lifted me to his waiting cock. Slow moments passed…an eternity…and I felt his hot, throbbing heat pulsing at my entrance…or was it my heart beat…I couldn’t tell. “Ready?” he whispered..I nodded….and for the first time…ever..I felt a flesh and blood cock…slip into me.

We had played over the net and skype with my dildos for a long time..so I was ready for him…so ready…I felt his body heat mix with mine…his breath catch…No pain…none…and I felt his cock burrow into my ass…in the dim light..I could see the shadow of his cock disappearing into me. Slowly we came together. As his pelvis..touched my ass..my phone rang.

My wife was wondering how my meeting was going. Andrew smiled…his cock twitching inside me…I answered with “my meeting is going fine…just fine..but we are still in the middle of it…I’ll call you when I’m done….ok?…Bye”

I hung up my phone…turned it off…..and tossed it away…Andrew was smiling…”That could have been fun…if you kept talking to her while I fucked you” he said.

I smiled up at him…”maybe someday…but this is ‘my’ time…I want to share it alone with you..” With that Andrews smile did not fade..but grew more serious…

“Yes..Yes…I’d rather not share this moment either” and he kissed me.

The shadows engulfed us…and I was once again lost in the shadows…with my stud…only he wasn’t imaginary…not anymore….in the darkness of the night I felt his cock pumping slowly into me…gently at first…and our bodies came together with a soft “puk”.

“Andrew…fuck me..fuck me please..” I whispered.

He fucked me…as the shadows engulfed us both..the sound of his pelvis slapping my ass filled the air until he groaned into my ear…”I’m cumming” and filled me with his cum…for the first time…the first time…of many to cum.

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