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A Shoulder to Cry On

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It was late at night when the doorbell rang, followed by frantic knocking on my door. I thought that who ever it was better be chased by wild dogs, or have a damned good excuse for this. As I check through the spy hole I saw my ex stepdaughter Beth, all bewildered, crying and her makeup looking too wild even for the Rocky Horror show.

“Oh no, not again,” I thought to myself.

Beth is the daughter of my ex-partner, nearly 30 years old, and I am now Beth’s stand-in dad. Her real dad doesn’t want to know, the previous stepdad pulled his hands off her, and her mum is fed up with Beth making a mess of her life everytime and then leaving it to others to put the pieces back together again.

I opened up, and Beth almost threw herself in my arms. I am probably the last person she can still call upon when things go off the rails again. Even looking disheveled as she was, Beth is a very sexy woman. She has a thing for short leather skirts and high boots, and when she makes an effort, she looks like model material. As I took her in my arms for a comforting hug, my cock twitched and got hard, without me wanting it to. Clearly my body developed a mind of its own in this situation. I quickly shuffled back, causing a tactical gap between us, hoping she hadn’t noticed.

When she was all cried out, I made her a hot strong coffee, and told her to go and have a shower first. Lots of her stuff was still in the spare room from the last time, some three months ago. When she came down, she looked lots better already. Her long toned legs looked great from underneath her silk robe, that was just long enough to obscure the hotspots.

She did her story, of too much booze, again, too little self control, again, getting into a scrap, again. And how fed up she was with making the same mistakes, again. I rehashed my old advice, that only one person could turn the ship around before it fell off the earth, and that it wasn’t me.

“My room looked very tidy,” Beth smiled. “Nothing out of place, you even washed all my panties and my other lingerie. It still even smells fresh. You haven’t been wearing them, have you?” she laughed.

“Ah, you got me there! Like I could fit anything bigger than my nose in what you wear! I’ve not seen many things with less fabric in it than your panties,” I quipped back.

“Maybe you’ve just been thinking about me in them then,” she said with a cheeky smile. “Although, I remember you having a bit of a lingerie fetish, and stockings! And didn’t you write erotic stories online as well?” she asked.

“Beth, I already have seen plenty of you. You were never really that shy around me,” I said. “And yes, I love lingerie and stockings. And I still write occasionally, I’m suffering a bit with writers block at the moment though. I have written three stories in one series, but I am stuck on the fourth one,” I admitted.

“I still feel totally comfortable around you. I know you think I am pretty and sexy because you have told me that to my face. But, you don’t flirt, grope, ogle or so called accidentally touch me wherever you want to. You’re probably one the few people who still treat me with some respect and dignity. And I am painfully aware I am in no position to expect that, but you still do,” she said, was her eyes welled up.

I sat down next to her, put my arm around her shoulders, and pulled her closer. More tears came, but not nearly as much as when she got here. We both got up, ready to get some sleep. Beth came in for one more hug, and again I tried to create a slight gap. She was however having none of that, and pulled me closer whilst really cosying up close to me. No way she could not notice my hardon, no way I could unfeel her large breasts against my chest.

“Thank you, you fantastic and kind man,” she whispered before kissing me on the cheek.

She walked in front of me up the stairs, giving me a view to see what she wore under that robe, which was absolutely nothing. She has fantastic legs, and a great arse. And from my view, she was not afraid to use them. I could swear she was swaying her hips that big extra as she headed up to her room.

She turned around and smiled in what I can only describe as a knowing smile. She knew I had peaked under her robe, and appeared to be fine with that. She did not encourage or lead me on, but she was not going to object. Maybe she wanted to know that even to someone she considered as non-threatening as me, she was still an attractive woman who could cause that little spark.

Over the next few days things were nice and very homely. Beth was in a great mood, helpful around the house, and even had my dinner ready when I got home from work. With that great mood also came a dress sense that became slightly more revealing every day. Her skirts were that bit shorter, her tops and blouses seemed to accentuate her lovely large breasts a bit more. Her blouses certainly seemed to run out of top buttons rather quick.

She really worked on her makeup and quite frankly, she looked hot. There were also some slight brushes of her hands against merter escort my body, or she found an excuse for a touch of my face, hands or legs. Two nights ago, we watched a film, together on the sofa. Beth tucked her arm in behind me, and snuggled up right against me. My arm had nowhere else to go then over her shoulder, with my hand only find her hips and arse as a resting place.

“Go ahead, I don’t think we need to be shy with each other anymore, don’t you think?” she said, as she got even more comfortable. Given that we seemed to gently cross every line we encountered, I rested my hand on her hip, whilst my other hand stroked her hair and neck. She looked up and smiled at me.

“This is nice, I think we should have more movie nights in like this,” Beth said, whilst almost purring under my hands.

She shifted a bit, my hand now on her very shapely backside. Her hand rested under her head, but dangerously close to my cock. My cock was clearly aware of Beth’s hand, and almost seemed to grow towards it. I was also acutely aware of my cock nearly touching her lips.

“There is no way she can’t notice that,” I thought, as I ran over some possible responses should she challenge me. However, there was no challenge, no comment, no acknowledgement of any sort that she noticed me getting aroused from her head that close to my still growing and hardening cock. As the film ended, she turned to face me, and gave me a big smile.

“This was so nice, watching a film like this. We were almost a real couple the way we snuggled up, I loved it,” she said with a very content look. And in a forgotten moment I stroked her hair and the contour of her face. She took my hand and kissed it. There was now a look in her eyes that went beyond enjoying an evening in front of the television.

I seriously started to wonder where this was going. We always got on very well, even in her darkest days, she always seemed to respond better to my intervention than anyone else’s. We now seemed to be moving in a very different direction, and I had some serious thinking to do. Taking our past out of the equation I thought I would be mad to turn down any advances by Beth. Women of her age, 29, and that pretty barely noticed me normally, which I felt was only natural. I hardly considered myself as God’s gift to women, my track record in relationships spoke for itself.

Beth sat up and moved, her feet now on my legs. I kept a close eye on where her feet were in relation to my cock, which was still hard, and almost drawn to Beth like a compass needle draws to the north. We chatted a bit about the movie and the actors.

“So what did you think of that redhead woman when she was getting all dressed up? Even I thought it was very erotic how she put on those stockings, and she looked gorgeous in that lingerie. And did she know how to make a show out of putting her makeup on, especially her lipstick. I reckon I could have a girl crush on her,” Beth said.

I agreed with her. And I told her I loved a woman getting dressed up like that, and showing it in a very sensual manner. I told Beth that she perfectly fitted my fantasy of seamed stockings and how much I loved the look of a woman with beautiful legs wearing stockings with suspenders. The actress seductively clipping the suspenders to her nylons really worked like magic to my cock. I also told her the actress reminded me of Beth’s friend Sam. I then hit Beth with a curveball by saying that I also didn’t mind a man wearing lingerie and stockings like that.

“Excuse me?!” she said whilst looking me in the eye. “So, you swing both ways? Or do you just like to look at cross dressers?

I told Beth that I loved cross dressers as much as I loved women. The erotic stories I had written were about cross dressers. I told her that I have been fucked and sucked plenty of times and that I had very happily returned those favours.

“I definitely did not see that coming. I must admit that turns me on a bit to be honest. Did you ever take any pictures, or maybe even videos?” she asked.

I told her I had both, and promised her that I would arrange a nice evening in with some specific entertainment at some point.

“And you were right, she did look like Sam, that actress! Do you know by the way that Sam fancies you? She asked me not to tell you, but I just couldn’t keep that to myself,” Beth smiled.

“And, I love seamed stockings too, they are beyond sexy,” she added.

I told Beth I didn’t believe her and that I thought she was winding me up. But, she swore it was true. After a few more minutes Beth went up to get changed, and came back down in a black and red leather and lace corset, with six suspender straps. She also wore black nylons with red borders and red seams. Her boobs were too big for the DD cups of the corset, so she must have had them upsized, because the corset was hers, and I knew her size. I had worn the very corset myself! The minuscule lace of her string only just covered her pussy.

I swear, I could have hit nişantaşı escort a homerun with my cock when I saw her. It was clear from how she looked and walked and acted she had taken the next step to seducing me. And my resistance was crumbling fast. She walked up to me, bent down to kiss me goodnight, giving me a clear view of her huge tits. Her kiss was an accidentally misplaced one, or so she said, which landed on my lips rather than my cheek and lingered long enough to feel the softness of her lips.

My hand found its way on her backside and I let it rest, feeling the firm bum cheek and the soft skin. Beth kept her face only an inch away from mine, and it was clear that the next step would cross the final line.

“We need to think long and hard Beth, about where we go next and how we carry on,” I said, in an attempt to be the grown-up in the room.

“Everytime you hug me I think, ooohhh, that feels big and long and hard,” she said with a dirty cheeky grin. “It’s sweet you move back, but I have noticed it a few times, and to be honest, I was flattered, and it made me feel wanted, and I even may have used it as inspiration for some private entertainment, which I always found very satisfying when I think of you. I know you want me, and I want you too”.

We did agree that tonight though would not be the night we went all the way. Beth pressed her lips onto mine and definitely not by mistake. Her soft mouth lingered there, before she pulled back.

“Thank you, for wanting me, but even more for respecting me enough to not act on that. I felt you were hard, and if your hand had moved freely you might have noticed I was wet. I still am, but for now you can only take my word for that. I want to go slow, and if we do cross the final line, it will be because we both want it, and it will happen when the time is right,” she said.

She walked in front of me up the stairs as we headed to bed. I pictured my face buried between her bum cheeks, whilst sticking my tongue inside her arse. She then stopped and turned around, bringing me face to face with her shaven pussy, barely hidden by the black lace of her panties. It smelt of lust, and I could see she was wet. She looked down on me, her hands stroking her breasts.

“Goodnight gorgeous man,” she said as she blew me a kiss.

“Goodnight Beth, and goodnight Beth’s pussy, and goodnight Beth’s gorgeous tits,” I said with a smile.

“I think they are all happy with that,” she laughed, before heading into her room.

As I went into bed, I picked up my tablet for some erotic reading. Sometimes reading stimulates more than watching porn in my opinion. I could see the light still on in Beth’s room. The light then went out, but there was the slight glare of a phone or tablet.

I found some good stories of cross dressers. Whether she knew it or not, I had been wearing some of Beth’s underwear, including that pink silk robe she wore earlier. I very much loved the stories of cross dressers, especially when there was an understanding and maybe even a participating female partner involved.

I had fallen asleep, and was woken up by a sound or movement. I half woke up, but hadn’t really moved. I recognized Beth’s shape next to my bed, and I could see she was rubbing her hand and fingers over her pussy and her clit. She was staring down at me, whilst fingering herself to a muted orgasm, not wanting to wake me, and unaware I had woken up. After she had come back down from her high, she looked down on me, before whispering, “if you only knew how much I want you.”

I eventually went back to sleep, my nostrils filled with the musky scents of Beth’s orgasm, and I had dreams filled with images of Beth fingering herself next to my bed and hearing her say she wanted me. I reckoned crossing that last line was only a matter of time, and probably not that much time either.

I was about to get up when Beth walked in with a coffee. She wore a short black and red silk robe, which had not been tied shut properly, allowing a view of her tits and her pussy. There was also still the musky smell of a wet pussy that followed her. She handed me my coffee, and asked if she could sit with me. I was never going to turn that down, and she sat, facing me.

“How did you sleep?” she asked.

“Not too bad thanks. Briefly woke up around 4 I would say, because I thought I heard something,” I replied.

“What did you think you heard?”

“Like there was someone by my bed,” I said.

Beth then smiled. “You knew it was me, didn’t you? And you knew what I did too.”

I said that I wasn’t sure if I had had a dream or if it really happed, and wasn’t going to bring it up myself.

“Let me tell you, I came back to you not just because I mess up and you’re the only one to still take me in, but also because I really like and want you,” Beth said. “And before I lose my nerve, I really was hoping that this time you would actually see me as something else than a rescue pet.”

I certainly did not see this this ortaköy escort coming, and I took a minute to respond.

“Beth, I would never assume that a young attractive woman like you, would even be remotely interested in a man my age. Especially given my past relationship with your mum, which muddies the waters a bit.”

“I know, and I appreciate that. You are, for your age, very fit and quite a handsome guy. And I know for a fact there are a few of my friends who really fancy you and not just Sam,” she said.

As she said that, her robe fell open, showing her beautiful tits, the stuff of many a man’s fantasy. Her hand slid into my shorts, and found my cock.

“You didn’t think I hadn’t noticed, did you?” she asked.

With that she started stroking my cock, which grew harder under her touch. She told me she wanted to feel my cock against her and inside her, knowing that at least one decent man wanted her, even though he desperately tried not to act it. She had also hoped to send me to bed with a hard-on last night.

“Well, it worked,” I smiled.

My hand now rested on her thigh, and with that her hand started massaging my cock, which responded well to the female attention. I got real hard as she gently stroked me, holding my eyes, and slowly spreading her legs. I was pleased with Beth’s comments about the size of my cock.

“I really want that inside me, and when we are ready for that step, you can pick any hole you want for it,” she said.

“Tough decision, I want to fuck every hole of you,” I said. “I have always wanted you. You were a little tease and I always felt you were trying to seduce me and get me to fuck you. Those leather miniskirts you wore along with those fuck me boots, I really liked them. With your fishnets on, you looked very hot,” I said, not holding back anymore.

“They were always a hit with the boys, and girls too. I’m glad they worked for you as well. The boots are still in the wardrobe. Have you tried them on by the way? My boots seemed a bit stretched,” she asked. “And before you try to come up with a good explanation, I now know about your little cross dressing fetish so I think I know the answer. And I think it’s sexy and kinky, and probably explains your way with women like me. Maybe we should explore that side together soon.”

Well beyond blushing or hiding now, I did admit to wearing her stuff. Having lost loads of weight and shedding a fair few inches I could actually wear her stuff, apart from the boots, they were too small. Beth took off her robe. She used it to stroke my cock with, which was sensational with her touch.

Beth stood up and sat down, straddling my lap, my cock pressing against her pussy. Her green eyes stared into mine, then she pressed her lips hard on mine. All the lingering lust came out, our tongues penetrating deep into the other’s mouth. Beth panted, bit my lips and sucked my tongue. Her big tits pressed into my chest, her nipples hard.

“Ooohhh, that feels so good,” Beth moaned, as she slowly started to grind my cock. Her cunt felt wet against my cock, and I could smell her juices. I had started kissing and sucking her nipples and massaging her tits, swapping each side, making sure to be tender and attentive, and not rough.

“That’s how I want it, make love to my tits,” she whispered.

She stood up, her legs spread, then started grinding against my cock at slow pace, massaging her cunt gently. Beth lifted my head, and kissed me, hungry and hard. Her tongue forced into my mouth, and I responded in kind.

“God this is so good. I need to you inside me!” Beth now moaned loudly. But as she said this, she stood up and seductively walked away. She was going to keep building the tension and desire, to see who caved in first she told me.

We shared one more kiss, loving and also needy and hungry. Beth’s eyes seemed to stare straight into my soul.

“That was amazing, I have wanted you for so long, and now I want you even more,” Beth said. “But, I want to make this foreplay last for as long as we can hold out. Maybe we could go for lunch a bit later?” she suggested.

“I would love that. My treat, as I will look like the luckiest guy in the world with a woman like you on my arm,” I replied.

A few hours later I was ready, having made some effort to scrub up as well as I could. Then Beth came down the stairs, and she looked fantastic. She wore a black pencil skirt, with a dark red sheer blouse covering that same corset she showed off last night. She wore seamed nylons, in black slingback stiletto heeled shoes, showing of the Cuban heel on her stockings. She had put her hair up, with strands framing her beautiful face. Her make-up was light, yet accentuated her features, bringing out her green eyes. I was in absolute awe of her beauty and I could not stop myself staring at her.

“Beth, you look so beautiful, I adore how pretty you are,” I said with a smile.

“For the right man I will put in my best to look my best,” she said with a coy smile.

I held the car door open for Beth, as she bushed against me as she got in. Not before she put a kiss on my lips, whilst gently stroking my face. She smiled as I walked around the car to get in. The drive to the restaurant, a rustic little place overlooking the sea. It was quite remote, however plenty of people seemed to know of its existence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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