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A Simple Mistake

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Just a couple of weeks ago I was in London as usual to go to my regular classes at a circus school. It was the day there were the gales that killed about fourteen people in Britain and about 8.00pm between classes I phoned up the enquiries desk to find out if there were any problems with getting back.

Big problems! The overhead wires were down so no trains in or out of London on either of the lines going back to Cambridge. I went back in to the training area and started to cast around for somewhere to stay after the last class.

Steph who often did the acrobatic balancing class as well said that I could go back to her place but would have to go to a party with her first. So as long as I didn’t mind missing out on sleep…. That wasn’t a problem as I had the next day off.

It turned out a few people I knew were going to the party and the only reason I hadn’t been invited was an assumption that I needed to get back to Cambridge for work the next morning. Emma told me in between some crunches that were the obligatory start to just about any class that I could cycle with Paulina who was also going and had her bike at the school.

We arrived at Claire’s place for the party, having dropped in to the City Beverage Company in Old Street first to get a decent bottle of wine. I have an aversion to drinking cheap and nasty plonk at parties and would rather have a couple of glasses of something nice than get pissed on the rubbish that you normally get.

I ended up spending almost the entire party chatting with Paulina, finding out how long she had lived in London after leaving Greece, about her ballet training and generally just getting to know each other a bit better. We had only met a few weeks şirinevler escort before in the class which was the sum total of our knowledge of each other.

We had a great time but finally the party came to an end. Steph lived across the other side of London and Claire whom we both knew but not all that well, said, “Why don’t you both stay here rather than cycle across London in this wind?

After checking that Stephanie didn’t mind we both took up the offer even though it was dependant on helping to clear up for about three quarters of an hour first.

It was only then that Claire showed us where we would be sleeping. She showed us both to a room with a luxuriant double bed and an en-suite shower. As Claire shut the door, Paulina laughed, “She thinks we are together!” I turned to face her and Paulina put her hands to the back of my neck and kissed me.

I could feel her erect nipples pressing through her thin top and I felt my cock start to stir. Paulina took a deep breath and said, “Why don’t you get in the shower and I will join you in a minute.”

Well that was an invitation I wasn’t going to refuse!

I had just got the shower to a comfortable temperature, (Why do they all have to be different?) when Paulina came in. Perfect dark olive skin, just a whisper over five foot tall, small, firm breasts with larger than average nipples and not an ounce of spare fat anywhere.

“You look beautiful.” I said as I finished washing my sweaty body.

“I don’t feel it.” Came the answer, “But I will when you have finished washing all the sweat of me.”

“Come here and let me start then.” I replied and I started by shampooing her hair, şişli escort and gradually worked my way down. I spent a long time on her breasts and felt her small trim body melt into mine as my hands worked their way lower still, eventually reaching the thin landing strip of jet black pubic hair that pointed towards her pussy.

I wanted to make this last however so I moved down to the bottom of her legs and gradually worked my way back up till I had one hand gently teasing the outside edges of her labia while the other hand soaped up her ass. At the same time I bent down to first lick around and then eventually suck on a nipple.

Paulina took my hand and directed it’s attention to her clitoris and soon she was pushing against my eager fingers. I adjusted so that two fingers could probe her growing wetness while my thumb worked on her love button. Another couple of minutes and Paulina cried out something in Greek that I didn’t understand and two weeks later, she won’t tell me what it means.

We finished our shower and dried off before making our way to the bed. I held Paulina’s legs out into box splits and kissed my way up the inside of her thighs. Once I reached her honey pot I slid my hands under the rock hard muscles of her butt. I licked my way up and down her lips before pushing my tongue as deep inside her as I could manage. I kept switching between lapping up her sweet nectar, penetrating her with my tongue and licking and sucking on her clitoris. It was not long before I felt her cum again.

Paulina took charge at this point and pushed me over onto my back. She then began an incredibly erotic, well I guess, ‘dance’ would be the word. Her hips gyrated taksim escort above my own pelvis and every so often her pussy lips would brush the tip of my erect penis. I was so hard it was almost painful.

I watched her breasts as she moved, the amount of time our organs spending in contact increasing as she lowered herself onto me. Somehow keeping her balance Paulina took hold of me with one hand and started rubbing the purple head of my dick against her opening, mingling her freely flowing juices with my pre-cum.

Then, suddenly without warning she dropped down, impaling herself on my rigid tool. She was tighter than anyone else I had known. Without moving she squeezed me using her internal muscles. I flexed my own muscles to press against the upper wall of her vagina. We continued doing this for five minutes or more while my hands learned more about the contrast between the softness and firmness of her breasts.

As I started to squeeze her nipples Paulina at last started to fuck me. Long slow movements that almost had me slipping out as she lifted herself up before pushing down till our pubic bones met time and again. Each time they met she would use her muscles to squeeze me tight. I started to lift my hips to meet her and sensing that I was getting close Paulina started to play with her clitoris. It did not take long before her climax came and her earlier squeezing was as nothing compared to this.

Unable to hold back any longer I filled her with my seed as she shouted something else that was all Greek to me. Paulina then proceeded to clean our combined juices from me with her tongue and mouth. Once hard again I took her from behind, fucking her till we were both sore but in a pleasant way.

The next morning, over breakfast Claire commented that we had made enough noise during the night. I laughed and told her that we hadn’t even been boy and girl-friend when she showed us the room we stayed in, never mind lovers!

At this point Claire turned bright red as she gasped, “Oh my God!”

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