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A Spanking Story

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A gal and I started seeing each other a while back and after a couple of months she still balked at anything intimate. When we kissed she would turn her head away and stop it all if it became too passionate. Anytime I tried to touch her in a sexually suggestive manor she would move my hand away and roll her eyes as if to say, “You’re not trying that again, are you!”

She was pleasant enough and I enjoyed going out to eat and watching movies with her so I just didn’t pursue anything sexual too intently. She invited me to church one time which I turned down and I began to think religious convictions may be responsible for her lack of passion.

She was fairly good looking, just into her thirties, never been married and had a slightly larger than usual butt. It wasn’t outrageous, just larger proportion wise than the rest of her. Her boobs were quite small. One evening while working at my computer desk she was standing right beside me with her upper thighs up against the desk. She was wearing tight denim jeans that displayed a nice vagina bulge just above the desktop and I kept imagining what it would look like naked. (I know, that’s all us guys think about and look for!)

I leaned back a bit and saw that the jeans also displayed a nice round tight ass. I was getting fairly horny looking at the view and thought to myself, “There’s pussy on the other side of that ass!” The more I looked the hornier I became and finally in desperation I grabbed a wooden ruler from the desktop and whacked her left ass cheek. I bursa escort was expecting her to move back and say something like “Stop That!” but she displayed a small surprised jolt look on her face and just stood there.

I wondered what she must be thinking and I wanted to swat her ass again. Finally I smacked her right cheek a tad bit harder and waited again for a reaction. She became extremely still and quiet, eyes wide open with absolutely no blinking, staring straight ahead towards the wall behind the desk. She lightly grabbed the front edge of the desk with her palms down and stepped back about half a step as if to brace for another swat.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune! The only thing I like better than spanking a willing ass is fucking! I told her that since I had swatted the left cheek lightly and the right cheek a bit harder, I needed to swat the left cheek again to make them even. She stood still as I gave a really good hard swat to her left cheek once again. I said, “Uh oh, it was a bit too hard and now the other side needs a swat,” and POW I smacked the right side.

I told her that I was having a hard time trying to even them out as I alternated harder and harder ruler swats between her two ass cheeks. Other than an occasional faint moan she remained still and silent. At one point she stepped back another foot and moved her legs farther apart and arched her back slightly indicating the spanking was meeting her approval.

I couldn’t believe what was happening and she was obviously bursa escort bayan quite enjoying it. I was a little unsure if I should try and take it on further but not being able to help myself, I said in a half way kidding voice that it was the thick denim jeans that made it so hard to even out the swats. I didn’t know if she would go for it but I slowly turned her around so that she was facing me. She wouldn’t make eye contact but just continued to stare without blinking. I remained sitting in my chair and unbuckled her big belt buckle, unsnapped and unzipped her jeans and just as I was about to, she pulled her jeans all the way down to her western boots for me. She was wearing white cotton granny panties that came up high on her waist -just what I’d expect from a gal like her!

She hurriedly got back into her previous spanking position facing the wall and I began alternating swats onto her pantied ass. She appeared to be in extreme ecstasy and savoring each and every swat. Trying to continue my advance I told her that her panties were now throwing off the swats. She stood there still and silent as I slowly pulled her panties down to where they rested with her jeans on top of her boots.

I continued to give her hard swats and I asked if it was too hard to which she replied a big, “NO!” I asked several more times and her answer was always a resounding “NO!” I spanked her on and on until her low-level moans turned to low level screams of delight mixed with orgasmic desperation and finally one big scream. escort bursa She moved down to the carpet trying to get her boots, jeans and panties off but they were all tangled, so I happily removed them for her. I noticed that her ass was a bright red.

I reached to remove her blouse but she said no as she motioned my hand away. I started to unbuckle my jeans but she also said no to that as she pulled me down close to her. I tried to kiss her but she turned away as she continued to push me further down.” She wants me to go down on her!” I finally realized so I moved down until I was face to face with the biggest blond with hints of red, mane of pubic hair I think I’d ever seen. She doesn’t shave anywhere down there.

I worked my way into the pink area and she went crazy! She had her knees in the air, legs spread wide, grabbed my head on each side with her hands and moaned and screamed loudly for several minutes until finally she had what may have been the biggest orgasm I’ve ever witnessed a woman have. She screamed and just gushed female cum and pussy juice for about twenty hard contractions. She recovered for a moment breathing heavily then motioned me up, unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans and boxers down only far enough to get to my cock. She was giving me a hand job and a blowjob at the same time and when I came did not swallow but let the jizz run out her mouth and down her chin, neck and blouse. It was a bit messy but what a turn on!

She got dressed quickly, cleaned in the bathroom for a long time and left rather abruptly barely saying, “bye.” She wouldn’t answer my calls or have anything to do with me after that night. One night I did see her at a restaurant with an extremely vanilla looking guy. She wouldn’t make eye contact…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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