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A Stalker and her Prey

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A Stalker and her Prey:

It’d been going on for about a month and a half now. I couldn’t glance behind myself without seeing her. Let me explain.

My name is Gary Parker. I’m 18 years old and in my senior year of high school. I have a younger sister who’s pretty cool most of the time, a wonderful mom who provides for the household, and of course, my smoking hot girlfriend Tabitha Richards. I lead a pretty comfortable life and I’m happy…

For the most part.

For the past five or six weeks, I’m fairly certain I have been followed by a girl. I only see her fleetingly because whenever I try to look at her she bolts, but I’m fairly certain it’s a classmate named Amanda Taylor. From what some of my friends tell me, she’s a cute blonde with C-cup breasts who can apparently pull off her glasses very well. Aside from that I couldn’t find anything out. Tabitha hadn’t noticed her, and I was conflicted about whether to tell her or not.

Tabitha is a bit… Spirited. And violent. She had no problem beating the shit out of anybody who bothered her, and as her boyfriend I feel under her protection too. Not that I needed it. At 6 foot 2 inches with 184 pounds of muscle, I was quite an intimidating figure. I never had trouble and I certainly never started any. Tabitha had skill where I had strength. She was in great shape and had taken karate since she was 4. While I could just hurl someone across a room, she could hit them 20 times 6 seconds. We were a couple to be respected and not fucked with.

Which is my reasoning for not telling Tabitha. Even at 5 foot 5 inches and weighing 120 pounds, she scared me. If she heard some girl was stalking me, she’d go nuclear and somebody would be in the hospital. So that meant I had to figure out how to go about fixing this without alerting her. And I hate keeping secrets from her, so I was trying to hurry.

I spend a lot of time with Tabitha, and we spend a lot of time having sex. She kind of has a punk type look. She had shortish black hair that comes down to her neck and that she lets almost cover one of her bright blue eyes in that mysterious fashion that I find so alluring. She has a tongue piercing, three ear piercings (one in one ear, two in the other), and a belly button piercing. She has streaks of color in her hair that change every week, and she usually dress in black clothing paired with accessories that matched her hair streak coloring that week (i.e. Red hair streaks equal black clothing with red heeled black boots and a very tight red vest over a black blouse). She also has large C cup boobs that look even bigger on her petite frame.

A lot of people were stunned by how different we were. I usually dress a bit more mainstream in jeans and graphic tees. I was also very averse to violence whereas Tabitha saw it as the universal solution to problems. But when we were together we got along famously. I was a little baffled myself, but I don’t question it because I like Tabitha a lot.

Anyway, enough backstory for now. Let’s get to the present. Right now I’m walking to Government with Tabitha. I can distinctly feel eyes watching me as I chat with Tabitha. I think she notice the tension in my arm that she’s holding onto.

“Babe, are you alright? Your arm feels a bit more muscly than it should,” she says with a wink at me. I smile back weakly and try to shake off the bad vibes.

“Yeah, I’m just feeling a little off today, don’t worry,” I said, lying a little. She didn’t have to worry, but I did. Tabitha wasn’t in Government with me. I’ll give you one guess to who is. Amanda fucking Taylor.

“Alright, well I’ll see you next period. Have a good class stud,” she says with another wink and a sweet goodbye kiss to the lips. I take my seat in the third row of four in the classroom. The seats were arranged in four rows of seven, and I was in the third one from the left side (if you’re facing the front of the room). I hadn’t noticed before she started stalking me, but Amanda sat in the seat directly behind me. She’s already there, reading a book, when I take my seat. I can’t be sure, but I swear I saw her smirk as I walked up.

I swear I can feel her breathing down my neck. Unfortunately, because she has to look right by me to see whatever Mrs. Young is writing on the board, I have no way to prove that she’s staring at me. Other than that odd sixth sense that tells everybody when someone’s watching them.

Mrs. Young is one of my nicer teachers, and everybody knew that she was surprisingly compassionate and lived to help her students with whatever problems she could. She notices my pretty obvious discomfort and nods ever so slightly at me. I nod back, and decide to talk to her. Meanwhile, twin holes are burning into the back of my head.

90 very creepy minutes later, the bell rings. As I stand to gather my stuff, Amanda walks by and I feel her hand run ever so gently across my back. I shudder and watch to make sure she actually leaves and doesn’t wait for me. Mrs. Young gestures for me to come up to her.

Mrs. Young, despite her name, is pretty old. She’s somewhere in her fifties and usually wears fairly standard teacher type clothes. Her face just screamed compassion though. She had very soft, open features and her personality matched. I felt very comfortable talking to her about this.

“So Gary, what’s on your mind?” she says in a slightly distracted manner as she prepares for next period.

“Well… What do you know about Amanda Taylor?” I ask her, always preferring to be straightforward.

“Why do you ask?” she asks me, giving me an inquisitive look, “Are you and Tabitha having problems?”

“No no, of course not. I just… I get the odd feeling that Amanda is… Well… Stalking me,” I say sheepishly, feeling a bit awkward saying it aloud.

She gives me a shocked look, “Amanda Taylor? Stalking you?” she stutters confusedly.

“I keep seeing her watching me from a distance and she keeps doing weird little things to me like stroking my back when she passes me by…” I say, feeling a little bad because the back thing just happened and that was the first.

“So she has a crush on you then! What’s the trouble with that?” she asks, almost accusingly. I’m not used to this kind of heat from her.

“Would you not agree that there is a line between ‘admire from afar’ and stalking?” I ask meekly.

“Well yes, but… Look, if she’s really bothering you, just talk to her. What’s the worst that could happen?”

I really wish she hadn’t said that. Now I don’t have any excuse to avoid her.

“Alright, I’ll do that then. Thanks Mrs. Young,” I say halfheartedly as I exit the classroom. She nods in response and turns to her papers as students file in past me.

Tabitha latches onto my left arm almost immediately, “Hey stud, how was Government?”

“Eh, it was okay…” I say really unconvincingly.

“Well, wanna try that again without the shit spewing from your lips?” she says in a deceptively cute tone.

I decide to tell her. Fuck it. That way if talking to Amanda doesn’t work, Tabitha can tell her off.

“Alright baby, I’ve got something to tell you. Do you know Amanda Taylor?” I ask, trying to speak calmly so I don’t agitate her.

“Yeah, I know of her and I’ve seen her and shit. Why? Is there a problem?” she says, a note of challenge creeping into her voice.

“No, no, no. Calm down,” I say, “I just have to talk to her about something, I think she’s following me for some reason.”

“…How long has this been going on?” she says in a quiet voice. I look down only to meet her eyes and see a hint of sadness there.

“About a month and a half…” I mutter uncertainly as we stop outside of our next class.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” she says with big sad eyes. My heart throbs in pain.

“I was worried that you’d do something… Rash,” I say lamely. I really regret not talking to her now.

“Well… I can’t say this is good news, but I’ll only do something if you want me to sweetie,” she says softly as she kisses me. It’s a small kiss, but I can feel the forgiveness in it.

“Thanks Tabitha. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, it won’t happen again,” I say, totally meaning it. I hug her tightly and we make it into the classroom just in time. We sot next to each other, like we manage to do in all of our four shared classes. I only release her hand when class starts.

Right now we’re in English 12, one of my more boring classes. Our teacher, Mr. Saunders, doesn’t help. He has mastered the art of monotone lecturing. The class is always excruciatingly boring. Tabitha and I usually text back and forth and we even make out when Mr. Saunders back is turned. A few people behind us always groaned behind us when we did. Our reputation for very public displays of affection was known pretty well.

Today’s different though. We just sit and smile at each other. It’s a simple thing, but it’s the nice little things like this that make a good couple. I pay as much attention as is necessary to maintain my good grades but spend the rest of the time thinking. I was sure Amanda would follow me out to my car. I’d talk to her then.

The rest of the day following English drags because I’m nervous. Tabitha keeps me company in my next class but my last class of that day, Calculus, guess who my company is.

Mr. Curtis’s classroom is set up in seven tables that each consist of four desks pushed together. Amanda sits. Right. Next. To me. While I try to focus, she stares covertly at me from behind a calculator. She even goes so far as to grab at my hand when it rests near the border of our desks. I pull it away quietly without looking at her. I swear I hear her giggle.

Class is almost over when she suddenly puts her hand in my lap and starts groping my crotch aggressively. I’m caught off guard and react without thinking as I grab her wrist and squeeze tightly. I look over at her, fiery anger in my eyes, to see her wince and look at me in fear. I immediately cool down and release her hand. She rubs her wrist and goes back to writing down the homework.

The dismissal bell tolls shortly after the afternoon announcements. Amanda makes to bolt (yet again), but I stop her with a gentle touch to her shoulder. I feel her shudder, but not in fear…

“Hey, we need to talk. Can we..?” I gesture towards the exit. She nods quietly and follows me outside to a somewhat secluded spot behind the building. She clutches my arm the whole time.

As soon as we’re out of sight she pushes me up against a wall with surprising force and pulls my head down to hers. I see it coming but can’t stop her before her lips smash against mine. I’m stunned for another few seconds by the incredible heat and passion behind the kiss as she shoves her tongue into my mouth. It wriggles and writhes in my mouth, showing a good amount of skill. My brain finally catches up and I push her away from me and bring my hands up in a defensive stance.

“What the hell?!?” I yell loudly. I’m glad everybody’s left already, or I’d have attracted a crowd.

“What’s wrong Gary?” she asks, trying to look at me with a cute, innocent look. I notice that her eyes are a strikingly attractive green. Her glasses accent them well.

“I said talk! I didn’t want you to molest me!” I yell, my reaction exacerbated by her nonchalance, “I have a girlfriend Amanda!”

“And I’m supposed to care?” she says in a sweet tone.

“Yeah, you are.”

Her eyes widen behind her glasses as she spins around to face Tabitha, who is literally inches away from her.

“Uh… Uh…” she casts about for words and finds none.

“Because Gary hates violence, I’ll give you ten seconds to disappear. Go,” she says in a voice that would scare the entire football team.

Amanda runs like an escaped convict, looking at me one more time over her shoulder. Tabitha watches her leave, then turns to me. I’m not expecting what happens next.

Tabitha stalks towards me like she’s angry but plasters herself to me instead, aggressively kissing me and grabbing my cock. We make out until I’m semi-hard, then she pulls back.

“That fat cock of yours is mine, understand? Mine,” she says as she rubs it affectionately. I groan in assent.

After that, we drive to her house and immediately head to her room. Her parents both work until at least 7:00 everyday and it’s only 3:46. Three whole hours to fuck Tabitha’s brains out.

We collapse onto her huge queen size bed already making out and undressing each other. I nearly tear Tabitha’s vest buttons off as I take it off and she tugs desperately at my shirt. We separate for as long as it takes us to get our respective tops off then collide again. Her hardened nipples poke into my chest as I start kicking my pants off and helping her out of hers. She moans again as we’re both left in our underwear. I smack her supple ass before gluing my hands to it and squeezing tightly. She grabs my head and runs her hands through my short hair as she effortlessly conquers my tongue with hers. Her tongue piercing tickles my tongue.

She pulls back for breath and manages to pant out words between breaths, “Boxers off, now,” she says as she shimmies out of her black lace panties.

I happily obey and take them off, and she immediately pounces. One hand wraps around my 2 inch thick, 8 inch long cock. The other starts fondling my balls as she readjusts quickly so she’s in prime cock sucking position.

“I miss the feel of this thing in my mouth,” she pants, her breath tickling over my shaft.

“You blew me this morning in my car babe,” I say, confused.

“I know, I miss it every time,” she says in a sultry tone before she engulfs the head of my dick.

Her tongue piercing enhances her blowjobs, so they’re always very pleasurable. I moan as she flick her tongue around and around the head, the little ball of metal adding another level of pleasure. I look down to see her looking right back at me. She keeps eye contact as she slowly starts to bob her head. She knows the eye contact is a huge turn on to me.

She bobs her head slowly, taking another half inch of me into her mouth on every downstroke. I moan loudly when she finally has my whole cock in her mouth and throat. She pulls all the way off and jerks my cock with just her hand for a second, all of the spit lubricating it so she can work her hand up and down in a blur. I groan as the pressure builds up. She swiftly takes the bahis firmaları whole thing in one go and bobs her head fast, going almost all the way off my cock then slipping it right back into her throat. We both moan as I come closer to orgasm and her hair flies as her head bobs faster and faster. I notice her left hand leaves my balls, shortly followed by a loud slapping sound. She’s fingering herself. Hard.

I try to hold off so we can cum together. It doesn’t help that she’s looking right at me the whole time she’s bobbing. As she starts to cum she takes my whole cock and deepthroats it, setting me off. The first two spouts go right down her throat, but she pulls back so the rest goes right onto her pierced tongue. She loves the taste of my cum, and it really shows as she mercilessly jerks my cock to milk it dry. I watch her swish my semen around in her mouth, savoring it, as my cock slowly deflates. The face she makes when she swallows brings my cock right back up though.

She starts to straddle me but I flip her over onto her back and shimmy down her body, planting small kisses on her breasts and midriff. She giggles and moans as I make my way down. I finally reach her already drenched pussy and lightly breathe onto it, teasing her. She moans and thrust her hips forwards, desperate for my expert ministrations. She insisted I was the best pussy eater ever after our first time, and her three consecutive orgasms achieved through my tongue.

I could’ve teased her more, but she’s hurting for some action so I lean in and suck her pussy lips into my mouth, flicking them back and forth with my tongue. She moans loudly and places her hands on my head gently. I release her lower lips and run my tongue from the bottom of her slit all the way up to her clit, flicking it lightly when I reach it. She moans and quivers every time I hit her clit.

“Babe, it’s time to ravage me, okay? I need you to destroy my pussy with that golden tongue of yours, please,” she moans as her hands push my head closer to her pussy. I decide to listen to her.

I thrust my whole tongue into her lovely hole and start strumming her clit with my right thumb. I reach up with my left hand to pinch and roll her nipples between two fingers. She moans and squeals as her thighs clamp securely around my head. I curl my tongue up inside her and rub her clit faster. She screams in ecstasy as she floods my face with her juices, which I eagerly lap up. I love the taste of her as much as she loves my semen. She tastes sweeter than I thought a pussy could. I could drink her juices all day.

She pulls my head up and starts licking her cum off of my face in a very erotic fashion. My cock becomes painfully hard as I feel her tongue stud rub all over my face. As she shoves her tongue into my mouth, searching for more sweet juices, I line my cock up with her pussy. I surprise her by roughly shoving it into her balls deep in one stroke. She screams in pleasure, she loves it rough. I grab her tits and squeeze tightly as I start to pound her hard, shaking the bed harshly. I silence her next scream by melding my mouth to hers and engaging a passionate tongue dance.

The feeling of Tabitha’s pussy is indescribable. She always gets soaked when she’s horny so I can slide in and out of her tight pussy as fast as I want. Her tightness compounded with the extreme lubrication makes her perfect for quick orgasms for both of us, which allowed us to have quickies in public, or to just fuck together until we were both rendered unable to walk. Today was definitely the latter.

Tabitha climaxes quickly, not having fully recovered from her pussy getting eaten. Her pussy ripples around my cock and it feels delightful. It inspires me to pound her harder and faster, the room filled with our moans and the sound of flesh slapping together. She cums twice more before I feel my orgasm approaching. She’s writhing under me and screams out her fourth orgasm as I reach mine and dump my load deep inside of her. She moans and pants beneath me and I collapse against her softly, her breasts making perfect cushions. We’re both lightly covered in sweat, and her boobs slip ever so slightly against my chest.

“Holy shit, I will never get tired of that lovely fuck meat of yours,” she says, still catching her breath.

“And I’ll never stop loving your tight little pussy,” I say with a smile and a peck to her lips.

I stick around for another hour before making the short 2 minute drive home. Because we lived so close, I usually drove us to and from school. She had reminded me before I left that I was hers by jerking me off one more time before I left. I had to shake the image of Tabitha’s cum covered face out of my head before going inside my house.

My mom and sister are nowhere to be seen, so I head into the kitchen to make myself some dinner. I munch quietly and think about Amanda. I get the feeling that Tabitha’s intimidation tactics won’t keep her away. It takes me a minute to realize why. The passion behind Amanda’s surprise kiss. Just the raw passion behind that kiss said volumes. She’s not done yet. I should warn Tabitha. I send her a quick text.

Gary- Hey babe.

Her response comes a few minutes later.

Tabitha- Hey stud, what’s up? 😉

Gary- I get the feeling Amanda isn’t done following me.

Tabitha- Why’s that? >:(

Gary- When she kissed me it was pretty intense. She’s seriously serious.

Tabitha- I’d laugh at that stupid wording if I weren’t so pissed.

Gary- Don’t worry sweetums, we’ll deal with her before the week’s out.

Tabitha- Good. Now get some rest, I worry about you.

Gary- Alright, good night.

Tabitha- Night hot stuff. 😉

I laugh quietly to myself and clean up the aftermath of my dinner. As I head up to my room I think I hear crying from my sister’s room. I consider stopping to help her out, but I’m honestly too tired. I feel guilty, but she’s a tough kid. She’ll pull through whatever it is.

The next morning I wake up stiff and lethargic. I need a nice hot shower. I go through my usual morning routine that consists of my morning piss, brushing my teeth, a hot shower, and getting dressed. I usually set out my clothes for the next day before I went to sleep, but yesterday had been hectic and had left me totally exhausted. I pull on a pair of jeans and a shirt with the Dr. Pepper logo on it.

Today’s Saturday, so I plan to hang out with Tabitha. I wait until I’m sure she’s actually conscious to send a text.

Gary- Morning good looking. 😉

Tabitha- Fuck, it’s too early for texting babe.

Gary- It’s 11:37 baby. If you don’t get up soon how are we going to hang out?

Tabitha- Yeah, I guess. Wanna hit the mall?

Gary- Sure, I’ll pick you up around 12:30?

Tabitha- Sounds good cutie. 😉

I put away my phone and decide to check on Cynthia, my little sis. I check her room, but it’s empty. I find her downstairs, cooking what appears to be a LOT of food.

“Uh, hey Cynthia… What’s up?” I ask, very confused as I see salad, chicken, rice, and more.

She turns around to face me, wearing a cooking apron and holding a spice bottle in each hand.

“Hi Gary, I didn’t know you were still home. I’m making dinner for mom,” she says simply, like she isn’t making more than enough food to feed all of our household.

“Why all the food and fancy stuff?” I ask.

“It’s a um… It’s an apology dinner for her…” she mutters awkwardly.

“Oh no, what’d you do?” I ask, sounding a bit too interested.

“I can’t say. But this dinner needs to be fantastic,” she says, turning back around to continuing spicing some dish I can’t see.

“Well, I’ll be with Tabitha all day so have fun with your cooking,” I say awkwardly as I back out of the room.

“Have fun Gary,” she calls over her shoulder, “Give her a good smack on the ass from me.”

“What? Why?” I stutter. I was quite aware my sister was lesbian, but she’d never said anything like that about Tabitha.

“Because she’s smoking hot. And her ass looks delectable,” she answers simply. She looks over her shoulder and winks at me.

“Ah… Okay. Will do then,” I mutter as I bolt for the door. What the fuck just happened?

I put it out of my head as I climb into my beat up Chevy Silverado. It had taken a while for my mom to cave about getting me a car and I had needed either a truck or an SUV so I could actually fit in it comfortably. So she’d gotten me my truck, used of course, about a year ago. For a used car, it was in great shape, and it only has 27,000 miles on it. It’s painted a deep blue color that I love because one, it’s blue and blue is the best color ever, and two, it doesn’t show much filth.

I adjust my rearview mirror a bit as I back out of the driveway and make sure nobody’s coming down the street. I arrive at Tabitha’s house a couple minutes laters.

She’s inside having breakfast/lunch with her parents, so I decide to pop in and say hi. Mr. Richards was a funny guy and always managed to find a new joke to tell me. Mrs. Richards was nice but kind of quiet sometimes. She mostly talked to her husband, only speaking to me or Tabitha if she wanted one of us to do something.

I knock when I get to their front door and hear Mr. Richards say for me to come in. I go inside and move to the kitchen, where they have their dining table set up.

Tabitha is attacking her plate so ravenously, I can’t even tell what she’s eating. Mr. Richards is apparently already done, he’s just sitting and sipping coffee. Mrs. Richards sips tea and eats a bit more slowly.

“Ah, Gary! Come here, sit with us! Have you eaten yet today?” he booms in that loud, jovial tone he always uses. His appearance fits him too. He’s a bit overweight and has laugh lines all over. His short brown hair is just starting to turn grey around the temples and his blues eyes show where Tabitha got hers from.

Mrs. Richards is very different than her husband. Her long black hair hangs freely all the way down her back and her face is smooth and unmarred by marking of any kind. Her soft brown eyes and somewhat angular features present a unique face. She of course does nothing aside from nod politely at me as I sit.

I realize I haven’t eaten today and reply, “No sir, I haven’t. Would you mind if I joined you all?”

“Not at all, and what have I said about calling me sir? Too formal for some goofball like me,” he says with a big goofball grin.

Tabitha grunts a greeting at me through three mouthfuls of food that are all somehow in her mouth at once. I smile back and secretly pray that she doesn’t choke. Mrs. Richards quietly slides me some pancakes and toast.

I tuck into my food with purpose, but I don’t eat like Tabitha. I just don’t believe in wasting too much time eating. So my two pancakes and three pieces of toast are gone just as Tabitha finishes inhaling twice as much. I can’t believe she keeps such a hot body with how much she eats.

Tabitha and I both thank her parents before we head out to my car. We get a very unwelcome surprise when we step outside.

A bright blue Ford Fusion sits in Tabitha’s driveway directly behind mine, blocking it off. Amanda leans back against it, staring directly at me. I wish I was hallucinating, but I definitely see her lick her lips.

Then I hear Tabitha’s knuckles crack.

I quickly wrap her up in a bear hug from behind as she tries to run towards Amanda. She struggles for a minute before calming down, and I set her down next to me.

“Just stay next to me baby, we can deal with this,” I say soothingly. She grunts angrily back at me, her eyes locked on Amanda.

We walk towards Amanda, and I’m confused as to why she isn’t scared of Tabitha this time. We stop a few feet away from her.

“Could you move your car?” I ask, trying to keep this short and simple.

“But then we couldn’t have any quality time together Gary,” she says in a teasing tone. I can feel rage pouring off of Tabitha. I squeeze her hand tightly, both to comfort her and hold her back.

“Can you please just move your car Amanda? This is ridiculous,” I say in an exasperated tone.

“I’ll move my car if you give me a real kiss,” she says like she’s trying to strike a deal.

Tabitha suddenly pulls away from me, but she goes towards the house. At first I’m terrified that she’s so pissed she up and left me out here, but she returns a minute later with her dad. I can’t make out exactly what she’s saying, but she’s very angrily gesturing to Amanda and her car and saying “bitch” a lot. He puts his hands up in a “calm down” gesture and walks out to us.

“Hello there, Amanda is it?” he says in his usual tone. He doesn’t seem fazed by the stranger in his driveway at all.

“Yes, my name is Amanda Taylor, nice to meet you sir,” she says, extending a hand. He shakes it, and Tabitha still looks pissed.

“Weird, you don’t seem like a bitch,” he says like it’s no big thing, “but nevertheless, I think my girl here would appreciate you moving your car here so she and Gary can get out.”

“But if I do that I can’t hang out with Gary,” she says, feigning sadness and disappointment. To my horror, Mr. Richards falls for it.

“Tabitha, what’s the problem with this young lady hanging out with you and Gary?” he asks, genuinely confused. I decide to step in before Tabitha explodes.

“Amanda has expressed a very obvious desire to uh… Steal me from Tabitha,” I say, trying and failing not to sound awkward.

“That is not true!” she shrieks, startling everybody, “I just want to make two new friends.”

Then she starts to tear up. Shit.

“You two are being so mean! C’mon, what’s the harm in letting her spend time with you two?” he says, totally blind to the real situation.

Tabitha explodes right there. With a wordless bellow, she bolts right past her father and shoves Amanda back against her car, making her shriek in pain Mr. Richards and I both have to take an arm to restrain her.

“Tabitha! That is enough! Go to your room right now, you’re grounded for two weeks!” Mr. Richards booms, his angry voice finally surfacing. Where Tabitha can cow me with her anger, Mr. Richards can easily steamroll just about anybody when he’s mad. Tabitha actually looks like she’s about to backtalk before glaring at Amanda one more time and stalking inside.

Mr. Richards checks to make sure kaçak iddaa Amanda isn’t hurt, which she isn’t, and promises that he’ll talk to Tabitha. She thanks him, and he retreats inside, leaving me alone with her. I’m turning from watching him leave and saying, “So now can you move your-“

She’s already on me, pushing me back against her car and kissing me again. I quickly shake her off this time, but she doesn’t let up. She jumps up and wraps her legs around my waist and manages to get her arms around my neck. I hold her shoulders to keep her lips off mine, but she grinds her hips against mine roughly. I don’t know if I can get her off of me without getting rough, and I really didn’t want to.

I do something that I hope works. I grab her glasses and drop them to the ground. Her eyes widen and shoot down to see my foot hovering over them. She freezes immediately.

“Off. Now,” I say, ready and willing to crush her glasses. It’s a dick move, but so is getting Tabitha grounded.

Amanda looks conflicted for a minute, but reluctantly climbs off of my and my cock. I’m shocked to find it half hard from her grinding. She bends down to get her glasses and puts then back on. While she does, I back away and put my arms up to block any more surprises. She stares me down and puts her hands on her hips.

“What’s wrong with me Gary? Why can’t you just fuck me already?” she asks in an irritated tone.

“Nothings wrong with you other than the fact that you’re molesting somebody who is in a VERY happy relationship,” I say, straining the word very to get the point across that I would never cheat on Tabitha.

“So what? I want you, and I don’t plan on stopping until you stick that cock of yours,” she points at my now flaccid crotch, “and shove it in me!”

With that, she pulls up her short skirt and starts fingering herself, never breaking eye contact. She has on no panties underneath the skirt, and from the sloppy noises of her masturbating, just being near me has her soaking wet. The fucking eye contact is too much, and before I can look away, my cock starts to harden.

Her eyes lock onto that instead, and she speeds up, using three fingers to repeatedly fuck herself.

“If you only knew how much I fuck myself thinking about you Gary,” she moans, using her free hand to fondle her breasts through her loose, low cut shirt. She then pulls the neckline down and over her left breast, exposing it. She shamelessly fucks herself harder as she fondles her breast and pinches her nipple. My cock involuntarily hardens all the way.

She moves towards me and I quickly hop into my car and lock the doors. She stands there, looking through my window right at the bulge that I’d do anything to get rid of right now. I start my car and she backs up, putting all her clothes back on and licking her fingers clean. I manage to slip around her car by going through Tabitha’s front yard. Amanda’s eyes widen and she jumps into her car, starting it up. I decide that going home right now may be a bad idea. I peel out at fast as I can get away with and try to put distance between us. She doesn’t hesitate to speed excessively to catch up, and she’s now directly behind me.

My phone rings. I don’t recognize the number, and I answer without thinking.


“I’ll follow you all day Gary, I’ll catch you eventually, I’ll follow you ho-“

I hang up right there. This girl is certifiably bonkers. I try and fail to lose her, then get an idea. The mall was my plan originally, and even a stalker could get lost in the huge Saturday mall crowd. She follow directly behind me the whole way, cutting off anyone who tries to separate our cars and nearly causing a couple of accidents. Thankfully, the mall is packed, and she can’t park next to me. I snatch a spot near the entrances. The last one. I see her curse and hit her steering wheel as she drives off quickly to find a further spot. I hop out and book it towards the mall.

I know I can’t go to any stores I like, she probably knows what I like. So I go and hide in the Victoria’s Secret store. Instead of explaining myself to the hot lady behind the counter, I tell her I’m browsing for my girlfriend who’s sick. She buys it, and I hide in the back of the store. I’ll stay for half an hour, then sneak out to my car and bail.

Ten minutes later, she shows up. She goes right up to the hot lady behind the counter, and she sells me out with a pointed finger. I immediately make for the door, but Amanda cuts me off. I can’t get by, and it’s not like I can shove her out of the way.

“It’s so cute how you think you can avoid me,” she says, using a tone like she’s observing a kitten. She stalks towards me and I back up. We’re obscured from view by various racks of clothing.

She tries to jump on me, but I’m not gonna get caught by that three times. I catch her and hold the upper parts of her arms, keeping her at arms length. She has no way to get to me. She pouts and waits for me to let her go. I turn us around so my back is to the door, and she gets ready to chase me. I push her gently and she stumbles, giving me a 4 second head start. She tries to follow…

And sets off the theft detector.

I’d planted a pair of panties in the waistband of her skirt. She hadn’t noticed. I make a quiet getaway as she’s stopped by a security officer and the lady from the counter. I immediately leave and go home. I notice burned out candles and dirty dishes all over the table. Freaking Cynthia. I’ll make her clean up tomorrow though, I’m so exhausted from running from a girl half my size.

I almost think I hear a moan from mom’s room, but chalk it up to exhaustion. Mom’s not dating anyone right now. I plop into bed fully clothed, and fall asleep.

I dream about Tabitha. We’re in her room hanging out and cuddling. She decides she wants to blow me and shimmies down. As she starts slowly sucking my cock, I feel like something’s missing. But I get distracted by how eagerly and expertly she works my cock, bobbing her head slowly and fondling my balls gently. I also hear her masturbating and feel her moan around my dick. The suction is much tighter than it’s ever been and she’s moaning so much. What’s going on?

I can feel my orgasm approaching as she bobs her head wildly, moaning as her hair flies everywhere…

Wait. Her hair. It’s blonde and long…

As I start cumming, I wake up to see Amanda, her mouth wrapped about the head of my cock. She moans as my cock spews onto her tongue. She desperately jerks my cock, milking me dry. She pulls back and flips her hair out of her face. She opens her mouth and shows me that it’s full of my cum. She closes it, swallows the whole load, then opens her mouth again, showing that it’s empty.

“HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET IN HERE?!” I bellow as I scramble to my feet and pull on some pants. I distantly realize that the missing thing I had noticed was that dream Tabitha had no tongue piercing.

“Shhhh, you’ll wake somebody…” she says as she tries to get close to me. I throw a punch but purposely stop it an inch from her nose.

“If you come close to me again, I will break your goddamn face open,” I say. I’m totally serious too. This girl basically raped me in my sleep.

“Say what you want, you definitely enjoyed it. You were moaning in your sleep and that load just now was huge…” she says. I can hear lust in her voice, and notice just now that she’s totally nude.

“I was dreaming about Tabitha, of course I enjoy her,” I say derisively, emphasizing “she.”

“Either way, I can still taste that lovely cum of yours on my tongue sweetheart,” she says sweetly. I’m so fucking mad right now.

“Tell me this: why the fuck shouldn’t I call the cops right now?” I spit from between my teeth.

“Because you can’t prove shit. I swallowed your cum, your front door was unlocked, and you’re a guy. When it comes to he says, she says, the woman always wins,” she says with a devious smirk.

Shit. She’s right. The only long shot I have is her saliva on my cock, but even that’s weak evidence. Shit shit shit.

“Anyway, ready for round two sexy?” she says mockingly. That tears it.

I know I can’t leave marks by hitting her so I settle for a sweet form of revenge. Her clothes are piled in the corner. I wrap my arms around her in a bear hug, pinning her arms to her body. She moans as her tits press into my bare chest, but a look of panic enters her eyes as I carry her downstairs.

“Gary? Where are we going?” she stammers as her legs start kicking. I don’t respond. She decides to try to distract me by forcing her lips against mine. I hate to leave then there, but I can still see where I’m going and continue towards the front door.

She gives up and resorts to struggling wildly.

“Gary, don’t do this, I can make you so much happier than-“

“Shut your goddamn mouth you bitch. You don’t compare to Tabitha at all. Now have fun streaking.”

I unceremoniously dump her on her ass and shut the front door. And lock it. Then check the back door and windows. Satisfied that the house is impenetrable, I go back upstairs. I notice Amanda’s clothing in the corner and scoop it up. Even in the semi dark I can see the stain on her panties. Fuck.

My phone starts ringing in my pocket. I look at it and see Amanda’s number. I consider ignoring her, but what can she do over the phone? I answer and remain silent.

“Gary? Could you at least throw your clothes out the window or something? I only want to be seen naked by you,” she says in a pouty voice.

“Why do you like me so much anyway Amanda?” I ask, honestly curious.

“Because your cock is beautiful and you’re not a douche bag. You’re very desirable Gary, and I want you. And I will have you. I don’t care if I have to wait until you and Tabitha break up, but I want that cock of yours in every hole of mine,” she says wistfully.

“Well I’m very happy with Tabitha, and I don’t appreciate your stalking. On the off chance that we break up, you can try then, but why not just wait?” I ask, confused as to why she seems so eager to ruin my relationship.

“I honestly don’t know. I guess I just need you. I need to fuck you,” she says. I feel chills down my spine. Need is a very strong word, but I can hear that she’s completely serious. I hang up, and throw Amanda’s clothes out of my bedroom window before settling back down to try to sleep.

I wake up the next morning in desperate need of a shower, both to wake up and to wash Amanda’s dried saliva off of my cock, which I had forgotten to do. I get up and shuffle to the bathroom. Thankfully I’m the first one up, so I hop right into the shower. 15 minutes of hot water, soap, and shampoo later, I hop out and brush my teeth. After that, I head back to my room.

I lay back onto my bed, only half dressed in boxers and jeans. I grab my phone and hope Tabitha doesn’t mind waking up at 7:24 on a Sunday.

“This had better be a booty call or an emergency or I’m gonna kick your ass Gary,” comes the groggy response over the phone.

“Emergency. Big one,” I say flatly. My tone conveys the gravity of the situation.

“Be there in half an hour then, see you soon babe,” she says, hanging up without waiting for a response.

I decide to go check the mail, I doubt anybody had gotten it. I throw on a plain gray T-shirt and my black sneakers. I tiptoe past my sister’s and mother’s bedrooms, assuming they’re both still sleeping. I step quietly down the steps and unlock the front door.

I open it to come face to face with Amanda. I have a few seconds to notice she’s in the same clothes as last night and her car’s in the driveway. She fucking slept in her car and waited for me.

She tries to tackle me backwards into the house, but I stop her with an outstretched arm. Unfortunately, my hand lands on her chest. She immediately moans and clutches my hand onto her right breast. I try to take it back, but she’s using both hands to desperately hold it there. She makes my hand squeeze, and I can’t help but notice how incredibly soft her breasts are. I can feel her hardened nipple poking into my palm.

I finally manage to jerk my hand away and start to shut the door, but she stops it with her foot.

“Let me in Gary, I want you to savage my body with your hands!” she shrieks at me. I look worriedly upstairs, hoping nobody wakes up. Again.

“No, now quiet the fuck down! My mom and sister are sleeping!” I whisper-yell at her as I push the door hard, starting to close it despite her foot.

“No, no, no, Gary you don’t get it. I need you, let me in, please!” she begs. She sounds like a dying woman begging for relief.

“Tabitha is on her way here right now, you need to leave,” I lie. Tabitha’s still at least 25 minutes away. And it doesn’t deter Amanda anyway.

“I don’t care anymore, I’ll share you with her. I need to feel you enter me, if she wants to be there too that’s fine,” she says frantically, trying to bargain with me. The idea of a threesome does appeal to me, but I get the feeling that screwing Amanda would make her permanently crazy for me.

“You know what? If you can sell Tabitha on that, go ahead,” I say as I finally get the door shut and lock it. I know Tabitha would never share me with Amanda.

Speaking of which, where the hell did she go? I expected her to start pounding on the door. I go into the living room and peek out of the large front window. She’s just chilling up against her car.

Holy fucking shit, she’s waiting for Tabitha. I can’t believe this. Tabitha’s already pissed that she had to get up so early. She’s gonna fucking kill Amanda. What am I gonna do?

I call Tabitha again. It goes to voicemail. She must be showering. I text her instead.

Gary- Babe, Amanda’s in my front driveway, don’t kill her please, it’d only complicate things more.

I really hope she reads that before-

Shit. Her Nissan Versa pulls in behind Amanda’s car. I have no choice. I quickly run to the door, unlock it, and throw it open, sprinting towards Tabitha’s car. She gets out and immediately goes for Amanda. Amanda runs and hides behind me.

“I’m gonna tear her goddamn head off,” Tabitha says in a quiet, deadly tone. I quickly grab her and hold her tightly.

“Stop Tabitha, killing her won’t help,” I say as I try to hug her tighter.

“Tabitha, please, try to understand. I can’t help myself around him any more than kaçak bahis you can, I need him,” Amanda nearly sobs.

“Put me down Gary,” Tabitha says. Something in her voice makes me comply. She doesn’t lunge at Amanda, and Amanda looks at her with hope in her eyes.

“Explain to me how your cheap lust compares to the real love that Gary and I share,” Tabitha deadpans.

Her flat voice does nothing to cushion my shock. This is not how I expected our first utterance of the “L” word to occur. Holy shit.

Of course, I can’t let the surprise show on my face. I keep a level expression as I stare at Amanda with Tabitha. She almost withers under our stares, but then she defiantly straightens up and stares back.

“It’s not just cheap lust. I don’t know Gary well enough to call it love, but I can feel a pull towards him all day, and when I’m near him all I want to do is be as close to him as possible and yes, fuck his brains out,” she explains, unabashedly keeping eye contact with Tabitha and me.

“So what exactly makes you think I’ll share the man I love?” she asks. There’s that word again. Damn.

“I was hoping you’d understand the need for him. That same need you have for him, I do too. And more. I can’t shake this feeling, it’s like I’m addicted to him,” she says with a note of desperation in her voice.

I’m surprised to see that Tabitha is deep in thought. She’s not actually gonna share me… Is she?

“If I say no, it’s not like you’ll leave us alone, will you?” Tabitha asks Amanda.

“I can’t. I need Gary. I’d do anything right now to fuck him until neither of us can move,” she says firmly.

“Babe, what do you think? It’s your cock,” Tabitha asks, looking up at me. I’m stunned that immediately after saying the L word, she’s considering sharing me. With a psycho stalker.

“I think I don’t want to cheat on you Tabitha. I love you too much to betray you like that,” I say, and I mean it wholeheartedly. I see a twinkle in her eye that tells me she caught my use of the L word too.

“I’m not sure what to tell you Amanda. I don’t want you to keep stalking my man, and neither of us wants you to fuck him,” Tabitha says awkwardly.

“Well I already did.”

Wait, what?

“What?” Tabitha asks.

“He let me suck his cock last night,” she says smugly. Oh shit, she’s trying to turn Tabitha on me.

“Gary, is that true?” she asks me. Her voice is flat, showing no indication about whether or not she believes it.

“She’s twisting it. I fell asleep without locking the front door last night, she broke in, and she sucked me off in my sleep. I flipped the fuck out when I woke up and kicked her out,” I explain, glaring at Amanda for such a bald faced lie.

“She… She already got to you…?” Tabitha says, sadness saturating her voice. She covers her face with her hands and starts to cry. I wrap my arms around her tightly and stare daggers at Amanda.

Tabitha collects herself and looks right at Amanda as she says, “Hey baby, let’s go inside and fuck until we forget this ever happened.”

I’m sure as hell not arguing that. I wordlessly scoop Tabitha up and start carrying her towards the front door, kissing her gently along the way. Then Amanda trips me.

Tabitha and I land in a tangle of limbs on the ground as Amanda jumps on me and starts babbling hysterically as she tries to kiss me. She’s officially lost it.

Tabitha’s fist makes a loud cracking sound as it connects with Amanda’s nose. Amanda tumbles backwards with a shriek of pain. Tabitha springs to her feet and gives Amanda a vicious kick to the gut as well. Amanda curls up on the ground and whimpers softly.

For once I don’t chastise Tabitha for beating somebody. We both brush ourselves off and go inside. I make a show of locking the front door. Just as Tabitha and I start up the stairs, Amanda knocks softly on the door. Tabitha cracks her knuckles but I hold up a hand as I crack the door.

“Can I talk to Tabitha?” Amanda whispers through the door. Amazingly, her nose isn’t broken, just a little bloody. Tabitha must’ve held back.

I signal Tabitha over and she throws the door wide open, daring Amanda to make a move. And she does.

Towards Tabitha. Before either of us know what’s happening, Amanda has herself wrapped around Tabitha and is kissing her like she did me!

Tabitha’s eyes are frozen wide open in shock. She only reacts when Amanda starts grinding her crotch against her own. She involuntarily moans and her knees give out, sending them to the floor in a tangle of limbs. Amanda uses her legs to spread Tabitha’s and sticks a hand down her pants. Tabitha’s back arches and when she opens her mouth to moan Amanda shoves her tongue in there.

My cock hardens quickly and I debate whether or not to stop this. Tabitha beats me to it though and shoves Amanda off (and out of) her. She pants with a flushed face and Amanda sucks her fingers clean very deliberately.

“It’s not cheating for either of you if it’s a threesome,” she says sultrily, winking at Tabitha as she finishes cleaning her fingers. Tabitha looks up at me, and I look at her. I guess we’re both out of patience.

Tabitha stands up and we each extend a hand to Amanda. She looks like a kid on Christmas morning as she takes our hands and we all head upstairs.

I shut and lock my door behind us, and we all begin stripping. Nobody has said a word yet. There’s still tension hanging in the air. We all finally stand there naked. Tabitha studies Amanda’s body and Amanda hungrily stares at mine. Amanda finally breaks the silence.

“Let’s both suck his cock,” she says, looking at Tabitha. My cock actually gets harder than it already was.

“Sounds good to me,” Tabitha says simply. They both come at me and push me back and onto the bed. My upper body is on it while my legs are off the bed and shoved open by two beautiful women so they can share my cock. When did I become the luckiest man alive?

Amanda breaks the ice by kissing Tabitha passionately to loosen her up. Tabitha slowly relaxes into the kiss and watching their tongues battle makes my cock jump and spit pre cum out. Both girls’ eyes instantly lock onto my cock.

I’m in fucking heaven as Amanda takes the head between her lips and Tabitha licks the shaft like a popsicle, and I moan loudly when they switch places and I feel Tabitha’s piercing on my cock again. Then they both pull back and make out around my cock. I have to say, feeling two tongue slipping all over my cock was one of the best feelings I’d ever experienced.

After Tabitha wins the tongue fight, she gets first go at sucking my cock and takes the whole thing into my throat in one gulp, keeping eye contact the whole time. I nearly explode right there, but I want to let them savage me as much as possible before I lose it. Tabitha sucks me for about a minute before they switch and Amanda takes me. She also maintains eye contact from behind her glasses as she takes my cock in and out of her throat, nearly choking herself on my cock as she bobs up and down wildly.

They both pull away and they each wrap a hand around my shaft, Tabitha’s higher up towards the head, and Amanda’s lower towards my balls. They begin jerking me off quickly, and under the pressure of two hands and two sexy faces looking right at me, I lose it. They both put their faces under my cock as I spew jet after jet of hot cum onto them, into their mouths, and on Amanda’s glasses. They keep jerking my cock, prolonging my orgasm and making me spray enough cum so both of their faces are covered.

As they release my cock, they turn and start licking my semen off of each other. It’s one of the most erotic things- actually, it is the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. My softening cock immediately springs back up to full hardness as I watch Amanda desperately lick at Tabitha’s cheek and Tabitha suck the cum off of Amanda’s glasses. When they’re both done, they look at me. We’re nowhere near done.

Amanda rises and straddles my hips, and Tabitha crawls up onto the bed and straddles my face. They nod at each other and sit on me simultaneously. Amanda screams as she finally gets to fuck me, and I really hope nobody heard her. But honestly, at this point, I couldn’t care less. I hear her shamelessly babbling about how much she loves my cock as I start worshiping Tabitha’s tasty pussy with my tongue. Tabitha grabs Amanda’s face roughly and pulls her into a rougher kiss. I hear Amanda moan into Tabitha’s mouth as Tabitha forces Amanda’s head back and she shoves her tongue into Amanda’s mouth.

Amanda bounces on me faster and I suck Tabitha’s clit into my mouth and flick it with my tongue. I can hear both of their moans as they kiss each other frantically, both of then grinding on me as they near their climaxes. They loudly scream into each other’s faces as they cum, covering my face and my crotch in their juices. Amanda dives for my face as Tabitha dives for my dick. Amanda licks Tabitha’s juices off of my face as Tabitha sucks my cock clean then keeps sucking. Amanda and I make out, sharing the lovely taste of Tabitha as Tabitha bobs her head fast, taking me in and out of her throat over and over.

It isn’t long before I spew my load into Tabitha’s mouth, making her moan around my cock. Meanwhile, Amanda had moved down and was patiently waiting for Tabitha to leave my cock open for her. Tabitha licks my cock clean and backs up. Amanda turns around, putting her back to me. She then bends over and spreads her asscheeks.

My cock gets so hard it hurts. I’ve never fucked a girl in her ass, and here was a girl obviously begging me to. Tabitha almost objects, but I guess she’s good watching. I quickly get up and move Amanda onto the bed where I had just been. She gets on all four and wiggles her ass. Tabitha lays on the bed in front of Amanda and Amanda eagerly dives into Tabitha’s sweet pussy. I take that as my cue. My cock still heavily lubricated by Tabitha’s saliva, I start to push into Amanda’s back door.

Amanda moans loudly into Tabitha, and Tabitha moans in turn. I moan as I shove into Amanda’s hot, tight asshole. My cock is being squeezed tighter than it ever has been. For a moment I don’t think I’ll make it past a couple inches in her, but she proves me wrong. Amanda forces her hips back hard, taking another three inches into her ass. She shrieks into Tabitha and keeps a constant pressure, making my cock slowly sink into her. I grab her hips and roughly push forward, bottoming out in her. We both moan loudly, followed shortly by Tabitha as Amanda eats her with a fiery passion.

I spank Amanda’s ass hard enough to leave red handprints as I start fucking her ass hard. It’s still tight but I’m lost to my lust as I pound into her like an animal. I grunt every time I thrust into her and she squeaks and moans into Tabitha’s pussy. All of our pleasure is fed by the others’ so it isn’t long before all three of us are close.

Tabitha comes first, moaning loudly as she showers Amanda in her cum. Amanda moans and laps up Tabitha’s sweet juices until Tabitha finally calls uncle and backs away, exhausted. Amanda is now free to shriek and scream as I reach around and shove three fingers into her sopping pussy. I ravage both of her holes until she screams into a pillow and cums. Her pussy clamps down on my fingers and spray juices all over my hand. Meanwhile, her ass squeezes and ripples along my cock, triggering my orgasm. I cum deep into her ass, filling her with my hot, sticky seed. She moans and collapses onto her belly as I pull out as fall down next to her. We all pass out, satisfied and exhausted.

I wake up two hours later to the sensation of someone sucking my cock. I can tell by the lack of metal on the tongue lavishing my cock with attention that it’s Amanda blowing me. I look over to see Tabitha still sleeping.

My attention is brought back to Amanda by the sound and feeling of her nearly choking herself with my cock. I can see her eyes tearing up but she relentlessly takes my cock as far as she can. She then pulls back and off to get some air.

“Fuck Amanda, ease back before you choke yourself,” I say, genuinely concerned.

“I can’t,” she wheezes between panting breaths, “I can’t help myself, I need your cock in me as far as it can be.”

And with that, she crams my dick right back into her mouth. She bobs her head frantically, and despite how amazing it feels, I grow increasingly worried that Amanda is actually going to hurt herself. I’d like to tell you I had the willpower to remove her head from my dick, but instead I grab two handfuls of her long blonde hair and start thrusting up into her throat. She moans and lets me fuck her throat brutally until I pull back and cum all over her face and even in her hair a little bit. She moans and rubs it all over herself before shoving her face right back onto my cock.

It isn’t until my dick goes soft and can’t revive that she stops. Her face is absolutely covered in my semen. She sits at the foot of my bed, scooping it off of her face and licking her fingers clean. When her face is mostly clear she looks at me curiously, studying me like I have two heads.

“What? What is it?” I ask.

“I’m just so attracted to you. It’s crazy…” she says thoughtfully. The look in her eyes is almost loving. Almost.

“Mm. You sucked me totally dry, you definitely like my cock,” I say jokingly with a grin. It works. She grins with me and adjusts her stained glasses. Finally, Tabitha stirs behind me. I turn to look at her over my shoulder.

She yawns deeply and stretches in a way that makes my still pretty dead cock twitch. Amanda notices and her hand is instantly on it, caressing it gently. I shoo her hand off of me as I turn to face Tabitha.

“Hey baby, how’d you sleep?” I ask her as her eyes open.

“Pretty well after all the sex, don’t you love post-sex naps?” she says dreamily. I nod my assent at her and motion for Amanda to come over and form a little circle. Tabitha sits up as Amanda joins us.

“So, what happens now?”


Note from Author: Hope your hands are freed up to hang on the cliff (yep, lame pun, deal with it). I don’t know when the follow up to this will be because I think I’m going to switch back to Cynthia for the next one. I don’t know for sure, maybe I’ll just combine and do the next from two perspectives so I can fuck two bitches with one dick (lame puns, on a roll). Anyway, hope you all liked this, any positive votes/comments are appreciated as is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. If you just needlessly hate on me, go fuck yourself with a rail spike.

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