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A Sweet Encounter on the Move

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Once John was on a trans-European overnight train. He never knew what an experience was in store for him.

As he entered the cabin, an extremely fair lady welcomed him with a sensuous smile. She was traveling alone. Her perfume made him mad.

She was a slightly fatty lady in her mid-forties. She had enticing breasts and sensual lips. She had a very pointed nose, the tip of which would be delicious to kiss and suck – thought John.

Through the openings of her very short sleeveless dress, lot of her glistening shoulder and waist flesh was visible. Her name was Janette. After lots of sweet talks, they became very friendly and close.

After dinner she went to a corner of the cabin and put on a loose fitting sleeveless dress. Before that she was struggling with her bra hooks, with her hands behind. It was a marvelous sight.

Her fat shoulder muscles were stretched with little dimples on the flesh. Folds near her partially exposed armpits was a sight to watch, particularly eye catching was the thick strands of jet black underarm hair jutting out of them. John had an instant hard-on at this armpit display, and longed for kissing and sniffing those gorgeous armpits.

Opportunity came very soon. She called him over her shoulder and asked her to help with the bra hooks. While opening the hooks he lightly brushed his lips on her shoulder, making it appear as accidental.

She surprised him by telling – ‘That was nice, I like that shoulder-kiss. Give me more on my shoulders, lick my shoulders’. He held her from behind tuzla escort by sliding his hands through her armpits, holding and fondling her large breasts, tightly kissed her shoulders and licked the smooth shoulder skin with long strokes of his tongue.

She then turned around and told – ‘Just sniff my armpits and tell me if I need to put any deodorant’ – after raising her both hands pointing at her exposed armpits by glancing at them.

John brought his nose near each of them in turn and took in the smell for sometime. Oh, what a sexy armpit smell!!! Smell of a mixture of sweat and perfume is intoxicating.

Then he pressed his face hard in her armpit, was sliding his nose on her fat armpit flesh, licked and kissed them. She seemed to enjoy the armpit kiss and lick as she thrust her armpit on his face.

‘Oh! I love armpit-kiss very much. You kiss well. I want more of your kisses in both my armpits. But, before that tell me how is the armpit smell. Do I need to spray a deodorant?’ – she said.

‘No, no. Your armpits are fantastic and the smell is intoxicating very much. I love the smell. So no deo’. – he said with his head buried in her left armpit, vigorously rubbing his nose there and his tongue lashing away at the jet black smelly armpit hair.

She pressed and rubbed her underarm flesh on his face. The pungent smell drove him mad. They hugged each other wildly. With his face still in her armpit, and his tongue lashing on the soft armpit flesh, she bent down a little and put her mouth in his left armpit and kissed wildly. tuzla escort bayan

They were now enjoying tight wet armpit-kisses. Both licked and sniffed each other’s armpits and shoulders. Then he kissed the tip of her nose, ran his tongue along her sexy nose, and sucked her nose in his mouth.

They sat down and she put her feet near his lips for him to kiss, and he sucked and kissed each toe and licked the space between each toe, enjoying the sweaty aroma.

Janette brought out a bottle of sweet and sour tomato ketchup and spread some in both her shoulders. Then she raised her right hand a little and spread some sauce in her right armpit, then in left armpit, and asked him to lick the areas.

He thrust his tongue out in her right armpit and gave it a prolonged hard lick, biting the armpit flesh, licking off the sauce from her fleshy shoulders and armpit.

She too raised his arm a little and started kissing, licking, sniffing his armpits. Mutual armpit kissing and eating went on & on. Both tongued each other’s armpits for a very long time.

Holding each other in the lusty embrace, they were eating away each other’s armpits, licked each other’s armpits by sticking out their tongues as far as it would come out of their mouths. For over an hour they enjoyed the taste of each other’s armpits by constant tonguing, sniffing, kissing and nose-rubbing.

Then their mouths found each other and became glued in a lusty kiss with the exchange of slippery saliva. Holding his head in her hands, she spat heavily in escort tuzla his mouth a number of times. He drank the spit lustily. She then opened her mouth and he spat loudly in her open mouth. She gulped down the spit hungrily. This lusty spitting and saliva drinking continued for half an hour or so.

John tightly hugged her from behind, slid his hands through her armpits, clutched at her boobs, kissing her smooth shoulders, and when she turned her head to him, started kissing her nose. He licked the bridge of her nose with his slippery tongue.

Again they were engaged in mutual armpit licking. They bit into each other’s armpits, licking and eating the flesh, munching the hair. Janette put her sharp nose in his left armpit and was licking and kissing it. John hugged her from behind, started kissing her sexy back, kissing & licking her soft smelly shoulders and armpits from behind. He wetted her armpits with saliva. She also did the same to his armpits.

Smell of their armpits with perfume, sweat and saliva was a fantastic turn-on. they took in the smell as much as possible. Armpit kissing , sucking , licking went on and on. Then he put his d**k in her armpit from behind. She clamped tight her hand on her side, trapping his d**k. He moved back and forth in the tightly closed armpit. Friction with her armpit hair was making him mad. As his tip came out of her pit in front, she lashed at it with her long and saliva drenched tongue, and soon he exploded. She took him in her mouth and sucked. Then they held each other in a tight embrace and danced exchanging lusty armpit-kisses with smacking sound, and a lot of shoulder-kiss, bite and lick.

Then putting their mouths firmly in each other’s armpits, they went to sleep in each other’s tight embrace.

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