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A Three Step Ladder Ch. 02

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Anny Sugar

Several weeks had passed since “curtain call” as I had come to refer to it. I had seen Mrs. B on numerous occasions since, briefly; just the usual greetings and comments. Nothing more was said about the incident. Danny and I were busy planning a weekend camping trip with a few of the guys in the neighborhood. This was a yearly event sponsored by one of the church social groups. Mr. B and two of his poker buddies would provide the “adult supervision” and handle all the driving duties. This, of course, satisfied the parents of the minors in the group.

For me, Danny, and a couple of guys, fishing, beer, and bullshit were the usual order of business, and we busied ourselves getting our gear ready for the trip which was scheduled for this coming Saturday. The weather had been perfect. My folks were glad to have the weekend free and had planned to use it to go out of town visiting family. They were leaving Friday evening which meant I would be spending the night at Danny’s. We pitched a tent in the back yard and got a head start on our camping trip.

When morning came, we rolled out to start the day and pack up for our trip. Well, sort of. During the night, something must have bitten me on my left leg. My knee was red, swollen, and so sore I could hardly walk. When Mr. & Mrs. B got wind of it, they insisted on taking me to the hospital emergency room to get it attended to. After a lot of back and forth discussion and a phone call by Mrs. B to my parents, I begrudgingly agreed. The pain was getting worse. Unfortunately, Mr. B, Danny, and the rest of the guys were geared up and ready to roll. Mrs. B put me in her car and off we went to the hospital. I was going to miss the trip and I was not too happy.

At the hospital, after a two hour wait, I was treated for what turned out to be a spider bite with an injection of anti-venom, given some medication to take at home, and told to keep it iced and quiet for a day or two. Nothing too serious. Mrs. B called to give my folks the details, and we headed back home. My weekend was shot, or so I thought.

On the drive back, Mrs. B asked me if I would like to be dropped off at home or come back to her house where she would make us some lunch, and keep an eye on my knee for a while. I was starving, so the latter sounded like a pretty good idea. She prepared lunch as I sat in the kitchen and watched. She was moving about from the stove to the refrigerator to the sink and back. She was wearing a light colored, floral house dress that clung to her ample hips as she moved. And, as the spring air was warm and humid, the fabric was starting to cling to her damp skin. I could not keep from staring at her ass and legs as we carried on with some small talk while she worked in the kitchen before sitting down to eat.

When lunch was finished, she began clearing the table and while leaning over to pick up the lunch dishes, unknowingly offering me a peek at her cleavage. Of course, I stared. But before she noticed, I turned away. She asked if I would like to lie down on the sofa to ice my knee for a while. It was feeling a little better already and I told her I’d be happy to help with the kitchen chores. She refused and sent me to the sofa with an ice pack and the TV remote. I guess I shouldn’t complain. She was being the sweet person she had always been and I was reaping the benefits.

When she finished in the kitchen and with some other light housework, she joined me in the living room and sat in an overstuffed chair to the side of the sofa with a book and glass of iced tea. I had been watching some game show re-runs and nodding off from time to time. But as she sat and read for a while, I was now being distracted by her gently swinging foot in my peripheral vision. Her sandal was dangling delicately off of her toes, and she crossed and uncrossed her legs while being drawn into her book. The story must have been a good one because she was really getting into it. And as she continued the movement of her legs, casino şirketleri her dress rode higher and higher, and I was again being treated to a view of her fleshy white thighs several inches above her knee. At one point, she shifted and sat on a curled leg.

Now I could see right between her legs almost up to her panty clad pussy. At that point, I was oblivious to everything else. What was it about this woman that got me so worked up? I had a “knock out” girlfriend and had dated a fair number of girls from school. This woman was as plain as a brown paper bag, and old enough to be my grandmother, yet she was making me harder than I could imagine. Thoughts of our encounter from weeks ago ran through my mind. The scent of her sex and the feel of that thick, hairy pussy through those nylon panties as my face was smashed against her, was absolutely maddening. My knee was feeling better, but by cock was aching. Suddenly, she sat very still, placed the book in her lap and her feet flat on the floor. I looked up to see her glaring at me over her glasses. “Oh shit” I thought. “Busted again.” “Here comes another ass chewing.”

“Anthony,” she calmly said. “Do you recall the conversation we had a few weeks ago when you, uhm,… helped me with the drapes?”

“Yes,” I replied with my head down and my eyes attempting to avert her stare while glancing at the TV.

“And did you reflect on what we talked about that night; about what happened as you said you would?” she asked, obviously hoping that I had gotten a grip on our last encounter, found the error of my ways, and asked the Lord for direction.

“Mrs. B, I have re-played that moment so many times in my mind I can’t even begin to count them” I truthfully admitted, thinking of the many nights of self administered pleasure I had enjoyed recently. “Well, so have I” she stated trying her best to be stern and judicial. But I swear a slight smile crossed her lips.

“Anthony, were you looking up my dress again just now?”

“No” I lied. She just stared at me in silence and after a long moment I caved in.

“I’m sorry Mrs. B; I guess I was peaking a bit. It’s just that, well you were sitting there and at first your foot caught my eye, and the next thing I know…well…. oh hell, I should just go.”

I got up to leave when she said; “sit down Anthony. Now I want you to be honest and tell me; just what it is that is so fascinating to you? I don’t know what has gotten into you? You have seen many women’s legs before. All shapes and sizes, mine included I just don’t know what to make of all this. I know that young boys tend to get easily aroused, but why all of a sudden do you seem so distracted by this old woman?”

Well, here it goes I thought. For some reason, whatever the consequences, good or bad, I was going to spell it out for her, and that whatever happens, I’d just deal with it.

“Mrs. B, I’ve known you my whole life. You know I think the world of you, and you have always been so nice to be around. You have treated me like family, and I know that I shouldn’t be looking at you in that way, but I can’t help it. There is something about you that I can’t explain. Watching you work in the kitchen just now, your dress clinging to you, your ass swaying before my eyes, the sight of your creamy thighs peeking out from under your dress while you were reading, it’s enough to make me crazy. And there is something about you that I find incredibly sexy. Also, if you must know, I have not been able to get the sight and feel of your legs, nor the wonderful scent of your pussy out of my mind ever since I had my face plastered to your panties a few weeks ago.”

That did it; she just stared at me, mouth open , eyes as big as saucers, for what seemed like hours. Anger? Hate? Shock? Revulsion? “Hell, say something” I thought. She didn’t say a word, never even blinked. She just stared at me with a strange, curious look on her face. Finally, after what appeared to be a very long time, casino firmaları she silently put her book on the table next to her chair. She sat back; eyes closed, and ever so slowly began to spread her legs apart until her knees were touching the arms of the padded chair she sat in. I had a totally unobstructed view of her thighs all the way to the pale green panties that covered her thick womanly charms and the dark treasure hidden there. I could hardly believe my eyes!

“Is this what you like Anthony?” she asked. “Do you like looking at me like this?” I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say or do. I just sat there staring and getting as hard as I have ever been. “Does this make you happy, she asked, seeing me this way?”

It took a minute to register with me but eventually I stammered out “Oh my God, yes.” “You look…. so sexy.”

Eyes still tightly closed, her chest rising and falling with each rapid breath, she quietly stated “then look if you must.”

And look I did. After a minute or two of total silence she asked “Would you like to come closer?”

That was it for me. I was off of that sofa and crawling across the floor, sore knee and all, heading toward what I had been dreaming of for weeks. My hands were shaking and my mouth was dry as I sat on the floor between her bare, parted, blue veined legs; staring at all she had to offer me. Her breathing was all I could hear as I placed my hands gently on her calves and ever so slowly felt my way up and down her legs from her knees to her bare feet and then up onto her thighs. She whimpered softly as my exploration continued, stopping just short of her panties.

All the while her dress was riding higher and higher until it rested, bunched at the top of her thighs. “God help me” was all she said, eyes still closed tightly behind her glasses, as I slid my hands forward to softly touch and caressed the nylon fabric that covered her rounded tummy and that thick, hairy mound and the warmth emanating from behind it. I explored my new found treasure as if it were the most delicate item I had ever encountered. My face soon followed and once again I found myself being immersed in the glorious scent of this incredible woman.

I sniffed, kissed and chewed on her soft meaty thighs and thick tender mound through the fabric of her panties while my hands found their way to her ass, squeezing and kneading the ample flesh there, drawing her to me. She was gasping, sighing, and wriggling around on my face, and was soon sliding forward in her chair giving me better access. And as I reached for the lacy panty tops under her dress, she raised her hips slightly allowing me to remove the garment, now soaked with her fluids and my saliva, and feast my eyes on the sight that before now I had only dreamed about.

Her sex was completely covered with grey and chestnut colored hair, thickening as it seemingly pointed the way to the center of her being, So soft; the texture of silk. Her outer lips were puffy and slightly parted and the pink folds inside were moist. The moment was totally intoxicating. I lowered my mouth to kiss her there and she again cried out for forgiveness as I licked and sucked on her pussy, savoring every contour of her sex. I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to be immersed in her being and I continued my assault with tongue and lips until eventually settling in on her engorged clitoris. I gently licked, kissed and sucked until she started to buck wildly in orgasmic bliss while her feet kicked out and her meaty thighs closed softly around my head, saying over and over again, “Ohh Anthony,.. ohhh….. my….. God….. Ohhhhhhh….Jesus,.. I…. I’m….. ahhhhhh!”

I sat back on my heals watching Mrs. B come down from the orgasmic high she just enjoyed, legs still splayed, her pussy now thoroughly soaked and on display, and her eyes just starting to flutter open. She stared at me for a moment before slowly pulling herself up and leaning over to me. Gently, she grabbed güvenilir casino my face and kissed me softly; a warm tender kiss that lingered for a minute. When our lips parted, she was looking into my eyes. “Oh Anthony, I have never felt anything like that. No one has ever kissed me like that before. I can’t believe what just happened; that was amazing”

Then looking down at my lap she noticed that the head of my very hard cock was sticking out of the bottom of my shorts. She stared at it for a moment, and then looked back into my eyes before sliding forward off of the chair to join me on the floor.

She reached a hand out to caress the head of my cock while kissing me again, only this time with a bit more vigor and urgency. I slipped my tongue past her parting lips and let her taste her own juices. Mrs. B moaned lightly and wrapped her delicate hand around my swollen shaft. Reaching for my belt, she proceeded to unbuckle and unzip me while laying me back on the floor. My shorts were soon around my ankles and my hands were kneading her pliant ass as we writhed around on the floor, locked in a passionate embrace. Her dress was still bunched up around her waist and as I rolled her onto her back, she guided my cock to her warm wet pussy and slid the head up and down the length of her slit. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she moaned “oh Anthony, you are driving me insane.” “Hurry Anthony, please hurry, I need to feel you inside of me!”

By now it would have taken a small army to slow me down and as I sank gently into this wonderfully sensual woman, I looked deeply into her eyes and told her “Mrs. B, I have dreamed of this for weeks now. You feel even better than I could have imagined.”

We slowly got into a rhythm and began to fuck each other in earnest. I looked down and saw my glistening cock sliding easily in and out of this elderly woman and lifted her head so she could see as well. “Look how hard you have made me” I whispered to her. She moaned, reached for my mouth with hers and kissed me hard and deep as I continued to pump in and out of her, my hands now searching for her breasts still hidden beneath her dress.

I managed to reach behind her and unzip the dress enough to pull it down and her bra with it. I now had my hands on her soft, supple tits for the first time and rolled and pinched her hardening nipples. This seemed to send her over the edge and she began to pump up at me with an increased passion, her head rolling from side to side while moaning my name over and over. I was fucking into her with all I had and there was no way I could hold back my impending orgasm. Somehow she sensed my urgency and met it with one of her own as we both boiled over with an enormous climax. “Oh, Anthony, oh… sweet… Jesus, oh.. my ..God”; she went on and on as I unloaded stream after stream of steamy hot jizm into her graying cunt.

When our passion subsided, I slid out of her and rolled off to the side pulling her with me. She grabbed my face and planted a soft wet kiss on my mouth, eyes, and forehead all the while saying; “Anthony, that was wonderful. You have made me feel so alive. I can’t tell you how long it has been since I have felt this way. Thank you.”

“Mrs. B, I said, “you are the most amazing woman I have ever known. I know that this was really difficult for you, but believe me, that was incredible.” That said, I reached out and gently caressed her breast and watched as her nipple began to stiffen with the attention.

She cooed softly saying “your hands feel so nice, but how could you look at these sagging old breasts and find them exciting?”

“Mrs. B, they, like you, are positively lovely.” And with that I bent down to take a nipple in my mouth and began to run my tongue over it and suck it making it stand out and beg for more, which is exactly what she did. And who was I to deny her?

That day was the start of an unusual but beautiful affair that lasted until Mrs. B passed away seven years later. Even after I had finished college and gotten married, I would still pay Mrs. B a visit every now and then. And when we could find the time to be alone, she never failed to excite me to no end. I miss her to this day.

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