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A topless weekend

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I guess I should tell you a bit about myself. My name is Rachel, I’m five foot six, fifteen years old, and I have a c cup.
I’ve been with my boyfriend Carl for about three months now. We recently went on a short camping trip, and that’s where this story takes place.
His parents were out of town for the weekend, and he had just gotten his drivers license, and as it worked out, my parents were also away. My older sister was technically in charge of me, but she told me many times that she didn’t give a shit what I did.
On Friday evening, after both our parents were gone, I biked over to his house to help load up his dad’s truck. We loaded the tent, food, cooking items, and everything else. Our plan was to drive up to Tahoe and stay at this secret beach that he had discovered and drive back here Sunday morning.
We got in the truck and started off. That evening was extremely hot, and since it was summer we still had a few more hours of sunlight. I was wearing a sweatshirt over a button down shirt. I hadn’t bothered to put a bra on, and though Carl didn’t know, I was sure he wouldn’t mind. The AC didn’t work in the truck and the windows were stuck up, so it was getting really hot. I removed my sweatshirt, and Carl glanced over and noticed that I wasn’t wearing a bra. “You can take off more if you’re too hot” he said.
I undid the top four buttons on my shirt, just enough to get him excited. We were the only car on the road, so he reached over and began squeezing my boobs. Just to tease him, I began moaning sexually. He unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and I took it off. After a few minutes of us both playing with my tits, he moved his hand down into my pants and began fingering me and rubbing my pussy. “Yes, yes, yes!” I shouted. “Oh fuck!” I shouted as he finally made me orgasm and squirt into my panties. I was still hot and since my panties and pants were still wet, I decided to take them off too. By this time it was getting darker and we were approaching the mountains, so Carl had to concentrate on the road. Since the air cooled down a bit, something loosened up in the truck and we were able to put the windows down. I decided not to put my clothes back on since I liked the cool mountain air blowing against my naked body.
Around 9:30 we arrived at the secret beach on the lake. Obviously we were the only ones there, and we found the perfect place to park and set up everything. By this time my panties were dry from my orgasm, so I put them and my pants back on. I also put my shirt back on, but left it unbuttoned leaving my bare tits exposed.
I began setting up the tent while Carl tried to get the stove working. After the tent was ready, I began helping him cook dinner. After dinner, we washed the dishes in the lake. By this time, the camp fire that I hadn’t noticed him making was huge, and we began roasting marshmallows. After we were done, Carl let the fire die down to embers.
I said, “I suppose I owe you something for the fingering in the car.” “Well”, he said, “I have had a raging boner all evening from seeing you run around with those boobs.” “I’ll see what I can do about it”
I leaned over to him and unzipped his jeans. I pulled off his pants and boxers and took his dick in my hand. I slowly worked my hand up and down his erection until it was at its full length. Then I started sucking it, swirling the head with my tongue. I began moving my head up and down faster and faster. He shouted “oh shit, I think I’m gonna cum!” I took it out of my mouth and rubbed it faster and faster with my hands until he cummed on the campfire.
After a few minutes of sitting there in each others embrace, we got up, put the fire out, hung the bear bag, and got in our sleeping bag. We were both really tired, so after a little kissing, we both fell asleep.
When I woke up, the sun was up along with Carl and my watch said bahis firmaları 7:30. I buttoned my shirt up and got up to see what he was making for breakfast. I walked out of the tent into the cool morning air and saw a nice fire going and Carl cooking pancakes on the stove. I said “I’m going to take a dip in the lake” “Be careful” he said, “the water’s pretty cold”. “I know. I like cold water” I said.
I removed my clothes and piled them by the fire to warm up for when I got out. The. I walked into the lake. It was freezing. Still, I swam around for a few minutes and rinsed my hair. Then the wind picked up, and I decided to get out and dry off before I turned into a popsicle. As I was walking back towards the fire, the wind blew some coals onto my pile of clothes and caught them on fire. “Fuck”, Carl shouted. He ripped off his short and tried to swat the fire out, but in the process, caught his shirt on fire too. I ran to the truck, grabbed a jug of water and put the fire out before it spread. We looked through the ashes and discovered that all my clothes including my sweatshirt and his shirt were completely ruined. It was then that I realized that I had forgotten to bring extra clothes. “I’m such a fucking idiot.” I said. Carls said “it’s not your fault. Here, have some pancakes.”
The pancakes were a little burned, but we ate them anyway. After breakfast, I said “I’m not going to spend the next day completely nude.” “I don’t mind”, Carl said. “I could stare at that ass all day long.” “Well I do mind. Give me your boxers or no more blow-jobs.” I said.
Reluctantly, he removed his pants and boxers, gave me the underwear, and put his pants back on. I put on the boxers, and fortunately they fit and were plain black so I wasn’t too embarrassed, but I was still topless. I asked Carl if he had an extra shirt. He looked in the back of the truck, but all he could find was one of those camping vests that didn’t close up. I put it on, but it didn’t quite close far enough to cover my nipples. Our plan for Saturday was to go on a hike and then rent a small boat and have lunch on the lake. I put on my hiking boots and managed to close the vest far enough with some cord, and we started on the trail. We talked about school for a while and ate trail mix. After a while, we came to a secluded area and sat down to rest.
“You wanna have some fun?” I asked with a sexy smile. He asked, “What did you have in mind?” I said, “you’ll see.”
I pulled down his pants and slowly started running my hand up and down his cock. Once it was hard, I slowly put his dick in between my boobs, which were already squeezed together by the vest and the cord. I bounced and squeezed my tits around his cock for a few minutes. “This is so fucking awesome” he said. When I sensed he was close to cumming, I took his dick and started sucking it. I swirled my tongue around the head, and he shot his hot cum into my mouth. I slowly swallowed it, while letting his dick go limp. He put his pants back on, and told me to sit down. I did, and he pulled down my boxers. He started rubbing my pussy, and then lowered his head down and started licking it. He flicked his tongue in and out, while sliding his fingers in. Not wanting to attract attention, I tried not to make too much noise. “Holy fuck”, I moaned, as my body shook in orgasm.
We cleaned ourselves up and headed back to the campsite. When we got back, we packed a backpack with some lunch and drove down to the marina. We found a relatively cheap fishing boat, and headed out. We motored around the lake for a while, and saw the old island at Emerald Bay. We went out to the middle of the lake and turned off the motor. He got out lunch and gave me a sandwich and a soda. We are lunch and talked. After a while, I decided to go swimming. Since the vest was pretty light and I wasn’t thinking clearly, I didn’t take it off before jumping kaçak iddaa in. Since Carl only had the blue jeans and didn’t want to go in naked, he stayed on the boat.
When I got out, I realized that the vest was super absorbent which made it a lot heavier and colder. The wind was picking up, and I decided that I would be warmest if I was dry so I took off the vest and the boxers. We had about an hour left with the boat, so we motored around for about twenty minutes. Once we had seen most of the lake, we still had half an hour left and it only took ten minutes to get back to the marina, so we stopped near a tiny island and went ashore. It was maybe ten feet long, just big enough it beach the boat for a while. We sat down on the sand.
“Carl,” I said, “do you want to have sex?” We had never actually had sex before, and we were both virgins.
“Hell yeah”, he said. The he stopped. “I didn’t bring condoms, though.” “Not to worry,” I said. “I’ve been on the pill for a few weeks now just in case.”
I was already completely naked since my stuff was drying, so I helped his take his pants off. I bounced my boobs back and forth on his cock to get it hard, and then lay down on the sand. He got down on his knees, grabbed his dick and slowly guided it to my slit. When he was in position, he slowly slipped his dick in. It took a few moments, but he finally fit the whole thing in. I had already broken my hymen from using impromptu dildos by myself, but it still hurt having the real thing in. He grabbed my hips and slowly started thrusting in and out. He began picking up speed, and the sensation turned from pain to ecstasy. “Oh, yessss, fuck me harder, oh oh oooohhh!” I shouted. I sensed he was about to orgasm at the same time that I was. He shot loads of his cum deep into my pussy and fell into my arms. We both lay there for a few minutes, his dick going limp inside of me. Eventually we were able to get up and he put his pants back on. “That was amazing,” we both said together. He looked at his watch. “Oh shit. We’d better get back to the dock”. We hopped in the boat and started back. The boxers were dry so I put them on, but the vest was still sipping wet. I was dry by now and not too cold, so I figured it would be best not to put it back on and stay dry. I asked, ” Do you think it’ll be a problem if I show up at the marina topless?” He said, “Nah. The dock is in Nevada. They don’t have laws there.”
We pulled into the dock, and fortunately the attendant didn’t stare at me too much. We returned the boat and drove back to the campsite. “It’s only 3:30. What do you want to do till dinner?” Carl asked. “I dunno. Could you teach me to drive?” I asked. “Sure”, he said. “I think there’s a relatively flat part of the road where no one will see us.” We drove out there ad pulled over. I got in the drivers seat and he explained how everything worked. I started the car and drove around slowly for about an hour, at which point we switched places and headed back. We set up the stove and cooked dinner. The vest still wasn’t much dried, and I was reluctant to dry it on the fire because of what happened that morning. Then he came up with a genius idea. He took a hot rock from the fire and wrapped the vest around it. While it was drying, we did the dishes. Once everything was put away, I checked on the vest. What I hadn’t realized was that the cord was meltable, so that was completely gone, and the inside of the vest was nylon, so that was also melted. I took the rock out, and hoped that it would reharden enough to wear. We put the bear bags up, and got in our tent.
Carl said, “That was so amazing on the lake. Let’s try it again.” “Alright” I said. He pulled down my boxers and I pulled down his pants. This time he went in easier. After a minute or do of fucking, I said “Wait. Do you want to try something else?” “What did you have in mind!” He asked. “Fuck kaçak bahis me in the ass.” I said. “Are you sure?” “Positive”.
He flipped me over. In one hand he took his hard dick and with the other he grabbed my ass. He guided his cock to my tiny hole and started to push in very slowly. It took a while for him to get all the way in, and the pain was unbelievable. Once he was in, my tight asshole started to loosen up a bit and he was able to start thrusting. The pain ceased, and I started to enjoy it. “Oh fuck fuck FUCK YESSSS!!!” I shouted. He soon cummed right into my ass. We lay there, Carl playing with my tits, and eventually fell asleep.
I woke up first, put my boxers on, and went outside. It had rained during the night, and the rain had washed out all the insulation in the vest through the melted interior. I then found that the rock had also melted the back and the rain had torn it in half. The fire pit was still a little damp, and we didn’t have any fire starters, so I used what was left of the vest to start a fire. By the time Carl got up, I had a good fire going and was starting to make pancakes. He came over and kissed me, and started packing up the tent. We had breakfast and finished packing up. Once everything was loaded in the truck, Carl said “Your pussy tasted so good yesterday. I have to have it again before we leave.” I said, ” I have an idea. Lie down.”
He got down on the ground. I took off my boxers and lay down in the 69 position and pulled down his pants. Grinding my boobs into his stomach, I took his semi hard dick in my hand and started working it. Once it was hard, I started sucking it. Meanwhile, he was swirling his tongue in and out of my pussy. We kept pleasuring each other for a few minutes. When we were finished, he put his pants on but I decided to leave the boxers off for the time. We got in the car and headed out.
What we hadn’t realized was that there was a Giants game that afternoon, so when we got on the highway we were stuck in all of the traffic from Reno headed to the Bay to watch the game. We were making OK time in the carpool lane, and not too many guys had stared at my tits, when we ran out of gas. The gas gauge on the truck was faulty, so Carl hadn’t realized just how low we were. Eventually we were able to get a young guy to stop for us (probably because of my big boobs) and he gave us enough gas to get to the nearest station. We pulled in and Carl told me to wait in the car while he filled the tank. While it was filling, he ran into the store to try to get us some shirts. During this time, a group I group of guys about my age pulled in in their car. They immediately took notice of my predicament and came over to the car. I locked the door but left the window open a crack. Figuring I could get some easy money, I said, “you guys want a show?” They nodded. “20 dollars,” I said. They slipped the money through the crack in the window. I began squeezing my boobs and moving around erotically. Then I started rubbing my bare pussy. After a bit of this, I said “you want something more?” They replied by pslipping more money through the window. I lowered the window a little more, just enough to grab one of their hands and let him feel my boobs. I let them all do this for a few seconds and rolled the window back up. Then I got on my knees on the seat and pressed my ass up against the glass and wiggled it around for a few seconds. I said “Show’s over” and the walked back to their car.
By the time we reached Sacramento, we were both kind of horny again from my boobs bouncing around on the mountain roads. I decided to do something about it. I unbuckled and leaned over. I unzipped his pants and again started sucking his dick. I kept sucking and when he was about to cum, I just went faster. He cummed in my mouth. I savored the taste for a bit and swallowed it. We finally approached home around 1:30. I unloaded my stuff hoping that none of my neighbors would see that I was completely naked (I had given him his boxers back) kissed him and ran in my house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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