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A Transalvanian Tale of Lust

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It was night, the deepest densest part, when small rodents scuttle out of their hay filled homes and frolic in the fields. Yet in the moonlight the owl is also spying over their domain and closely watching the poor unsuspecting creatures.

This reflects what is happening, directly outside the wide expanse of your half draped window. The moonlight has entered, crossing your soft slender legs and playing on your warm luxuriously full bosoms. Your soft shiny apparel, only enhancing the moons delicate rays, which are reflecting in your rich black flowing hair.

You must be too hot and sensitive to sleep soundly, as your body is undulating in the nights warmth. As the curtains sway in this light cooling breeze I was able to observe your sleep. Short breathless pants were being expelled from your full open lips. If only you were aware of your sleeping demeanor, the pulsing movements under your silken gown, which are slightly exposing the rich depth of cleavage, that you brazenly display to me in the moonlight.

I craved the pleasure of you, an untouched virgin ripe and within my grasp. I was beginning to salivate over your nubile lustrous body, you were needed to satisfy my unusual cravings. My desires had been heightened by the sit of the moon and baying of my dogs whimpering at my feet. My cape was getting hot sticking to my otherwise naked frame and I needed to enter your plush interiors and ravish you as you had never been handled before. To take you and make you mine, to control your very spirit and direct your destiny for evermore.

You of course, feeling the need for coolness, had left a narrow opening, into which I could squeeze and emerge inside your boudoir undetected. Should I awake, the gentle pale skinned virginal ripe women, in my midst? I flew to you kneeling at your four poster bed side and removed the lace that hid your supremely fresh forehead. I was unable to stop my lips from caressing that deep unblemished skin. Your ivory canlı bahis skin was kissed with delicate movements. My tongue came darting from my mouth to feel your long and throbbing neck. The neck that gently throbbed against my sensitive tongue feeling its vibrations. Seeing the veins of your neck ,rich and full of sweet virginal blood filled corpuscles. The sight made my eyes sparkle and my pulse quicken.

I was about to insert my long pearly white incisors deeply in that neck when…

…your sleeplessness moved your neck away from my perfect insertion. I was wild with anger and lust, so took strong hold of your slender frame, holding your shoulders deep into your thick silk bed covers. Your eyes opened and in that instant, as I looked so deeply into your awake orbs, you immediately sensed the urgency of my desire and reciprocated it. I smiled warmly, in the knowledge now, that you were within my powers. You in turn burst open your robe to expose your large upturned comely breasts which protruded so wondrously towards the beast in me. I felt my own beast rising as the circulation in our loins intensified. You had to have me, to take me deeply to your large swollen breasts. You grabbed my neck and pulled me to your round youthful bosoms, never been seen by any mere mortal. You knew that I was the one for you and instinctively pushed your breasts further towards my drooling lips. I exposed my fangs to your glowing eyes and without needing any further encouragement, stuck them into your bountiful left mound of burning flesh. The bite felt like a sharp pin prick to you, which after its entrance gave a pearl of red virginal blood, which began to run over your nipples exciting them to hardness.

I was able to release your shoulders from my tight grip, as you were as much in need of my body as I was of yours. I stood and you could see my tall and slender frame in full. The cape only half covering my naked features, which you longed to observe. You rose, from bahis siteleri the luxury of your bed and took my cape off my shoulders. It fell on my own swellings, until you took it, opening it further, then cast it aside. You spied my nakedness that had been sealed for many a year, since I was a mere 19 years old. This youth transfixed you to my frame, made you urgent to take your fingers towards me and twist them in my dampened pussy hairs. As your wild digits pleasured my silky cunt hairs I touched your delicate shoulders and the shimmering lacy robe, touching you so slightly, fell to your feet.

We were then as nature intended, exactly how I envisioned you in my vivid dreams, within my own castle walls. My impish harlots had implored your audience to ravish your skin. but I had told them that their Mistress must have the first bite at your blossoming cherry red lips. I knew my decision had been right, as you and I were both naked together, glorying at each others radiant beauty.

Your touch was so sensuous that I instinctively moved closer. so that you could finger my increasing dampness, my gathering of harlots could never please their mistress with such tenderness. This feeling went deeper than my skin, to my veins with every drop of blood beginning to tingle. Those enhanced feelings that sensed the nights flavors, enticed me towards you, to voluptuous curves, to a full breast which I took in my long claw like fingers. You liked the invigorating scratch that lifted your rich swelling, becoming firmer to my fingers long nails. Your nipples hardened as my firm movement reached them. Your eyes told me to fill my mouth with your warmth. I needed no further encouragement as my lips began to salivate over your wondrous breasts so full and bountiful. They longed for my sweet lips as they glowed in the nights moonlight the nipples hardened and upturned for me. I could feel you slightly quivering with your deep desire for passion. I was forced to fleetingly bahis şirketleri touch your pussy hairs and find them dampening to my tender touch.

I ran my long slender talons over your naked glistering form allowing me to cover you with my touch. My lips now began caresses those full bosoms. Your needs and desires were now as my own. You pulled me to you, imploring me to take your body, as it stood naked and wet before me.

I peered deeply into your eyes where you saw the their crimson lust. You longed to be ravished so much that you insisted on playing with your soft wet dampness while I watched. One hand now covered in your wetness as the other pulled me to your cleavage. Your breasts were so soft against my ashen face their throbbing filled my sensitive ears. “Take me now” you implored subconsciously from the depths of your mind lost in passion.

Only then did I show you the full length of my pure white fangs which could only be matched by the length of their accompanying slithery tongue. I sunk then into the softness of your blossoming bosom as you gave a sharp intake of breath. I loved to hear you exclaim while tenderly licking round and around your orbs. They rose further and harder the nipples so hard I was forced to nip them. You exclaimed in sheer delight and came into your own fingers.

You took this nectar from your pussy and spread it delicately over my lips. My tongue darted to its aroma and creamy stickiness and wanted more. You obliged with more from another finger but I had to find the source. I skillfully moved down your torso and found the hairs that were drenched by your new taste. You accommodated me by letting more juice spill onto my desperate lips.

I stayed licking biting and scratching you until you came in more fits of pleasure, so that your knees began to give way trembling uncontrollable with abandoned pleasure. ..

Later carrying you to the large four poster where we listened to the children of our night, baying with praise for the full moon and the nights mysteries until we both fell blissfully asleep knowing that these experiences would soon be repeated, before my return to my lonesome coffin within my towers walls.

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