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A Transit Stop at Bangkok Airport

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I don’t even remember how he brought up the topic. Here I was, just landed in Bangkok, on a taxi going sight-seeing. I had only about 6 hours in my layover, enough for a small trip around town.

The taxi driver, Philip, started off by asking me if I wanted to go to some other attractions – a little farther.

Maybe next time, I said. When I come with more time to spare.

Realizing and confirming that I was alone, he warned me to stay away from the ladies of the street – can give you AIDS, he said.

Yes, I said. I had no intention of being in their company.

He said I don’t have to worry about that with a girl that he brought.

Alarmed, I asked why not.

“They have health cards.”

“Issued by who?”

“The Ministry of Health.”

“I thought this sort of stuff was illegal.” I puzzled out aloud.

“No, it’s all legal.”

I was intrigued. While Thailand is famous for sex, I still was taken aback by his openness.

He said he could bring one.

I told him, “I want to see it out of curiosity more than anything else.”

He still agreed to bring a card.

The rest of my tour was fine. We went to the Grand palace, Wat Phra, a boat ride in Chao Phrya river that ended up at Wat Arun. Most of the original itinerary was over, but there was still plenty of time.

“Where to next,” I asked.

“To the Gem factory.”

“I don’t want to buy any gems.”

After a lot of conversation, he confessed that the taxi service was subsidized by the Gem factory, and this was a requirement for him. My guess was that I did not see any of the subsidy; he probably just got a commission from them.

He did not leave me much choice. So, I agreed. The factory was a huge showroom of all kinds of jewelry. It was also teeming with foreign tourists – Farangs, as they are usually called.

I did not stay in there very long – probably about half an hour or so. And then I walked over to the designated meeting spot.

As I got there, I recognized his car. He recognized me too, and opened the door.

There was already someone in the taxi. Looked like he was doubling his fare by picking up another passenger. I wasn’t happy, and hesitated a bit. I did not want to get in – but I had already paid for it, and did not know whether free taxis were even available here. I got in. He shut the door and took off.

“Hi, I am Annie,” my co-passenger said to me. Lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t even noticed her so far. I looked at her. She was about 25, maybe a little more, short hair and wearing the current fashion – a very short dress. I wasn’t sure what to say. I gave her my name too. She stretched out her hand. I shook it.

“Philip said you wanted to see my card. I came along too.”

Ah, the mystery was solved.

She opened her purse and handed me a 3×5 booklet. I took it. It seemed like a regular health check booklet. Her picture was in there, along with entries for six months or so. It was definitely not a license to practice what Philip had intended.

“What do you think?” She asked.

I wasn’t thinking of her. Suddenly, I felt scared. Here I was, in a cab, with two accomplices of each other in an underworld trade. What if they took me to somewhere I did not want to go? What if they were after my money? Was there a risk of violence? Could they take me to a deserted place, take my money and leave me there? Or even worse?

Two things gave me comfort: first, that it was Thailand and such things, while they do happen, are rare. Second, I recognized the street as he turned. I knew we were on the highway to the airport. He could still take an exit unknown to me, but at least the right start was made and in ten minutes we would be at the airport.

“I am sorry, I must not have made myself clear,” I said. “I just wanted to see the card.”

She must have noticed the look of discomfort on my face. She answered – “Yes, he did tell me that, but I was free, so I came along. Just in case, and don’t worry about any obligation. We will be at the airport soon. You can go your way and I can go back, if we so choose.”

I was obviously a reluctant prospect and she had only a few minutes to make a sale.

I suddenly grew a lot more confident. Seeing me relax, she took my hand.

“Take a look at me, la. Aren’t I beautiful. On the street you’d steal glances at me. Take your fill now. I won’t object.” Her eyes locked on to mine.

How could tuzla escort I decline such an invitation – especially since she was right about me stealing glances. And she was good looking too.

I looked at her eyes, her lips, her neck.

She suddenly broke the silence. “Shall I ask Philip to take us to the parking lot, or do you want to be dropped right away. You do have a couple of hours before your flight. We can pay Philip his waiting charge – about $20/hour.”

“What about you?” I asked.

“Depends on what you have in mind. My usual rate is 2500 Baht for two hours. Given that you don’t have a lot of time – so I will only charge you 1500 Baht for one hour, and the full 2500 if you want to go all the way.”

That seemed like a lot. Some quick calculations showed me that one hour with her will cost me only US$35, plus the $20 for Philip. I was enjoying her style and wanted to experience it further to see how she’d lead into it more.

I said, “parking lot.”

Philip made a turn, got into the lot and parked away from the other cars.

Then he got out and stood outside. There was enough light inside to carry on. But there was a lot more outside, to prevent any outsiders from seeing in.

She got a clock from her purse, and set it.

We resumed.

I looked at her again – eyes, neck… My eyes moved down further. I still wasn’t sure what she was expecting.

“I am not sure that I want to do this.” I said.

She smiled, saying that it was all up to me. I could stop at any time, at any stage.

I knew “the act” wasn’t going to happen, but I was enjoying everything so far. So I continued. I looked at her bust, her waist, and down to her hemline, at her thighs.

“Tell me if you want me to do anything.” She said.

OK, I said.

She took my hand and put it on her bust.

“Want to feel more?”

“Sure.” I said.

She turned around, asked me to unzip her dress about a foot or so.

I obliged.

She let the neckline hang loose. I put my hand in. Her skin was soft.

I felt her, but got her bra.

“Turn around again,” I said.

She did, and I undid her hooks, loosened the bra and asked her to take it out.

She was fit; her breasts felt firm and looked firm too. The nipples were tiny – even the breasts weren’t too large.

I took one hand off her breasts and touched her thigh. I let the hand slip in gradually. It went in until it encountered a soft patch of hair.

“What.” I remarked, “no panty.”

“Correct, on occasions like this, I prefer not to wear any. A bra is needed for looks, but a panty doesn’t do anything. It just comes in the way.”

“You walk around like this, with such a short dress, and nothing underneath?”

“Correct.” She said. “How do you know other ladies aren’t doing the same.”

“Amazing. It gives me a whole new way of looking. But aren’t you afraid that with a business like this, your juices may wet your dress.”

“Yes, that is the only thing I have to be careful of.”

I took my hand out, and with both hands, pushed her dress up with her cooperation, all the way to her waist. Her bottom was now visible to me completely. She looked good – although a bit skinny for my preference. I sat there, mesmerized by the scene – something out of a fantasy.

She started taking off her dress. I stopped her.

At this time, I did not want any more than the bottom and top out of her dress.

“Wait a little for that.” I said. I asked her to turn around on the seat so that I could see her back side rather than the front. She did.

I reached under her dress, around her, and held her breasts with my hand.

She fell down in my lap. I still could not believe it – making out with a unknown woman in the back seat of a rented car.

But I was having fun, so I banished that thought.

My hands were still on her nipples – holding and rubbing them gently. She grabbed my right hand, got it out of her dress.

Lying there in that position, she guided it to the area between her thighs. I let her. As we got there, I slid my hand in her pubic hair.

Obviously she must’ve shampooed it for it felt silky smooth. I enjoyed the feeling – not the touch of her skin, but her willingness to let me explore. In fact, not just let me explore, but to encourage and even guide me in my exploration.

Lost in pleasant thoughts, I felt my hand wandering tuzla rus escort towards her labia. I paused for a minute, and entered her with my finger. As my finger touched her moistness, I suddenly realized, do I really want our body fluids to mingle. It did not matter – she had a health clearance. But – no, my conscience said – can you really trust it?

I pulled back.

“Anything wrong hon,” she asked.

“No,” I said.

But she wasn’t easily fooled. Maybe she was used to this reaction, or maybe, after being in the business long, she had come to recognize men well. Gently placing her hand on top of my left hand, which was on her breast, so that my hand could not slide off, she came to a sitting position. Her hemline was still around her waist, and she still looked ravishing.

She reached in her purse and got a baby wipe out with which she wiped the fingers that had just been inside her.

“First time, is it?” she said.

“With a stranger? Yes,” I said.

“Not to worry. If you are not comfortable with this, let us find something that you would really enjoy.”

What could she have in mind, I wondered.

“You still have the rest of my body to explore. Or I could give you a rubber barrier to keep your fingers from getting wet again.”

I accepted her first invitation, and with both my hands inside her dress, felt the soft touch of her skin – her neck, her shoulders and forearms, her cleavage and the two nice round breasts on the two sides. I lingered there for a while. She moved closer to me – in fact, very close.

“Like them?” she asked.

I nodded.

She guided my hands away from her breasts, and to her back. I was now in a soft embrace, and her breasts were touching me. She raised herself, and I could feel her breasts on my chin. It was obvious what she was getting at.

I wondered how many tongues had been there since she last washed them.

Sensing my hesitation, she took out another baby wipe and proceeded to wipe her nipples, her aureole and the area around the breast clean.

I wondered why she was doing all this. Surely not with the altruistic motive of making me happy, nor because she was attracted to me. I guess, by making me more excited she was going to increase the time I spent with her, increase the chance that I will go all the way, and maybe I would go and tell my friends to go to her. On the last one she was completely wrong. On the second one she should have realized that there was no chance of going all the way. But I was the one who was wrong.

“No,” I said, and she stopped. One breast had been wiped, but the other lay as it was. The cleaned one glistened with moisture and looked even more attractive.

“Would you like me to masturbate you?” She asked. “Or do you prefer oral sex.”

The thought of her masturbating me did not excite me much. I am a connoisseur of the female body, and that is what I wanted to enjoy today.

Of course oral was out of the question. We could always use a condom, and have regular sex – but I wasn’t too keen on that either, “Or, would you like to watch me masturbate instead.” She said, breaking me out of my reverie.

This sounded really appealing, and I agreed. And what a show it was.

“I’ll need some help from you occasionally. I hope you don’t mind.” She said.

I nodded in agreement.

She slipped her dress off completely. She sat there in the car completely in the nude. While I would have preferred for her to leave it on, I was going to let her do as she liked.

While she did this, I sat there and wondered. Here I am in transit through Bangkok and having the time of my life – that too with a woman – complete stranger to me. Bangkok has always been an exotic place for me; this added to that perception.

I contrasted my state with hers. While she was sans any shred of clothing on her body, I sat there fully clothed – a fact that hadn’t escaped her attention. She suggested that if I wanted to, I could free myself. I had no intention to. While I was straining the elastic in my undies, I declined even her other suggestion that I at least unzip, and let my member out.

I was under no illusion myself. This show was for my benefit, and no amount of pretending on her part was going to convince me that she was enjoying it too. This gave rise two feelings. First that my dressing or undressing did not matter to her at all. Second that tuzla sarışın escort since this show was for solely my pleasure, I was determined to fully direct it towards that goal.

So when she took out three artificial penises from her bag, and asked me to select one, I gladly obliged. The first one was a rather large phallus. It would be very exciting to see it go in and out of her vagina.

The second one looked like a piston. She explained that that is indeed what it was.

“This one has an in and out motion, compared to the first one which works by vibrating.”

In and out simulated a real intercourse much more closely. Never having seen that in action, I welcomed the chance to see it.

The third one was a double one – a thick one for the front, and a thin one for the rear. All three were battery operated and had wired remotes.

You into anal too? I asked.

“Sure, if that is what my customers want – and you would be surprised at how often they want it. Are you too?”

I was tempted. Here was another chance to fulfill my fantasy. But two things stopped me – first that it wasn’t any orifice that I fantasized about – it was a specific someone’s rear orifice. The second one, again, was the desire not to let fluids mix. Sure, a condom would have helped, but I wasn’t about to take chances.

I selected the double one. If the show was solely for me, why skimp on anything?

She got out a tube of K-Y Jelly, and spread it liberally on both probes.

Handing the device to me, she turned around on the back seat of the car: an offering. I noticed the driver was still outside, looking away from the car – as if keeping watch. I guess this was normal occurrence for him, regardless of how abnormal it was for me.

I wondered how many Thai laws I was breaking – nudity in a car, sex in a car, all this in a public place, and with a prostitute! The thought made my adrenaline pump even stronger – not to mention blood going to specific parts of my body.

She was on all fours now, on top of the rear seat. Using my thumb and forefinger, I spread her cheeks with my fingers and gently pressed the tip against her.

“Ooh,” she said.

“Anything the matter.”

“It’s a little cold,” she answered.

I pressed again.

“Oo,” she repeated.

“And a little tight?” I asked.

After a moment’s pressure, the lubricant took over and Annie relaxed; the tip slipped inside her rear.


While I was busy at the rear, she directed the front probe into her pussy. Soon both probes had completely disappeared into her. What remained was the horizontal piece connecting them, with the wire hanging from it.

Before she had a chance to say anything, I reached out and took control of the remote. I turned it on. She started moaning softly. It really did feel like I was playing with a toy. While I did have feelings for her, I was determined to get the most enjoyment out of it. I put my hand at the bottom of the device, and gave it a gentle shove. It went in a little more. I turned the knob, and the speed of vibration increased. I suddenly turned it all the way up. The hum went up, and so did her moaning.

“Please slow down,” she said.

“Why,” I asked.

I was really enjoying not just her reaction, but also the feeling of control. My initial apprehensions had disappeared. I started playing around with the knob, increasing and decreasing speed at random. I enjoyed observing her reaction in response to it. My excitement kept increasing. I indeed was straining hard against the elastic of my underwear. I was too busy to notice – the remote control was a great aphrodisiac. The pressure inside me had built to a very high level. When it couldn’t build any more, I let go, and felt a warm rush.

Noticing this, she fell into my lap, and gave me a long kiss, between moans, as the vibrator was still busy inside her. I was done, but my show wasn’t. However, instead of taking charge myself, I let her take charge. She set the speed, and her moaning kept increasing, and then it stopped.

I kissed her again, as she lay panting in my lap.

We just sat there like this for a few minutes.

Then I opened the window, asked Philip to hand me my bag from the trunk, to change out of my wet clothes. As I took my wet underwear off, she reached over, and took me in her mouth. In an instant, I was up again.

Deftly, she worked until I came yet one more time.

I would have lingered on even more, but it was getting close to the time to catch my flight. Philip drove us to the airport. We settled our account, and I got on my plane, with a big smile on my face. And, still wondering if the health card was real, or just a story to reel me in.

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