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A Trip To Remember Ch. 05

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By now Matt and I had been seeing each other for about six month. There was never a boring or dull moment when we were together. And thankfully we didn’t just have sex to use as an excuse for being together. We both found that we loved a lot of the same things. So slowly we each moved some of out things into each others places. Leaving behind extra clothes or a toothbrush. But I noticed that Matt always made sure that I packed more than I needed when I went to stay with him. The pattern continued and finally I had to ask what he was up to. He told me that he just wanted me to be able to stay with him as much as possible so he wanted me to have whatever I needed at his house. He wanted to say more but I didn’t push it. That next morning while I was putting on my make up he came into the bathroom and stood behind me drinking his coffee.

“So tonight after work we can just go pack up the rest of your things and store them in the extra bedrooms until we can get around to making room for your things here, OK?”

I was so shocked by what he had just said that I stabbed myself in the eye with my eyeliner. “Matt umm wait. Were or maybe I should say did you just ask me to move in with you?”

“Yeah I guess that I did. Just not in those words. I figure it would be a good idea seen as how you are here five out of seven days a week anyhow. I guess I should have asked you what you thought. So what do you think?”

“If you want me to move in with you, share this house, sleep in the same bed as you every night and wake up next to you ……that is that you are saying right?” he nodded a little unsure where I was taking this. “Then I would have to say OK.” And I turned back around and finished my make up.

Looking in the mirror I saw Matt smiling over his coffee cup and then he walked out of the room.

So after work we packed up my apartment and moved most of my things to his , our , house. Putting things in the spare bedroom. Deciding what other room would be my office and what not. It was exciting and scary at the same time. I wanted this to work.

By the time we got into the office the next day everyone knew that we were living together. They had know for months that we were seeing each other and no one said a thing. They acted as if nothing had changed. Which was good. We were in and out of meetings all day. Our company was trying to land a new contract with Gatorade. And we had to assign a team to go to Chicago to meet with the company’s executives and sell our ideas. I was picked to go and one of the other women that I work with was also to go with me. We were to be gone for a week. Maybe two. This would be the test….the longest Matt and I had to go with out seeing each other.

“Baby I know I wish I didn’t have to go but this will be good for me and the company. Maybe they will give me the raise I deserve if I can land this!” I was packing to leave the next morning, and Matt was in the bedroom trying to talk me into staying and sending some one else.

“I just don’t see the big deal. Why do you have to go?”

“Look by sitting there and whining you are being really selfish. I wouldn’t do this to you” I moved to straddle his lap and looked him in the face. ” I would tell you to go and do your job and land the account. Have a little faith in us” I kissed him and got up and walked out of the room.

“Ok fine but I think that we should have make up sex before you leave seen as how what we just did was argue.” He was right behind me in the hall.

“Um casino şirketleri no what we just did was I talked and you whined. Big difference.”

“OK well can we have make up sex any ways?”

“Ok but it has to be soon because I have to be to the airport early.”

Make up sex was the term that we used for the hot steamy sex we had after an argument. It meant that we would go out on our bedroom balcony and have sex under the stars and we filmed it so we could watch it later. Seen as how we rarely argued there were only a couple of tapes. Sometimes we get so loud that the neighbors yell at us to take it in side , we have even had the cops come to the house!

But tonight I was feeling something different.

“What if we went and had sex someplace different tonight?”

“Like where?”

“Like how about the theater……you know the one on 24th and Hoover?” It was an adult theater. Anything goes as long as it is consensual.

“You want to go to the theater and have sex while a bunch of people either watch us or the movie or only pay attention to themselves?” he shrugged his shoulders and said “Ok , let’s get going then.”

The theater was small, and if you were there for privacy well you were at the wrong place. The first thing that hits you is the smell of sex, then the movie that is on the screen and as you look around for a place to sit you notice all of the other people who are there. Most are men there are some husbands and wives or boyfriends and girlfriends, but most are just single men looking for a release valve.

We sat towards the back in a empty row and watched the movie. After a while I felt a hand on the thigh, and I moved higher and higher until it was under my sun dress. The dress that I didn’t wear anything under. I put my feet up on the seat in front of me and spread me legs. Matt didn’t waste anytime. Careful not to touch to much of the gross floor he knelt down between my legs and began to suck on my clit. I laid my head back and moaned. It felt so good. I kept waiting for him to put his fingers inside of me but he didn’t, he kept his mouth on me but his hands were else where. I figured he was jerking off.

“Matt what are you doing?”

“I have a suprise for you. I think….or hope that you like it.”

I felt the vibrations before the entrance. But once he had it inside me all the way and turned it up pulling it in and out of me, I was almost falling out of my seat.

“Oooh god Matt that isn’t fair. Oh my god too much …..I can’t take much more….ahhhh.”

“Go ahead baby…..come for me.” he began to stand up and grabbed my hand and replaced it where his had been on the vibrator. Standing to his full height he unzipped his jeans and pulled his dick out. It was hard and even in the dark I could see the pre come on the tip. Matt used it as a lubricant and ran his hand up and down the shaft. He was masturbating with me.

“Oh yea Lena baby….suck my hard cock!” he moaned the words and I was so turned on that I wanted to get off right then and there.

We had to of been quite a sight. But we didn’t care. All I knew was that this vibrator had caused me to have three orgasms. And Matt had none.

“Matt I want you to come for me….shoot it in my mouth baby!”

“I don’t think so” he said threw clenched teeth “I am going to fuck you and fill you up.”

He let go of himself stood me up bent me over and took the toy out of me. Before I could become disappointed he had his monster of a cock shoved up me. casino firmaları And the vibrator was being held against my clit. He was slamming into me hard and pulling out slowly. It was torture. I could hear our skin hitting each other with each thrust into me, his balls would hit against my ass and the vibrator was working on my clit. What more could I ask for?

My muscles tensed and I felt the heat run through my body as I spasm and cried out. I could feel my pussy tighten around Matt’s cock as he pulled out. He took his time and loved every minute of it.

I lifted my head a little to see two women sitting behind us. They were lesbians. And they were putting on a show of their own. How they managed to get in the position they were in was besides me but one was sitting in a seat and the other was, well the other was doing a head stand on the same seat with he mouth on the other women’s pussy and her pussy was being mauled by the other women.

I nudged Matt when he thrust into me “Look at those two….they are 69ing. Isn’t that hot!”

He grunted grabbed my waist pumped fast and hard three times and emptied himself in me. It always felt so good when he came inside of me. It always sent me into mini orgasms.

Matt leaned forward and rested himself on my back, kissed my neck and pulled away from me .

“Well that by far was the second most interesting thing we have ever done to date. Don’t you think?”

Deep breath ” yeah it was.” He was awfully quiet and I asked him what was wrong.

“Hey what’s the deal. Did I do something wrong? Wasn’t it good?”

“HUH , oh no baby you were great” he leaned over and kissed me again “come on lets go home, Ok?”


Matt was very quiet the entire ride home I couldn’t tell what was wrong. I wanted to ask but I knew that he would talk about it when he wanted. He knew I was there to listen when ever. We got home and he went straight to his office and closed the door, so I went upstairs took a shower and went to bed. I didn’t feel him crawl into bed but I felt him put his arms around me and rest his head on my breast. I held him while we slept.

The next morning he was in a better mood but he wasn’t himself. “Look Matt if you aren’t back to your old self when I get back from Chicago I am going to hold you down and make you talk.” I meant it too.

“Yea what ever…empty promises!” Well at least he was joking.

He dropped me off at the airport on his way to work and I kissed him goodbye told him that I would miss him and got out of the car. I reached back in to grab my purse and Matt grabbed my wrist.

“When you come back I promise that we will talk . Good luck baby I know that you will do fine!”

I walked away with a huge smile on my face that lasted the entire flight. When I arrived in Chicago I went straight to the hotel and checked in. I was then informed that I already had messages. One was from the office and the other from Matt.

The office called to let me know that I would be flying solo on this one. The other employee that was supposed to come with me had a family emergency. And the one from Matt just listed a number for me to call that night after the first meeting.

As all meetings go it was boring and long. I had a tough crowd but I knew that I could handle it. I left feeling exhausted but pleased with myself. I took a long hot bath and called the number that Matt had left for me.

“Hello” It was a women’s voice that answered the phone!

“UH güvenilir casino , yes Um can I …I was given this number to call by my boyfriend.” Matt like to play jokes on me but I was worried this time.

“Oh yes just one moment.” She put me on hold. The women had the nerve to put me on hold. I heard a click and before the person who was on the other line spoke I did. ” Matt …is that you? What the hell is going on? Why did a women answer the phone and where the hell are you?”

“Wow yes I miss you too dear! Relax would you, aren’t you the one who said put a little faith in us? I didn’t want to stay in the house all alone all week while you were gone so I called Jimmy” his brother ” and asked if I could crash there with him and the family.”

Oh I felt so stupid I didn’t even recognize his sister in laws voice. “Oh, well I am sorry, tell Marcy I am sorry I didn’t recognize her voice. You really are staying at your…..you are really gonna miss me that much? Matt you are too sweet.” I felt so relieved.

“Yea well ya know what can I say. So anyhow what are you wearing?”

“Ha I am wearing a bathtub full of bubbles right now!”

“Oh man you’re such a tease. So wanna have phone sex?” He sounded like a child asking for a piece of candy.

“Oh I suppose I could do that.” My hand was already working it’s way down my body to rub my clit. I started to breath heavy and moan a little. Just small moans in the back of my throat I could barely hear them but he could.

” Hey horn dog wait for me.” I heard a door shut and him struggling to get out of his jeans. “Ok god we haven’t even started and I am hard as hell! Actually when Marcy told me that it was you on the phone I got hard. Talk about embarrassing.”

He was babbling, normally I was the one who did that but tonight it was him. “Matt shut up about Marcy.”

“Oh stop you’re turning me on!”

“Baby you were turned on when the phone rang.” My breathing was getting heavier and I seemed to moan my words more than speak them.

Our very own version of phone sex was very different from what other people think of when they hear those two words. We just talk to each other about our day and how much we miss each other and just stuff. Not really about sex, at least until we are about to come. So we talked for about 45 minutes and I told him I was close.

“Hold off just for a few minutes. Please baby.” I could hear his hand stroking up and down his shaft. I had a very vivid picture in my head, him laying back on the bed hard cock in one hand phone in the other. He always used a little lube on himself when he masturbates. ” Oh god here it comes …..”

He grunted and I screamed. We crashed at the same time. I almost dropped the phone in the tub. Waiting a minute to calm my self down and get my voice back I listened to him breath and I could still hear him stroking his cock, getting all of the come out of it. He was so amazing, the man could stay hard for minutes after coming.

“Oh yea I needed that!”

“The meetings were that bad huh?”

“Yes and no. I am the only one hear now from the company and I have to do double the work. I know I can but still. And I just miss you. But don’t let it go to your head!” He laughed and we talked for a few more minutes then got off the phone. I went to sleep and had wonderful dreams all night.

Chicago turned out to be a nice little trip. I got the account on the third day and decided that I would stay the two more days and shop and relax Matt agreed with me. We talked every night I was gone. About every thing and nothing at all. We were on the phone just to hear each other breath or to be connected to each other some how. I couldn’t wait for the next day when I would arrive home.

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