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A Trout for Emma Wightman

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Chapter 1 – An Unexpected Education

Emma called one morning, quite early.

“Can you get here fast? A coyote just killed one of my geese!”

“Sure,” I replied, “Is he still there?”

“The little bugger dragged it off into the bush and I can hear him and his pack arguing over the pieces.”

I grabbed some shells for my Krag-Jorgensen and jumped in the truck, heading down the road to her place close to the lake. As I turned off the road into her laneway I slowed right down, trying to be as quiet as possible, and when I saw her I pressed my finger to my lips to let her know to be quiet, then got out of the truck, leaving the door open so it wouldn’t make a noise closing. Sliding some shells into the chamber and magazine I headed off quietly in the direction she pointed, and sneaked toward the noise of the coyotes as quietly as I could. I only got one shot off before they spotted me and melted into the bush, but I did roll one of them and then shot him again before he could limp away. I picked him up by his hind legs and carried him back to the truck.

Emma was spitting sparks when I walked into to her yard with the dead predator. She hated coyotes, mostly because she loved her little flock of geese, and this was the third time she had lost one.

I told her, “I saw maybe four or five more coyotes so you had better keep your ‘boys’ in their wire pen for a while.”

She asked me, “Can you eliminate these coyotes?”

“I’ll try,” I said.

I went home and got a few jump traps. I set them using the few remaining pieces of the torn up goose as bait, and wired the traps to small cedars. Chances were that the pack would sneak back at night to get what they had left when I shot.

Emma invited me in to wash up and have a coffee. She was pretty upset. All her geese had names and she had a sort of motherly, protective feeling for them.

I told her, “Call me if you hear a trap snap or if a coyote is struggling in a trap and I’ll come to finish him off.”

I had known Emma for a number of years now, starting back when I was in school. She had retired early from teaching in the city and had moved to our little community when her husband had drowned during a holiday in Hawaii. I first met her when she asked me to mow her lawn and from then on she often asked me to do little jobs for her over the next few years. She was a nice woman, and she had even helped me proofread and edit my essays during high school. Emma volunteered at the community library, and I often saw her there as I used to stop in and read “The Saturday Evening Post”, “Outdoor Life,” “Guns & Ammo” plus a few other magazines on a pretty regular basis. As I got to know her I enjoyed helping her with various jobs, as she was a nice woman, and she always treated me as an adult.

I had started to notice her female attributes more and more in the last year or two. Although she was middle aged and graying, she was agile and quite pretty. She had a quick mind and quick reactions as well as a good sense of humor and a ready smile. I wasn’t above sneaking a peek at her body whenever I had the chance. Working together on some of her projects I had many times looked down her shirt front or up the edge of the leg of her shorts.

That evening the phone rang and it was Emma again.

“I think we’ve got one trapped – I hear all kinds of noise out there and I’m pretty sure it’s one struggling in a trap.”

I rushed down to her place and sure enough we had a good sized male caught, so I popped him in the head and reset and re-baited the trap. I didn’t think they would come back for a while after the one was trapped, but it wouldn’t hurt to try anyway.

Emma was delighted with our success, and invited me in for a coffee and a chance to wash the blood off my hands. I cleaned up and sat at her kitchen table while she found some crackers and cheese.

She turned, looked at me, and said, “Maybe you deserve a beer for that instead of a coffee.”

I thought it was pretty nice of her to treat me as an adult even though I had just turned eighteen that spring, so I quickly told her, “I’d like that a lot.”

“I was just headed for bed when I heard the noise,” she said. “I was going to watch baseball on the TV.”

I finally figured out that she was explaining why she was wearing her nightgown and housecoat. I lingered over the beer, and she brought me another one. When she sat down her housecoat slipped open a ways and I could see her nipples poking against her night gown.

She must have seen me looking because she pulled her housecoat together a bit and said, “I saw you peeking – seems the last year or two you sneak a look whenever you can – don’t you?”

Since I detected a bit of a smile on her face I said, “I guess you caught me that time – but what about all the times you didn’t?”

She just laughed and said, “You men are just like that – but at least it beats you liking boys.”

We both laughed and I was pretty relieved that she hadn’t taken offence. Her housecoat slipped open again casino şirketleri after that, but she pretended not to notice me looking at her.

I finished my beer and told her I’d come back a couple of days later with a predator call and try to nail another coyote with my rifle.

“Good” she said, “Let’s keep at them until that gang of scoundrels is eliminated or they at least leave me alone.”

Two mornings later I went fishing at dawn and landed a nice trout. I was hoping for a few more but they quit biting so I packed up and decided to drop in at Emma’s to check the traps again. I knew she liked trout so I brought it to her house after I had found the traps were untouched. She must have just woken up when I had pulled into the laneway and she said she barely had time to straighten her hair before I knocked on the door.

Emma was really pleased with the trout and said, “Nothing as tasty a good fresh one like that – it’ll make a nice supper for me.” She added, “I’m making toast and coffee, so stay and have some.”

It sounded good to me so I took off my boots and then washed the fish smell off my hands. Emma was hustling around making the breakfast and she asked me to butter the toast when it was still hot, as she was busy making coffee. I was standing next to her at the counter doing the toast when I looked sideways and could see down the front of her night gown as her robe had slipped open.

She noticed and said, “Gosh, you don’t miss much do you?”

I replied, “I take whatever I can get, and it’s not all that much these days.”

She just laughed it off.

When we were eating our toast she asked, “What did you mean when you said ‘it’s not all that much these days’?”

I had to think a bit before I answered her, I didn’t want to get her mad at me or think I was a creepy, so I phrased my answer carefully.

“Well, the girls just don’t seem all that interested in a guy like me with an old rusty truck and that doesn’t have a regular job, can’t dance hardly at all and doesn’t like music all that much.”

She pressed on, however, asking questions about how I was doing with the girls I knew.

“I think what you are trying to say as nicely as possible is that you aren’t getting lucky, right?”

“Well yes,” I finally admitted. “I’d sure like it if I could even get one to let me feel her up or take off her bra, but so far it’s not going well.”

“Well, they don’t know what they are missing,” she said. “I think you would be a nice treat for any young girl. But I guess that’s why you are so easily excited around me whenever you get a chance to see something.”

My next question hung me.

“What do you mean by easily excited?” I asked.

Emma laughed and said, “Look, I was married a long time and I can tell really quickly when a guy has a hard-on and is watching me. It’s like a natural instinct by now. You wouldn’t have noticed but I’ve tested you a few times by ensuring you got a nice peek, and every time I did you got horny. Don’t try to deny it!”

“Well, I have to admit you hit the nail on the head, and I hope you aren’t too ticked-off at me.”

Emma told me “Don’t worry about it, and turn your chair around.”

She stepped up to me and slipped her housecoat off onto the floor.

Pressing against me she said, “These little old lady tits likely don’t compare with the ones those girls have, but at least you can play with these ones.”

She leaned forward and we kissed, gently at first and then our tongues touched and wiggled against each other.

I was catching on pretty quickly at that point, and was still a bit nervous, but nevertheless I wasted no time in kissing her nipples through her night gown. She seemed to like that and I pressed closer, and now her thighs were pressing against my erection. I brought up my hands and rubbed her breasts, then kissed her nipples some more. Then I put my hands behind her and rubbed her bum and kissed her lips again.

“Turn me loose for a second,” she said. Emma lifted her night-gown over her head, dropping it on the floor behind her.

Stepping back into my arms she asked, “Are these the boobs that you’ve wanted to see for the last few months?”

I hardly knew what to say but I had no trouble deciding to kiss her breasts, and then boldly started to suck a nipple.

“The other one as well,” she said, and turned a bit so I could suck her other nipple.

“Feels good,” she said. “It’s been a long time for me since my husband died. I’ve had some nice thoughts about you from time to time in the last few months.”

Emma kicked off her slippers, and climbed on to my lap facing me, legs apart, straddling my thighs.

“Bet you didn’t think you’d see my goodies opened up for you in your lap when you left home this morning, did you?”

Our lips met again and this time we explored each others’ mouths with our tongues.

I agreed with her, telling Emma, “I have thought about you nude a lot but never expected it to happen, especially as unexpectedly casino firmaları as this. I’ve daydreamed a lot about you, though, wondering what you would look like and feel like naked.”

“Well,” she said, “I’m sitting here with my legs apart so you can see and feel. Don’t waste the opportunity.”

With that invitation, I felt my first real woman, exploring her pussy with my fingers. She scooted forward a bit so I could see her pussy more easily and she put her arms around my neck to support herself as she leaned back and spread herself open for me. My eyes drank in the sight of her pubic hair, her pussy lips, and her opening.

“Lesson number one,” she said, “that little nub where my lips join at the top is pretty important – see if you can find it. It’s the key to making me feel good.”

I traced my finger up one of her pussy lips until I felt a little mound.

“That’s it,” she said. “Now, gently, rub it a bit, take your time, and be gentle.”

I was more than happy to oblige her, and gently rubbed the little nub.

“I’m a bit dry,” she said. “Put a bit of saliva on your fingers and moisten that little nub, and also my little lips.”

This was getting to be awfully nice, I thought, but the rush of emotions was nearly overwhelming me. I got a bit too excited and must have been a bit rough.

She reminded me, “Gently, slowly, not so hard please.”

I slowed down, and tried to be as light as a feather with my fingers.

“That’s better,” she said.

I soon noticed her starting to get excited, and her breathing quickened.

“Let’s get onto my bed,” she told me. “You’re about to get much more than you ever expected today – get out of your clothes.”

I peeled off my clothes in record time, and my cock was standing at attention for her.

She quickly grabbed a little tube from the bathroom and told me, “This is lube – at my age I get a bit dry and I haven’t had sex for quite a while now, so rub a little on my lips and love button and then put some inside me.”

“I sure like that idea,” I said as I applied a bit to her pussy lips and clit. Then, for the first time, I slipped my finger right inside her with a bit more lube.

She felt warm and snug, and I was in no hurry to take my finger out until she said, “Start rubbing me again, like before – but take your time and be gentle.”

I was getting the idea now, and I was enjoying seeing her pussy open for me as I gently rubbed her. Soon her hips were thrusting up and she was making lovely little whimpering noises as I rubbed her.

Finally she shook and trembled as her climax hit her, and she pulled my hand away saying, “I can’t take any more, let me rest.”

As she recovered she said, “You’re great! Thanks – you were so kind and gentle. So, how do you like playing with an old woman’s goodies? You seemed pretty interested in exploring and getting me horny.”

I replied, “Hey – you’re not old, and that was better than I ever thought it would be. I have to admit you are right – I sure enjoyed looking, and exploring your pussy, and I really liked it when I felt you get hot.”

“Well if you like, look some more – open me up and explore to your heart’s content – I’ll give you the guided tour,” she chuckled.

With that she pulled a big pillow under her bum, and spread wide for me.

“You can stretch those lips if you like,” she told me. Carefully, I extended them, one in each hand between finger and thumb.

It opened her up nicely. Next, she told me to pull the skin up above her ‘love button’ as she called it and I saw her pink clit emerge.

“Be really gentle with that little thing and it will treat you right,” she reminded me. “I know you probably want to explore inside of me – so go ahead, just be gentle,” she told me as she reached around behind her thighs and spread her opening wide for me.

“Turn your palm up and try to find my G-spot with your finger – keep trying – not there – closer to the front – aaah, you’ve got it – now rub it and remember where it is and what it feels like.”

She asked me, “Is this anything like you imagined?”

I admitted, “It’s was a lot nicer than anything I’d pictured in my mind.”

She told me, “I know you can’t wait to jump on me, but I need you to play with me just a bit more to let me relax. You might be nervous but I’m twice as tense, so take it slow and easy.”

I wasn’t about to do anything that might shut her down, so I just kept on gently rubbing her pussy, kissing her, and occasionally sucking her nipples and rubbing her tits. I thought to myself that they were more like sunny-side up eggs when she lay flat on her back, but when she sat up they were nice small handfuls.

“What else have you wondered about when you were peeking at me this last year?” she asked.

I almost hesitated to tell her, but then I blurted out, “I’ve always wanted to get really close to your pussy with my face – maybe blow on it, or maybe kiss it even – okay?”

“It’s more than güvenilir casino okay,” she replied. “I’d love it – especially if you can find my love button with your tongue and wiggle it against me gently. Once you try that I have some more ideas for you too – so go to it!”

I kissed her gently on her tummy and gradually kissed my way to her slit, then slipped my tongue in, searching for her little button. I found her opening first and couldn’t help dipping into it a couple of times, and then I traced her lips upward until I found her pleasure spot. I started to wiggle my tongue tip all around it and I saw her hand slip down and pull up the skin above it, exposing the pink nub for me.

Soon she was wiggling and pushing up at my mouth and I heard her say, “Suck it,” so I sucked fairly strongly until I could feel her pulsating against my mouth.

Almost without thinking, my hand found its way to her pussy and I slipped my middle finger into her, searching for her G-spot once again. This made her wiggle even more and soon I experienced her reaching another orgasm as I rubbed, licked and sucked her.

She finally pushed my head away with her hand and said, “Stop, stop, I’m too sensitive.”

I felt great when she groaned a bit and said, “Gosh, you’re a fast learner – you’re good!”

All the rejection I’d experienced from teen-age girls melted away when Emma told me that she had enjoyed me.

“Just let me recover as bit, then you can get on top of me and fuck me silly, but I need a few minutes to recover from that orgasm,” she said.

My emotions jumped – I was about to have sex for the first time and I was getting more and more excited. I could feel my heart pounding and my feelings were running away with me. We lay together and held each other close as we kissed and I massaged her breasts gently.

She told me, “Don’t worry if you go off really quickly. I’ve been priming your pump, so you’ll likely not last long. As soon as you get good and hard, and are ready again, we can do it some more – as many times as you like – this is your day.”

I asked, “What about a condom?

She replied, “Don’t worry, my tubes are tied and my period is only intermittent, so just let it rip.”

It must have jogged her memory though, as she popped up and got a towel to put under her bum, saying “this will keep the sheets clean.”

Emma said, “I want to see that nice cock.” She took hold of me and moved my foreskin up and down a few times.

She said she liked seeing my cockhead pop out each time she stroked me – “always something I liked” she said, as she planted a kiss on it. That made me even firmer and then she guided me between her spread legs.

I was so excited that I was trembling a bit, but her kisses calmed me.

“Let me guide you into me,” she told me. “And be gentle. Even with the lube I’ll be tight at first, so just go in and out a bit at first, and then go in deeper a little at a time. Please don’t drive in hard until I tell you I can handle you.”

She was right. She held my cock in just the right place, but it was hard to get in very far, so I just pushed the tip of my cock in and out as she had asked me.

Emma said, “It’s partly because I’m pretty tense and then I haven’t had sex in a long while, so just take it easy.”

She kissed me deeply and rubbed my back with one hand as she kept my cock in position with her other hand.

“In and out some more,” she whispered, and after a few tries she pushed up a bit and I slipped in about an inch or so.

“Okay,” she said. “Pull back just a bit and try some more, I’ll hold you so you don’t slip out.”

After about a dozen small retreats followed by longer advances I worked my way into her until I finally felt my pubic hair mashing against her mound. She was soft and warm inside, but pretty snug. I felt her push up at me so I started stroking.

She tensed a bit and said, “Just stay still a second or two until I get adjusted to you.”

Soon she pushed up again and I started to piston her fairly strongly. Each thrust was met by her upward shove and before I knew it I had an ejaculation that went on for five or six strong squirts.

“Don’t stop!” she gasped. “Give me some more strokes as long as you are hard enough.”

I went on for quite a few more strokes and I could feel the semen running all over.

“Please – just stay in me a bit longer – this feels so good.”

It felt good to me too. I felt very male and very satisfied.

“Reach over and grab some tissue,” she said. “Try to mop up your semen off me.”

I rolled off her and wiped her off as best I could. The towel was a good idea as it took the brunt of the leakage.

Emma saw me looking closely at her semen drenched pussy and said, “I figured that you would like to see me like this and I can tell that you do – you’re going to be a real pussy lover, I can see it on your face.”

I told her that seeing her pussy stretched open with semen coming out, and her lips looking soft and spent, was a pretty nice experience. I dabbed away with the tissue and then rolled one up to slip inside her to get a bit more semen soaked up. A big part of my tender care was because I liked seeing her lying there, legs apart, and as I told her, “Freshly fucked.”

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