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A Very Naughty Marine

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Author’s Note: I tried to limit the military slang but some was inevitable to help the flow of the story. Also, this is a work of fiction!


While running in black shorts and a gray USMC shirt I began to a cadence. “DELAY CADENCE… DELAY CADENCE… DELAY CADENCE… COUNT,” I yelled while singing my voice.

“ONE,” the group of Marines running with me screamed.

“CAN’T HEAR YOU,” I yelled.

“TWO,” they shouted.


“THREE,” they yelled back.


“FOUR,” they yelled.



I couldn’t help but smile, it was an early spring morning, the air was cool, crisp and clean. Sixty Marines ran in tight formation next to me, four rows of black and gray clad Marines almost half-way through a 5-mile run to begin their day. The cadence was one of my favorites and never failed to get the Marines worked up.

We were sweating, pushing ourselves and loving every second of it. We are Marines, pushing ourselves is what we do. If there are two paths to take, damned if we won’t take the most miserable one, just to know we can do it.

As we reached our turn around point I yelled to the formation.

“All right, break it up, head back to headquarters at your own pace, last five run an extra mile!”

That comment never failed to inspire extra effort in everyone. Nobody wanted to be last, especially when it meant you had to run extra. It wouldn’t matter to me because I would take the final five on the extra run myself. Still, I pushed myself to run faster. At 35 years old I couldn’t beat some of the “rabbits” as we called our fastest runners, but I could make most of them try harder. Sometimes it isn’t about being in the lead, it’s about making them push themselves. With the average age of the platoon around 23 years old, nobody wanted to be beat by someone more than ten years older than them.

Steadying my breathing, concentrating on my steps, I began to fall into a rhythm. I let everything else drop to background senses. All I could feel was the road under my feet, the breeze on my skin and my breath steadily exhaling. I increased my pace slightly, more than half the group was behind me. I began to increase my speed again. I passed another small group. Noticing one Marine that I knew ran faster than me I pulled up next to him.

“Corporal Johnson,” I said between breaths. “You have ten seconds to get ahead of me, after that if I lay a hand on you I swear I will have you running until you puke, cry, or passout!”

He gave me a startled look and bolted away from the pack he’d been running with. He knew I was serious from past experience. I smiled as I watched his lanky frame run away, he was one of my favorites but I’d never let him know it.

Again I fell to concentrating on my pace, at 6’0″ I had a long stride and my 190 pound frame held very little fat. With a mile left I was in the top one third, I glanced behind me, most of the Marines were stretched out within a quarter mile, they were really pushing themselves today. As we rounded the final bend in the road I could see the finish line. I increased my pace from a jog to a sprint. A few of the faster runners heard the increase and looked behind them, seeing me running full speed, they began to run faster. Soon the whole pack was running full speed toward the finish line. I yelled out.

“Johnson, I coming for you goddammit, your ass is mine!”

I was nowhere near him and had no prayer of catching him at full speed but it was gratifying to see his pace increase even more. I laughed despite the fact that my lungs were on fire. As we all began to cross the finish line I counted the ones ahead of me. Fifteen, not bad I thought as I tried to catch my breath. Everyone was gasping and holding their sides or just sat down and sipped from water bottles we had left next to the starting/ ending point.

“Make sure you drink… you need to hydrate… control your breathing,” I walked around giving advice to the Marines between gasps of air, my shirt was drenched in sweat. “Good job… hell of an effort… keep it up, you did great…”

I noticed a Marine run from the company office.

“Gunny, the CO need’s you,” he said.

“Damn… all right, looks like the final five get a reprieve, no extra running, everybody go shower and be back in an hour,” I said.

Cheers greeted this statement and the Marines began to disburse back to their barracks. I walked into the company office.

“Gunny,” my CO barked as soon as I walked in. “Meet Gunnery Sergeant Kim Stevens, she’s our new Motor-T chief.”

I looked at the dark haired female dressed in her alpha uniform. My CO kept speaking.

“Gunny Dawson, take her around, show her the layout. You need anything Gunny Stevens you just let me or Dawson here know, k?”

“Thank you sir,” she replied.

“Anytime, I got a meeting to go to so I’ll see you all later,” he said as he walked out the door.

She casino şirketleri stuck out her hand.

“I would but I’m all sweaty,” I said as I looked at her hand.

“Doesn’t bother me,” she smiled.

I took her hand and we shook, I looked into her eyes, they were a very light gray, almost silver. It gave her an ethereal look.

“Wow, are those contacts?” I asked.

Laughing, “No, I get that a lot, they’re my real color. Cool huh?” she said.

“Very,” I said. “I bet when you get mad you look downright evil.”

She laughed, “You have no idea,” she replied.

“About the evil or mad?” I asked.


I laughed.

Getting down to business, “Well, obviously we’re in the company office, my office is through those doors,” I said pointing. “Office showers and bathrooms are behind us, so we can clean up after PT.”

She nodded as I talked, we walked side-by-side through the building and I pointed out the various offices. Every so often we looked at each other as I pointed out something, discreetly I also kept glancing at her out of the corner of my eyes. Our uniforms can hide a woman’s figure but it was unmistakable that she had a large chest. As best I could tell she had to be a D cup.

“Well, that’s the tour so far, there are a few other places I’ll take you to on base but first I need to go take a shower, then we’ll go ok?” I asked.

Her eyes suddenly scowled, “You don’t waste anytime do you? We just met and you’re asking me to shower?” she asked. I was startled, I hadn’t meant to imply anything but obviously my words had come out wrong. She was glaring at me and at the moment she really did look evil.

Thoughts of sexual harassment flew through my head, “Holy shit… I am so sorry, that came out wrong I really wasn’t…”

She cut me off mid-sentence, “I’m just messing with you, calm down,” she laughed.

Sighing in relief, “That was not funny,” I said.

“Actually it really was,” she kept laughing. “So tell me, did I look evil?”

“Very,” I said. “Remind me not to fuck with you!”

She continued to laugh.

“Ok, now that we got that out of the way, how bout that shower?” she asked.

My eyes went wide, “Uhhh….”

She started laughing again, nodding her head she turned and walked away. “Too easy,” I heard her mutter. “Way too easy… I’ll see you in an hour,” she said looking back at me.

I stood there wide eyed and unsure of what the hell had just happened. This girl had a sense of humor… actually a damn crazy sense of humor. I shook my head as I went to the locker room.


The next few weeks passed quickly as she learned her duties. We had to talk multiple times each day in order to coordinate meetings, paperwork and other details between her shop and headquarters. I quickly found out she had a crazy sense of humor. One day after lunch she came to see me, it was hot so she’d taken off her blouse.

“Hey gunny,” I heard her voice. “I was looking at this…”

I glanced up at her and noticed her outfit. This was the first time I’d seen her in just a t-shirt, her chest was straining the fabric and I could see the outline of a lace bra. I’d been right she was at least a D cup. I quickly looked up into her eyes.

She paused mid-sentence, “I saw that.”

“Saw what?” I asked.

“I totally caught you looking at my boobs,” she boasted.

“No you didn’t,” I mumbled.

“O hell yes I did, you were looking at my boobs, I caught you, don’t even try to deny it, you got busted!”

“I was not,” I said.

“Admit it liar!” she pressed. She started to victory dance in my office crying, “You like me, you like me!”

“I wasn’t… I mean I don’t,” I protested.

“You wanna see my boobies,” she continued singing.

“I do not,” I said.

“Yeah, right,” she said.

“Goddamn it, what the hell do you want?” I asked.

She stopped dancing, still laughing, she replied, “Nothing now, I’ll take care of it on my own.” She nodded her head and looked at me. “Tsk, tsk, first ask me to shower with you then I catch you staring at my boobs, what’s next? Gonna grab my ass?”

Red-faced I glared, “I did not ask you to shower with me!”

She just laughed, “Too easy…” she said as she walked away. “Way too easy.”


The following week.

“Hey, we’re doing some MCMAP training later if you want to come by,” I said as I passed her in the hallway.

“Cool, I’ll bust out my super cool ninja moves on you,” she jumped into a fighting stance as she spoke. “I’m a gray belt warrior so watch out!”

“Yeah, well I’m the black belt instructor so mess with me and I’ll whup your ass!”

“Ooooo, promises, promises,” she said as she turned her ass to me and smacked it. “Like that?” she asked.

“Uhmmmm…” wide eyed I didn’t know how to respond.

Laughing, “Always so easy,” she said. “What time?”

“1400,” I replied.

“Cool, see you then,” she said and walked away.


“All right,” I said. “We’re going to be working on subdual casino firmaları techniques today.”

There were about a dozen Marines in the group, they were all wearing boots and utes, I looked at Stevens, she was standing with the only two females in the group. I began to demonstrate various wristlocks and takedown techniques.

“Notice on these takedowns I teach you how to do from the right or left. It always cracks me up that people only practice from their strong hand. A wristlock is useless if your grabbed by a lefthander and all you can do is stare at him because you can’t figure out what to do!” I said.

I explained each technique, then I would ask for a volunteer and demonstrate, after that I would allow the students to pair up and work on each skill themselves.

“I need a volunteer, we’re going to show how to properly restrain an unwilling suspect,” I explained. “This is good for those of you who have to stand duty in the barracks on the weekend, when they get drunk and stupid you just cuff em, hogtie em, and call the MP’s.”

Stevens raised her hand as I spoke.

“Good to go, come here,” I told her. “Now grab my wrist.”

She gripped my wrist, with my free hand I pinned her wrist to mine. I turned her wrist over and spun her arm behind her simultaneously pushing my knees into the back of her knees, she collapsed to the ground with one hand still pinned behind her. I used my knees to hold her body to the ground.

“Now, once her arm is here,” I explained. “You can make her bring her other arm back by inflicting pain, you just lift her trapped arm and believe me, whoever it is will start screaming. Now for instructional purposes just bring your arm back Gunny.”

She complied and brought her other arm behind her.

“At this point you take the zip ties and secure her hands,” I showed how to slide each wrist through the cuffs without releasing her arms and then I tightened them. “Now if she still acts crazy or tries to get away you just reach down and grab a foot and bend it back. The same principle applies, inflict enough stress and she’ll bring her feet together.”

I took a second set of zip ties and secured her feet together. Then I brought her feet and hands together and took a last zip tie to secure them together. She was in a strict hogtie.

“Now, can you move Gunny Stevens?” I asked.

She started squirming but couldn’t do anything to get free. Her hands and feet were practically touching behind her back, it bent her body into a bow and made her chest push out even further. I looked at the students and saw a few of the males looking at her chest. Thankfully I was wearing sunglasses so nobody noticed me.

“Next, if you have to move the suspect you will need two people,” I motioned to another Marine. “Grab her knees and lift at the same time I’ll lift her from the shoulders… Now,” I said.

We lifted her and carried her a few feet to a nearby table that had various pads and gear on it.

“All right pair up and start practicing,” I told them.

After I was sure they were training, I turned to Stevens.

“One second and I’ll get you free,” I said.

“No problem,” she replied.

I grabbed some wire cutters and started to cut the zippies.

“You seem unbothered by this,” I said. As I cut her free she moved to the sitting position on the table.

Looking around she whispered, “It’s not exactly the first time I’ve been hogtied. In fact it’s happened to me quite a bit, I kinda like it.”


“Usually with rope or handcuffs though,” she grinned. “Zipties are a little uncomfortable,” she said as she rubbed her wrists.

“Sounds interesting…”

“Want to hear something even more interesting?”

I looked around to make sure nobody was listening, “Sure.”

“Usually when I’m hogtied I’m in my panties…”

My eyes went wide.

“Or nekid!” she said using slang. “That’s the most clothes I’ve ever worn while tied up.”

I felt myself start to harden, I shifted to cover it, but she noticed and smiled.

“Somebody likes that idea,” she said.

“Who the hell wouldn’t? How did that start? Did you just one day tell your boyfriend, ‘hogtie me or something?'”

“It was a roommate, we weren’t even seeing each other. His friend was over and we were drinking together.”

“What were you wearing?” I asked.

“Just my panties and a t-shirt, it was a very small, very tight pair of white cotton bikini panties that barely covered my ass,” she explained. “Most of the time I wear thongs or g-strings, but I was feeling in a girly mood and these were more cute than sexy, if you know what I mean. I wanted to tease his friend, he was cute and I liked him a little.”

“You date him?” I asked.

“No, he had a girlfriend, still tried to hit on me and that turned me off of him fast,” she said.

“Noted… so what happened?”

“I started talking trash, calling them sissies, they were in the Army so I teased them about it. They told me to be quiet or they’d hogtie me, I told them they couldn’t do güvenilir casino it, that I’d kick their asses. Next thing I knew I was pinned on our living room couch with my hands behind my back. I was a little drunk and was enjoying it, I felt my shirt ride up to the middle of my back so I knew they had a great view of my butt! They used the belts they were wearing and pulled my hands behind my back and belted my wrists together, then they moved to my feet, I was really struggling as they belted my ankles together but by then it was too late.”

“What did you do then?” I asked, my dick was rock hard at this point. I noticed her nipples were a little hard, she seemed to be getting turned on by the memory.

“What could I do?” Stevens giggled. “I was still squirming, but they brought my ankles and wrists together and tied them off, I was helpless. We were all laughing as I struggled, finally I offered to show them my ass if they’d let me free.”

“Did you?”

“Show them my butt? Yeah,” she shrugged. “It was no biggie, I like to show off, so after they let me go I just pulled my panties down and let them see for a minute. That was all either of them ever got from me. The friend started hitting on me after that and I found out about his girlfriend so I never liked him or drank with them after that. I don’t like it when people try to play me.”

“I’ll remember that,” I said. Looking around I saw everyone was finishing their techniques. “Well, let’s get back to training,”

After that we threw ourselves into MCMAP training, I glanced at her every now and again, she always seemed to sense it and would look up and smile at me.


I didn’t see her for a few days because of how busy I was, the following Friday I bumped into her at the company office.

“Hey you,” she said. “You been avoiding me?”

“Never,” I swore, “I’ve just been busy.”

“Good, I thought I might’ve scared you off after our last conversation,” she smiled. “So what are you doing this Memorial Day weekend?”

“I have a few friends coming over, we’re going to barbeque and chill out, wanna come?” I asked.

“Sounds good, need me to bring anything?”

“Just a swimsuit, I have a pool, and plenty of alcohol. I drink Blue Moon beer but if you need something special bring it.”

“Ohhhh, I have a new bikini I’ve been dying to try on, you’ll love it,” she wiggled her eyebrows as she spoke.

“Can’t wait,” I smiled.

I gave her my number and directions to my house.

“It’s an all-day thing so come by any time after noon. We might go out at night but you can crash at my place if you get too drunk, I’m pretty sure a few of my friends will.”

“Great see you then,” she smiled, her hand reached out and clasped mine for a brief second, then she turned and left without another word.



I answered the door, wearing just my yellow ‘Corona’ logo shorts. Kim stood there holding a motorcycle helmet in her hands and wearing black leather boots, blue jeans and a white wife beater tank top, she looked sexy.

“You ride?” I asked.

“Hell yeah!”

“What you got?”

“Hayabusa baby, with custom paint job and lighting kit,” she replied.

“Let’s see,” I said.

We stepped out on my driveway and sure enough, there was a glistening Suzuki Hayabusa parked next to my own black truck. I walked around it looking at the details, it had scenes from ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas.’

“Nice… very nice,” I said. “Check this out.” I reached into my truck and hit my garage door opener. Inside I had a fully tricked Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade with custom paint. I had scenes from ‘Thor’ painted on mine. It was chromed and also had a lighting kit.

“We’ll have to go riding some time,” she said. “Maybe you’d let me take yours for a spin.”

“Yikes, not so sure about that, nobody drives my bike.”


“Nobody,” I repeated.

“Hmmm, we’ll see about that, I’m sure we can still go riding together.”

That’ll be cool,” I said. “Come on in, the others are here, only guys I’m afraid, none of them have girlfriends right now. I think they’re all turning gay or something,” I laughed.

She grabbed a bag off her motorcycle and we walked inside. I led her through the garage into the house. We walked into the kitchen, dishes of food were laid on the counters.

“There’s only a couple guys here, hope you don’t mind being outnumbered,” I spoke quickly. “I have another friend coming with his wife but he won’t be here for another hour or so. Everyone is chilling out by the pool, I’m about to start grilling, you can change in the bathroom,” I pointed to a door down the hall. “You did bring a bikini?”

“I brought a microkini.”

“What the hell’s the difference?”

“You’ll see!” was all she said.

I grabbed a tray of meat and walked out leaving her to get dressed. She came out minutes later wearing a white sundress and sandals. My friends were sitting in chairs drinking, as I grilled the meat I made introductions.

“That’s Josh and Digi, this is Gunny Stevens.”

“Kim,” she said. “We’re off work, so it’s Kim.”

They all smiled and shook hands, Digi held up a beer with a questioning look. She took it and drained half of it in one swallow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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