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A Visit to an Arcade

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Big Balls

Chapter One — A Valentine Surprise

On first entering, I see nothing unusual in the room. You said you wanted to try out a video arcade you’d heard of, and I was willing, figuring you wanted to relive some moments from your youth. I can see Pool tables, a few dart boards, some pinball machines, and plenty of the Atari-style video games. In one corner, I notice some racing games, with cars to drive and even a couple that look like jet-skis.

I wander through the room with you, watching with amusement as you put quarters in a classic Pac-Man game, then try out something that looks like a ninja-style fighting game. Soon, however, I notice a discrete door leading to another room full of games. I only catch a glimpse as an employee goes through the door, and wonder why it is closed off. As I wander closer to the door, I feel you take my arm. “Do you trust me?” you ask.

“I do, but…what is going on?” I reply.

“I have a surprise for you, for Valentine’s Day,” you tell me, “and I’m pretty sure you’ll like it if you give it a chance. You can back out if you want. Are you game?”

I think for a moment. You know quite a few of my inner fantasies, and have always respected my limits. What do you have in mind? My mind begins humming with anticipation. It hasn’t escaped my notice that just the possibilities have immobilized me. I lick my lips, thinking, observing, wondering. . .

“I’m ready. I trust you,” I say, and I am rewarded by a mischievous grin.

“Ok, then…hang on for the ride!” you tell me, and you escort me through the door I had noticed earlier. There are a few people milling around, though no one is paying attention to us. Observing my surroundings, I listen as you begin to explain what is happening.

“A long time ago, you came up with a VERY interesting fantasy involving a specialized pinball game…I’m sure you remember it. I’ve never forgotten, and have worked with a few people with their own special interests to create the ‘adults-only’ section of this video arcade. Tonight is opening night, and you get to be one of the main attractions. No one will know who you are, but we’re going to test out the games.

“Take a moment and think…the pinball I’m sure you can guess at; we’ll save it for last. But we also have pool, darts, a jet ski game, and even a couple of classic arcade games. For most of them, the cause and effect are not very well-connected logically, but all of them will be fun for both observers and participants.

“For now, I believe I’ll show you instead of just telling you, however; after all, you were the one who had the original inspiration for this place!” Saying this, you lift me up and carry me into another room. I notice the label on the door: Game Personnel Preparation.

Once we have entered, you lock the door and set me down. As you begin to line me up with an outline on a platform, I am intrigued, and willing to let you take the lead, even when you begin stripping my clothes off. At least you are attempting to fold them, and are setting them in a small cabinet…it looks like I will get to be clothed when we leave, at least.

Soon you have secured my arms over my head, each hand on the opposite elbow, then secured to the frame I’m lying on. More bands follow, around my waist and across my chest, as well just under my breasts. With a quick grin, you show me the medium-sized plug in your hands. It has some long wires leading to it, but is otherwise not too remarkable. Suddenly I are quite glad that you insisted I clean myself inside and out before leaving home, though it seemed a very odd request at the time.

“I think I’ll rig you up for the jet ski first…I’m very curious as to how it will work,” you comment. I notice that this position presses my breasts together. You make a point of noticing too, and leave briefly. “I’ll get better at hooking you up as we go. This is a trial run, after all…I haven’t had any time to practice yet!” As you say this, you reach down and attach small clips to each nipple. There is a chain between them, and they don’t really hurt at all, though the pressure is quite noticeable (and rather lovely).

A few minutes later, I’m feeling quite full. After lubing it up quite well, you have filled my ass with the anal dildo, then filled my pussy up with another shaft, again with wires attached. I’m feeling quite nervous by this time, mostly because I don’t want to be recognized. With some relief, I see the next item: a full leather hood. “He really hasn’t practiced this yet,” I think to myself, “or he would have realized that it would be much easier to put the hood on first!” You work it over my head the hard way, though, and even manage to keep my hair out of my face. I hear a bit of noise, and suddenly I can see again.

“There are zipper openings over your eyes, mouth, and ears,” you say, “though this thing laces up the back. It won’t catch your hair in a zipper. Can you breathe easily?” I nod, then relax back into the bondage as you continue. Soon, more bands are around my thighs and ankles, keeping my bahis firmaları legs spread. I blush under the hood, realizing how exposed I am to anyone who might see me. I feel movement again and wonder if there is another person there, helping you carry me back out into the main “adult” room. You begin to explain the mechanics of the jet ski game.

Chapter 2 — The Jet ski

“Once you are installed in the game, you will only be visible from the waist down. This won’t usually be the case, of course.” I can hear the grin in your voice. “You will be positioned so that, as the player straddles the jet ski to ride, he or she will activate the plugs you have inside you. They are mounted in a specialized, programmable bracket. If the jet ski turns left, the front dildo will thrust in and out, and the rear one will be still. If the rider turns the machine to the right, the reverse will happen. The speed of the vibrators will increase as the person riding the machine increases its speed.

“As for your clips…” I feel a pinch and know that you have now added a third clip right on my clit, “they are all connected now, and will stay at a nice low vibration during the entire time the game is on. It shouldn’t be enough to make you climax, but will definitely keep you on edge. We’ll be calibrating them, so they may increase or decrease in speed during your stint as a jet ski machine.” As you say this, you reach over and zip closed the eye holes in my hood. I am losing touch with my surroundings now, focusing on all the parts of my body that are now humming with excitement, but I do hear you say, “I think I’ll take the first ride…”

I don’t have long to wait. In a matter of seconds, I feel vibrations starting up all over…my clit, nipples, and both vibrators. All the vibrations are slight but they drive home the fact that someone else is “driving,” so to speak, even if it is my husband. The lower vibrators increase in intensity, then suddenly the anal dildo begins thrusting. It lasts only long enough for one in/out motion, however, before it stops and the one in my pussy begins. This, too, only lasts a brief period. I’m beginning to realize that unless the person playing the game is very good at driving a jet ski, I’m not going to get very much extended stimulation. Thrust. Stop. Thrust. Stop…

A few minutes later, all the movement and vibrations stop. At this point, though I haven’t come very close at all to coming, I am definitely getting worked up. Suddenly I hear a whisper in my ear:

“So, that was an interesting game…I was having a bit of trouble steering, since all I could concentrate on was watching you get plundered!” Again, I hear the grin in your voice. “How are you feeling? Go ahead and answer…there is a small microphone in there so I can hear you.”

I try to formulate a response, but can’t make my mouth work right. “You are ok, right? Not mad? Are you willing to stay and play? Unless you use your safe word to get out, I’ll be leaving you in there as long as I want to.” I think a moment more, and finally whisper “I’m ok.”

“Good thing…there’s already a line for this game! Hang on tight and have fun. I forgot to tell you, there are some sensors in that dildo that can detect muscle contractions. Anyone who makes you cum while they are playing will get 2 free rides!” I feel the vibrations start up again, and don’t hear anything more for quite a long time. I am reduced to feeling…in/out, in/stop, out/stop, and all the while more vibrations on my nipple and clit clips. Again the game stops, and I haven’t cum yet. I am, however, getting extremely wet and I hope the next race lasts longer!

The next player, fortunately for me, is clearly either much more adept at steering or is better at ignoring the “view,” because he (or she?) is driving at a higher speed, and is turning corners longer and more smoothly. I begin to anticipate the curves ahead, and finally I climax, as the driver is going around the longest turn on the course. I hear lots of noise, and then your voice in my ear, again.

“Well, it looks like you’re enjoying yourself, anyway! I didn’t mention that when those sensors detect an orgasm, it turns on a light & siren display as well…We might not be able to leave you in there much longer, as there is a bit of a queue now to not only play the game, but also take your place! We’ll let our current driver have his free games before switching, and don’t worry — he doesn’t get more free games if you cum again!”

Two games (and one orgasm) later, I start at the sudden movement and know that under my hood I am flushing with embarrassment and arousal as you open the machine and unhook my leads amid thundering applause. I hear a commotion as you carry me back to the prep room; apparently, the time during the last couple of games has given someone else time to prep the next “victim.” As I am carried away, I wonder “what next?”

“Well, what do you think now that you’re unhooked?” you ask, as you unclip leads, unzip the eye coverings in the hood, and remove the various devices kaçak iddaa from me. “Ready for the next game? Hope so, since we’re going to “test drive” all the different types before we leave. After all, we need to do some Quality Assurance for future customers! I don’t plan to open any game up to general use until we have fully tested it.”

I just grin weakly and lay there, since I’m pretty sure you mean exactly what you said. I’m very glad of the hood. “Very inventive,” I manage to say as I begin to get my breath back. “What is next, then? I may need a breather.”

“Oh, no, no breaks for you. Eventually we’ll figure out the most efficient way of hooking you up and the transition from one game to the next will be more seamless. But for now, we’re still working the kinks out.” You pause, then winks at me. “Not all the kinks, obviously!”

Chapter 3 — Classic Pole Position(ed)

“Just for fun, we have added a few classic arcade games here,” you tell me, “and a few of those will be in private booths. I think we ought to test one out!” I am all “warmed up” from the Jet Ski setup, so I’m still feeling game. You lead me to a long row of doors on one side of the room, and beckon me over. I’m a bit apprehensive, wandering around nude, but something about having the hood one makes me more adventurous, so I follow you.

“I know you liked playing Pole Position as a kid, so let’s give that one a try,” you say as you open the door. Sure enough, those are the words on the door. I peek through and notice that it leads to a small cubicle with another door leading out. You reach over and flip a switch, saying, “This will turn on the privacy light. Once the game starts, though, we’ll be on a closed-circuit video, projected to the screen next to the door.”

You gesture to the modified game machine, then hold up several of the same things you put on me last time. “Bend over,” you order, and I turn around. I had fun last time, and I did always like Pole Position.

You slowly fill my ass again with the lubed plug (though this one is wireless, and based on the more classic shape, not intended to move), then lead me to a small platform by the game.

“This will be a team effort,” you tell me. “You will need to steer, and I will have to work the gas and shift pedals. It’s designed that way. I don’t expect the scores on this game to be as high as the original!” You undo your pants and sit down, and I grin a bit, thinking I’m quite sure I know why we’re testing this particular game, now!

“Straddle me, facing the screen, and rest your shoulders against the bar in front of you. Try gripping the steering wheel,” you instruct. “Now, lift your legs and place your knees on these pads, and lower yourself onto me. I will be your seat!” I am grinning now, thinking that this sounds better than a mechanical dildo. Once I have done as you asked, you show me how to adjust the bar in front of me so it is comfortable against my shoulders and collarbone. I do notice that there is no problem with my seat…it’s very comfy! We both groan a little, and I’m a bit surprised at your focus when you direct my attention back to the ‘game.’

You lean forward, pressed against me, and thread the chain of the nipple clamps through a loop attached to the bar, then bring them back to clip onto me. “This will keep you in the proper position,” you tell me, and I can hear the laughter in your voice. A second later the clit clip is attached as well, and now I’m moaning a bit louder. “Ready?” you ask with a chuckle, and I quickly put my hands back on the steering wheel.

The race doesn’t actually last very long. Once you put the token into the machine, the booth suddenly lights up. As the music begins the game, I realize that if there is a camera, it must need the light to get a decent-quality image. I can feel you twitching inside me, but I’m very conscious of the very small range of motion I have before the clips will get tugged. As the first corner comes up, I do my best to steer around it, narrowly missing a sign. Soon I’m wiggling around as I try to anticipate corners and do a good job of steering, since you seem to have floored the pedal and left it there.

“Concentrate, if you want this game to last past the qualifying round!” I tell you, and you finally remember to shift into high gear. We do manage to qualify, though I’m not sure how. The race is more of the same, but I get quite a few good tugs on my clips as I start to lose focus on my steering. Moments later our car blows up, hitting a sign, just as I cum with you pounding into me. Hmm…maybe watching me being a jet-ski affected you more than I thought! I don’t recover very quickly, and we soon run out of time on the race, with a pretty dismal placement. I guess we’ll need lots of practice at this!

After a brief recovery, you unhook me and unlock the door. “I’ll just put that video on replay to stimulate more interest in the private booths,” you tell me, and I squirm a bit. “I think next we’ll give you something slower!”

Chapter 4 — The Pool Table

You kaçak bahis take me to a larger platform, and you’re going for a classic spread-eagle tie, this time face-down. There is a very comfortable spot for my forehead to rest, almost like a massage table. A bit more disturbing are the holes where my breasts fit through to hang below, but “in for a penny, in for a pound,” I figure, and decide to relax and enjoy. After all, you wouldn’t let me be hurt, and you know how much I love the unpredictable.

Soon you once again have my nipples clipped together, underneath the table. Instead of a third clip there is a small cup nestled directly over my clit, and both my holes are, once again, full. Your voice comes into my ear again as I feel some motion, and you explain what is in store.

“The next thing I want to test is the pool table. All of these games work without anyone ‘installed,’ but I’m hoping that those who like long periods of variable stimulation will enjoy this one and will want to occupy it for longer stretches. Of course, it too can be adjusted so if there is someone who needs to be kept on edge but not be sent over we can also manage that…though maybe I should test it? Hmm….”

This doesn’t sound good and I start to object, but you cut in. “Unless you plan to safe-word and go home, you might as well be quiet. Don’t worry, we’ll save up for later.” Now, why did that sound even more ominous? “Here’s how it works for the pool table. When a game starts and the balls are racked, this will trigger a very low-level vibration in your nipples only. The rest of your toys will work as follows:

1.If a ball is sunk, it will make one of your plugs move for 30 seconds, and the number of full in/out cycles you get in that time will be double the number of the ball.

2.If an odd-numbered ball is sunk, your pussy dildo will move; if an even number, then the anal plug will move.

3.If more than one ball is sunk, or if the previous 30 seconds is not up yet, they will simply queue in the program, so you will have no break between one and the next, or you will get them at the same time if one is odd and one is even.

4.If someone scratches, or sinks the eight-ball early, the entire queue will be canceled and all motion will stop.

5.The only time you will receive any stimuli to your clit will be if a player desires it. In order to achieve this, he or she will have to call the pocket they plan to shoot at. If they make their shot as called, you will get a 10-second burst.

6.If, however, they miss their called shot, everything will shut down except the nipple clamps until the next time someone gets a ball into a pocket.

7.By the way, you will be in full view of everyone, lifted above the table. You are on a clear Plexiglas platform. If you need to safeword, just speak. I will hear you through your microphone.

8.If the players decide to play 9-ball, the rules will basically be the same; you will just have fewer strokes to enjoy. They will, however, be more predictable — they will start slow and build steadily.

“Have fun!” you say, as I feel myself being lifted up. I suspect this is going to take longer than the last “game.” To occupy myself while someone gets up the nerve to start a game, I think over what you just told me. If they sink the 2 ball, I will get 4 strokes up my ass over 30 seconds…but if they sink the 13, I’ll get 26 strokes up my pussy in the same amount of time. Even at the fastest, it will only be 1 stroke per second, I realize…not fast enough. It’s going to be a long, frustrating game, and I know now why you mentioned “long periods of variable stimulation.”

My first warning is when the nipple clips begin to vibrate. Someone has racked the balls! Even with 3 orgasms already tonight, I am anticipating a long, teasing game. I’ve played a little pool myself, so as I figured, things start off with a bit of a bang, since there is very little control during the break. I hear the crack of the cue ball impacting, and both of the dildos start up immediately, though the anal plug is going much more slowly than the other.

I realize I have no idea how many balls were sunk, and sure enough, only the rear one stops. The front one changes speeds drastically, however, and seems to be barely moving. Someone must have sunk the 1 or the 3 ball. A few seconds later the anal probe begins moving again, still pretty slow; then the front one speeds up again. They are not synchronized any longer, and I can’t predict anything at all.

Suddenly I hear someone say, “14 in the side pocket.” My clit begins buzzing, and I’m crying out with the suddenness of the stimulation. At the same time, the anal dildo begins pounding me. I guess once per second is quite fast when it happens in the ass! Someone must have figured they had a pretty sure thing and called their shot. 10 seconds seems like an eternity, but it’s not long enough.

About 15 minutes later, the game ends. The clit vibe only went off one more time, and unfortunately, someone must have scratched right away, because I didn’t even get my 10 seconds. The relatively steady motion at my crotch has kept me pretty well aroused during the game, and I can’t see it changing much. I figure you’ll enjoy just letting me simmer for a while.

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