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A Visit To My Sister’s

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This story is purely fictional and only meant for the purpose of entertainment.

I have to give you a little background on this story. Casey and Jason are both good friends of mine, although I call Casey my sister. The reason I call here my sister is for the fact that we have known each other since she was 10 and I was 13. So there is no blood relation in this at all.

Well it all started on a Sunday after a hard nights work Saturday. I called my sister to see if her and her husband were home. I was in luck they were. They hadn’t seen me in almost two years even though I have talked to them many times. When I pulled in the drive my brother-in-law was out in the yard working’. We sat the picnic table that they had outside in the yard. Jason told me that Casey was in side getting Mitch dressed. We started talking when the door to the house opened and Casey and Mitch came out. Well being the gentleman that I am I got up to give my sister a hug. She told me it was so good to see me and gave me the tightest hug she had ever given me.

“Hey are you going to stay for dinner, or is this just another one of your short visits?” Casey asked.

“No, I think I might stay for dinner. That is if you’re not cooking!” I joked.

“Oh your going to get it now bro!” She said.

“Well guess I better go to town and get some more chicken if I’m going to grill tonight. Do we have enough beer or should I pick some up when I’m in town?” Jason asked.

“I guess we should have some more if I’m going to be her for a while.” I said.

“Why don’t you take Mitch with you, you know he enjoys riding with you?” Casey said.

“Hey that’s a good idea that will give ya’ll some time to catch up on all the gossip.” Jason said.

I offered him some money but he refused my money. As Jason and Mitch got in the truck and drove off Casey had a different look on her face. It was a look like she was happy to see Jason leave. I soon found out that I was right. She soon told me that they had been having problems and that they weren’t very intimate any more.

“Hey wait a minute I’ve got some whiskey in the house if you don’t have any Comfort in that truck of yours!” Casey said

“Well go ahead and get your bottle, I think I ran out after the party we had in the hotel last night but I’ll go and check!” I said

Well sure enough I had ran out of Comfort so that meant we were going to drink what ever type of liquor that she had. Well to my surprise as soon as I climbed back out of my truck Casey was right there to give me another hug. There was something very different with this hug though. She pulled back a little and then she said something that will forever be the start of our new relationship.

“Give me a kiss bro, and I don’t mean just a little peck either!” She said

There it was, the phrase that started it all!

“I don’t know if I should, your married and you’re my sister!” I said

“Well its not like we haven’t kissed before.” She said

“Well I know but dam it’s been over five years since then” I said

“Just give me one and shut up!” She said

Well lordbahis güvenilirmi I guess I just couldn’t resist anymore. So we kissed and oh my god can she kiss. I couldn’t believe that I actually did it. We must have kissed for a least five min. I broke the kiss when I heard a car pass by on the road and thought that it might be Jason getting back already.

“Look I we can’t do this we’re going to get caught by someone maybe even Jason!” I said

“Look he’ll be gone for at least 30 min. he went into town. Plus he’s got Mitch with him and that will slow him down even more.” She said

Just as we were having that conversation Jason pulled back into the drive and a look of shock was on both are faces.

“I forgot my wallet on the nightstand. I’m glad I had to stop and put gas in down the street or I would have been in real trouble.” Jason said

As quick as he arrived he was gone again. We both looked at each other and both understood that we just about got caught but didn’t. So we sat back at the table and just chatted about things that were happening and things that had happened to both of us. It was about ten min. or so when she suggested that we go inside where it wasn’t so bright out, since the sun had broken through the clouds finally.

“Yea that’s a good idea there sis.” I said

“Kewl maybe we can talk about what we just did.” She said

“Ahh ok.” I said

So we made our way back into the house. I sat down on the couch and she excused herself for a moment. I heard her on the phone and soon found out who she was talking to.

“Jason is going to be longer than he thought the store he usually goes to isn’t open on Sundays so he’s having to go to Sealy to get the wings.” She said

“Oh well how much longer is that going to take?” I asked

“Oh about another 20 min. So now we have time to finish what we started outside.” She said

“Uggghhh I don’t think we should. Don’t get me wrong sis it’s just that, well your married to one of my good friends now and I can’t help feeling that you don’t want him anymore. Do you want to be with him anymore?” I asked

“I just don’t know what I want anymore. He comes home almost every night smelling of alcohol and ever since I had Mitch it really disgusts me to see him not living up to his responsibility!” She said

Well that did it she started crying and that was all it took for me. I told come over and sit next to me so that I could give her a hug and hold her for a little but. I know I should have felt the way I was but I couldn’t help but notice that she had change clothes when she excused herself earlier and was now wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts and the same ribbed tank top that she had on earlier. She must have noticed that I was looking at her cause she looked right into my eyes and asked “Do you still think that I am cute as I was before Mitch?” I said “Hell yea you are, I know a lot of guys that would still date you!”

“Really you don’t think of me as used up and having baggage?” She asked

“What the hell are you talking about used up and baggage?” lordbahis yeni giriş I asked

“Well I’m almost thirty now and I just feel like no one looks at me in the way they used to a few years ago! Will you help me feel that way again?” She asked

“And how am I supposed to be able to do that?” I asked

“Kiss me again and make me feel wanted!” She said in that seductive little voice that just drives me crazy.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked knowing that I was about to give in to something I wanted to happen since the last time we were together!

“Yes, now kiss me, damm it!” She yelled

Well it was all over with by then. We started kissing and the next thing I knew she was feeling the bulge in my crotch that had been there since we kissed earlier outside. I then realized that my hands were wondering also. I couldn’t believe how big her tits had gotten since she had the baby. They probably stayed a small C cup after all the breast-feeding. I was very impressed with them. I heard a low but distinctive moan escape her mouth when I rolled one of her nipples in my fingers. She started to fondle my belt and was trying to get my zipper down. I stopped kissing her and asked again, “Are you sure about this sis?”

“I’ve want you for so long now bro that, when I saw you when you got here I wanted to rape you right in front of Jason and didn’t care what he thought!” She said

A little smile crossed my face and I said, “You can’t rape the willing!” With that I pulled her shirt up over her head and move to take one of her lovely tits into my hungry mouth. After a few minutes of sucking on her lovely tits I helped her get my belt and pants unbuttoned. I lifted my ass off the couch enough for her to pull my pants and boxer-briefs down. She said, “I’ve missed this so much, Jason just doesn’t have the girth that you do!”

“Well why don’t you show me how much you want my big cock!” I said as I put my hand on the back of her head as she slowly opened her mouth and started to engulf my cock. She started sucking it like it was the last piece of cock that she was ever going to have! I was getting the best blowjob that I’ve had in over a month.

“Dam sis I can see, or feel, that you haven’t lost your touch!” I said

She stopped and looked me strait in the eyes and asked, “So, you want to put this big piece of cock in any other holes I’ve got?”

“It would be my pleasure and I’ll make it yours also!” I said

With that I pulled her up off the floor and pulled her loose fitting shorts right off. She still had the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever scene and now it was completely shaved!

“When did you do this?” I asked

“Just after the baby was born. It made me feel special again and for the first few months Jason found it very sexy!” She said

She crawled up on my lap and started to slowly lower herself down on to me. I couldn’t believe how tight she was now. I thought to myself ‘dam she feels like she’s eighteen again!’ Just as she was about to impale herself all the way down I grabbed her by the hips and shoved her all lordbahis giriş the way down without warning. All she could do was let out an ear-piercing moan that I know the neighbors would have heard if they were closer than they were. The look on her face was priceless.

“What the hell did you do that for bro?” She asked

“I thought I would just start treating you like the slut you really are! Come on now you know you enjoyed that tremendously didn’t you?” I asked

“Well hell yea I did, but damm bro you could have warned me a little! And what do you mean the slut I am?” She asked

“Oh come on sis, you know you’re a true slut at heart! I mean shit sis you used to give it up to almost anybody that you went out with back in the day.” I said

“The hell I did, there were only a few boys that I slept with, except for you that is!” She said

“Ok just shut up and fuck me already!” I exclaimed

Just as she started to hop up and down on my cock I thought I saw headlights coming up the drive, Casey jumped off and ran to the window to see if it was Jason coming up the drive, but just fast as they showed up they vanished. We had to have been at it for at least ten minutes when all this happened. She came back over towards the couch where I was and got on all fours in front of me.

“Come and get what you really want bro!” She said enthusiastically

How could have I passed up such an enticing offer. My sis has the sweetest ass that I have ever seen. I got down on my knees and moved right up behind her and slid right back into her and started pumping her like the slut she is.

“Sis, I’m getting ready to blow my load, where do you want it?” I asked

“Where ever you want to blow it at bro, its your call!” She exclaimed

“Ok then sis, get ready for me to unload my cum all up inside your tight fucking pussy!” I yelled

With that said I unloaded in side of her just as she started to have he own orgasm. Casey’s pussy was gripping and pulling my cock like it was the first cock that was ever inside it.

“Oh my god that was great. I haven’t had an orgasm like that in a long time bro. You must have hit the right spot with one of those shots of cum you unloaded in me!” She sighed

After we caught our breaths and cooled off a little we both got dressed. It was great timing too; cause just as we got cleaned up we saw Jason pulling up the driveway. Jason grilled the chicken and we all had a nice dinner. We sat and talked for a few hours after we ate.

“Well its time for me to go, I’ve had a great time we’ll have to do this again sometime!” I announced

“Yea we will” Jason said

“I’ll walk you out bro, if you don’t mind Jason?” she asked

“No go ahead I know you’ve missed him.” Jason stated

Casey walked me out to the truck. Once at the truck she said “I’ll give you a call this week bro. I’ve got an interview with a law firm over near your place.”

“Kewl I hope you get it maybe then it wont be a couple of years before we get together again!” I stated

“Oh don’t worry about that I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other from now on if you know what I mean.” She said and with that she gave my semi hard cock a good squeeze and gave me another hard deep kiss before heading back in to the house. Sure enough she got the job and we met for lunch just the other day.

But that’s another story for another time…

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