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A Walk in the Woods

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Late Friday afternoon, after a nice meal unfortunately taken alone, I decided to take a walk in the woods behind my house. The pine needles were crisp and crackled under foot as I walked along. It was early evening and the sun was still quite high in the sky. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Going deeper into the woods, I got past the pines and into a thick patch of oaks and sweetgum trees. They were dense enough to retard the undergrowth. I had never ventured through these woods before, but I consider myself experienced in the outdoors enough to not get lost.

I was following what appeared to be a rather well used path. It was sandy, with very few weeds or grass growing in it. It had two clear ruts forming the main pathway, with an occasional small clearing on one side or the other. Further into the woods, the trees thinned out, and there was more undergrowth around the trees. Past the undergrowth, I could see that there were occasional clearings just off the path. The woods weren’t real hilly, having only a few small rises, just enough to give a nice panoramic view from the clearings. Up ahead, I saw a larger clearing off to the left, just a small distance from the path, but far enough that it wouldn’t be seen from right next to it. A small flock of birds flew up in frenzy from the far edge, as if startled by something approaching.

Letting my curiosity get the better of me, and wanting to see across the small valley, I decided to cut through the underbrush and explore the clearing. The thought that it might have been a wild animal that startled the birds never occurred to me. Just short of the clearing, there was a denser pocket of trees with no undergrowth. I cut across toward the clearing. As I neared the clearing, I heard the distinct rustle of something moving across the bed of leaves not too far in front of me. Curious, I started walking in the direction of the sounds. As I neared the edge of the clearing, the sounds stopped. I froze in my tracks and listened intently. After a few seconds, I heard someone faintly humming. I carefully approached the sound, being careful to be as silent as possible. The clearing turned out to be a dried up lake. Along the edge were some medium to large rocks, so neatly arranged that I wondered if they had been deliberately placed there. Not ten feet in front of me sat the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Slim with a slightly round tummy and pear shaped hips, she appeared to be about five feet tall. She was sitting on the second rock with he feet propped up on the first rock, which was slightly smaller.

I quietly crept closer, holding my breath, hoping that I wouldn’t make any noise. When I was about three feet from her and right behind the last row of trees, I knelt down to watch. She had pulled her shoes off, and was now taking her jeans off. She didn’t have any panties on. She neatly folded her jeans and put them on top of her shoes on the smaller rock. She then climbed up to the top of the larger rock, turned straight toward me and put her feet almost right beside her hips. Her legs were spread wide, giving a clear view of her crotch. She reached down and rubbed her vaginal lips, parting them. Then she put her hands next to her feet and leaned over looking into her crotch. Her hips tightened slightly, and she started peeing. At first all she got out was a small trickle, but it soon grew into a flood, shooting completely off the rock.

She reached down with her left hand and let her stream spray across her palm and through her fingers. She stopped humming and started talking softly, as if carrying on a conversation with her crotch. I thought only men talked to their privates, I thought as I boldly crept a little closer. She was calling her crotch her beauty spot, and telling it that she wished there was a man there to watch. As her stream grew in intensity, I boldly spoke out that I would love to get closer and watch, or even help. Se stopped peeing, and looked around, asking who was there. I simply said that it was I, and I didn’t mean to interrupt her relief.

She told me to come on out, since I had already been watching. I stood up and walked right up to her. Her titties were sticking out about an inch, making two neat little tents in the front of her sweatshirt. I told her that my name was Jim, and that this was my first walk in these woods. She said her name was Mary, and that she lived about a mile away on the other side of the woods, and walked through them almost every day. I asked her if she always came to this clearing and peed, and she said that she not only came here nearly every day, that on Saturdays, she came here early in the morning and sunbathed totally naked.

She looked back down at her crotch and started peeing again. Without looking up, she asked me if I thought that watching a woman pee was a pretty sight. I said that this was my first time ever seeing it, but yes I thought that is was real pretty. She asked me if I dated much, and pendik escort I told her that I didn’t have much luck with women, and hadn’t dated for a few years.

Mary asked me to take off my clothes. She stopped peeing, and it didn’t look like she was finished, It looked more like she stopped again. As I put my clothes with hers on the other rock, I casually said that I thought that women couldn’t start and stop peeing. She said that she used it as an exercise to strengthen her muscles, which she had read about it in a book.

She had me stand directly in front of her and told me to watch close. Then she asked me if she could pee all over me. I said that I had never done that, but it sounded like fun to go ahead. She slid her left hand down to her crotch and pulled the top of the slit up toward her belly button. As she started peeing again, instead of hitting the rock, it shot straight out and splashed on my chest. As her stream gained intensity, she wiggled her finger so that her stream played across my chest. She relaxed her tugging slightly and let her stream wend its way down my chest to my cock. I instantly grew rock hard. She giggled and said that she needed to quit that, because I wouldn’t be able to pee for her while I was stiff.

Wondering how she knew so much about men, I asked her if she was married. She told me that she had recently divorced, after her husband spent a two-week vacation in Los Angeles with an eighteen year old girl, while supposedly on a business trip. A friend of hers was there on vacation after her divorce, and happened to end up in the same hotel. She followed him to his room and took pictures of them coming and going. One night he had failed to get the door closed, and she got pictures of them naked, petting in front of a fake fireplace. He was sucking or her titties and she managed to get a clear picture of his face when she raised her arm up. She had the papers filed taking everything away from him except the house note and credit card bills by the time he got back. It was over before he even realized how she caught him. In court, he tried to claim that the pictures were faked, saying that she was too dumb to manage to take them. When she called her friend to testify, he quickly dropped his fight and agreed to everything.

As she quit peeing and sat down on the rock, she beckoned me closer. She put her arms around me and asked me to pull her sweatshirt off so that her titties could enjoy the warm sun before it faded. As I slid the shirt up to her shoulders, two pert C sized breasts popped out, having been freed from the only thing holding them captive. Mary smiled at me and said that she hated underwear, and really she hated clothes also, preferring to go naked as much as possible.

I asked her if I could feel her titties, and she said that she hoped that I would. I gently ran my hands across her breasts. As my fingers touched her titties, they swelled up even more, getting puffy and firm. The contrast between the soft silky breast and firm puffy nipple was driving me crazy with desire. Mary pulled my hands off and put them on her hips. At first, I thought that maybe I had angered her, or touched more than I should have. My fears were quickly alleviated when she took her right breast and offered it to me, pulling me into it with her other hand. She wrapped her legs around me and hoarsely whispered for me to enjoy eating her nipple. I hungrily lapped and sucked on it until my jaw hurt.

She slid down off of the rock and retrieved a knapsack from behind the rock. Out of it came two cold sodas. She handed me one and proceeded to drink the other. It’ll make us have to pee more, she said as she quickly finished hers. I downed mine as fast as I could. She stepped behind me and pressed her chest into my back. The warm softness of her breasts against my back was so refreshing that I forgot everything else. She wrapped her arms around my waist, and asked me to pick up her knapsack and put it on top of our clothes. As soon as I set it down, she took my cock in her hands and said that she wanted to aim it while I peed. I already had to go when I started into the clearing, and the soda had worked its magic on my bladder. It felt like it was about to burst. I asked her where should I aim, and she said that she would take care of the aiming, all I had to do was just let her see me pee. She also said that she wanted a lot of pee. As I started peeing, she twisted my cock around and wrote her name in the sand by the rock. Then she squeezed it ’til I couldn’t pee, and asked me to hold it for a minute. She let go of me, and sat down, leaning back against the rock. She told me to try to hit both titties and her crotch at least twice before I ran out of pee. I managed two loops around her, and a third pass on her titties before it slowed to a dribble.

Mary leaned forward and kissed the tip of my cock, and started to rub her crotch furiously. As she built up to an orgasm she hoarsely escort pendik said that she always tried to orgasm after she peed. After she orgasmed, I sat down beside her and asked her if she wanted to pee on me some more, that it was actually fun. She got an excited look in her hazel eyes, and practically jumped up. She got over me and bent her legs slightly. She told me to hold her lips open, and as soon as I touched them, she started a stream of pee twice as strong as before. She sprayed all over my chest and worked her way down to my cock. As soon as her warm pee started splashing all over my cock, it grew rock hard again. I looked up and she was smiling, watching her stream play all over me. She had that slightly glazed look in her eyes again.

I reached up and let her pee spray on my hand, making it splash all over me. She giggled and somehow strengthened her stream. This woman can pee a river, I thought to myself. As her stream weakened, she lowered herself down and slid my cock up inside of her. She was still peeing a little, letting it run down around my cock and balls. When her stream dried up, she put her hands on my shoulders and started sliding up and sown my cock. She grinned and said not to worry, she was on the every three-month shot. She wanted pleasure, not babies. Almost instantly, I orgasmed harder than I ever had. Granted, most of my orgasms were from solo sex, and precious few from having the pleasure of sex with a woman, I had once or twice had sex with a woman. Never had I had so much fun with a woman, nor had I ever orgasmed so hard and long. Mary collapsed down on me, pressing her titties into my chest. She wiggled from side to side, starting another erection. She smiled at me and told me that she not only loved feeling my cock inside of her, she liked feeling it grow inside of her.

After a few minutes, she got up and asked me if I would help her get dressed. Fearing that our fun was over and I’d never see her again, I slowly got up and started dressing her. To make it last, I asked her to sit on the rock and let me completely dress her, not just help. She smiled and agreed, saying that it sounded like fun.

As soon as I was dressed, she pulled me into her and kissed me. Her tongue pried my lips wide open and explored my mouth, searching for my tongue. As soon as she found it, she started tapping the tip of my tongue with the tip of hers. She let go, and asked me if it excited me. I put her hand on my crotch, and presented her with a very stiff cock. I told her that I had more fun and pleasure today than I had ever had in my life. She said that if I enjoyed it so much, why didn’t I go home and spend the night with her, and come back to sunbathe with her in the morning. I quickly agreed. As we headed out of the clearing and got back to the path, we noticed that the sun had set. The moon was nearly full lighting the pathway clearly. There was enough light to make clear shadows of two happy and very excited people walking down the path.

Mary said that there never was anyone else out this late and suggested that we strip and walk home naked. I readily agreed and started to take my clothes off. She stopped me and said that I was supposed to undress her and she would undress me. I let go of my shirt, and let her pull my clothes off. She had convinced me to leave my underwear off earlier, so all I had on was my pants and shirt. As soon as she finished, I slowly slid her blouse off, enjoying the moonlight softly lighting up her breasts. I knelt in front of her and slid her jeans off, kissing the front of her crotch as soon as it appeared over the jeans. She said that I would have to repeat that as soon as we were inside, that she had never had that done to her. I said gladly, and slipped my tongue all the way into her crotch. She moaned and told me to hurry up so that we could get home fast. She was trembling slightly. I held her close, and massaged her back until she managed to calm down slightly.

As we approached the edge of the woods, I could see three houses. Two had lights showing in some windows, the middle one was dark, except for the front porch light. Mary said that if we went in the back door, nobody would see us. We cut across the first lawn, still totally naked; Mary laughed and said that it would be funny if the old coot that lived there happened to look out as they walked across his back yard. She called him a lecherous old nut, saying that she had caught him trying to peek in her windows a couple of times. We cut across her back yard and went in her back door. She went straight to her refrigerator and got out two more sodas. She laughed and said they were to prime our pumps. She sat them on the coffee table and neatly hung our clothes in her hall closet.

I looked around and took in a fantastic view. Not a speck of untidiness could be seen anywhere. Everything was perfectly neat and clean. I didn’t even see any dirty dishes or glasses in her sink as we went by. Even the pendik escort bayan pleats in her curtains were evenly spaced. Her carpet was soft to walk on. It squished down under my feet as I walked over to the couch and sat down next to her. She slipped her arm around my neck and said that since she had divorced, it seemed like men thought she was off limits or something. She couldn’t get any to come around. She had tried flirting, and even once boldly asking, but no results. She laid her head over on my shoulder and said that she was so desperate that she had decided that the first man she got close to, was going in her bed, one way or another,

I asked her if she had tried solo sex, since she was having trouble getting a partner, and she said that she did two or three times a day, but it just wasn’t as good as having a man inside of her. She admitted that she loved sex, and she was beginning to think that she wasn’t going to be able to get any more. I assured her that she could have sex with me anytime that she wanted. She gave me a big hug, deliberately dragging her titties across my arm. Mary leaned forward and grabbed the sodas and popped them open. She handed me one and started drinking the other one.

Mary asked me how I learned about kissing a woman’s crotch. I told her that I had some men’s magazines, and they had pictures of men and women licking and kissing women’s crotches. One even had an article telling how to best satisfy a woman, being careful to not cause pain. She spread her legs and put one behind me on the couch. Her crotch was now wide open and aimed directly at me. She asked me if I thought it was pretty enough to lick like the people did in my magazines. Staring at a thick mound of jet-black curly pubic hair made my cock rock hard. I wanted so much to run my fingers through it, feeling those curls waft through my fingers. Getting braver than I had ever been, I told her that I had learned a lot of things to please women, that I just never had the opportunity to try them. She leaned back and said that I could try all of them on her as long as they didn’t involve pain.

I turned towards her and started running my fingers through that beautiful pubic hair. I told her that causing pain didn’t bring pleasure to either person, there was no need or use for it. I would rather feel her getting excited and orgasming than listen to her cry out in pain. As I gently tugged on a handful of her pubic hair, she grinned and slid a finger deep inside of her crotch. She wiggled it around and brought it up to her nose. She smiled and said that it smelled good, having both of our love juices on it. She licked it clean and sat up enough to get her soda without blocking my access to her crotch. As she leaned back on the arm of the sofa and sipped her soda, I changed from using my hand to running my tongue the full length of her crotch opening. I parted her lips with my tongue, finding the little opening for her pee to spray from. I wiggled my tongue across it, noticing that she had set her soda down and was trembling. She had her breasts in her hands, pinching her titties and moaning. She looked down and begged me not to stop. I went back to her crotch, this time concentrating on her clit. I nibbled and sucked on it until it was pink and firm. I backed up to look at it and was totally surprised at what I saw. Her clit was bigger around than a pencil, and now had a pink bump sticking out of the end. It had also grown nearly an inch. I slid my hands under her hips and gave them a squeeze as I returned my hungry lips to her clit. I licked and sucked it until she started screaming. I quickly quit and asked her if I was hurting her. She said no, please go back to it because she was about to have the best orgasm she’d ever had. I went back to sucking on it, feeling her push up hard against me, and orgasming.

In her building up to an orgasm, Mary had squirmed around to where both of her legs were up on the couch. I laid my head down on her thigh so that my face was only inches from he pubic hair. I lightly ran my finger through it, pushing it up to my chin reveling in how it felt as it dragged across me. She reached down and put her hand on my cheek, and said that she had to go pee, would I take her and let her pee on me again. I jumped up and told her that I’d love for her to pee on me again, that she could any time she wanted to. She stood up into my arms and gave me another passionate kiss, complete with meeting tongues. As we kissed, she wiggled from side to side so that her titties would harden and press into my chest. She asked me if it felt good, and I told her that it was one of the best feelings that I knew of.

We went into her bathroom, and stepped into her tub. She had me sit down, and she squatted over my chest and let a solid stream of pee slam into my chest. She squirmed around so that it hit every part of me, including my cock. As soon as she started peeing, my cock got hard. She looked down at it and said that we needed to get into bed soon so that I could get it inside of her before it went soft again. I assured her that she was so beautiful that I wouldn’t have any trouble making it hard enough to get it inside of her.

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