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A Weekend with Mom

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I was a sophomore in college and Mom came down for Mother’s weekend. I was living off-campus, both of my roommates were gone for the weekend so I vacated my room so Mom could have it. She came down on Friday and we attended all the planned (dull !) events around campus. I could tell Mom was bored with all of this, so after dinner I took her over to Frat row where all the parties were. Compared to a lot of the other mothers who were there, my Mom was the most beautiful. At 39, she still had a great figure, expressive green eyes and stylish short brown hair. She looked great in a business suit or tight jeans and a snug sweater, which is what she seemed to wear a lot lately.

Mom was having fun and we both drank pretty heavily so I had to help her walk home. It was a little over a mile back and Mom took a lot of missteps, giving me ample opportunity to grope her as I steered her back on track. Every time I had to help her I became bolder with my hands and she never once objected as I cupped her tits or ass – if fact she seemed to encourage it. Mom’s hands wandered too, more than once her hand would slide over my crotch.

Back at the apartment, Mom asked me to help her to bed. Telling her that I needed to get her undressed first, I told her to raise her arms. Off came her sweater. Next I reached down, unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down just past her hips. I not only pushed down her jeans but her panties too. I could tell by her breathing that she was as excited as I was. I shoved my hands into her panties, cupped her plump ass and pulled her tight against my erection. Mom’s response was to wrap her arms tightly around my neck. While my hands kneaded her ass, Mom’s hips started gyrating rhythmically against mine.

When she looked up at me dreamy-eyed, I reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. Finally, here I was fondling those big tits that I peeked at so often. I don’t know who started kissing who first, but her mouth was open and her tongue was sliding around mine. It was tough to let go of those big tits of hers but I wanted to see and feel her cunt. I pushed her jeans further until they were down at her knees, then pushed my hand between Mom’s legs and toyed with her swollen clitty before shoving my finger into her wet pussy.

While I finger-fucked my Mom, she eagerly fumbled with my zipper until she finally managed got it unzipped and freed my rock-hard prick. Mom had one hand wrapped around my neck and the other stroking my cock. I was so excited as she stroked my cock that I was about to come. I pushed Mom’s jeans to her ankles with my foot and the moment she stepped out of them she managed to step out of them I pushed her to the bed on her hands and knees. I know she didn’t expect to be fucked doggy-style, but it was either fill her hand with cum or her pussy – and I much preferred her pussy.

I rammed my cock into her, making her cry out with surprise. I barely managed three deep, hard rapid thrusts before cumming deep in Mom’s womb. I can’t begin to describe the incredible satisfaction I experienced as I filled my Mother with my sperm. I was back inside the woman who bore me, back in the very place I started from. I had just released millions of potent sperm and if she was fertile at this moment, I would be a father.

I rolled Mom onto her back and she automatically spread her legs for me. Even though she had quite a thick bush, I could see my sticky cum trickling from between those plump cunt lips. Mom held her arms out for me and I crawled on top of her. Again my cock was throbbing and very hard. Mom guided my cock inside her, wrapped her arms around me and lifted her ass, meeting my every thrust. As I hammered my cock into her warm, tight cunt I listened to my mother whimper, moan and squeal with delight as she climaxed. It took another ten minutes of hard fucking before I was able to add more cum to what I’d left in her pussy earlier.

We slept together for the first time since I was four years old . We woke around noon, showered together then went out for a quick lunch before returning to the apartment to spend the rest of the afternoon fucking. About 6pm we got up and showered together again. After washing each other, I grabbed my electric razor to shave my five o’clock shadow, but Mom took it and shaved my face for me. When I’d finished, I took the razor and told her it was my turn to shave her. At first she didn’t understand what I meant, but after I flipped up the trimmer and started towards her lush bush, she knew exactly what I intended to do. Mom simply lifted her legs for me, letting me trim away her cunt hair. She didn’t stop me so I trimmed away all but a small tuft of hair right above her sex, leaving her lovely pussy fully exposed.

We pulled on some clothes, went out for pizza then went in search of parties. Like the night before, we hit Frat row and sure enough there were numerous gatherings. At the last Frat house we visited, she downed a half dozen casino şirketleri wine coolers and then someone started passing a joint. I watched as my normally ‘anti-drug’ preaching mother took a hit off the joint. Each time the joint was passed around again, Mom took a long, deep hit. After five or six hits, she snuggled up to me, giggling like a teenager. I couldn’t resist slipping my arm around her and cupping her breast. Mom snuggled closer, relishing the attention her tit was receiving. We meandered through the crowd for awhile before stealing away and heading upstairs to the sleeping porch for a little privacy.

I leaned back against the railing while Mom pawed at my crotch, then unzipped my pants, freeing my prick. She knelt down, kissed the head, then opened her mouth and took my cock deep into her mouth for the first time. Mom licked, kissed and sucked my cock like it was a giant lollipop. As she did, I pulled up her sweater, lifted her bra out of the way and played with her tits, pulling and twisting on Mom’s big nipples. I made a little discovery – the harder I twisted or pulled on her nipples, the better Mom sucked my cock.

With little warning I let loose a torrent of cum into my Mother’s mouth. I held the back of her head, emptying my balls down her throat. Mom gagged a bit but slurped down all my cum and after she’d coaxed the last drops from my cock, she sat back with the most satisfied smile on her lovely face. I bent down and whispered in her ear how great that was. She thanked me, then I told her I wanted her to take off her bra. Mom giggled, pulled her arms inside her sweater and a moment later handed me her bra. I stuffed it in my back pocket, making sure half was hanging out – a kind of trophy.

I helped her up and guided her back downstairs. Now in the light, there was no mistaking that she was braless – not only did her tits jiggle noticeably, her nipples poked prominently up from underneath her snug sweater. We meandered through the maze people still there and once again she clung to me and I helped myself to handfuls of ass or tit at every opportunity. We smoked a little more dope, then Mom whispered that she wanted to go home and have sex.
Once we were back at the apartment behind closed doors I stripped off Mom’s clothes and laid her on the sofa. Mom spread her legs for me, beckoning me to fuck her. But looking at her shaven pussy gave me other ideas. I bent down, kissed her lips before sucking her right nipple into my mouth. She grasp my head, holding me at her breast. I sucked hard on her nipple, then gently brought my teeth together, biting that enticing, swollen nub.

I listened to my Mom moan loudly, thrusting her breast harder against my face. I chewed on that tasty, rubbery nub for a few minutes before Mom asked me to do the same to her other nipple. After satisfying her request for equal time for each nipple, I pushed her ample tits together and licked those magnificent globes. When I kissed her navel, Mom knew what I had in mind. I could smell her arousal as she eagerly spread her legs wide in anticipation. I slowly ran my tongue from her navel towards her shaven pussy, driving her wild. She climaxed the instant she felt my tongue slip between her plump cunt lips. Mom was mine and she told me so. With my fingers I spread her pussy wide so I could play with her throbbing clitty. I pinched that errect little knob against my lip with my tongue, making my lovely Mother squirm in ecstasy. I shoved my tongue as deep up her dripping hole as I could, savoring her juices. Three fingers stretched and probed her pussy as I licked her to yet another orgasm. Mom lifted her ass for me and I grasp her plump cheeks, spreading them to reveal her tiny asshole. I could feel her sexy body shudder as my tongue now ventured from her pussy down to her asshole. For another twenty minutes my tongue brought untold pleasure to my Mother’s cunt, her body shaking with countless orgasms. My hands fondled her tits, my fingers pinching and twisting her big nipples causing an addictive combination of pain and pleasure.

Finally Mom begged me to let her rest a moment. She was perfectly comfortable spread eagle for me with my face just inches away from her lovely cunt. I studied her femininity, the delicate folds of her soft pink inner lips, her hooded clit and finally her wet, pulsating opening. I kissed her thighs, making her body tremble. I moistened my fingertip with saliva, then touched her tightly puckered pink asshole. Surprised, Mom gasped and her body jerked but she let me continue. She moaned softly as I explored her asshole. I felt her muscles tighten, then release and then my finger was inside. Bucking like a pony that had just been spurred, my lovely mother took my finger deep up her tight ass, all the while moaning with delight. With my left hand I finger-fucked both her ass and cunt as deep and hard as I could while my right hand tweaked and pulled hard at her big, hard nipples. casino firmaları I continued until Mom cried out as a tremendous orgasm surged through her body.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass to the edge of the sofa. Once again Mom gasped with surprise – this time it was my cock pushing hard against her virgin hole. She was about to protest but in an instant I was inside her. Mom whimpered as I forced my rock-hard swollen manhood up her sexy ass, telling her it was about time somebody enjoyed her sexy ass. She begged me to fuck her – but to go slow. She loosened up and soon I was hammering my cock hard and deep into Mom’s ass. Finally with a low, deep groan, I released a torrent of cum up my Mother’s ass. Even with my cock still plugging her enlarged hole, thick gooey cum slowly oozed out.
I pulled my cock from her ass, resting my semi-hard cock between her red, puffy cunt lips. Mom lay whimpering, telling me that no one had ever fucked her like I had and that her pussy belonged only to me. She reached down, stroked my cock while begging me to shove it up her cunt. I made her ask several more times for my cock before rolling her onto her stomach and taking her from behind. As I eased my hard prick up her wet cunt, I told her how nice her fucked ass looked. I couldn’t help but push a finger up her creamy asshole and finger her butt while fucking her pussy. All of this was driving Mom absolutely wild – she cried out how much she loved me, how great it was to finally have a lover that knew how to make love to her … and how miserable of a lover that Dad was. Mom lifted her head from the couch, smiled over her shoulder at me, patted her ass and told me that it was all mine. Needless to say, after hearing that I pounded my cock hard and deep, making my sex-starved Mother climax the same moment I did.

We smoked another joint, drank some wine and talked until 2am. Mom was very talkative and I was quite surprised at her willingness to share intimate details of her sex life. I learned all about her teenage years, lackluster sex with Dad and the most interesting of all – her fantasies. It was great – Mom laid her head in my lap, stroking, kissing and licking my cock as she detailed her teenage escapades. As she talked about Dad, she straddled me, bouncing slowly up and down on my cock as I played with her tits. She called him a ‘pencil-dick’, telling me that my cock was so much bigger than his. We had moved to bed and I was laying behind her, lying still with my hard cock stuffed her and toying with her nipples as she detailed her sexual fantasies. We fell asleep like that – my manhood firmly wedged deep, almost into Mother’s womb.

The new dawn brought some new realizations. As I lay in my bed alongside my Mother, I thought about all that was said and done this weekend. She was so beautiful as she slept beside me. Then Mom stirred, rolling to face me. A sleepy smile graced her face and she reached out for me. I wrapped an arm around her as Mom cuddled against me. Her warm bosom pressed against my chest and I could feel her nipples begin to stiffen. In silence she stroked my chest, then her hand drifted down to my cock.

Mom lifted herself up on top of me. She leaned forward, rubbing her dangling breasts and hard nipples across my chest before planting a long, wet kiss on my lips. She kissed her way down my chest, sucking each of my nipples, then she enveloped my cock with her hot mouth Mom gave me this playful smile and told me she had dreamt about sucking my cock all night long. I put a hand on the back of her head, pushed her mouth back over my cock and then I fucked her mouth like it was her pussy. Mom managed to take most of my cock and when I was ready to cum, I grabbed her hair and held her head firmly. One thing I remember that she said last night was she liked a dominate man. I shoved deep and Mom took me all the way, swallowing every drop of my cum. When she laid back in my arms she said it was even better than her dream.

It took ten minutes to recover from the fantastic blow job that I’d just gotten. Finally we both dragged ourselves out of bed and took a quick shower together. In the shower I finished the job I’d started yesterday – I shaved the rest of Mom’s bush so now she was totally bald between her legs. We pulled on some clothes and headed out for coffee and croissants.

We had just settled into our seats with our coffees when I tossed her wedding rings onto the table and told her to put them on. Mom shot me a puzzled look that quickly turned to a sexy smile when I explained. I told her that for the last two days we’d committed incest, but now I was going to commit adultery. Mom leaned closer and I boldly reached out and rubbed her left tit right there in the coffee shop. Her nipple stiffened quickly when I reminded her what she’d said last night in the heat of passion. I leaned back in my chair, smiled as I sipped my coffee and called Mom an adulterous whore. I told güvenilir casino her that I was going strip her naked, fuck her and then take a picture of my cum spilling from her pussy for my Dad. Mom feigned surprise but I felt her foot slide up my leg towards my crotch. We hurried finished our coffee, eager for what was to come. As we were leaving the coffee shop I reached behind her, squeezed her ass and guided her out the door. I had made a statement to anyone who was watching- Mom was mine and I didn’t care who knew. In fact I didn’t let go of her sweet ass until we reached the apartment.

I was first inside and Mom followed. She’d barely gotten the door closed when I demanded that she remove her jeans and shirt. I retrieved the Polaroid camera and film from my bedroom, returning just in time to watch her slither out of her jeans. Pulling her by the hand we went into the bathroom. In front of the bathroom mirror I made my Mother pull her bra down and her panties aside and pose for pictures. Each and every picture had her face so there was no denying that it was her. I had Mom sit up on the counter and spread herself wide for the camera. Then she bent over, lifted a legs and spread her cheeks and pussy open. After six pictures, I set the camera on a ledge, dropped my pants and moved behind her. Once again I posed her so the camera could record both her face and my cock sliding into her hairless pussy. I took another picture, this time recording both our faces in our incestuous act. There was one of her sucking my cock, another of my cock between her tits.

Then I got creative. I pulled her wedding rings off her finger, then had her suck me until I was about to cum. I pulled free of her mouth and shot my cream all over her face and tits. Then I pulled and twisted her nipples, making them firm and fat and finally I shoved her engagement band over her left nipple and her wedding band over her right nipple. It was the perfect picture – Mom’s cum streaked face and tits … and her cum-covered wedding rings perched on her nipples. She held her tits up and smiled for the camera.

Both Mom and I were incredibly turned on. Next I laid her back on the counter top, stood between her legs and jacked off, this time coating her pussy with my gooey cum. More pictures and then I took the rings and pushed them inside the folds of her pink inner lips. Mom smiled happily as she rested up on an elbow, reached down to spread herself and I snapped more pictures of her cum-filled pussy.

Helping her up, we stared at the visual record of our weekend. As I looked at the pictures, I realized that there wasn’t a hint of remorse or reluctance on Mom’s face. In fact, I marveled at her eagerness to lewdly pose for me. Mom pressed her ass against my cock, slowly moving her hips as she studied the photos. I slipped my hands around her waist, then cupped her tits and teased her nipples. Mom let out a low moan when I pointed to the picture of the rings around Mom’s nipples and told her that maybe she should wear her rings there. My hand drifted from her breast down between her legs. As I strummed her clit I told Mom that her rings looked good down there, too.

The statement that those two photos made was crystal clear – the hell with her marriage, the hell with fidelity. Her cum-covered wedding rings, face, breasts and pussy were a testament to a marriage that lacked love and true intimacy. I whispered softly that we still had three more pictures left. Mom pointed to the two pictures I had taken with her rings and told me that she wanted me in the photos too. I was more than happy to oblige.

Mom knelt and used her mouth to bring me close to orgasm, then stroked my manhood until I once again came all over her face and tits. I rolled her nipples between my fingers until they were fat and distended like before, then popped a ring over each. After setting the camera timer, I stood behind Mom, cupped her tits upward and pushed them together. When the image appeared show our two smiling faces, Mom took the photo, telling me that this one was her’s and I could have the other one.

The next shot took a little more planning – and it took longer for Mom to get me to come, but I didn’t mind having her mouth wrapped around my cock one bit. I jacked myself off all over her pussy, coating her entire cunt with a liberal coating of pearly white cum. I set the timer and we quickly got into position – Mom’s leg was lifted, showing her cunt with one wedding ring lodged between her pussy lips and the other still over a nipple and my hard cock poised at the entrance to her cunt. Both our faces were in the photo and just as the photo snapped I pulled her cum-covered face to mine and kissed her. I knew Mom would want this picture also.

When this image appeared I snatched the photo before Mom could, bringing a playful little fight for it. In the end I won of course and had Mom bartering for the photo. I handed over the picture to her, patted her bottom and told her she would have to pay later. She told me she would be happy to pay whatever price I demanded. We shot the last picture while we showered together. Our bodies and hair were all soapy and Mom had her hands wrapped firmly around my erect cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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