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A Wet, Wild Summer Ch. 02

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Sitting through dinner across from your little sister, whose cunt you have just sucked and who has recently deep-throated your dick and drank your cum, is torture. Though Kelly keeps up an animated conversation with Mom about her change of summer plans, she won’t look at me as she passes me the salad, butters her roll or pours more iced tea. Is she feeling remorseful? Regretting her decision to mess around? What if, after dinner, she tells me that she’d been wrong, that we should never have sex, that she should give her virginity to someone else? I feel as ignorant and lost as a freshman on his first day of high school, and I hate myself for it. I search her face for clues, but she won’t look back at me.

I’m looking at her, though: the tops of her perfect breasts peek out from the deep V-neck of her red t-shirt, the fabric clinging to her curves. Her round, pink mouth, still slightly swollen from the workout she’d given my cock. My dick twitches just remembering being at the threshold of her wet cunt.

When Mom says the roast must be done, Kelly jumps up to say she’ll get it. She runs off to the kitchen.

“No offense to Kelly,” Mom says to me with an apologetic grin, “but she’s never been the best cook. Will you check on the roast, see if it’s ready?”

I want more than anything, and also fear, to follow my sister into the kitchen. But what am I supposed to say? Sorry, mom, I can’t, things are a little awkward because Kelly had my dick in her mouth? I get up and go into the kitchen, my heart pounding in my throat.

Kelly is bent over the oven, checking out the meat. Her tight white shorts barely contain her beautiful ass. She doesn’t look up. “Mike?”

“Mom said I should help you out.”

“Mm, I agree. Come see if this looks ready?”

I walk up to the oven until I am standing right behind her. Kelly still doesn’t stand to face me, but instead she backs her ass into my groin.

I sigh with relief as my cock starts to twitch. “I thought you were mad at me,” I whisper. “I thought maybe you regretted–“

“Ssh,” Kelly says. “It was all I could do to sit across from you and not crawl under the table and take your balls in my mouth.” She presses her ass into my dick and I press back, holding her hips and pulling her closer. She rubs her ass all over my swollen groin and I press the impression of my swelling cock between her two sweet cheeks. Maybe Kelly will let me inside her ass. I’m probably hoping for too much….

Suddenly Kelly straightens and turns to face me. “Tonight. After Mom goes to bed. Wait an hour. Then meet me downstairs, in the basement.” She smiles, caressing my rock hard package with one hand. “We’ll watch a movie. Only this time, you’ll cum inside me.”

I can’t help it. I know our mother is right in the other room, but I grab Kelly’s face and pull it to mine for a quick, passionate kiss. Her tongue slides across mine, and she sucks at it with quick little pulls, reminiscent of the amazing job she did on my dick earlier.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good,” I promise her. “You just wait.”

The rest of the meal passes in excited agony. Kelly and I shovel slices of roast into our mouths and Mom comments on how glad she is that we both like it. Then we each retreat upstairs, to our separate rooms.

In my room, I can still smell the faint scent of my sister’s cunt on my sheets. I lie around, daydreaming casino şirketleri of what I am going to do to her in the basement. I could take her from behind, with my hands cupping those sweet ass cheeks, but that doesn’t seem right for her first time. Besides, I want to look into her eyes, see her face as I enter her for the first time.

I hear Mom go to bed, and it takes all my willpower to look at the clock and wait an hour before heading for the basement. What if I go down there, and Kelly doesn’t show? What if she’s had second thoughts, and I’m down there alone? Would I come up to her room?

All the lights are off in the house, and I hope that Kelly hasn’t fallen asleep, forgotten, or changed her mind. A horrible thought startles me: what if this has all been a tease, a sick joke on her pervy brother? But then the memory of my mouth on her cunt, of her tongue sliding across my shaft darts back to me, and I know she wants me every bit as much as I want her.

I start down the stairs to the basement, but it it’s dark. Except for a couple of candles….

My sister steps out of the shadows and smiles coyly. “So? What do you think?”

Kelly is wearing a white sundress covered in tiny red flowers; it’s a dress I recognize, one she used to wear a lot in high school. It doesn’t really fit her anymore–her tits spill out the top, from which the pink rings of her areola peek enticingly, and the skirt of the dress is so short that when she twirls, I can see the bottom of her ass cheeks. She is the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. I have never wanted anyone so badly.

“Tell me what you want,” I say, “and we’ll do it.”

Kelly bites her lip and smiles. She has a remote, and she turns on the TV. I see the title screen of Chain Saw Killers 7. She hits play. “We can be as loud as we want to; this’ll drown us out.”

My parents still have the same beat-up sofa where we’d watched the movie the first time. I lead Kelly to it, tell her to lie back, and she obeys. I kneel on the floor next to her and run my hand up her smooth leg, lifting the hem of her dress. When I feel that she isn’t wearing panties, my dick starts to throb.

“Tell me what you want,” I say again. “Anything.”

Kelly lifts her hips to meet my hand. “I want your dick inside me. That’s all.”

“Kell,” I breathe out, pressing my lips to her mons. I gently lick her clit, and she shivers.

“Let me take off your clothes,” she says, sitting up. I stand and she rises, lifting my shirt with her and tossing it behind the sofa. She runs her fingers through my chest hair and across my nipples; I suck in my breath, fighting for control as her hand slides down my chest and across my navel. She unbuttons my jeans and slides down the zipper slowly, looking me in the eye the whole time. The eye contact, after so much avoidance at dinner, drives me wild with desire. Kelly grabs at the waist of my jeans, looks down, and pushes my pants and underwear to the floor in a rush. My dick jumps forward, hard and full, its head purple and already dripping juice for her.

Kelly moans with pleasure. “I can’t believe it. I used to think about this at night, as I fingered myself. I can’t believe it’s going to happen. How could I have been into other guys when I had the hottest guy here with me my whole life? I’m ready, Mike. Are you?”

In reply, I lift her dress over her head casino firmaları and pull it off. I put my mouth on her round, full breasts. I lick each one fully, up and down, sucking on her nipples like a desperate man as she whimpers and wraps her fingers around my cock. Her touch is too much. I gently push Kelly’s shoulders, laying her back down on the sofa. Her blonde hair frames her face, eyes half-closed with desire, mouth open and inviting. I slide my hand between her thighs and feel her cunt. Wet, and hot. She’s ready. We’re both ready.

I lower my body on top of my sister’s, like I had right before we were interrupted. This time, there is no interrupting us. I position my cock between her wet lips, slide my hands under her ass and kiss each breast once before kissing her on the mouth. Kelly hungrily sucks my tongue again, then pries her mouth from mine. “I can’t wait any more, Mike. Now. Please. Pretty please, big brother. Take me.”

I push my cock into my sister in one swift stroke. I feel the thin membrane give way as she gasps, but her gasp is swallowed by a loud moan. “Oh, Mike!” I let myself travel a little deeper inside of her pussy, then a little deeper still. Her cunt is drenched and tight and grips me like a vise. My cock throbs inside her. I grit my teeth, telling myself to ignore my instinct to thrust into her, fast and hard, to fuck her into blind oblivion until she’s screaming my name. I remind myself to take it slow with her, to give her a first time we’ll both never forget.

Kelly’s hands are on my ass, and she tries to pull me deeper in her still.

“Mike! Finally. I can’t believe it.”

“Does it hurt?” I whisper, licking her nipples.

Kelly groans. “Yes-only a little. It feels so good. I want you inside of me forever. Is it good for you, Mike? I want to be good for you.”

I move slowly inside Kelly, afraid I’ll cum too soon. I don’t want her first sexual experience to be half a minute long because I can’t control myself. I draw my dick out of her almost all the way, then slowly plunge back in. I feel Kelly’s shoulders that had been tensed relax, and her eyes close as her head lolls back on the sofa. “Ooh,” she moans, and she begins to move her hips along with me, slowly, matching my rhythm.

“It’s so good for me, Kell,” I say. “Tell me how it is for you.”

“You feel huge,” she breathes over my ear. “So big. It hurts a little, but it’s starting to feel better.” Her hips begin to rise and fall more quickly, taking me in and sliding off slowly, as her cunt grows wetter. She is able to fit my dick inside her better, expanding to take me, but she is still tight around me like a hungry snake. “Mmmm.”

I grab Kelly’s ass, kneading her cheeks and moving inside of her as far as I can. Kelly gasps as I hit her cervix. I lift her ass a little higher and withdraw almost all the way; Kelly whines. I slide back in, caressing the spot at the top of her cunt. Kelly’s eyes fly open. “Oh!” She looks shocked; I’ve found her G-spot. It seems like she hadn’t even known it was there. I move the head of my dick back and forth over her spot as my sister writhes beneath me.

“Oh, Mike! Oh my god. I don’t know what you’re doing, but please don’t stop. Oh, Mike. I’ve been waiting years for you. Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me harder.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” I manage to say through my own staggered breathing. güvenilir casino

“I can take it, Mike. I promise. I want it.”

I pound into her harder, feeling her grow wetter and expand, being able to take more of me inside of her even as she grips my dick more tightly. She closes her eyes again, bites her lip, and thrusts her hips up to connect with mine. I slide my hands beneath her smooth ass cheeks and draw her in towards me. Kelly’s breathing is ragged. She keeps trying to say my name, but it comes out like bursts of air interrupted by her gasps of pleasure. Her nails dig deeply into my shoulders. I feel my dick hit her cervix again, and Kelly smothers a scream into my chest. She grips me so tightly I’m afraid I’ll cum. Her nails scratch my back as her hips move wildly.

“Mike,” she moans, “Mike! Oh!” I realize she’s cumming. Her pussy throbs around my cock like a pulse. Kelly’s mouth is open in shock, her eyes shut tight as she moans and gasps. I bend my head and kiss her neck.

“Oh my god,” she breathes. “That was intense.”

I feel her body relax. Her cunt is drenched; I slide in and out easily. I know I have to slow down if I want to take her over the edge one more time. I draw out of her almost all the way, then plunge back inside. “Mmm,” Kelly moans. “This is so much better than I ever dreamed.”

I take her nipple into my mouth, tracing my tongue around the tight bud, eliciting more moans from my sister. I suck, gently at first, then harder, as I increase the depths of my strokes inside her. Kelly starts moving faster again, her breathing quickening, her nails scratching my back. “I never want this to stop,” she breathes into my ear. I tighten my teeth on her nipple, giving it a soft bite. “Fuck!” Kelly screams, then clamps a hand over her mouth as she smothers her panting. Her eyes are heavy-lidded and our bodies are slick with sweat. The scent of her cunt travels up to me like the sweetest perfume I’ve ever smelled.

I can’t hold back anymore. I lift her hips, kneading her ass and driving into her with every ounce of force I can muster.

Kelly clamps her hand harder over her mouth to stifle her screams, then buries her mouth in my neck. “Oh, Mike, oh yes. Please, Mike. I want to feel you cum inside me. Please, Mike. Do it. Cum for me.”

My dick twitches uncontrollably and I give her three more good thrusts before I explode inside her. I come like I haven’t come in years, bursting inside of her, still coming even when I think I am done spilling seed. Kelly grips me tightly, her eyes squeezed shut, hips bucking with me, beneath me. She squeezes until I am spent, until, sensitive and twitching inside her, I see her open her eyes, and I see that she’s crying.

I hug my sister to my chest, rubbing her back in slow, soothing circles. We had wanted each other so badly, been so hot for each other, but now that we had done it, it was something incredible. Better than any fantasy.

I look down at her face and wipe away her tears. “You okay?”

Kelly nods, her tears continuing to spill. “I’ve been waiting for so long. I can’t believe it finally happened.”

“How was it for you?”

“It was perfect.” She holds me tight to her. “Mike… why can’t it just be like this?”

“Sssh.” I don’t have an answer for her. I stroke her hair, kiss her ear, run my hand down the side of her breast.

“I don’t want anyone but you.” At the moment, I can’t disagree with her. “I want you to teach me everything. I want to do everything with you.”

I am spent, but if she keeps it up, I’ll be ready to go in another few minutes, ready to give my sister her next lesson.

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