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A Work Affair

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He pulled up to the house, being sure to follow the instructions she’d given on where precisely he should park. He took a deep breath, shaking off the nervous energy he’d been feeling and letting the excitement of the situation take over. The garage door was open, and there she was. He smiled reflexively upon seeing her, as he always did. She was so pretty, so sexy, so enticing he could hardly stand it.

“This is gonna be fun,” he thought, still grinning as he stepped out of the car and approached her.

Once inside, they were free to embrace. For weeks they had been stealing moments: hugs, short kisses, a touch here or a grope there. But now, finally, they were unrestrained. Her arms were around his waist while his hands were in her hair, holding her head in place as they kissed. The last of his nerves melted away as he held her.

“Want to sit on the couch?” she asked, as he planted kisses on her face.

“No,” he said. He didn’t want the moment to end, and with her perfect body pressed against his he could feel his cock growing in his pants. She could feel it too, and as they continued to kiss her hand moved to the bulge pressing against her abdomen, making it grow even larger.

He stepped forward, moving her back against the wall behind her. He’d been lovingly stroking her hair with his fingers but now was clamping a bit harder, tugging at it gently. He moved one hand behind her back, pressing her against him as he took a handful of hair in his other hand and gave it a noticeable tug. She didn’t make a sound but he could feel the change in her, the willingness to comply with his forcefulness. It was intoxicating.

They made out for another few minutes, her hands continuing to massage his now throbbing bulge as he manipulated her head around by her long, blonde hair. He pulled her head back, exposing her soft, smooth neck which he proceeded to kiss and suck lightly. She smelled delicious; he didn’t know if it was perfume or something in her hair, but it made him crave her even more. He needed her, now.

In one swift motion, he brought his hand down from her hair to her beautiful neck, wrapping his fingers around her throat and pinning her lightly against the wall. He pulled his lips off hers and stared intently into her big eyes.

“Take off my belt,” he said.

She complied, using both hands to blindly undo the belt around his waist.

“Pull it out,” he said.

It took a few moments of awkward fumbling, but she unzipped his pants and with a casino şirketleri little help from his free hand was able to extract his hard cock. Without needing to be told, she took it in her hand and began to stroke him.

There they stood, just inside the door to her house, her stroking his dick as he held her against the wall. Their eyes were locked on each other. He kept his hand around her neck, sometimes applying a bit more pressure, sometimes kissing her, but always staring directly into her eyes as she jerked his cock.

Ready for more, he pulled his hand off her throat and grabbed her again by the hair. Tugging downwards, she quickly got the picture and lowered herself to her knees. Now staring directly at his hard cock she tried to lean forward to take it in her mouth, but he pulled her hair hard, stopping her. Grabbing another handful of hair with his other hand, he held her head in place, carefully moving his hips toward her. He intentionally avoided her open mouth, instead letting the bulbous head of his cock rub across her cheek, bounce off her chin then eventually just let it lay across her face. She could feel the heat of it and the musky smell of it filled her nostrils as a dribble of precum dripped onto her forehead.

Now he was ready for her mouth. He pulled back and carefully aimed his dick at her inviting mouth. He felt his cock push through her lips as they opened wider to accommodate him. Then the warm, wet suction as she closed her mouth on the first few inches of his hard cock.

For the next several minutes he allowed her to slowly blow him, keeping his hands in her hair to help control the pace. She’d gag slightly when he’d go too deep, but she managed to keep going without once letting it fall from her lips. Before long she was taking most of his thick cock with ease.

He badly wanted to cum in her mouth, or pull out and slap his wet cock against her cute face, but he had other goals in mind. With one last, long plunge deep into her throat, he ripped his cock back out and pulled her to her feet by the hair. He slid one hand back to her throat, squeezing as she continued to catch her breath from the blowjob. He brushed her hair back and leaned into her ear.

“Take off your clothes,” he said.

She complied without hesitation, undoing her pants first and letting them drop to the floor. He let go of her neck so she could remove her shirt, moving his hands to her hips, his thumbs looped into the waistband of her panties and his fingers casino firmaları grazing the sides of her ass. Somewhat shyly she removed her bra and tossed it aside, revealing her soft tits and dark, perfect nipples. Down to just her panties, she was irresistible. He kissed her deeply, tugging up on the waistband to pull her panties tight on her ass and pussy. He dragged his fingers across her tummy towards her pubic area. She let out a sharp intake of breath as his fingers slid across her panty-covered pussy lips. He could feel how hot and wet she was, even through the thin material. He smiled, lightly tracing his fingertips around the outline of her pussy lips. Her hips rocked slightly with every touch and he knew he had her completely in his control.

He grabbed his cock in his hand and moved closer to her, rubbing the bulging head against the tight material covering her pussy. Up and down, up and down, slowly applying pressure to the thin panties so that his cock head was sliding between her labia with every meticulous stroke. He’d start low, pressing against her opening where her soaked panties barely covered her. She could feel his hot dick brushing against the exposed skin on either side of the panties from this position. Then he’d slowly drag his cock up, keeping the pressure as it glided between her pussy lips. At the top, he’d intentionally tease her by letting the tip juuust slightly flick her clit before starting over again at the bottom. After doing this over a dozen times (neither of them was in any state to be counting) she was moaning deeply into his mouth and hungrily sucking his tongue.

He was tempted to use his fingers (or better yet his mouth) to finish her off. He knew it would only take a few seconds of his wet tongue on her clitty to make her cum, but he wasn’t quite ready to give her that yet.

He stopped rubbing his cock against her, squeezed her neck a little tighter in his left hand and used his right to deliver a sharp spank to her ass. She yelped slightly, grinding her hips against the air, yearning for the contact she needed in order to cum. She had been close, but he just held her there, choking her and biting her lip until her immediate need for pleasure had passed. He was going to fuck her but didn’t want her to cum too quickly.

He yanked down her panties, bending down to pick them up (he didn’t want to lose track of them). They were soaking wet in his hand. Still pressing her against the wall, he moved his hips into hers again so güvenilir casino that his cock was within striking distance of her wet, glistening pussy. As he’d done before, he held his dick firmly and pressed it to the opening of her pussy. They both gasped slightly at that initial, supercharged first contact. He dragged the head up just as he’d done before, now feeling the full warmth and wetness of her pussy with no panties in the way. He repeated the motion twice: the first time lightly grazing her clit as he had done before. But the second time, he left the fleshy bulb of his cock make full contact with her button, rolling over it in circles as their combined fluids made wet smacking sounds. Her orgasm had backed off but was coming back. She bit his shoulder and moaned as he used his dick to massage her clit for several more seconds.

Now that they were both ready, he lowered his cock once again to her opening, only this time he adjusted his angle so that with a slight push of his hips he easily slid an inch inside of her. She let out her biggest moan yet, followed by an even bigger one as he pushed deeper into her, and a bigger one each time he went deeper. He’d never felt a pussy as hot and wet as hers and he could feel it gripping his cock every time he pulled back, beckoning him to thrust into her again.

She was pinned to the wall, her legs spread as he started pounding her tight pussy over and over and over. He had one hand clamped on her ass and the other firmly holding her by the hair. Both of her hands were grabbing at his back, her fingers digging in instinctively. She couldn’t control the sounds coming out of her; an erotic blend of moans and gasps and heavy breathing. He couldn’t control his actions; he was fucking her with abandon, no longer in control of himself as he had been up to that point.

She told him she was cumming, breathily repeating the word several times as she grasped him tighter and started to orgasm. He had more planned, but the passion of the moment was too intense to stop now.

“Cum inside me,” she said between moans as her orgasm continued to send waves of pleasure through her system.

That was enough to tip him over the edge. With a few loud grunts he started to pump his white-hot cum into her flaming pussy, feeling her muscles practically milking it out of him. He came for what felt like an eternity, every thrust producing more of his cum to fill her with. The feeling was so intense he lost all track of time; he had stopped cumming but his cock was still inside her, but for how long? Seconds probably, but it seemed like hours. They were both breathing heavily, glistening with sweat. They kissed, caressed each other and laughed.

They weren’t even close to done yet.

To be continued…

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