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A Workout Bonus

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One morning after I finished my daily workout I noticed a woman that I had seen a few times at the gym. We had exchanged a few glances and I noticed there was more than a passing hello in her eyes. As I walked out to my car I saw that she was parked next to mine. We said hello again and I asked how her workout went. She said it was fine but now I’m very hungry. I said I’m the same way after I workout and suggested that we meet somewhere for lunch. She looked at me with those eyes again and I had a hunch there would be more to lunch than a sandwich. She said, ” Why don’t we go to my place, I have something very good to eat there.”

He followed her to her place. She lived in a nice house not far from the gym. They both went inside. Her kitchen was off to the right. She told him to go ahead in there and have a seat; she’d be right back. He could see her bedroom from the kitchen. Better yet, could see her from there. She was taking off her gym clothes, and putting on a robe. He was in awe of her shiny, pert body. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She turned, casino şirketleri noticed him looking and sheepishly asked, “Do you like what you see?” All he could do at that moment was nod. It was like he was frozen into place.

As he saw her standing there with her robe that barely covered her, he suggested that before lunch that a shower was in order. She led him to the bathroom. They stood by the shower and as her bathrobe fell to the floor they both kissed passionately, their tongues moving back and forth to each other’s mouth. He began to undress but she stopped him and said, “Let me.” As she undid his shirt, she kissed his chest moving her tongue down to his gym shorts; grabbing the shorts with her teeth and pulling them down to reveal his already rock hard cock. As they both stepped into the shower they lathered each other up. It was then that he noticed that her pussy was shaved and her lips full. It excited him to no end.

He kissed both of her hard nipples and moved his tongue to her pussy. Her clit was begging to be sucked. casino firmaları As he licked and sucked her clit till it was rock hard he didn’t forget to put his tongue deep in her pussy, grabbing her hips to grind against him. She began to moan and beg for him to fuck her, but she couldn’t wait to get out of the shower. She moved to the back of the shower and bent over. He moved closer to her wet and anxious pussy.

Slowly he entered her. Each movement inside her made her moan. It was then in a single movement that he went deeper in her as she backed onto his hard cock and too her deep inside her wet pussy. He grabbed her hips and began to grind his cock against her ass and pussy. He reached down and caressed her nipples as he began to move back and forth in her sweet pussy.

He decided to fuck her again but this time as he fucked her hot pussy he took a finger and rubbed her ass. To his pleasant surprise she backed into his finger and moaned yes please fuck my ass! He pulled out his cock and rubbed her sweet pussy juice on her ass and güvenilir casino slowly pushed his cock against it.

He watched with excitement as he saw his cock go into her ass. She began to scream with excitement knowing what was coming. As he slowly slid his cock in her ass he saw her squeeze her clit to enhance her pleasure. His cock was buried all the way in her ass and he ground it to her by pulling her hips to him hard.

He leaned over and kissed her back. She turned her head to meet him. They kissed deeply as his cock went faster and faster in her ass. He stood back and grabbed her hips again and they fucked harder and faster. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer as this lady was the sweetest fuck he’d ever had.

She knew he was about to come and said, ” Please fuck me harder and cum in my ass!” Just as the words left her sweet lips, he exploded with all the cum he had for her. He watched it roll out of her ass and down her pussy. He stayed in her ass as long as he could, till his cock was unfortunately released from her beautiful pleasure spot.

She turned to him as the water ran down both of us. They kissed for the longest time, finished washing each other and collapsed on the bed. We promised each other that after gym workouts we would go to her place and have another lunch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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