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Abby Ch. 01

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Hi guys! We have been so encouraged by the positive feedback for our stories, we have decided to start adding new characters to broaden the scope of our imagination. As always, please feel free to vote, leave feedback, and read our other stories.

Thanks again!!


It wasn’t so terrible; at least, it was much better than she imagined it would be. The idea of starting over at this stage in life wasn’t something she would have planned, but life had deviated from her wishes. At least she was in good shape for money and support. Many other divorced middle-aged women weren’t.

Middle-aged? What the hell did that mean? She supposed there was a certain way she was supposed to look and act at 35, but she wasn’t sure it applied to her. That was the freedom and the fear she had now. Since she had spent the last fifteen years defining herself by what her husband thought she should do, she never gave much thought to whether or not she liked it. It was like she was back at twenty. Able to reset and walk different paths. That didn’t make it any easier to know which ones were right. At least she knew ONE was the wrong one.

She alternated by feeling excited and out of place on the university campus. She looked much younger than she was, thanks mostly to her Asian genes. (Thanks mom.) But she couldn’t help thinking that when most of these kids were born, she eagerly anticipating the upcoming concert where a band no one else knew of, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, would be opening for Oingo Boingo. They were the band that…….never mind.

And she was enjoying her classes. That made it worth going to school every day. Ok, every OTHER day. That made it easier to have people watch Jasmine for her. Next year her daughter Jasmine would be in school full-time too, and she would have even more flexibility. On her way to her poli sci class, she grabbed a venti mocha. This professor didn’t mind if they brought it to class. She reflected he was probably glad people were willing to make an effort to stay awake. He was a cute black guy and…..a few years younger than she was. Thanks for another reminder. She was getting used to it; she had to join groups for some of her classes, for study and projects. She got invited to parties and flirted with. But she just couldn’t quite make the leap to hooking up like a college girl with no obligations.

After class she went to the library to find some books for her upcoming paper. It was easier for her to use books than Google everything like the younger students did. She also believed that the professors liked it better if you cited actual books. “You’re not old, you’re smart,” she reminder herself, and mostly believed it. She rounded the aisle to the political history section, and spotted him out of the corner of her eye. She decided to just keep walking and hope he didn’t notice her.


Shit. Oh well.

Lars was one of the guys who hung out with her project partner from the last semester. He had mostly hung around to mooch beer and coffee off of people. He was Danish, in his early twenties, and no one seemed to know much about his status or life plans. He just came and went. His dirty blond hair was getting a little long and sloppy. He smiled and looked like the guy who plays Chase on House.

“Lars, what are you doing here?”

“This might surprise you, but I do in fact need to come here to do school work sometimes.” She always had to concentrate to understand him with his accent. Apparently half of Danish is silent and the other half is mumbled, she wondered if that’s how everyone there talks.

“Ok, what are you looking up?”

“Books on Goldwater and Reagan.”

“Do they allow you guys to know who Reagan and Goldwater were? I thought you Euros lean to the left as you walk down the street.”

He laughed out loud. Too loud for the library. “Maybe that’s why I’m not there anymore, did you ever think of that?”

“Lars, I hadn’t gone anywhere NEAR that far in trying to figure you out.” He flipped his hair out of his face. “How’s Anna?” Anna was the wannabe punk rocker he had been hanging off of. She hated her, after she had to explain to her that the guys she considered punk would have been eaten alive by Iggy and the Stooges or the New York Dolls.

“She dropped out and moved to Seattle. Her Facebook says she is serving coffee and looking for acting jobs.”

“Good place for her. Lots of flannel-wearing self-loathing people who escaped from their parents.”

He laughed again. “She isn’t so bad. She just tries a little too hard.”

“This coming from the guy with nothing to prove to anyone?” He looked at her mockingly.

“Maybe there’s more to me too. Let me buy you lunch.”

“So you can prove something to me?” She looked at him smiling, with a little dimple in his chin. “What the hell, I’m hungry.”

It was nice outside. Spring was coming early and everything was damp and smelling nice. They walked to a shop and got soup and sandwiches. “Hard to get good soup here. casino şirketleri We like soup a lot more in Europe. This is a lot better than most places.”

“I know. When I was in Berlin, I could live on just soup and rolls. In America they treat it as a side dish and don’t try.”

“Why were you in Berlin?” He asked her as he was wiping the bowl with a piece of bread.

“Senior trip. A LONG time ago”

“Did you like it?”

“I loved everything about it.”

“Do you want to go back?”


“I went to Amsterdam for a trip when I was done with gymnasium. That’s what we call high school.”

“I know that. Why am I not surprised you chose Amsterdam?” He laughed again.

“My girlfriend wanted to go there.”

“You would follow a girl to Hell, wouldn’t you?”

“Depends on the girl.” He was still smiling at her. “Is that a bad thing?”

She didn’t quite know what to say. She got flirted with all the time, but it was usually easy to play the age card and push them away. But right now she had absolutely no excuses. Or they weren’t coming to her as easily as they usually did. She suddenly remembered how long had it had been since she had gotten laid. And more to the point, how long since she had really enjoyed it. She realized that she was taking a little too long to answer.

“No. Just not how I make decisions in life.” Usually.

He looked at her for a moment. He had always thought she was hot. And being feisty and smart made it better. Brown-green eyes, long dark hair. Dark green sweater, black jeans and boots. HELL yes.

“Will you give me your cell number?”

She shrugged and pulled out her phone. “What’s yours?” He gave it to her and she dialed it. They both tagged it and stored it. An odd ritual which was becoming more and more normal. “Why do you want it?”

“Why? Is there anything I’m not allowed to use it for?”

“Try it and find out.”

“I’ll use my imagination.”

“Don’t hurt yourself.” They laughed and he grabbed her hand.

“Don’t worry, all of my daydreams end the same way, I don’t even have to try.”

He paid the check and they walked back to the library building.

“I am glad I saw you again.” He pulled her close and she hugged him back.

“Me too.” He walked towards the bus stop and waved.

She wrapped up her study for the day and went to Alana’s apartment to pick up Jasmine. Alana was her neighbor, also divorced, but her children had moved out. Jasmine was asleep this time, which was a relief now, even if it meant she would be up all night. As she was leaving she saw some concert tickets on her hall table. “Are you a Sharleen Spiteri fan?!”

“Um no, I had to ask who she is. I won them from the college radio station. Why, are you?” She was nodding and stammering. “Well take them, you will obviously get more out of it than I will.”

“Do you want to go with me?”

“Well, if I did, who would watch Jasmine? It’s on a Friday at one of the clubs in town. Get a date.” She winked at her.

“Well, thanks.” She gave her an awkward hug, holding a sleeping four year-old girl. “I’ll give you some of her music and you will be mad later.” She laughed and Abby left.

She walked down the hall to her own apartment and laid Jasmine on the couch, she was still out. She exhaled and decided that she would take a shower, because Jasmine wouldn’t sleep long enough to let her get a nap. She walked down the hall to her room, pulling off her sweater. She sat on the edge of her bed and pulled her boots off. She slid off her jeans and panties and unhooked her bra. She reached for her robe and paused. She looked at herself in the mirror to size herself up. She was 5’6″ and curvy. She didn’t weigh herself regularly but she was usually 135-140. No stretch marks and 36c. It had been so long since she worried about it, she wondered why she did now. She knew she was hot, but she would have to do something about her underwear by the time she got a date for that concert.

Should she call him? Did she have anyone else to call? Few people in America would appreciate this music, but he would. She felt like she was 18 again, it had been so long since she had made these kinds of decisions. She realized that she wanted nothing more than to get Lars home and fuck him all night long. Dammit, why does this have to happen all at once? She thought about it for a second, and lay across her bed and reached into the drawer in the night stand. She grabbed a soft rubber cock-shaped vibrator she had treated herself to for Valentine’s Day. She felt herself getting wet and sticky, much more quickly than usual; her pussy had apparently already contemplated this idea.

She closed her eyes and started imagining being in bed with Lars. Making out with him on the couch for a while, pulling him into the bedroom, feeling his hands pull her clothes off in between kisses. She squeezed her breasts and brushed her nipples as she imagined him kissing and nibbling them. Feeling his hard cock through his pants. casino firmaları She slid the dildo up and down her clit, rotating the knob to let it vibrate slowly. She imagined him kicking his pants off and lying on top of her, grabbing his ass and pulling him into her as she thrust the cock into her pussy. He was giving her a good hard fuck and she was loving it. Her ex was such a pussy. She played with her clit with her left hand while working the dildo with her right. She turned the vibe up to high and knew she was getting very close. She spread her knees wide open with her toes almost touching and ground the base of the dildo against her clit. As the heat started building up inside her she clenched and came hard, seeing stars and losing her grip on the cock. She desperately kept playing with her clit as the orgasm rolled through her. She involuntarily balled up as she spasmed. She turned off the vibe and waited thirty seconds before pulling it out. She took some deep breaths and came back to reality. Now she wished she had time for a nap. Oh well. She sat up and pulled on her robe, and walked toward the bathroom. She paused and looked to make sure Jasmine was still asleep, went back and got the vibe and took it to the bathroom to rinse it off.

She took a shower and changed into a t-shirt and sweats. Then she woke up Jasmine and made her some lunch. She ate and absorbed herself with the subtleties of Yo Gabba Gabba, while Abby thought about making a phone call. She had been out of the game for so long; she wasn’t sure how to play it anymore. She had been wild as a single girl, with lots of boyfriends and casual flings, but she had really left it all behind when she got married. Then her ex had left her for his job, and she didn’t realize it for about another five years, when he started staying away from home to work so much she just didn’t care if he came home anymore. Oh, this isn’t such a big deal for chrissakes. She scrolled to Lars’ number and called him.

“Hi, Abby?”

“Hi, how’s it going?”

“I don’t usually have a girl beat me to the call.”

“Well, something came up. Sharleen Spiteri is playing Friday at a club in town and I need a date.”

“Wow, you’re asking me?”

“Is that such a surprise?”

“Kind of. I wasn’t sure what you really were thinking about me.”

“Well don’t over think it. Is it a good idea?”

“Yes it’s great.” He started thanking her and she took a little bit of satisfaction in hearing him lose the cool American speech he had obviously worked so hard on. You bet your ass he’s glad to go out with me. They said their goodbyes and hung up.

She spent the next few days scatterbrained and rushed. She took time in between classes getting her hair and nails done, and went clothes shopping for the first time in many months. A black dress and open-toed heels, and a couple of sets from Victoria’s Secret. She didn’t have time to get more creative than that ordering online. She stayed up late to get ahead with her homework so she wouldn’t be worrying about it.

Alana asked her when she picked up Jasmine if she was going Friday. She told her that she was, and hesitated and asked her if she could take Jasmine overnight. Alana giggled and said she was hoping for that.

Abby tried to feel embarrassed and realized she just didn’t care.

She dropped Jasmine off after dinner Friday and went back to get ready. She had decided to go all-out; it had been a long time since she really dressed like she wanted to get laid. It came back to her very quickly.

She had planned on meeting Lars someplace neutral, but she thought about it, and decided she wanted him knowing exactly how to get to her place. She saw him pull up through her window and tried to stay calm waiting for him to knock. He was dressed casually, in jeans and a blue button-down, but nicer than normal for him. She made sure to really relish the euphoria of seeing his face as he took her in. That was EXACTLY how he was supposed to react.

“Wow, you are fantastic.”

“Thanks.” She gave him a quick kiss, he really smelled good. Not like the cheap aftershave most Americans settled for. Maybe she just liked something different, She got a jacket and her purse and they left.

They ate Italian at a place next door to the club. She learned that he grew up in a village in the middle of Denmark, and was actually named after Lars Ulrich, from Metallica; his dad had known him growing up. He asked her about herself, and found out that her mother was Thai, and her father was German-blooded Brazilian, like Gisele Bundchen. He told her it was his new favorite combination.

They went to the club about a half an hour before the show, and got drinks. He ordered a Carlsberg, and she had a couple of screwdrivers. The show was fantastic. She had been hooked on Sharleen and Texas, the band she was in since she had visited Europe. America didn’t deserve her, she was too good. So sweet and sexy, with an alto voice that could melt butter. They stood in the middle of the crowd, and güvenilir casino a bluesy slow song came up. Abby worked her way in front of Lars and pressed back into him, letting him sway to the music with her. She felt him getting hard and grinding his cock into her ass. She pulled his head down to her neck, and he started kissing her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her into him. She relaxed and realized that she hadn’t been this hot and relaxed in years, and she didn’t want it to end. He was subtly running his fingertips up her sides to her arms, and she shivered.

They danced and kissed through the rest of the show, and she was torn between loving the encores, and wishing that the show would wrap up so that she could get him out of there. When they were finished cheering, and the lights finally came back on, she grabbed his hand and pulled him back to the exit and over to where he was parked. They started kissing frantically; he grabbed her ass and pulled her up into him. He tasted so good she wanted all of him. They got into the car, and he understood her intention as she pushed back on his seat and pulled the lever to ease it back. She opened his belt and zipper and pulled out his cock. He grunted with relief, and she leaned over him and started sucking him. He looked and saw her red lips and nails sucking and jerking him off. She sucked so hard he moaned out loud. She worked even harder, pausing to look up at him and smile as she jerked him off, then swirling the head of his cock with her tongue and sucking some more. He pulled her hair back to be able to see her, and knew he couldn’t last long like this. She slowed down, squeezing really hard, and he erupted into her. She pushed her mouth over him as far as it would go, and swallowed his cum as it came out, loving it all. He embraced her head and stroked her hair as he came down. She cleaned him thoroughly with her tongue, and as she let him go, he started to cram his semi-hard cock back into his pants, she looked at him and said; “Take me home.”

He had to concentrate to not drive too fast. Getting stopped by the police would be a great way to ruin the mood now. She was twirling his hair with her fingers, he reached over and grabbed the inside of her thigh. She sighed and opened her knees, pulling his hand up to her panties, soaked through. He pushed them aside to find her pussy, and she inhaled sharply as he ran his fingers over her clit and vulva. She pushed his hand to thrust into her pussy, and moaned out loud as he swirled his fingers inside her. “Oh FUCK, don’t stop that.” She leaned back and opened her legs further and he fingered her harder and faster, as she came all over his hand. She pulled his fingers up to her mouth and looked at him as she licked them clean, lusting so hard she didn’t care if anyone noticed what they were doing.

They pulled into her parking lot, and got out of the car, not saying a word as she took his hand and walked him quickly to her door. She fumbled in her purse for the keys, with him pressed close to her. She opened the door and pulled him inside, turning to close and lock the door behind them. With her back to the door they started kissing, and she started unbuttoning his shirt. He roughly lifted her dress and pulled her thong panties to her ankles and she stepped out of them. He quickly opened his pants and his cock sprang loose. She pulled him into her, lifting one knee as he lifted her up, stabbing into her roughly. God, she wanted this so badly. She lifted her dress up and over her head, and he leaned down to kiss her tits, as she felt him unhooking her bra. They paused and stumbled over to the sofa, where she leaned forward over the back of it, looking back at him. He didn’t hesitate and rammed into her from behind, savagely fucking her as she was pinned, reaching around and squeezing her tits hard, sadistically twisting her nipples. “Fuck yes!” She managed to say between heavy breaths. Emboldened by her response, he grabbed her hair and pulled her into him as he rammed her. Her panting became more intense, and he was oblivious to anything but making her spill into orgasm. They went faster, and he felt the tightening in the base of his cock, knowing that he would come soon. She shrieked as she came, clenching over his cock. He blurred into orgasm as well, trying to hold her and not let them fall to the floor.

She started laughing as she turned to face him, kissing him.”What is funny?” He asked her.

“I just feel so high. A week ago I wouldn’t have imagined this.”

“I did.”


“I have wanted you since we first met. All of the guys we know want you, we talk about you all the time.”

“Bullshit. Why do I not know this?” She smiled and kissed his jaw and neck.

“We were all wishing you were willing to go out, but no one could tell if you were interested or not.”

“Well, it looks like you get to be the one who woke me up.”

They stood and kissed for a few minutes. Then she stood back and exhaled, and laughed some more. She walked to the kitchen and he followed her, she opened the freezer and pulled out a bottle of Grey Goose, looking at him, he nodded and she poured them both a strong glass. They both drank, and he asked her; “You don’t want me to leave soon, do you?”

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